Saddle Brook Matchmakers – 10 Telltale Signs You’re in a Rebound Relationship

CAUTION: If you have moved too fast since your past relationship, or you keep thinking about your ex, then you could be involved in a rebound relationship!

Are you in a rebound relationship? Find out with our Saddle Brook matchmakers today as we demonstrate the telltale signs of the dreaded rebound.

There have been cases of rebound relationships turning into something worthwhile, but in our 26 plus years of experience in the matchmaking and dating industry, we know that most rebound relationships come crashing down. With that being said, it is crucial to identify where you’re at so you can be honest with yourself and your new partner. Today, our Saddle Brook matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you the top ten signs you’re in a rebound relationship.

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1. You’re Always Trying to Run into Them

Have you ever “accidentally” run into your ex, whether it was their favorite restaurant, bar, or even their workplace? No matter how much you tell yourself that it was accidental, you know in your mind you tried to bump into them. And the worst thing about it is that you planned to run into them with your new partner.

Maybe you thought you could make them jealous, causing them to miss you in the process. While most of us have felt that urge to make our ex jealous, if that is your only reason to be in a new relationship, then you are definitely involved in a rebound relationship.

2. Everything Has Become a Competition

If you think you need to move on faster than your ex, and you feel you need to find someone now, then you are in a rebound relationship. Yes, we know it’s difficult to deal with the fact that your ex has found a new partner while you are still crying in your room, but you need to remember that finding love isn’t a competition. You need to stop focusing on what your ex is doing and start focusing on yourself. Always move at your own speed.

3. You Want Your Ego Boosted

Breakups are sure to hit your ego, and your self-esteem, particularly if your partner was the one who ended things. But just because your ego is bruised doesn’t mean you need to start dating. You should not be dating just to boost your ego.

If you have the smallest doubt that you are rushing into a relationship to help your self-esteem, it might be time to take yourself out of the dating scene and work on your confidence first.

4. They Don’t Match Your Checklist

While it’s okay, and sometimes even beneficial, to date outside the box, if you find yourself dating someone who has nothing to offer you in terms of character traits, then you are definitely not dating for the right reasons.

If you have adopted the idea that anything is better than nothing, then our Saddle Brook matchmakers know you are definitely in a rebound relationship. Once you take the opinion that anything will do, you’re only dating for a rebound.

5. They Are Similar to Your Ex

On the other hand, maybe the new person you started dating is a mirror image of your ex. If you have started dismissing people who are not similar to your ex, and have fallen for someone who is just like them, then you are definitely in a rebound relationship.

Rather than trying to find an identical replica, which clearly did not work out the first time around, you need to take time in getting to know someone instead of looking for similarities to your ex.

6. You’re Moving Slow & Fast

While there aren’t any set rules of dating or relationships and how quickly they should move along, if you find yourself talking about getting a place together and having children after only two weeks or so of dating, then you are definitely in a rebound relationship.

Trying to skip over several stages in a relationship is a clear sign you’re not ready to move on. At the same time, retaining emotional distance is also a common indicator of a rebound relationship.

7. Excessive Sharing

When you are starting to date someone new, it’s natural to want to share things with them. However, if you find yourself oversharing details, especially in regards to your ex, our Saddle Brook matchmakers know it could be a sign you’re not completely over them.

While, in your mind, you think you’re just being honest with your new partner, for them, it’s just raising a huge red flag that you’re still hung up on your ex and are using them to get over the breakup.

8. You’re Making Comparisons

While you might have ceased all contact with your ex, if you find yourself mentally comparing your new love interest with your ex, then that is another sign you are not over them.

While it’s advisable to know the ways your new relationship is better than your old one, you need to keep in mind that every relationship is different and you can’t be comparing all the time.

9. You Are Not Completely Healed

How did you feel before you entered your new relationship? If you can honestly answer this question by saying that you were happy and emotionally stable, then by all means continue on with your new relationship. However, if the answer is that you were not ready and were not completely healed, then you are involved in a rebound relationship.

You are only using this relationship to hide any negative emotions from your previous one.

10. You Feel Unhappy by Yourself

If you constantly feel down when you are by yourself or are always feeling confused, then it might be a sign that you have not handled your emotions from your previous relationship. Many people make the bad mistake of rushing into new relationships just so they can distract themselves from negative feelings of their previous one. You need to remember that dating someone new is only a temporary aid and that those feelings you feel are always going to resurface unless dealt with properly.

If you’re completely healed and ready to welcome love into your life again, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you find it! With our dating coaching and support, you’ll finally find the everlasting relationship you’ve been after!