Welcome to New Jersey Singles

New Jersey Singles

Congratulations again for allowing us the opportunity to share in this exciting period of your life.

We would like to make a few suggestions to make your experience at New Jersey Singles successful and enjoyable.

  • The initial conversations with your new introductions should be first and foremost an opportunity to exchange information in order to make plans to meet. Remember, in order to form a fair and accurate determination of compatibility and chemistry, you must meet in person. Also, use this as a chance to increase your comfort zone. We do suggest, however, that you save lengthy question and answer discussions for your date.
  • Certain subjects including former relationships, ex-spouses, and experiences with other members, or any negative situations from your past should be avoided during your first few dates. Talking about these subjects could be interpreted as both inconsiderate and as a big “turn off.”

  • After meeting with your introduction the most important method of letting us know how you are ding is through the use of feedback forms included with each of the Member Introduction forms. If there is ever any concern that it is difficult to put in words, please give us a call so we can discuss it. The more feedback from you, the easier it is to find you that special someone. Please remember, we need feedback on physical, emotional, and personality traits. We cannot begin to rematch you until we receive this feedback.
  • Treat your new introduction as you would any other date, as an opportunity to meet a variety of compatible people. It is a chance to form a new friendship and hopefully meet that someone “special” to share your life.

So…Relax and enjoy the New Jersey Singles experience and keep in touch!

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