Tips for Dating an Older Man by Paramus Matchmakers

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the dating world can be very unpredictable. When it comes to dating men, there is never any telling who you’ll click with, and eventually in your dating career, you might come across a man who is a little bit older than you. If you are in a relationship with an older man, there are very important rules you must keep in mind to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Today, our Paramus Matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will reveal helpful tips to date an older man. These tips will ensure your relationship gets off to a happy and healthy start.


1. Get to Know Him on a Deeper Level

This tip goes without saying. There are men in the dating world who love nothing more than having a younger woman in their arms, and this is why older men are often stereotypically classified as wanting younger women solely for the thrill. While this might be true for some older men, our Paramus matchmakers know you cannot judge all of them based on this. However, before getting too emotionally invested with one, make sure he is on the same page as you.

2. Get His Opinion

Since older men will have a broader perspective in life (because they have more experience), you can ask him anything. For instance, you could ask him for career advice, money management tips, etc. Additionally, older men will enjoy this type of conversation with you. By asking his insight on important decisions you’re struggling with, he will not only be able to give you his insight, but he’ll feel appreciated in the process.

3. Learn to Be Patient

One of the biggest allures for younger women who are dating older men is the fact that older men are already established in life. While you might initially melt over his fancy house, his over the top career, or red sports car, you will quickly learn he needs to work hard in order to maintain those things. This means he will not be able to spend every second with you. If you want the relationship to be successful, then you must be patient and understanding of his time. Don’t whine if he can’t go out on a Wednesday night date with you because he has a work presentation the next day or an important client meeting.

4. Be Spontaneous with Him

While this tip applies to any type of relationship, our Paramus Matchmakers know it is especially important when dating an older man. With so many thing to do, especially during the fall season, you want to be as spontaneous as possible. Try to stay away from the typical dinner and movie dates and try different date night ideas. It could be something like going wine tasting together, pumpkin picking, or even for a fall picnic in the park. Keeping him on his toes will keep the relationship exciting.

5. Don’t Remind Him of the Age Gap

If you both agree on going out, you have to get over the age gap the two of you have. If you keep mentioning it, you will come off as insecure and insensitive. Yes, he might be older than you by five or ten years, but that shouldn’t make any difference in the relationship. Our Paramus Matchmakers know that putting too much focus on the age difference can cause many conflicts. Instead, focus solely on the relationship and forget about the age. Figure out what both of you can learn from each other.

6. Understand That He Is Set in His Ways

Just like they say you can never teach an old dog new tricks, the same rules often apply to men. You might find that he is already set in his ways in comparison to the younger men you’re used to dating. Older men have been around the block and know what works and what doesn’t, so you need to accept the way he does certain things or at least try to find a happy medium.


7. Enjoy the Conversations

If there is one thing that attracts younger women to older men, it’s the fact that they can carry on an intelligent conversation. This is your chance to talk to him about things you normally wouldn’t talk about with your friends. He has a lot of experience, he’s already bought a house, he has a 401K, and he travels the world. These are the type of things older men love talking about and this is your chance to learn.

8. Don’t Treat the Relationship Differently

Even if your relationship is not being accepted by friends and family members, don’t let it get to you. No matter how large or small the age gap is, the fact is, the two of you love each other. Don’t let this age gap become a factor in your relationship, and treat it like you would any other relationship.

9. Realize There May Be Children

Before things get very serious and you involve yourself emotionally, you need to find out if there are children in the picture. If he has children, you must know that they will play a huge role in his life. This means you will have to take a backseat on many occasions, and this may also mean a lingering ex, so make sure you’re okay with the situation before you take things to the next level.

10. Be Willing to Talk about the Past

When you are dating an older man, you might realize that a lot of the things he talks about are from the past but in a smart way. If he asks you about past dating experiences or relationships you were in, don’t be shy and share them with him. Older men are more interested than their younger counterparts, and he might be asking you questions so he can get to understand you better.

11. Always Be Yourself

Last but not least. An important tip you need to follow when dating an older man is to always be yourself. Don’t try to change yourself into a mold of what he wants or needs. He is clearly dating you for a reason and that is because you are unique. Don’t change yourself for anyone.

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