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New Jersey Matchmakers Reveal Why Women Melt for a Man in Uniform

Is it his clothes? Is it the way he carries himself? Is it his discipline? Is it the danger he faces every day? Whatever the reason, women are highly attracted to a man in uniform. These men are today’s modern day knights in shining armor. They face many dangers and save us from many troubles in life. If you’re wondering how you can attract the ladies, read on to find out how you, too, can exude the qualities of a man in uniform.

It’s been said that women like men in uniform because they are committed. In other words, they show a deep commitment to something and truly devote themselves and their lives to it. While some might say that men in uniform are sexy because of the way they look in those crisp uniforms, our New Jersey matchmakers know there’s much more to it than that.

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What Makes Men in Uniform So Attractive?

Every woman has her own reason why a man in uniform is attractive, but today, our New Jersey matchmakers will list the top reasons women find a man in uniform to be absolutely irresistible.

1. Dressing Well Is the New Sexy

Most men in today’s world don’t know much about fashion or how to dress, but men in uniform, on the other hand, have it down pat. They dress themselves well and carry themselves even better. If you want to be appealing to women, then start getting some fashion tips from your favorite celebs and magazines—and pay close attention to your shoes.

2. The Dangerous Side

Men in uniform are known for being able to handle any type of dangerous situation. From firefighters, policemen, and military men, men in uniforms handle life challenges on the daily and provide us with safety and security.

3. Down & Dirty

It’s not just those clean uniforms that women find so appealing. It’s that women know these manly men don’t mind getting down and dirty. They’re constantly training to improve themselves, their bodies, and their skills. They don’t mind getting sweaty land they’re not afraid to get hurt or sacrifice themselves to help someone else.

4. They’re Fit as a Rock

Men in uniform are usually in tiptop shape and most of them have ripped six pack abs, huge biceps and toned backs. They hit the gym on a regular basis because their job requires them to be on top of their game. And not only are they appealing to the eye, but again comes that motivation and dedication.

5. They Are Heroes

Women have always been fascinated by heroes, and a man in uniform is a real life hero. Men in uniform are a woman’s knight in shining armor whenever he’s needed. He can save her and be her protector… Now, isn’t that every woman’s dream?

6. So Manly

When you see a man in uniform, the first thing you’ll notice is how he’s very manly. He is not like those guys walking around with jeans tighter than their girlfriend’s or pants sagging to the ground. He is standing straight, proud, and taller than everyone. He projects an image that people look up to, making women weak in the knees.

7. Sharp Haircuts

You will never see a man in uniform looking sloppy and unkempt. They take pride in their appearance and it shows everywhere they go. While most men rock the five o’clock shadow, men in uniform are always smooth and trim. They are clean, neat, and always seem to have a nice strong jaw.

8. Sense of Service

These are the proud and selfless men who provide us with safety on a daily basis. Our wellbeing comes before theirs, which means they make great partners. Men in uniform are men we can rely on, they value commitment, and they’re always very responsible.

Indeed, men in uniform definitely stand out from the crowd. Besides the physical attributes and superficial things that are impressive, our New Jersey matchmakers know there are many reasons women love a man in uniform. Men in uniform bring us security, safety, and stability, which are what everyone wants in a long term partner.

9. Strong Work Ethics

There are many men out there with strong work ethics, but when it comes to work ethics, nobody can compare to a man in uniform. Cops, firefighters, military personnel, they all devote themselves to their jobs—it’s their life. They put in long hours at work and in scenarios unimaginable by the average person. Some are deployed overseas to places nobody can even imagine living, but they are committed and devoted to their work and the services they provide.

10. Recognition & Prestige

Men in uniform are recognized wherever they go. Local pizza shop owners will usually give them free meals whenever they come by, people at airports stop to salute soldiers, and firefighters get handshakes all the time. Some women love the recognition that comes with the uniform, making them very irresistible. Every woman wants a man she is proud to be with and can show off to her friends and family, and a man in uniform is someone they are very proud to be with.

While dating a man in uniform does come with its own set of challenges, risks and difficulties, it takes a very confident woman to date this type of man. Knowing he’s out there doing the world’s work, day in and day out, is tough because of the risks involved. But we know it’s also one of the reasons women are so proud to be with a man in uniform—loyalty, dedication, motivation, selflessness, pride—what’s not to be desired?

If you’re looking for a long term relationship, we encourage you to display these very desirable traits every woman looks for in a man. If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles who are a good fit for you.

Contact us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a private/no-obligation consultation today!


Find out If He’s Ready to Commit with New Jersey Matchmakers & Dating Coaches

We have all seen it before: the middle-aged woman hunched over her bed with a glass of wine in hand, wishing she knew if he was ready to fall in love and be committed to a serious relationship.

It can be easy to get hung up on questions regarding his commitment. Life can be hard to figure out; after all, not everyone is an open book, especially when it comes to dating. Reading the signs that someone wants to be serious can be hard, especially in today’s modern dating world.

Whether you want to agree or not, the urge of wanting to be with him will have you examine every single little detail of his actions. However, figuring out if someone wants to be in a relationship with you is not as difficult as you think. If you are overanalyzing everything, then you’re going to drive yourself nuts and could make you do things you regret.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers and dating coaches here at NJ Singles will show you the signs to look for that will tell you he wants to be serious with you.

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1. He Can’t Get Enough of You

Let’s focus on what we just said. If a man wants to be in a relationship with you, he won’t be able to get enough of you. He won’t be able to get enough of you via the phone, he won’t be able to get enough of you through time spent together, and he won’t be able to get you out of his head. Of course we’re not referring to a creepy guy, but rather a man who is genuinely interested in being with you. He will want to have you in close proximity, and when he doesn’t have you close to him, he will seek out other alternatives, such as talking to you on the phone or through text messages.

He just cannot help wanting to be with you, because the moments he spends with you are happy times. If you notice he always wants to be with you and can’t get enough of you, then he’s serious about a relationship with you.

2. He Takes Interest in Everything about You

This is definitely one of the most obvious signs that a man wants to be in a relationship with you. If a man starts to take interest in you, your friends, and your life in general, that’s a great sign. Why? Because it means he wants to be a part of your life.

It’s easy to want someone in your life that can come and go at your convenience; however, wanting someone to be a part of your life is different. This means he wants to be with you and do things together—he wants to be a part of your life.

It means meeting those people who are close to you and putting up with them, regardless if he likes them or not. It means being there by your side and supporting you through the good and the bad. Our New Jersey matchmakers and dating coaches know this shows he is committed to being in a serious relationship with you.

This is one of those things that will give you those warm and fuzzy feelings. When a man takes interest in your life, your hobbies, your passions, and your friends, this is wonderful news for you.

3. He Wants You to Meet His Family

Let’s get right down to it, meeting the family is a huge step in the relationship— huge. If the two of you have just started to date and the relationship is moving forward, meeting the family is a great indication that he wants to be serious with you.

When a man takes you to see those who are closest to him, mom and dad, siblings, and good friends, he’s doing it because he’s serious about you. Believe us when we tell you that he would not take a woman from Tinder to meet his parents, nor someone he met at a bar. He is genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with you and is taking you to meet his parents because he feels you will eventually be a part of his family.

We generally introduce people to our family members for a few reasons: one, we’re doing it because we want to show them off, two, we want to get the approval of our parents, and three, because the relationship is moving forward.

Asking you to meet his family is also a sign that he’s not afraid of opening up to you and letting you get close to him.

4. He Goes Out of His Way for You

Another classic sign he wants to pursue a relationship with you is if he goes out of his way to do things for you. This is showing you that he cares for you enough to think of you when you’re not around. Men pull out all stops when they really like a woman, more particularly when they view her as relationship-material. If you feel he’s genuinely doing these things, and not getting anything in return, then that’s a sign he wants to be serious with you.

Many men out there do things for women for ulterior motives, as you obviously already know, but if he is doing things for you out of the kindness of his heart, then that’s because he cares about you and wants you to know.

5. He Waits to Sleep with You

This is another way to tell if a man wants to be serious. Not many men out there are willing to put up with a woman who does not want to take things to the bedroom. Your boyfriend’s attitude towards sex can tell you a lot about his intentions and whether he’s serious or just someone who is after sex.

Sex is obviously an important aspect in a relationship, but you should not do it with just anyone. You should know exactly how long to wait before you have sex with your partner. If you don’t feel like you’re ready, or simply want to wait, and he respects that, then he is a good man for you.

If you notice these five behaviors in your boyfriend, congratulations—things are looking up for you. If you realize this man is not genuinely into you or not ready for a commitment, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today at 1 (888) 417-0020 and let us introduce you to quality single men who are relationship-ready.







Single Men in New Jersey – Learn to Flirt without Scaring Her Away!

Single men in New Jersey, if you’re striking out with the ladies, then you need to listen up! There is no quick way to become smooth and charming overnight. You could read all the blogs in the world and you’d still be in the dark if you are not willing to read cues and add a little common sense to your technique. When it comes to learning flirting techniques, reading her cues and common sense are key ingredients; otherwise, you’ll do it wrong, every single time.

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Flirting 101

Flirting is not supposed to be serious—and it certainly shouldn’t be over the top. Guys, pay attention if you want to get it right. Sit back and let New Jersey Singles dating experts will show you how to properly flirt with women without coming on too strong or scaring them away.

  1. The Right Place & Time

If the mood and signs are right, you can flirt just about anywhere and anytime. However, there are times when flirting is inappropriate and uncalled for. A prime example of this would be at a funeral, and believe it or not, some people do this.

Another less extreme but inappropriate time to flirt with a woman is when no other people are around. Trust us, when no one else is around, she is not going to want to be receptive to your approach. It doesn’t matter how charming you are because women don’t like to be approached when they’re alone. If you approach her in an alleyway, parking garage, or something of that manner, you can guarantee she’s going to be taken back and turn you down. And this why the place and time have to be right if you want to be successful with women.

  1. The Signals Must Be There

There’s an art behind trying to interpret a woman’s signals. But there are a few tried and tested ways to establish whether or not you can approach her.

  • Positive signals she gives: If she turns her body towards you, that’s a positive signal.  If her feet and body overall are facing you, that’s a welcoming gesture.  If she is batting her eyes, subtly licking her lips, or flipping her hair, those are also positive signals.
  • Negative signals she gives: If she turns away from you or is avoiding eye contact, then she is not receptive to your flirting.  If she puts her headphones or sunglasses on, those are also signals for you to go your way.
  1. Never Make Assumptions

Body language and speech are the most telling signs whether or not she is into you. Remember that just because a woman dresses in a seductive way doesn’t mean she’s dressing to pick up men. Wearing a short skirt or red lipstick is a fashion trend, not a welcome sign for you. Assuming that she is out to pick up men based on the type of dress or color lipstick she’s wearing will immediately get you turned down.

  1. Eye Contact

This is the eye contact you establish. Eye contact is a good thing; it shows that you are confident and that you have character. However, if you lock eyes with her without taking a break, it might make you look creepy. Try to look at her eyes and quickly look away. Show her that you notice her but are not a creep or a pervert. A glance or two here or there will do the job and are far less creepy than a stare.

  1. Good Opening Line

Remember that those premeditated pickup lines you read online will never work. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts want you to ditch those lines you heard and simply introduce yourself instead. A simple hello and introduction will take you much further than any corny pickup line.

  1. Always Be Natural

Remember that rehearsed moves or cheesy one liners will never work with women. We don’t live in that era anymore—women don’t put up with that type of behavior. Be your true self and let your personality do the talking. And don’t try to adopt someone else’s persona because it will show. Again, smile and be yourself.

  1. Talk Appropriately

If you manage to get into a conversation with her, make sure you keep the content appropriate. A lot of single men in New Jersey spoil their chances by bringing up sexual innuendos—don’t go down that road. Any type of sexual conversation will immediately put you in the creeper department. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts want you to keep the conversation polite and friendly, without any sexual innuendos.

  1. Don’t Be Pushy

Remember that you are not a linebacker and you shouldn’t act like one. One of the creepiest things a man can do with a woman is get to close or come on too strong. Whether it’s by getting to close when talking or actually reaching at her, you must not overstep your boundaries. Physical contact should be avoided at all costs; after all, you don’t know her yet. If you come on too strong, you’re going to destroy any chance you might have had with her.

  1. Listen Carefully

Your eyes are your best tool when it comes to flirting with women. Try to listen to everything she says, not just what she says but the way she says it. Take cues from the conversation and figure out where she wants the conversation to go. If she looks like she’s getting bored, try switching up the topic to see if you can gain her attention back. Failure to listen to her and pay attention to her body language will leave you out of luck every time.

  1. Move On

If, despite all you’ve done, she doesn’t seem interested in you, then you have to take it as your cue to move on. You don’t want to be so persistent that it makes you look like a stalker. There are plenty of fun and attractive single women in New Jersey who would love to meet you. Let this one be and move onto the next. Believe us, there are plenty of great catches in the sea.

Remember, there is a thin line between flirting and being sleazy. Follow the helpful advice from our New Jersey Singles dating experts and you’ll learn to master the flirting game in no time.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Know It’s Time to Move On

If you want to meet the right singles in New Jersey, you can’t continue dating the wrong partners. Trusted dating and matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews how to tell it’s time to move from your past and find a brighter romantic future.

When hit by infatuation (which can last from two weeks to two months), it is impossible to look at our relationships in an objective form. We are only faced with the positive attributes in our partners and make excuses for those negative ones, the ones that often come back to haunt us later on.

We desperately want the relationship to work out, and of course we want it to go in a positive direction. Even when something looks like a bad thing or a bit iffy, we still tend to ignore it and place more importance on positive things we see.

Having an optimistic approach to your relationship is great, but it becomes a problem when you can’t see the situation in an objective manner.

To help you make the right decision, our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers will show you the signs it’s time to move on.

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1. Do they like you for the person you are?

Does your partner accept you for the person you are or are they always trying to change you? Is he or she always pointing out your flaws or putting you down? Do they really love you for the person you are today? Does your person make you feel as though you’re never good enough for them? Are you always looking for ways to prove yourself to them and gain their acceptance? Their validation makes you feel great, but without it, you don’t feel the love. Your partner’s disapproval makes you feel like you have to work harder in order to gain and win their attention.

You have a lot of friends and family members who believe in who you are and think you’re awesome. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to listen to them because they are the people who love you unconditionally. Be sure to find a sense of fulfillment and self-worth so you’re not in search of it from a partner.

2. Do they mistreat you in the relationship?

What are your partner’s actions in the relationship? Stop paying attention to what your partner says and pay attention to their actions. In our experience, people will say whatever they have to say, but their actions don’t lie. If your partner says they love you but doesn’t spend quality time with you (unless they are getting something in return), they don’t value you as much as you think they do. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to look at the entire picture, not just a piece here and there.

3. Are you trying to convince them to love you back?

Does it feel like you are the only one keeping the relationship alive? What happened to going 50/50 in the relationship? When people used to get married back in the day, they said that loving and marrying their partners was a natural progression to the relationship. They never had to perform for their partner or try to talk them into anything; they loved and respected each other and the relationship grew naturally.

If you feel like you are forcing everything, or it feels like they are forcing you, then that’s a sign your relationship is not the right one for you and it’s time to move on. When you are in the right relationship, you won’t have to force anything. If you find yourself doing things in order to keep your partner’s love, then they are not the right match for you.

We are pretty sure there are more people in your life who love you unconditionally. You can make better use of your time and energy instead of giving it to one partner who doesn’t appreciate you.

4. Are they constantly looking for what else is out there?

Is your partner always looking for someone who will be a better fit for them? Or, are they holding off on commitment and not wanting to be seen in public with you? If so, that’s a huge sign your relationship is not the right one.

When you are in the right relationship you will feel like you’re both on the same page when it comes to putting in efforts. If you are the one chasing the relationship and trying to force things, it’s obvious that you are not in the right relationship.

5. Are they expecting you to change?

The truest form of love comes from unconditional love. Your partner should never expect you to change unless it’s something to improve your well-being (such as with a bad habit, starting a healthier lifestyle, or letting go of detrimental things in your life).

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is always wanting you to change in regards to the way you dress, the way you look, or the way you speak, then they are not the right partner for you.

6. Are they causing you emotional and physical pain?

Physical and verbal abuse are big no-no’s in a relationship. There is clearly something wrong if your partner is causing abuse to you. It doesn’t matter how your partner tries to make up for it, abuse should never be welcomed. Even if it was just a spur of the moment action and lapse in judgement, the fact that they slipped up and did something physical to you must be addressed by you leaving them.

7. Are you expecting them to change?

You can’t stay with a partner just because you expect them to change. You can’t hope that the future will be better because, after all, they are who they are. If the only thing that’s making you hold onto the relationship is hope for a better partner and a better future, then the relationship doesn’t stand on solid grounds.

The future you wish to accomplish can happen, but there is also a great possibility it will never come. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers know it is dangerous to base the fate of your relationship on hopes of your partner changing. A relationship built on a shaky foundation is bound to crash later down the road.

If you’re tired of dating the wrong partners, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles today and let us help you meet the RIGHT one!

Flirting Tips for Men from Colts Neck Matchmakers

The way you carry yourself matters more to a woman more than anything else you can do. New Jersey Singles complaints often stem from the lack of flirting techniques in the confusing dating world. Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review the essential flirting tips every man must know.

Most women want a man who approaches them and flirts, but at the same time, they are fed up with men approaching them. Doesn’t make any sense, right? Well, here at New Jersey Singles, our matchmakers know it makes perfect sense. Of course women want nice gentlemen to approach and flirt with them; however, most men are doing it wrong. They’re either coming off too cocky or being disrespectful, and that’s precisely why women are fed up with these approaches.

Don’t confuse what these guys do with the right way of flirting. There is a huge difference between screaming, “Hey, baby,” or using a corny pickup line and striking up a normal conversation. If you treat a woman with respect, she’ll be much more open to getting to know you. It’s pretty logical and easy to understand yet many men don’t seem to get it.

Essential Flirting Tips for Men

No matter where you are, good flirting will have the same basic rules. Understand the following and you will be successful with women.


1. You Must Do It Right

Most men have some type of shyness when it comes to approaching women. Fear of rejection is a powerful emotion, but you need to learn to overcome it. If you approach a woman in a polite manner, things well should go well for you. You just need to build up your courage and do it.

She is her own person and she has to decide whether or not she wants to talk to you, so don’t feel like you’re entitled to her time. She might or might not be interested in talking to you; after all, she might have had a bad day for all you know. If she rejects you, you still need to be polite about it. A real man knows how to handle rejection without becoming bitter. If you approach her with the right type of attitude, chances are she will engage you in conversation.

2. Make Eye Contact

The best way to get a woman’s attention and find out if she’s interested is by eye contact. Don’t stare too long and stop ogling. There is a fine line between being smooth and coming off as a creep.

3. Perfect Your Smile

You’re probably chuckling to yourself at this one, but there is nothing wrong with practicing your smile in front of the mirror. There are a lot of ways you can subtly smile, and if you can get yours down, it will definitely help you when flirting. Everyone has their own way of doing it; your smile can be shy, confident, or mysterious. Find out which one works for you and use it to your advantage.

4. The Right Approach

After the two of you have exchanged smiles or locked eye contact, it’s now time to make your approach. Don’t make a big buzz about it. It’s not like the movies; there isn’t any song playing in the background, there are no slow motion movements, and there isn’t anyone watching you. Just get out there and do it. Oh, and please forget those cheesy pickup lines. Are you ready for it? A simple introduction will take you a long way.

5. Be a Good Listener

The biggest mistake men make when talking to a woman is talking excessively, especially in regards to themselves. Show interest in her and ask her open-ended questions.

6. Touch Her Appropriately

By all means, you can touch her. But obviously, this must be done in an appropriate and respectful way. Ask her about a ring she is wearing or perhaps a bracelet. If she is wearing interesting nail polish, that could also be a good opener. If you’re walking down the street crossing the road, you can help her by the arm as she’s stepping down the curb with an arm full of bags. If you are walking into a restaurant, open the door for her and guide her in.


7. Show Interest in Her

Our Colts Neck matchmakers know this is the most important part of flirting and the one that most men get wrong. It’s not about listening, it’s about engaging her, maintaining eye contact, and never interrupting her. Avoid checking out the hot waitress, your cell phone, or other people around. Keep all your focus on her and she’ll be focused on you.

8. Good Jokes

Humor is always a good icebreaker. Good jokes can make the conversation as long as they’re not done in a creepy or disrespectful way. If you’re lucky and happen to be a naturally funny guy, play it up and use it to your advantage.

9. Follow Up with Her

You don’t know where the conversation can come to an end and one of you will have to get up and leave. And we all know there is nothing worse than meeting someone you like and all of the sudden they have to leave without you getting their phone number. Find something in common and use it to your advantage later. There are a few simple ways you can do this. For example, if you are talking about your favorite music, you can invite her to a concert. If you were talking about Indian food, you can invite her to go out to eat with you at the best Indian restaurant in town.

10. Always Smile

The smile you use before your approach is very important, but it’s just as important while you’re talking to her. Nothing can kill flirting faster than looking serious or bored. Be sure to engage her, keep things light, and always smile.

11. Take the Lead and Make Plans

When you are trying to arrange a date with her, don’t hesitate or ask her where to go. Most women like a man who is in charge. You should always have a few places you could take her or other type of date ideas. Try picking something out of the ordinary where most men would not take her. The most important thing is to already have a place in mind. Asking her if she would like to go for Italian food sometime is less effective than inviting her to your favorite Italian restaurant.

Keep the above flirting tips from our Colts Neck matchmakers and start practicing your flirting. You’ll see that it’s not as hard as people make it out to be.

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded women in Colts Neck, contact our matchmaking professionals here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us do the hard work of scouting and screening for you!

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