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Are You in an Exclusive Relationship? Find Out with New Jersey Singles Matchmakers

Occasionally you may fall into a relationship without really having the talk, and our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this happens to a lot of people in the modern dating world. Many people end up in exclusive relationships when they thought they were just casually dating. When you get involved in the dating world and begin the dating process, you’re bound to meet and date different people. But once you start dating a man or woman repeatedly, you’re basically in a relationship with them. And the great thing about this is that you have let the relationship develop naturally, without rushing or forcing anything along. So here are, wondering if what you have is exclusive. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you the signs you’re already in an exclusive relationship without ever having that awkward talk. 36228236_m

Signs You’re Already Exclusive with This Person

Many people are unsure if what they have is an exclusive relationship, especially if things started out casually. But luckily for them, and for you, our expert matchmakers have the experience and knowledge to help you out. If you’re ready to find out if you’re already in an exclusive relationship, read on as we share those signs with you today.

  1. You Only See Them

Exclusive means only one. If you are only dating this person, then that is a sign you are already exclusive with them. And this is especially true if you have no desire to meet or date anyone else.

  1. They Are Only Seeing You

An exclusive relationship works both ways. If you are only seeing them, then they should only being you as well. This means going out on dates, spending QT together, and talking to each other in between time spent together.

  1. You Both Have Profile Pictures as a Couple

This might not seem like a big deal, but it means a lot in today’s social media obsessed world. Would you really put a picture with someone who was just a fling? Probably not. Most of the time, the profile picture is reserved for the best picture of yourself or with someone else who is special to you. If you have a picture with them, you’re announcing to the world that you found someone. And if they have a profile picture with you, that’s even better.

  1. Your Friends & Family Already Know About Them

Your friends and family tease you about this person and say that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. All jokes aside, if your family members or friends know who this person is, and are picking up the signs on their own, it’s an indicator that they mean something to you and you’re already exclusive with them.

  1. They Met Important People in Your Life

Okay, we know they have met your friends and family, but they have also met your boss, your coworkers, and everyone in between—even your pets. You wouldn’t bring someone who you were casually dating to meet important people, right?

  1. You Give Each Other Gifts

You know you’re in relationship territory when you start exchanging gifts. You are most likely in an exclusive relationship when you share gifts with each other on special occasions, such as birthdays, celebrations, or holidays. And it’s even better if you randomly surprise each other with little things for no reason at all.

  1. You Have Unique Pet Names for Each Other

No, we’re not referring to “baby” or “honey.” We’re talking about pet names that mean something, something you guys have given to each other and has special meaning to you. Affectionate pet names are a sign you’re in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Know Their Friends & Family

Just how they have met your friends and family, you have also met theirs. If you know all their friends, have gone to family get togethers, and met other important people in their life, then you can rest assured that you’re in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Know Their Habits

You already know she can’t start her day without coffee. You know he can’t begin his morning unless he hits the weights. You know they can’t sleep without socks on. You know everything about them. And this is how you know you are already in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Both Pay for Dates

This is another sign you are already in an exclusive relationship verses just casually dating. If you take turns handling the bill, then you know you’re already in relationship territory. This is a habit of long term couples, and it’s something you’re already doing.

  1. You Know What Foods You Both Like & Dislike

Although this might sound like a typical sign, it’s not. You not only know all their favorite foods, you know how they order it and how they eat it—down to a science. You know she can’t eat her French fries without ketchup and Tabasco. You know he can’t eat shrimp because he has allergies. You know they eat their pizza crust first. If this is the case, you are already in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Can Talk About Everything

Nothing says “exclusive relationship” like being able to talk about everything together. There is no longer a need to put on a façade or always be on your best behavior. With this person, you can talk about anything and everything and nothing ever feels awkward.

  1. You Keep a Toothbrush at Their Place

This one is a surefire “exclusive relationship” sign. If you’re leaving toiletries, such as toothbrushes, at each other’s place, then it’s already assumed you’re together.

  1. You Don’t Have to Shave Every Day

This one goes for both sexes. Fellas, you don’t have to be perfectly trimmed every morning before you see her. Ladies, you no longer feel the need to shave your legs every single day in case you see him in the evenings. You are very comfortable with this person, which is how you know you’re exclusive.

  1. Sleepovers Don’t Mean Sex

You can spend the night at each other’s houses without having sex at the end of the night. The two of you are in an exclusive relationship when sex isn’t the main goal of the night. The two of you are happy cuddling up together watching movies or simply goofing around and talking. Although the line between dating and being in an exclusive relationship can be blurry, there are a few differences, which you now know. Use the list from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and figure out if what you have is an exclusive relationship. If you’re not having any luck dating on your own, and you’re ready to welcome an exclusive relationship into your life, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us help you find the love you deserve. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our dating experts!


Make the Most of Traveling with Your Partner with New Jersey Singles

Some people say that you don’t know someone until you travel with them, and our New Jersey Singles matchmakers couldn’t agree more. It’s been proven time and time again, with so many of us losing friends after vacationing together. But things become more relevant when we’re dating someone new and want to travel with them. During the early stages of the relationship we’re on our best behaviors, which means never getting angry or grumpy, always being done up, and always keeping conversation light and fun.

But when you travel with your new partner for the first time, whether it’s for a night or a week, things will get tough. There will be road stress, travel delays, and many more things that can pop up, things that can quickly destroy the new relationship.

And for that reason, we highly recommend you to travel with your partner before you make a commitment, especially something as big as walking down the aisle. You don’t really know them or how you handle conflicts together until you’ve traveled together. And the longer and more complicated the vacation, the more you’ll be able to tell about your compatibility.

Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you everything you need to know about traveling with your new partner and how proper planning is essential for a fun and memorable trip.

new jersey singles

1. Travel Styles

Consider what type of trip you’ll be going on… Are you flying off to Cancun to stay at a nice resort where you can both be pampered and relax at the spa all day? Are you road tripping across the state and staying at a bed & breakfast? The type of trip you plan says a lot about who you both are and what activities you’ll be taking part in.

As a professional matchmaking service, we advise you to take a vacation that interests both of you so you’re both excited about the trip together.

2. The Time of Year

The best way to avoid stress during your vacation is by picking the right time of year. You might want to avoid traveling during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Instead, choose Labor Day weekend or any random time you desire—just don’t go during the busy holidays.

Not only will you avoid traffic and delays, but you’ll avoid paying hefty traveling fees. If the two of you are taking a road trip during the holiday season, you’ll be sitting in a lot of traffic, which creates stress—and that’s something you want to avoid. The whole point of your vacation is to lower your stress and have a good time and you can’t do that if you’re traveling during a hectic holiday season.

3. Who Pays for the Vacation?

Money plays an important role when traveling. You need to discuss your finances before booking the trip to ensure both of you are on the same page. Are you going to split the costs in half or is the man paying for the vacation? If one of you covers airfare and accommodations, we suggest the other partner covering everything else. You need to find a method that works for both of you so you can avoid money stress and tension while traveling.

There are many money managing apps to download to your phone to help you keep track of all the expenses. Consider installing one before you take the trip to ensure there aren’t any arguments or overspending mishaps.

4. The Trip Itinerary

Plan which attractions you’ll be going to see and when. At the same time, don’t spend too much time mapping out every minute of each day. The idea of a vacation is to have fun exploring together. You need to have time where both of you can wander freely and explore new locations around town. And leave room for fun and romance too. The point of going away with your new love interest is to spend quality time together. And remember that you don’t have to eat out every night either; order room service and enjoy a romantic evening in.

5. Do Your Research

If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t allow you to take pictures, then you need to plan ahead. Be respectful of their traditions, culture, customs, and history. Some countries don’t allow insensitive comments and some shop owners might not like you touching items unless you’re purchasing them. Consider learning common phrases in the country you’re visiting, just in case the two of you get lost. You want to let the taxi know where you’re going and know how to make your way back to your hotel if you get lost.

6. Wait Until You’re Sure It’s Right

Don’t travel with your new partner unless the two of you have been dating for some time, at least two or three months. You don’t want to be that couple who breaks up in Cancun, right?  You must have confidence in your relationship before you decide to take your first trip together. With all the added stress of a vacation, sometimes things don’t work out like you think they will.

Traveling can bring out the best and worst in people, but traveling together will teach you how your new love interest adapts to change, whether they prefer action and adventure or relaxing, whether they prefer fancy resorts or small bed and breakfasts, and if you’re able to handle conflicts and stress together. Be patient and take their preferences into account when you plan your trip together.

Our exclusive dating and matchmaking agency has been providing helpful dating and relationship tips for singles and clients for many years and we know how important it is to be well-prepared before ever traveling together.

If you are single and searching for someone to spend your life with, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today to see how we can help you find the partner of your dreams!

Call us at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE, no-obligation consultation today!


New Jersey Singles Reviews Unforeseen Consequences of Ghosting

Ghosting has become very popular in today’s dating world. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is used by people as a way of avoiding confrontation when they’re not into someone or don’t want to see them anymore. Many people use this technique in today’s dating world, thinking it’s an easy way to get off the hook.

But is it really? Many people only see one side of ghosting, not returning phone calls or texts and cutting off all other forms of communication. But two people are affected by the all too common act of “ghosting” and it doesn’t come without its consequences.


Ghosting: Is It Really the Best Option?

Here at New Jersey Singles, we don’t believe in ghosting and don’t think it’s the right way to end contact with someone in the dating world, especially not a relationship. But because many people out there are doing it, we’re going to demonstrate the consequences that come along with it.

And people who ghost don’t always get away with it. Though it might seem like they get away scot-free, there are people out there who want answers.

The Real Consequences of Ghosting

If you’re someone who thinks it’s easier to vanish rather than confront someone face to face, you must be aware of the consequences. Watch out for who you ghost in today’s dating world and look out for how your own dating karma will be affected.

1. Face to Face Confrontation

Yes, that’s right, there are people out there who won’t put up with ghosting. If you’re scared of confrontation, imagine the type of confrontation you’ll receive when you ghost someone. Some people will try to track you down and confront you so they can get an answer as to why you suddenly disappeared.

They could show up to your house, places you frequent, or even to your work demanding answers.

2. It Makes Things Worse

Yep, you just made things worse. Mature men and women will understand if you don’t want to see them again because you didn’t hit it off, and they’ll understand if you’re trying to break up with them because you don’t see a future together. Even though they might be upset, they’ll still have to take it and go along with it. They might be bummed out for a while, but that’s just part of the process of dating. But ghosting, well, ghosting is different. You’re immediately dissing them, telling them that they’re not worthy of an explanation.

3. Revenge

Some people might be mature enough not to do anything, but there are others who aren’t. There are some people out there who will seek revenge and track you down to make you pay for what you’ve done. Did you send them a kinky photo? Well, don’t be surprised if it ends up on the internet. Of course that might be an extreme scenario, but you get the idea. And it’s a chance you’re taking when you ghost someone in the dating world.

4. Future Problems in Your Dating Life

People are bound to talk and rumors can quickly spread. If you are dating someone new, they might hear that you are known for ghosting people.

This could cause you many problems in your dating life, especially if you’re really interested in getting to know someone new. It could turn them off and cause them not to want to see you again. And we agree with them, because who in the world just ups and leaves without any explanation? They, like us, might find this behavior to be intolerable, no matter how many people are doing it.

5. Bad Self-Worth

Do you feel guilty? Are you having a bit of remorse? Those are just a few of the feelings you’ll experience when you ghost someone in the dating world. If you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll realize that what you did was wrong and downright cruel.

You might begin to feel bad about yourself and realize that you were not behaving in a mature way, which will certainly affect your self-worth.

6. Bad Karma

You got that right… What goes around comes around. If you’re someone who is going around ghosting people left and right, then chances are you have some bad karma coming your way. Whether you believe in karma or not, ghosting definitely has its consequences. The next time your car breaks down or you get sick out of nowhere, just think about the person you just ghosted—it might be payback.

7. Disappointment from Other People

When people hear that you’re ghosting people, it can change the way they view you and treat you. People are not fond of those who ghost, and it could cost you a friendship or two.

8. Losing Out on Something Good

Seriously, why did you decide to ghost them out of nowhere? Should you have given it time to see where things went? If you’re ghosting everyone you go out with, then you may be missing out on the chances of developing a good relationship.

9. No More Chances

If you ghost someone and later realize you want them back, chances are they’re not going to give you a second chance. By cutting them off with no explanation or warning, you’re losing your chances with them.

You can’t abandon someone without giving them an explanation and later expect to get them back in your life. No way, it doesn’t work like that.

10. Inability to Break Up the Right Way

If you dated them for a long time, and they end up not being the right partner for you, you will not get the experience of breaking up properly. Breaking up is an important part of dating and something you need to learn instead of taking the coward’s way out. You need to experience all the stages of dating, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you can’t do that if you’re just disappearing instead of facing the issues.

We know that ghosting is not the way to end a relationship yet so many people do it. For those of you who are reading this and thinking about ghosting, we hope you reconsider. The consequences we mentioned above should make you think twice before ghosting someone you’ve been out with.

If you’ve been ghosted, don’t let it get you down. Brush yourself off, because you deserve someone better than that. If you’re not meeting the right singles on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us introduce you to mature, relationship-ready singles who are ideal for you.   Call us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a complimentary consultation!


Upscale New Jersey Singles Matchmakers Dish Out Dating Tips to Find Love This Year!

Finding love is a very important part of everyone’s life. And contrary to what skeptics say, it can happen more than once. Even though finding love is a very draining and sometimes lengthy process, it is very worth every effort in the end when happiness and joy is acquired with a long lasting partner. Finding true love can heal any wound you have and prove there’s a promising romantic future ahead.

However, a lot of singles in New Jersey have a difficult time dating and finding love on their own. Many single men and women struggle day in and day out to find a loving partner to share life with, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are different approaches to dating and finding love. And today, our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you how to make this year the year that you finally find love!

new jersey singles

1. Start Meeting New People

If you want to find love this year, then you need to get out of your house and start meeting new people. Being socially aware and attending get togethers, parties, and events will put you in contact with new people. Believe it or not, many couples who are now in happy relationships met through being socially active.

Finding love at home is not going to happen, which is exactly why you need to put some nice clothes on and get out of your house. After all, you will not be able to meet new people sitting on your sofa.

The more active and social you become, the more chances you’ll have of meeting a great single man or woman.

It goes without saying that the more places you frequent, the more chances you have to run into a good candidate for a relationship. You can also take a course here or there, practice a hobby on the weekends, or visit local coffee shops or bookstores in your free time. Getting out of your house and getting active will greatly improve your chances of finding a compatible partner this year.

Another great way to safely date and meet like-minded singles locally is by hiring an expert to help you on your search. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are one of the safest, easiest, and most reliable ways of meeting a compatible partner this year.   And if you are a shy person or someone who doesn’t have time to look for dates on your own, a professional matchmaker is ideal for you.

2. Showcase Your True Self

One of the most important things to remember on your search for love is never to pretend to be someone you’re not. If you would not behave a certain way in front of your friends and family, then don’t do it in front of potential candidates.

This also means not revealing things too soon. You should act the way you are at all times, especially when searching for love. Showing someone the real version of yourself will make them love you for who you really are. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this will also help you attract the right person for your life. In other words, you’ll attract the best match possible when reveal your true self.

You’ll never attract the right partner by putting on a façade or pretending to be someone you’re not. If someone does not like you for who you are, skip them and find someone who does. You can’t put on a façade forever, which is why our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers always recommend love seekers to be themselves.

3. Don’t Worry about the Future

One of the most important tips to find true love this year is not to worry too far into the future. In fact, overthinking is what ruins the search for many singles in New Jersey.

Many eager love seekers get too engrossed in what the future will bring, causing them to get angry or frustrated with the process of dating.

To avoid this in your own romantic life, try to focus on the things that make you happy and spend as much time doing them as you can. This will make you happy with yourself, and when you are happy with yourself, that’s how you’ll find love.

Worrying too much or thinking too far ahead will destroy your chances of finding love and leave you back to square one, single! The key to finding love is to live in the present and enjoy what’s going on in your life right now.

You also never want to start thinking about getting engaged or married after just a few dates. If you’re trying to get serious too quickly, you’re going to scare them away. Many people, especially men, walk away from daters who get too carried away with future plans. Enjoy what the two of you have now and let the relationship unfold at its own speed.

Final Words…

Everyone deserves to find love this year. And everyone deserves to have a loving partner by their side, someone who can help them through the difficult times and be there for the good times too.

All the tips provided by our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers will surely help you find love this year. It’s just a matter of time until you come across someone you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

The key to finding love this year is to always be happy and hopeful; after all, love can happen to you at any time. Love is known for solving problems and helping people find a purpose in life. When you finally find it, we encourage you to cherish and nourish it.

If you try new approaches to finding love, whether it be a new hobby, a class, or hiring a professional matchmaker, it will surely improve your chances of finding that special someone this year. However, finding that special someone can be a challenging process, and if that happens to be the case for you, our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers are eagerly waiting to help you on your journey.

Not having luck finding love on your own? Let us know if you need our services—we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to help you! Give us a call today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a no-obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers. Don’t let love slip away!


Find Out If She Likes You with New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service

Here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service, we know that understanding women is never easy, especially in today’s modern dating world. However, our expert matchmakers do have a few signs that will let you know she’s into you. So takes not and get ready to look for these behaviors and clues to get ahead of the dating game.

While men are more expressive when it comes to showing they’re in love, women are a little bit more reserved. Regardless what you see in movies, they don’t always just blurt their feelings out, which makes it hard for you to know what you need to do. So there you are, still left wondering whether she’s into you or not.

Have you and your friends ever wondered why women are so hard to read? Well, we can help you out with that. If you think a woman is into you, don’t let her get away. We advise you to read the signs below to help you figure out if you should make your move.

Our dating and relationship coaches here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service will show you the top 11 signs she’s into you.

new jersey singles reviews

1. She’s not shy around you.

People who live around each other are aware of what the other person will do, along with the traits they have. Hence, it’s not very difficult to hang around your friends or people you’re close to. If you have been hanging out with a woman lately and she is not shy in your presence, allowing herself to let go and have fun, perhaps it’s because she has a thing for you.

You might be more important than you previously thought if you notice she gets excited or happy when you come around. Many times, you don’t even have to have a conversation with her, but you notice her face lights up when you walk in. Your good looks and presence is all you need to turn her world upside down.

The signs mentioned here are more visible around a woman who is notorious for keeping her feelings reserved, so check out her body language and facial expressions when you come around, because it will show you everything you need to know.

2. She exhibits different behaviors.

No matter how reserved and composed a woman acts, she’s typically prone to acting different around a man she likes, you. If she is constantly giggling or showing that she’s excited to see you, then you already know she likes you. If she is acting nervous around you, playing with her fingers, playing with the fork, or twirling her hair, those are all signs she’s nervous in your presence.

3. She returns your texts quickly.

This one is part of new modern day dating etiquette. Nowadays, people talk via text, so we’re going to assume you are already talking to her via text, so start paying attention. If this woman responds to your message in a quick and efficient way, that’s because you have her attention. If she was not into you, she would probably take longer to reply, if at all.

4. Her body faces you.

Facing her body towards you is her way of telling you that she’s paying attention to you. In a general conversation, it’s the polite thing to do, but if you are trying to figure out if she’s into you, you can also use this to your advantage. When you’re talking to her, is she facing you? Is her body open towards you? Keep an eye for those things. On the other hand, closed arms or her body facing away from you are signs she’s not interested.

5. She wants to be with you all the time.

If every time you see her in a room full of people she comes up to you first, then you have a winner here. Pay attention to when the two of you are in public? Does she walk right up to you in a room full of people? Does she give you a smile and quickly approach you?

6. She touches you by accident.

Physical contact is by far the most common way a woman expresses her interests in you. An occasional playful touch here and there is a big deal for women, so keep an eye for that from now on.

7. She laughs at your jokes.

This one is hard to figure out, especially if you’re a funny guy. But when a woman is interested in a man, she will make it a point to laugh at all his jokes, bad ones included.

8. She wants to get to know you more.

When you are starting to see a woman, she’ll usually inquire about you by asking you questions like what you do for a living or what you do in your spare time. But those are just basic questions. If a woman is really into you and wants to get to know you better, she will ask you deeper questions, which means more questions coming your way. She’ll ask you things like what you plan on doing with your life, where you see yourself five or ten years from now, and relationship related questions.

9. She mentions common interests.

One of the most prominent signs a woman is into you is if she mentions things you both have in common, like hobbies and interests. If you mentioned that you enjoy going hiking or bike riding and she mentions how she loves to do that too, it’s because she’s finding common things with you. This is a great way for you to propose an upcoming date idea with one of these things (that’s what she’s expecting you to do).

10. You notice she dresses up around you.

This is something you will be able to tell from here on out. If you notice that every time she is around you that she is dressed well (even better than usual), it’s because she wants to impress you. A woman will pull out all stops to try to impress a man she likes, so watch out for this time you see her.

11. She’s happy in your company.

If a woman is into you, then you’ll notice her overall happiness when you’re together. Does she have a permasmile? Does she seem to be happy and giddy? Well, that’s because she enjoys your company.

Figuring women out is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Women are simple, as you can tell. If you are having a hard time meeting quality single women in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service and let our expert matchmakers be the ones to do the hunting for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to reserve a free consultation.









Dating Service in New Jersey Releases Top Dating Tips for Men By New Jersey Singles

Are you having a difficult time trying to please your woman? Today, our New Jersey matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you exactly what you need to communicate better and have her fall in love with you all over again.

If there is one thing about men that is common, it is that they are all competitive (we’re sure you agree). You want to be the best in everything, whether it’s sports, your body, work, or love, and that’s one good thing about men that works in their favor. But there is one thing about men that sucks. It’s a bad trait that makes them give up when they feel helpless. Now, not all men are the same, and every circumstance can vary, but when it comes to love, many men face the same problems. But don’t worry, our New Jersey dating and relationship experts are going to help you out.


How to Better Your Relationship

Relationship Tips for Men

A perfect relationship (as corny as it might sound) is not that difficult to create or hold onto. It’s little things that you do that matter the most. Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you how to woo your woman and make her fall in love with you again.

1. To Communicate

As hard as it might be to talk to your girlfriend about your feelings, you need to do it. It’s better than living through your relationship keeping things secret or bottled up until you explode. Trust us, communication is one of the most important things in a relationship.

2. Don’t Take Her for Granted

Do you take your girlfriend for granted on occasion? Remember that she is not your property and she doesn’t owe you anything. After all, doing things around the house isn’t a woman’s job, nor is taking care of all your things for you all the time (dinners, your laundry, and even reminding you of important dates).

3. Show Her Appreciation

You are in love with her, you know she is very important for you, so why do you have a hard time letting her know what you feel for her? Learn to appreciate your woman and everything she does for you. Remember, she doesn’t owe you anything. The things she does for you, she does out of love.

4. Surprise Her Occasionally

Do you remember back to the first days when the two of you started to date? You know, back when you did everything to woo her? Why don’t you do that anymore? Is it because she won’t go anywhere? Or, is it because you believe you don’t need to do that anymore? Again, don’t take her for granted.

5. Don’t Make Decisions without Consulting Her

This is something a lot of guys do in committed relationships. No matter if it’s something small like choosing a restaurant or something major like leasing a car, you need to remember to always consult her. You should never make decisions without her opinion, especially if it involves her directly.

6. Remember Your Younger Days

It’s easy to take your woman for granted when she is so nice to you. But remind yourself how you were in the early stages of your relationship, back when you were so eager to woo her. Try to bring those feelings and attempts back.

7. Never Disrespect Her

Don’t ogle at the hot waitress, don’t flirt with the sexy bartender, and don’t openly talk about other women in front of her. Yes, there are going to be very attractive women everywhere you go, but you should never disrespect your woman by blatantly checking them out. You would not want her checking out attractive looking men, right? Okay, so don’t do it to her either.

8. Always Be Honest

Yes, you need to be honest with her but not to the extreme. Women are very sensitive when it comes to criticism, so learn to sugarcoat your words a little. There are nice ways to give someone constructive criticism, so be weary how you approach it.

9. Bring Out the Romantic You

Just because you are already in a relationship with her doesn’t mean your wooing needs to come to an end. Do kind and special things for her frequently, and do it because you want to put a smile on her face.

10. Be the Best Boyfriend You Can Be

Do you think amongst your girlfriend’s friends you are the best boyfriend around? Do you treat your woman with respect in front of them? Although it might be cheesy for you to do, don’t hold back on displaying PDAs or letting her know how much you love her in front of others.

11. Give Her Your Undivided Attention

If you are in a public setting with your girlfriend, don’t give another woman more attention than your lady, especially if the other woman is attractive.

12. Learn to Communicate

Men and women have a hard time communicating with each other, so this is why it’s important for you to learn your girlfriend’s point of view before you jump to conclusions. In successful relationships and marriages, partners know how to effectively communicate with each other.

13. Help Her Out

Help your woman achieve her goals and dreams, give her space when she needs it, and advise her when she comes to you.

14. Don’t Fall into Addictions

Don’t make your woman feel that she comes second to anything by putting friends, interests, or your own hobbies before her. If that ever happens, you need to rethink your priorities.

15. Don’t Walk Away from an Argument

Remember that if she confronts you about something it’s because she wants to clear it up. Fights are going to happen all the time, but you need to learn how to end them properly.

16. Learn to Protect Her

As a man, your job is to protect her against anything. Be there when your woman needs you and let her see that no matter what trouble she is facing, you will be by her side to support her.

17. Learn to Respect Her

Chivalry is becoming extinct, but you (as a gentleman) need to bring it back. Display chivalrous acts for her; after all, she is the number one woman in your life.

Don’t wait for your relationship to go down the drain before you start using these helpful tips from our New Jersey matchmakers. Be a man, the way a man should be, and treat your lady with respect.

If you’re currently single and looking for a quality woman to settle down with, contact our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today and let us help you on your search!


New Jersey Singles Complaints: I Need to Lose Weight!

If you’re tired of squeezing into your clothes every day and ready to make positive changes in 2015, our professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service have some fabulous tips to not only help you lose weight as a couple but also bring you closer together and create a stronger connection all year long.

One of the biggest benefits of being in a happy relationship is the fact that you can always count on your partner for anything you need. Wouldn’t you agree? Working together as a team makes it a lot easier for both of you to stay motivated and accomplish your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. If the two of you have made it a point to lose weight in 2015, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will teach you how to do just that.

Our matchmakers love the idea of a fit couple, not just because of the obvious health benefits, but also because it creates a better bonding experience. Not sure how to go about losing weight together? Well, don’t worry, we have you covered today. We know you’re excited to get started, so without further ado, let’s get to it so you can get started!


1. Enroll in a Dance Class

If you want to take the romance up a notch in your relationship and lose a few pounds in the process, why not take a tango, salsa, or tap dance? Not only will you burn several hundred calories in each class but your friends will be impressed the next time you go out in a group and break out your dance moves. Dance is a great exercise that is tons of fun, so it won’t feel like a usual dreaded workout at the gym.

2. Go Rollerblading or Ice-Skating

Do you want to shed a few extra calories while having a good time together? Then go rollerblading if the weather permits or even ice-skating at your local rink. Bring a picnic basket, a hot thermos, some finger snacks, and you’re good to go.

3. Paint a Room in Your Place

Painting is a lot of work, but it will go twice as fast if you recruit the help of your partner. Think of how many calories the two of you will burn just by moving the furniture. Not only will your place look good, but you’ll also shed a few extra pounds and have some good clean fun.

4. Split Meals

Everyone knows that restaurant meals can sometimes be large enough to fill two. Reduce the temptation of overeating by sharing a meal on your next date night. Small changes can really make a difference over time.

5. Buy Smaller Dishware

By switching your huge plates for small ones, you’ll encourage yourself to eat less, and eating less during mealtime will lower your calorie count for the day.

6. Bike Together

We know, we know… Biking in the brutal New Jersey winters might not sound like fun, but bundle up and give it a try. Once you get moving you’ll be good to go. Go ahead and head out biking together on the weekends? Switch up your weekend routines and instead of driving to your favorite coffee spot, now you can bike there. Afterward, enjoy the beautiful places in your city that you cannot access by car.

7. Create a Healthy Exercise Routine

It’s always easy to start a healthy habit if you have a supportive partner by your side, and since the two of you have made it your resolution to lose weight in the New Year, this will be the best time to do it. Take some time and plan out a workout routine, something that you’ll look forward to together.

8. Switch up Your Dates

Instead of going to restaurants or the movies for every date, places you’ll ingest a high amount of calories, why not spice things up by trying new things? Instead of going to a restaurant and movies, try going hiking, biking, rollerblading, ice-skating, or to your local fitness center or country club for a round of racquetball? Or, how about bowling in winter or miniature golfing in spring and summer?

9. Take up a New Sport

Biking, rock climbing, or hot yoga can be great ways to lose a few pounds in the New Year, and the best thing about these activities is that you can do them as a couple. Other options include indoor volleyball, tennis, racquetball, or golf.

10. Eat the Same Foods

Sticking to a healthier lifestyle for 2015 is much easier if both of you are on the same page when it comes to foods. So eating the same healthy meals will keep both of you on track when it comes to staying in shape.

11. Split Dessert

Can’t resist that hot fudge sundae or that gingerbread loaf? Don’t worry, split the dessert and go halves with your partner. Not only will you save a few calories, but it will make you feel like you’re a teenager all over again.

12. Remember Why You Started

Having your partner by your side can help you remember your goals to stay fit and healthy, especially on days you’re feeling down or discouraged (and don’t worry, we all have them). Your partner will be able to pick you back up and keep you on track on these days.

13. Don’t Make It All about Your Weight

Losing weight is an important part of the journey; however, being healthy is the most important one. Don’t worry if it’s taking a little longer to lose a few pounds. Worry about how you feel and all the better choices you’re making, those are the things that matter.

14. Give Sincere Compliments

Now, this one here is important. Be sure to extend genuine compliments to your partner when you notice they look better in an outfit. Trust us, this will be all the motivation you both need to keep going.

15. Take Progress Pictures

Taking pictures of each other can help you document how much weight the two of you have lost and have far you’ve each come, and just like above, when you see even small results, it will keep you going strong.

16. Create New Traditions

Don’t allow your relationship to be weighed down by old traditions such as eating a lot of food during a birthday celebration. Another great suggest is to visit your local farmer’s market instead of buying fatty foods on weekends.


17. Don’t Compare Your Weight Loss

Some people, especially males, tend to lose weight quicker than women. Our matchmakers don’t want you to compare your weight loss to your partner or anyone else.

18. Keep It Stocked

If you have a large amount of food prepared for the week, it will make it easier for you to start making healthier choices. When you are hungry, the food is already prepared, so you’re less likely to stray from your diet and eat something bad.

19. Prepare Meals Together

You will enjoy the weight loss process more if the two of you prepare healthy meals together; after all, this is a weight loss journey for two.

20. Don’t Plan Around Food

It’s easy to plan something together based on food, but we don’t want you to do this. In the New Year, plan activities that don’t revolve around food.

21. Play Games at Home

Nowadays, many gaming systems offer exercised based games you can do at home. Dance Revolution, tennis, bowling, and many other choices that will not only keep you entertained, but will help you shed a few pounds and connect with your partner on those cold New Jersey days.

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When to Meet the Parents with New Jersey Matchmakers

Whether you’re meeting their parents or they are meeting yours, timing is very important. Today, our professional matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you the tell-tale signs you’re ready to make it happen.

Do not introduce your new partner to your family just because you feel like it. This is something you need to do when you are both ready to make it happen. Figuring out when the right time can certainly be challenging and it will have a lot to do with your family and your partner. If your parents are laidback, then you can do it sooner than later. You know your parents well, so you know when to make it happen.

If your parents are the more formal type, you know, the ones that always wear a suit and tie and have formal dinners, then perhaps you need to take more time to get everything prepared so all goes over well. Either way, all parties must be ready for the meeting so things go smoothly.


The Right Time to Meet the Parents

Our professional matchmaking advice for you is to plan something a little intimate so everyone has the chance to properly get to know each other. But of course, everything is up to you. Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you the top signs that it’s time to make the big meet happen.

1. You Are Exclusively Together

You will know that the right time has come when the two of you are exclusive with each other. There is no point of getting the whole meeting set up if the two of you are just casually dating. Once you have decided that both of you are in a steady and settled relationship, then meeting the parents should definitely happen.

2. Your Partner Has Met All Your Friends

If your partner has hung out with your friends more than once, then it’s safe to say that they are ready to meet the parents. Of course there is less pressure when meeting a group of friends than when meeting your parents, but if your group of friends have already approved, then it’s safe to assume that your parents will also approve of your partner. After all, friends can be very judgmental.

3. Your Partner Has Already Met Different Family Members

Whether your partner has met a certain family member just by accident or intentionally, once they have met a family member, then you know it’s time to meet the parents.

For example, if you and your current partner have run into an uncle at the local supermarket and you introduced them so you didn’t come off as rude, then you need to remember that they will talk. If your family is like most people’s families, they are constantly talking to each other, so news will spread quickly that your uncle has met your current boyfriend or girlfriend before the parents (big no-no).

Even a small encounter like that can lead to drama. Save yourself the drama and introduce your current partner to your parents before they meet any other family member. The same rule applies if your sister or brother meets them before your parents. Expectations will be set, prejudgments are bound to be made, and before you know it, and your parents will be bugging you to make the introduction happen anyways.

4. You Always Talk about the Future

Once you start talking in terms of us rather than we, then you know the time has come. If you see yourself being with a partner and visual the future with them, the next course of action will be to make the big introduction happen. This means they are ready to meet the people who brought you into this world. That step will make your partner feel secure and happy in the relationship. They’ll know things are heading in the right direction.

5. The Idea Doesn’t Bother You

If the idea of your partner meeting your parents doesn’t scare you whatsoever, then what are you waiting for? That is a good sign that you are comfortable with each other and are ready to make it happen. You need to ensure that your parents feel the same way so the introduction can go smoothly.

6. You’re Proud of Them

It is very difficult to introduce a partner to your parents if your boyfriend is a slacker or your girlfriend is an alcoholic, but if you are proud of who they are as a person, it is inevitable you want the whole world to know about their accomplishments. You want people close to you to see that the person you’re in love with is the right one for you.

7. Everyone Is Ready for It

Okay, if you cannot figure out when the right time to make it happen is, let’s take the easy way out and ask everyone if they’re ready for the introduction. Speak to your parents about the special someone you’re dating and look at the reaction on their faces when you bring up setting up a meeting or a family dinner. Once you think everyone is comfortable enough to make it happen, the next step is to set up a date and do it.

Meeting the parents for the first time is a big step whether you think so or not. You might be surprised how many relationships don’t work out because of the initial meeting. As much as you like your new partner, what your family thinks of them will weigh heavily on your relationship. Never underestimate your parents’ intuition when it comes to determining the character of the person you’re dating. Parents have a weird sixth sense when it comes to things like that, so take your time and never rush it. You will know when the time is right.

Hopefully meeting the parents isn’t as difficult as you imagine it to be. As long as you know the time is right, you should have nothing to worry about. Now, all you need to worry about is how you’re going to help your partner make a great first impression.
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Stick to Your 2015 Dating Resolutions with Colts Neck Matchmakers

Numerous New Jersey singles complaints from single men come from the inability to stick dating resolutions. But this year, matchmaking professionals with over 25 years of experience will teach you how to solve your dating problems in 2015!


Fix Your Dating Resolutions by Avoiding the Wrong Type of Resolution

Professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service know the biggest reason most dating resolutions fail is because people don’t choose the right type of resolutions. Let’s take a look so you know what we’re talking about.

1. People focus solely on the end result instead of what they can do. For example, you would lose weight much quicker if you resolved to stop going to McDonald’s or happy hour three times a week than you would if you set the goal of losing 20 pounds in six months. And with dating, it’s the same. A resolution to get a girlfriend or to date only 10’s won’t get you as far as if you committed to learning how to approach men and women daily.

2. People focus on the wrong things to achieve their goals. A lot of men think they need to be weird, standoffish, or even mean to get a woman, but New Jersey matchmakers know this is far from the truth. You wouldn’t go to a Chinese school to learn Italian and being weird or mean to women is the equivalent.

3. Being unrealistic. Men who resolve to go to the gym 3 hours a day end up working out less than the men who make a more realistic goal, and the same goes with dating. You will not be meeting women every night, so set a more realistic goal of meeting at least 1 woman a week.

Fixing Your Dating Problems by Using These New Year’s Dating Resolutions

Every year, New Jersey Singles Dating Service helps thousands of men achieve dating success with women. Some get in serious relationships and some get married, but our expert matchmakers are able to help single men achieve the happiness they wanted.

Our matchmakers have been in the business for 25 years and know exactly what works and what doesn’t, year in and year out. The following dating resolutions will work for you in 2015, they’re everything you need. Print them out, take them to work, or stick them on your fridge. That is all you have to do, and you’ll thank us later.

1. Find a Passion & Purpose

Being good with women takes practice and skill. If you want to be a good guitar player or basketball player, you spend time studying and practicing to become better at those things, and the same applies to dating. This is why it’s very important to find your passion and purpose and practice explaining it. Get comfortable explaining it so that women find it compelling. It’s better to have a genuine passion for golfing or comic books than pretending to be something you’re not. Why? Because women don’t like fake men. Use your passion to converse with her and she’ll respond in a positive way.

2. Practice

You are going to have to work for your goals if you want to be happy with your dating life, you must practice for it. This isn’t necessarily because there is something wrong with you, though. It’s because women are always practicing their social and flirting skills, making them pros. Trust us, they can’t help it. An attractive, outgoing, social women is going to have people wanting to talk to her all the time, so if you want to be on her level, then you must also learn to be a social person. Women truly appreciate a man who open and charismatic.

3. Get a Friend to Help You

Studies show that people who share their goals with others will stay committed to accomplishing them. So there you have it, when you have a mentor, friend, or expert dating coach, you’re more likely to accomplish your goal of dating success. Meeting women is easier and more fun when you have a dating coach or friend by your side. It’s usually much better to be coached by someone who knows the field rather than going at it blindly. Plus, you have someone to give you support and encouragement when you need it.


4. Better Your 1st Impression

Everyone knows that a woman makes a decision whether a man is a yes or a no within the first 30 seconds of meeting him. It absolutely pays off that you pass the first impression test. A lot goes into the first few seconds, but the most important element is in the non-verbal communication. It’s about how you express yourself through your body language and facial expressions.

The great thing about body language is that you can practice it 24/7, even when there isn’t anyone around you. Go ahead and have a little fun practicing in the mirror when you’re getting ready for work in the morning. Practice your smile and facial expressions and you’ll be sharpening your social skills in the process.

• Eye Contact: You need to keep eye contact when you’re talking to her as well as when you are listening.
• Controlled Movements: You need to control your movements, not look like a bumbling idiot.
• Always Smile: Your smile needs to look friendly and genuine. It will help her relax and make you look confident.
• Shoulders Back: Don’t hunch like you have bricks on your shoulders. Women like a man who carries himself well.
• Stand Tall: Keep your head held high, and don’t look at the ground when you are walking. After all, if you’re always looking at the ground, how will you ever attract the attention of the beautiful women you see day in and day out?

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

Most men are not that good at attracting women. Some men learn from watching an older brother or a friend, while others got lucky in the genetics department, but for everyone else, there is still hope. You are going to have to make it happen, and that means stepping out of your comfort zone and working hard to achieve success in your dating life. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go at it alone.

There is no shame in hiring a professional matchmaker to help you along the way. Many successful men come to us when it comes to finding love. If you have been struggling to follow up with your dating resolutions and have not been successful with women, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service are here to help you. We have helped thousands of men just like yourself find compatible partners and serious relationships. If you want to be successful in dating in 2015, give our matchmakers a call today.

New Jersey Singles Reviews 7 Bad Habits That Destroy Relationships

Colts Neck matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service reviews complaints and habits that can destroy a good relationship.

It is normal to get to a point in your relationship where you both feel very comfortable with one another. However, when you are too comfortable, you begin to neglect friends, your manners, and even your hygiene, but that is when things can quickly go downhill. Here are some of the most common dating complaints from partners that get too comfortable in their relationship. These are the bad habits you must avoid if you want to maintain a happy and successful relationship.


Bad Habit #1- Letting Yourself Go

The more time we spend with our partner, the more comfortable we feel in their presence. When you first met them you probably looked around for the best outfits and always did everything you could to look and act your best, right? Of course you did. However, we know that when partners become too comfortable with one another, their looks take a backseat.

If this is the case with you and your partner, maybe now you both look like one of the crew members of The Walking Dead. Does that sound familiar? While your manners and appearance can inevitably take a less appealing look, it is important to continue to make a conscious effort of still maintaining your manners and your looks no matter how long you’ve been together. You don’t have to walk around your house looking like you just left the salon or like you’re heading to the red carpet, but make an effort to maintain good hygiene and good manners. This will keep your relationship alive for many years.

Bad Habit #2- Being Too Lovey Dovey

It’s not appealing to be constantly texting your partner telling them you love them (just in case they forgot what you told them five minutes ago). You also don’t need to cling to one another’s side because you think you’re too deeply in love. And even if you’re not clingy on a normal basis, you never want to be too lovey dovey in front of friends and family. This type of behavior makes your friends and family squint and actually has a reverse effect on your relationship.

Yes, this is for the lovey dovey ones. All that love and affection might feel great at the beginning, but too much of it can make it feel less special, and then, the only way you can express your love to your partner is by being extremely lovey dovey and pouring your heart out for them, which will get old quickly.

Bad Habit #3- Neglecting Your Friends

Have you ever had a friend who got involved in a relationship, then up and disappeared for months or even years? Well, you don’t want to be that friend. This is something many of us have been guilty of at one point in our lives, but the last thing you want to do as a mature person is neglect your friends because you’re in a new relationship.

No matter how much you love spending time with your new partner, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it is important to keep regular contact with your friends. Your pals will remain your pals, even after your relationship comes to an end. In fact, they can keep you grounded when you start getting swept away into a romantic La-La-Land. Spending too much time with your partner can cause you to get bored of each other quickly, and this is a recipe for disaster.


Bad Habit #4- Spending Too Much Money

Whether you’re a shopaholic who can’t get over your addiction to save for the new hardwood floor or you are an addict gambler who is racking up debt and unable to pay your house bills, both scenarios can eventually destroy your relationship. Or, maybe it’s your partner who has the spending problem. If your partner is the one who cannot afford to pay their bills and they are constantly coming to you to help them, you are going to be resentful towards them. Unless you nip it in the bud, things are only going to get worse. Someone who doesn’t know how to manage their finances is going to put a strain on the relationship, and this can cause many types of problems and extra pressure on the relationship.

Bad Habit #5- Bad Mouthing Your Partner

That negative attitude of thinking that “men are all the same” or “women can’t do anything right” really does get imbedded in our brains after a bad relationship. Indeed, both men and women are guilty of trashing each other and falling into gender stereotypes; however, this type of stereotypes can have a bad effect on your relationship.

Bad Habit #6- Avoiding Intimacy

If you have slipped into the bad habit of coming up with excuses for not having sex with your partner, your relationship will quickly head downhill. Intimacy is a major element that keeps a relationship alive. You cannot sit a potted plant in a dark room without water and expect it to live forever. You need to be intimate with each other, not daily but occasionally. Multiple studies back it up that men and women who are intimate with each other can maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Bad Habit #7- Not Communicating Enough

Does every conversation with your partner turn into a full blown fight? Good communication boils down to learning how to ask for what you need, not expecting it from your partner. At the same time, learning to listen to your partner is also important. Sit down with each other and communicate more. This is especially true for women as many expect their partner’s to be mind readers. For example, if you are exhausted, then ask your partner to go pick up the children. Do not expect them to do so without you asking them.

By avoiding these simple to fall into bad habits, you can rescue your relationship from a spiral trip downhill. It’s really not that difficult, but you need to do it if you want to save your relationship.

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