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Over 40 & Single in NJ? New Jersey Matchmakers Have Dating Tips for You!

Whether you are just coming back to the dating world after getting over a long term relationship or you’ve just reached the point in life you’re ready to settle down and a serious relationship, our upscale New Jersey matchmakers have some dating tips for men over 40 & single in NJ. This never before released dating guide will get you up to speed with the latest in the over 40 dating world.

You have it all… Yes, we know you have it all. But you’re missing one thing: a fabulous woman by your side.

Sure, you just made partner of a very elite law firm in town, or you just became the CEO of a successful company, but tell us, what is all that if you don’t have an amazing partner to share those things with? Who will accompany you to dinners? Who will fly to Rome with you? And who will welcome you home with a delicious home cooked meal after a long and strenuous day at the office?

What about skiing in the mountains or dancing the night away, out on the town? Here at New Jersey Singles, we know one thing: a loving partner is something money can’t buy. But luckily for you, a highly successful man who’s serious about finding love, our upscale matchmaking experts are here to help. We are the leading resource for busy professional singles to find the beautiful, relationship-minded woman they deserve. But before we get to that, we’re going to get you all prepped for dating over 40.

If you’re ready to find a fabulous woman, read below as our upscale New Jersey matchmakers release the best dating tips for single men over 40.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Make Time for Dating

We know you have a busy schedule—and we’re 100% sure of that. And even though you’re pursuing a serious relationship, we’re pretty sure your schedule is not going to change because of that. With that being said, you’re in need of love, which means making a commitment to finding it.

After all, you don’t get so high on your career ladder or reach the top by sitting around on your sofa all day long. We know your schedule is as busy as it gets, but if you want to find love this year, you need to make time for love.

You might have to reschedule a meeting or two or cancel that golf outing with your friends so you can go on dates with beautiful women. On the other hand, if you’re interested in meeting compatible women through our services, we can arrange dates based on your schedule and only make introductions whenever your time allows. This is a win-win situation that has proven to work for many busy professionals, like yourself.

2. Be Patient

This one is probably one of the most difficult tips for single men over 40 to follow. After all, we know you’re used to the best, and you’re used to having it at the snap of your fingers, right?

However, love doesn’t work that way. It will take a few dates before you find your ideal partner. But more importantly, you should never take rejection to the heart.

There might be a woman or two who don’t want to see you again; sometimes things just don’t work out, but that’s just the way things go in life and in dating. Walk away with your head high and move onto the next one. Understand that a few no’s from different women will eventually lead to you to the ‘yes’ from the woman you want.

It’s one thing to make investments in a company and quite another to make investments in yourself. So look at dating as an investment, one that requires your time, patience, and attention.

3. Do Not Judge Too Quickly

We know you’ve reached a high level of success because you have high standards. After all, you are a career-driven man who is used to the finest things in life.

Fancy cars, upscale restaurants, the latest gadgets, the best shoes, top of the line suits… You have the best of it all.

However, that natural inclination of only wanting perfection will not pay off for dating. Finding a good match is about finding a woman who is compatible with you, not finding one that looks better than every woman in New Jersey. Finding one that possesses both can be very difficult to find. We encourage you to give women a chance and go on a date with them before brushing anyone off right away.

Of course you’re bound to make judgements, and there is nothing you can do about that, but you’re bound to make judgements based on outside appearances—what color hair she has, if she’s wearing expensive designer clothes, where she works, what her income is, and so on. But we don’t want you to discount someone based on those looks or material things; after all, they’re not what makes a happy and successful relationship.

Our upscale New Jersey matchmakers want you to focus on important things, such as common interests, core values, and relationship goals. Chances are that as a successful single you know how to connect with people, so try to do that with her just like you would in an important boardroom meeting.

Put your great communication skills to work and listen to everything she has to say. Focus on common things and put your pre-judgements to the side.

4. The Pros & Cons of Paying

No woman likes to feel like they’re the charity date, and if you are dating a woman who earns less than you, you don’t want to wave your wealth in her face. Also, beware that many women in the dating world will date you based on how much money you earn. You can avoid women like this by working with a professional matchmaker, like ours here at New Jersey Singles. We don’t allow gold diggers in our database, only women of the same ilk as you—quality women who are also searching for a loving partner.

5. Romantic Trips

Do you fly out of the country often? Do you wish to go on a romantic vacation? Wish no more, our upscale New Jersey matchmakers are here to tell you that with our help, you can meet the woman of your dreams and finally go on that romantic vacation with the beautiful woman you’ve always dreamed of having by your side.

Lastly, men, don’t forget to enjoy dating and remember to look for compatibility rather than perfection with outside appearances. And more importantly, if you need help, let our New Jersey matchmakers know and we’ll be glad to make your dating life easier.

If you’re single & over 40 in NJ, contact our expert matchmakers at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a complimentary, and always confidential, matchmaking consultation today!


Blow Her Away with Compliments | New Jersey Singles Dating Coaches

Before you decide to compliment a woman, you must first understand what works and what doesn’t. Not all women are alike—and not all compliments are acceptable.

There is so much distrust in the dating world that it’s very difficult to take what anyone says at face value. Some people use compliments because they are nice people, while others use them with ulterior motives.

But you are trying to give her a compliment because you’re a gentleman and you genuinely mean it. You want to make your woman feel good and bring a big smile to her face—and that’s what our New Jersey Singles dating coaches are here to help you do.

new jersey singles reviews

The Wrong Way to Compliment a Woman

Many men think they can just give women any type of compliment, but that’s not the case. Many times men fail miserably when giving compliments and we’ll show you how so you don’t do the same.

  1. Do not give her compliments based solely on her looks, especially if you just met her.

Every woman likes being appreciated for her looks; however, that’s not what they value the most. It is perfectly fine to compliment her on her appearance, but only once the two of you are comfortable with one another. Otherwise, your compliment will come off as shallow and she’ll think you have ulterior motives.

  1. Do not compliment her on body parts.

Again, unless the two of you have been dating for a while, you never want to compliment a woman only on her body. She will think you have ulterior motives and that you’re only after one thing.

  1. Never compliment her on her age.

It is a given that women don’t like getting older. And you already know it’s somewhat a taboo topic. If she is a mature women, you never want to give her a compliment on her age.

  1. Do not compliment her by telling her she’s different than other women.

Being ‘unlike’ any other woman is not a compliment. It will seem insincere in her eyes. Being more or less than other women is not a compliment—don’t ever make comparisons with women.

  1. Do not compliment her on her body shape.

Again, you don’t want to give her a compliment on her body shape, especially if you don’t know her insecurities yet.

  1. Do not compliment her on her earnings.

Don’t act impressed if she tells you she earns a lot, and don’t ever patronize her by saying things like, “Wow,” or “That’s crazy.”

  1. Do not put expirations on your compliments.

The last thing you want to do when complimenting her is to end your compliment with “tonight” or “today.” Why? Well, because you are saying that she only looks good tonight or only looks great today—that’s not the way you want to go.

Compliments to Make Her Weak in the Knees

Now that you know what not to say to women, our New Jersey Singles dating coaches will provide you with a list of amazing things you can say. Use any variation you want, but don’t forget to really mean it.

  1. That’s a job well done. “You’re amazing at what you do. I’m so proud you have achieved so much in life.”
  2. Being caring. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a partner as loving and caring as you. I definitely got lucky in life when I met you.”
  3. How funny she is. “You always make me laugh and help me let loose and have a good time.”
  4. Supporting her dreams and goals. “I know this is what you want to pursue and I’m confident you can do it. I love how passionate you are about your goals and dreams.”
  5. Her supporting your goals. “You inspire me to be the best person I can be. I’m so glad to have you in my life.”
  6. Her presence in your life. “I’m the luckiest man alive to have you by my side.”
  7. Her courage. “You are a brave woman and I’m proud of how much you accomplish when you put your mind to it, even when the odds are against you.”
  8. Her help. “Thanks for helping me with my problems. I don’t know what I would have done without you by my side.”
  9. Her hobbies & interests. “I think your passion for working out (volunteering, fostering animals, or whatever it is she’s passionate about) is inspiring. I love that you’re not afraid to do what you love.”
  10. Her communication skills. “I love talking to you. I’m so happy when we communicate openly and honestly… It is so refreshing.”
  11. Her tastes. “You have fantastic taste, this is an excellent choice. I’m glad you went with that.”
  12. Time together. “I love how we spend time together and do things that make us feel closer to each other.”
  13. How happy she makes you feel. “I feel great when I’m in your presence. You always put a smile on my face.”
  14. How she makes you feel emotionally. “You make me feel loved and cared for, even when I’m at my lowest.”
  15. The way she makes you become a better person. “You are the person that changed my life for the better.”
  16. Her kindness. “You make my heart melt with all the love you give me.”
  17. Her power. “You are a very powerful woman who is capable of achieving anything in life.”
  18. The love she has for you. “You make me feel like the luckiest man in the world. You being by my side completes me.”

Giving your woman a compliment doesn’t have to be so difficult. By using the guidelines provided by our New Jersey Singles dating coaches, you’ll be able to give your woman a compliment that will absolutely make her heart flutter.

If you’re not meeting the right women on your own, contact our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-minded single women in NJ that are the perfect fit for you!

Call us at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up your FREE, no-obligation consultation today!


New Jersey Singles Reveals the Type of Men You’ll Meet at Bars

It’s girls’ night out and you and your friends are looking smoking hot. You just pulled the tags off your new dress, your legs are freshly shaved for the weekend, and you’ve waiting all week for this special night. You’re going to be out on the town having fun and looking for single men.

You’re feeling great and you’re friends are too, but the last thing you want to want to happen on your girls’ night out is an interruption from a man who is less than desirable. Sadly, creeps flood the bars and clubs, and they have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what women are out on the prowl looking to chat it up with the men. Once they see you walk in the club, they’ll immediately approach you because their goal is to get your phone number by the end of the night.

Creeps like this are known for frequenting the bars and clubs, and they are a unique breed of men. All they need is a dark night, alcohol, loud music, and all their creepy powers come out.

Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking team will review the top creepy guys you’re bound to encounter on your next ladies’ night out on the town.


1. The Creepy Guy That Comes from Behind

Here is the scenario: you and your girlfriends are all in a circle, dancing, screaming, and singing to your favorite song. You and your girls are having a great time when all the sudden you feel someone come up behind you. He places his sweaty hands on your waist and begins to grind you. Yuck! You’re in shock and quickly eyeball your girls, asking for some help.

You already know you need to enlist help from your friends and get away from him right away. Go dance somewhere else and if he comes back again, be straight with him and tell him you’re not interested. We don’t need to tell you that there are many men at clubs who think they can hit on women on the dancefloor. Whatever you do, don’t fall victim to this sleazy guy.

2. That Creepy Guy That Follows You Everywhere

At first you might have thought this guy was cute, and clearly he was into you, but then you noticed he was following you everywhere you went. To the bar, to the dancefloor, he even walked you to the women’s restroom.

Being straightforward is the best way to get rid of this creep. Go ahead and tell him you’re not interested. Maybe he consumed too much alcohol and doesn’t know what he’s doing, causing him to display his stalker-like behavior early on.

If being straight with him doesn’t work, ditch him and take advantage of the dark club to get away from him.

3. That Creepy Guy Who Is Only After Your Phone Number

Despite telling this man repeatedly that you’re not interested, he just won’t leave you alone. He is after one thing and only thing only—your phone number. He has consumed so much alcohol that you’re wondering how he’s still stumbling around. He’s slurring his words, stumbling everywhere, and has asked for your phone number at least five times.

This guy just won’t leave you alone, so to get rid of this guy you might have to get help from the bouncer. Sometimes men just get too intoxicated at clubs and behave inappropriately and that’s what you have to look out.

4. That Creepy Guy That Keeps Buying You Drinks

Having someone pay for all your Manhattans is great, and it might even sound like a dream come true, but if you’re not interested in the man buying them, it’s going to get old. Even when you tell this guy you’re good, he just doesn’t get the hint. This guy has one agenda and that’s to get you plastered.

It’s okay to accept a drink, but be careful if someone keeps buying you drinks, because they’re obviously trying to take advantage of you by trying to get you drunk. There are many creeps out there who prey on women in the bars and clubs by getting them drunk and taking advantage of them. Don’t fall victim to this “all too common” creepy guy at the bar.

5. That Creepy Guy with a Lot of Problems

Going out on the town with your girlfriends should be a lot of fun. The last thing you want to do on your girls’ night out is to meet a man who is extremely emotional and wants to share all his feelings with you as though you were his shrink. He’s telling you all the problems he has going on in life—from the way he loathes his job to how much he hates his ex-girlfriend, you know everything about him already—and you can’t wait to get away!

With so much alcohol flowing, it’s obvious that this guy feels he can tell you anything.

Ladies, be warned if you’re heading out this weekend, because these are the top five creeps you’ll meet at the bars and clubs. If you are looking for a serious relationship, venturing out on the town with your girlfriends is not going to land you that.

Relationship-minded men don’t frequent bars and clubs looking for women. They are busy with their careers, practicing a sport or hobby, or devoting time to their family and social life. If you want to start meeting like-minded single men in New Jersey, contact one of our matchmakers today. We will put you in touch with local single men who are ready to start a relationship, men who are highly educated, established, attractive, and all around great guys. Don’t endure another night of meeting creeps at the bars and clubs when you can meet your Mr. Right today!

Call us at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a private, one-on-one matchmaking consultation today!


Upscale New Jersey Singles Matchmakers Dish Out Dating Tips to Find Love This Year!

Finding love is a very important part of everyone’s life. And contrary to what skeptics say, it can happen more than once. Even though finding love is a very draining and sometimes lengthy process, it is very worth every effort in the end when happiness and joy is acquired with a long lasting partner. Finding true love can heal any wound you have and prove there’s a promising romantic future ahead.

However, a lot of singles in New Jersey have a difficult time dating and finding love on their own. Many single men and women struggle day in and day out to find a loving partner to share life with, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are different approaches to dating and finding love. And today, our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you how to make this year the year that you finally find love!

new jersey singles

1. Start Meeting New People

If you want to find love this year, then you need to get out of your house and start meeting new people. Being socially aware and attending get togethers, parties, and events will put you in contact with new people. Believe it or not, many couples who are now in happy relationships met through being socially active.

Finding love at home is not going to happen, which is exactly why you need to put some nice clothes on and get out of your house. After all, you will not be able to meet new people sitting on your sofa.

The more active and social you become, the more chances you’ll have of meeting a great single man or woman.

It goes without saying that the more places you frequent, the more chances you have to run into a good candidate for a relationship. You can also take a course here or there, practice a hobby on the weekends, or visit local coffee shops or bookstores in your free time. Getting out of your house and getting active will greatly improve your chances of finding a compatible partner this year.

Another great way to safely date and meet like-minded singles locally is by hiring an expert to help you on your search. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are one of the safest, easiest, and most reliable ways of meeting a compatible partner this year.   And if you are a shy person or someone who doesn’t have time to look for dates on your own, a professional matchmaker is ideal for you.

2. Showcase Your True Self

One of the most important things to remember on your search for love is never to pretend to be someone you’re not. If you would not behave a certain way in front of your friends and family, then don’t do it in front of potential candidates.

This also means not revealing things too soon. You should act the way you are at all times, especially when searching for love. Showing someone the real version of yourself will make them love you for who you really are. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this will also help you attract the right person for your life. In other words, you’ll attract the best match possible when reveal your true self.

You’ll never attract the right partner by putting on a façade or pretending to be someone you’re not. If someone does not like you for who you are, skip them and find someone who does. You can’t put on a façade forever, which is why our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers always recommend love seekers to be themselves.

3. Don’t Worry about the Future

One of the most important tips to find true love this year is not to worry too far into the future. In fact, overthinking is what ruins the search for many singles in New Jersey.

Many eager love seekers get too engrossed in what the future will bring, causing them to get angry or frustrated with the process of dating.

To avoid this in your own romantic life, try to focus on the things that make you happy and spend as much time doing them as you can. This will make you happy with yourself, and when you are happy with yourself, that’s how you’ll find love.

Worrying too much or thinking too far ahead will destroy your chances of finding love and leave you back to square one, single! The key to finding love is to live in the present and enjoy what’s going on in your life right now.

You also never want to start thinking about getting engaged or married after just a few dates. If you’re trying to get serious too quickly, you’re going to scare them away. Many people, especially men, walk away from daters who get too carried away with future plans. Enjoy what the two of you have now and let the relationship unfold at its own speed.

Final Words…

Everyone deserves to find love this year. And everyone deserves to have a loving partner by their side, someone who can help them through the difficult times and be there for the good times too.

All the tips provided by our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers will surely help you find love this year. It’s just a matter of time until you come across someone you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

The key to finding love this year is to always be happy and hopeful; after all, love can happen to you at any time. Love is known for solving problems and helping people find a purpose in life. When you finally find it, we encourage you to cherish and nourish it.

If you try new approaches to finding love, whether it be a new hobby, a class, or hiring a professional matchmaker, it will surely improve your chances of finding that special someone this year. However, finding that special someone can be a challenging process, and if that happens to be the case for you, our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers are eagerly waiting to help you on your journey.

Not having luck finding love on your own? Let us know if you need our services—we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to help you! Give us a call today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a no-obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our upscale New Jersey Singles matchmakers. Don’t let love slip away!


Find Out If She Likes You with New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service

Here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service, we know that understanding women is never easy, especially in today’s modern dating world. However, our expert matchmakers do have a few signs that will let you know she’s into you. So takes not and get ready to look for these behaviors and clues to get ahead of the dating game.

While men are more expressive when it comes to showing they’re in love, women are a little bit more reserved. Regardless what you see in movies, they don’t always just blurt their feelings out, which makes it hard for you to know what you need to do. So there you are, still left wondering whether she’s into you or not.

Have you and your friends ever wondered why women are so hard to read? Well, we can help you out with that. If you think a woman is into you, don’t let her get away. We advise you to read the signs below to help you figure out if you should make your move.

Our dating and relationship coaches here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service will show you the top 11 signs she’s into you.

new jersey singles reviews

1. She’s not shy around you.

People who live around each other are aware of what the other person will do, along with the traits they have. Hence, it’s not very difficult to hang around your friends or people you’re close to. If you have been hanging out with a woman lately and she is not shy in your presence, allowing herself to let go and have fun, perhaps it’s because she has a thing for you.

You might be more important than you previously thought if you notice she gets excited or happy when you come around. Many times, you don’t even have to have a conversation with her, but you notice her face lights up when you walk in. Your good looks and presence is all you need to turn her world upside down.

The signs mentioned here are more visible around a woman who is notorious for keeping her feelings reserved, so check out her body language and facial expressions when you come around, because it will show you everything you need to know.

2. She exhibits different behaviors.

No matter how reserved and composed a woman acts, she’s typically prone to acting different around a man she likes, you. If she is constantly giggling or showing that she’s excited to see you, then you already know she likes you. If she is acting nervous around you, playing with her fingers, playing with the fork, or twirling her hair, those are all signs she’s nervous in your presence.

3. She returns your texts quickly.

This one is part of new modern day dating etiquette. Nowadays, people talk via text, so we’re going to assume you are already talking to her via text, so start paying attention. If this woman responds to your message in a quick and efficient way, that’s because you have her attention. If she was not into you, she would probably take longer to reply, if at all.

4. Her body faces you.

Facing her body towards you is her way of telling you that she’s paying attention to you. In a general conversation, it’s the polite thing to do, but if you are trying to figure out if she’s into you, you can also use this to your advantage. When you’re talking to her, is she facing you? Is her body open towards you? Keep an eye for those things. On the other hand, closed arms or her body facing away from you are signs she’s not interested.

5. She wants to be with you all the time.

If every time you see her in a room full of people she comes up to you first, then you have a winner here. Pay attention to when the two of you are in public? Does she walk right up to you in a room full of people? Does she give you a smile and quickly approach you?

6. She touches you by accident.

Physical contact is by far the most common way a woman expresses her interests in you. An occasional playful touch here and there is a big deal for women, so keep an eye for that from now on.

7. She laughs at your jokes.

This one is hard to figure out, especially if you’re a funny guy. But when a woman is interested in a man, she will make it a point to laugh at all his jokes, bad ones included.

8. She wants to get to know you more.

When you are starting to see a woman, she’ll usually inquire about you by asking you questions like what you do for a living or what you do in your spare time. But those are just basic questions. If a woman is really into you and wants to get to know you better, she will ask you deeper questions, which means more questions coming your way. She’ll ask you things like what you plan on doing with your life, where you see yourself five or ten years from now, and relationship related questions.

9. She mentions common interests.

One of the most prominent signs a woman is into you is if she mentions things you both have in common, like hobbies and interests. If you mentioned that you enjoy going hiking or bike riding and she mentions how she loves to do that too, it’s because she’s finding common things with you. This is a great way for you to propose an upcoming date idea with one of these things (that’s what she’s expecting you to do).

10. You notice she dresses up around you.

This is something you will be able to tell from here on out. If you notice that every time she is around you that she is dressed well (even better than usual), it’s because she wants to impress you. A woman will pull out all stops to try to impress a man she likes, so watch out for this time you see her.

11. She’s happy in your company.

If a woman is into you, then you’ll notice her overall happiness when you’re together. Does she have a permasmile? Does she seem to be happy and giddy? Well, that’s because she enjoys your company.

Figuring women out is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Women are simple, as you can tell. If you are having a hard time meeting quality single women in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service and let our expert matchmakers be the ones to do the hunting for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to reserve a free consultation.









WARNING: Do NOT Date These Single Women in New Jersey

We all lead hectic lifestyles, between work, socializing, staying in shape, and relaxing, we barely have time to venture out in the dating world. And as you may already know, this makes it very frustrating when we come across someone and devote our time to them, only to find out months later that we were just wasting our time with someone who didn’t want the same thing. Luckily, when you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to identify what single women are looking for something serious and which ones are going to waste your time.

You need to be well-prepared and realize that not all single women in New Jersey are looking for something serious. You need to be prepared so you can pinpoint which ones want something serious and which ones are just a waste of time. Today, our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will show you how to tell the difference so you don’t waste your precious time.

new jersey singles reviews

The Single Women You Must Stay Away From

Do you want to find out who will end up disappointing you in the end? Here are the single women in New Jersey you need to stay away from if you’re looking for true love.

  1. The One Who’s Not Too into You

There is nothing worse than falling for a woman who doesn’t reciprocate that love. She could be a friend, a work colleague, or someone you know from the past. And since you have regular contact with her, you may start to develop romantic feelings for her.

The best thing you can do is keep your distance, especially if you know she’s already taken or told you (or hinted) that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you. You need to find a woman who has romantic feelings for you or you’re going to end up with an aching heart. If you are her friend or work colleague, that might be the only thing you ever have with this woman. Focus your energy on looking for another woman who is emotionally available and into you.

  1. The One Who Just Wants to Be Friends

This is the classic line many single women in New Jersey use to let a man down. She could have given you this reason and told you she’s not looking for anything serious or said she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you both have. Understand that these justifications are to spare you the pain of telling you the truth. She is being nice by not flat out telling you she’s not into you.

Remember that there is not much you can do once she uses this line on you. You are not Brad Pit or George Clooney, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to move on and pursue someone who does have feelings for you. You will get over this woman and one day look back and realize you never should have gotten hung up on her and wasted your time.

  1. The One Who Is Still into Her Ex

This one is not your fault—and again, there nothing you can do about this situation either. If she’s not over her ex, maybe she’s still head over heels for him, or worse, still sleeping with him—two things you don’t want to deal with.

If there are lingering emotions between her and her ex, nothing serious can develop between you and her. If time passes and she heals, maybe something can, but as for now, she’s still into her ex. Do not try to force anything because it will come back to bite you in you in the end.

  1. The One That Tells You She’s Always Busy

If she has blown you off time and time again with this ‘all too common’ excuse, then she’s just stringing you along. Chances are she only sees you as a guy, someone who is her friend or someone she can go out to eat with here and there, but nothing more. She might be giving you promises to make it up one day or is showing remorse, but in the end, there are no excuses or apologies. Our New Jersey matchmakers want you to know you’re better off not seeing this woman. You know why? Because when someone likes something, (or in this case someone), they make time.

  1. The One Who Sticks to Texts

We spend all day glued to our phones, which is especially true for women. However, our expert matchmakers don’t want you to fall into the trap of a texter. You might think you’re getting to know her, but real communication doesn’t go down via text. Nothing can replace face to face interaction, especially if you’re looking to make a real connection.

If a woman is only stringing you along by texting you, and nothing more, it’s because she doesn’t want to see you in person. When a woman likes a man, she will make time for him, not just rely on text conversation. From what it looks like here, she’s just looking for validation, which she is getting from all of your text messages.

  1. The One That Is into Your Bank Account

Everyone has heard gold diggers, and there are many single women in New Jersey who fit this criteria, so beware. Do not be the man who pays for everything and gets nothing in return.

Whether you choose to pay for the date is up to you, but don’t become the victim of a gold digger when you’re looking for true love. A gold digger is a woman who only shows interest in you until she gets what she wants but will never take it further. This woman is never going to develop a serious relationship with you.

If a woman is into you, she will not mind going on a picnic at the park or to grab coffee at a coffee shop. On the other hand, a woman is a gold digger will only want to see when five star dining or expensive shopping sprees are involved.

Now that you know the type of single women to avoid when looking for a serious relationship, you can refine your search. If you are looking for relationship-minded single women in New Jersey, we encourage you to follow the path of many men before you. Hire one of our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and we’ll introduce you to women who are worthy of your time. We have a large database of fun, successful, and attractive women who are also looking for real love. Contact us at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a private (no obligation) consultation today!













New Jersey Singles – Dating Guide for Single Women

Are you a single woman struggling to find love in New Jersey? New Jersey Singles has the ultimate dating advice for you. Dating, at one point, is a bit like a cat and mouse game, but that’s only when you are young, like in your twenties. If you are a mature dater in NJ, people expect you to be honest with them.

When it comes to dating, men appreciate a woman who knows exactly what she wants from a relationship and is honest about it. If you beat around the bush and play dating games, men are going to vanish from your life.

What worked in your twenties will not work in your thirties, ladies. Men still like the chase but not the games. You can wait until he proves he’s worthy of dating, but don’t take too long or play games with him. Accept the dates he invites you on, don’t lie, and don’t try to make him jealous by telling him about other men who pursue you.

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Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

Women in today’s dating scene are known to play games with men, just to see how far they can get. We’re here to tell you one thing, ladies: playing games will never work. If you are looking for a successful relationship, games aren’t going to get you anywhere. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you the things women do that drive men away so you don’t lose your chances at finding the love you desire.

  1. Waiting Too Long to Make Contact

If you think calling or texting him too soon makes you look eager, think again. Men don’t care if you reply right away; all they want is for you to answer. If you are more concerned about the way you look when answering him, then you’re going to lose your chances altogether.

  1. Not Appreciating His Efforts

Most men pull out all the stops when they want to impress a woman. If you are not showing any interest, when you clearly are interested in him, he is going to stop doing all those nice things for you. If you like the restaurant he takes you, the flowers he buys you, or the sweet messages he sends you on his lunch, say thank you and let him know you appreciate his efforts.

  1. Not Giving Compliments

It’s not a necessity to give a man compliments every time you see him, but it’s always nice to extend a compliment when you notice something you like. If he tells you something that impresses you, but you act unimpressed, he’s going to think nothing he does satisfies you.

  1. Acting Self-Centered

If you are always talking about yourself, he’s going to think you’re selfish, and no man wants to be in the company of a selfish woman. He will immediately stop the pursuit because men already know how difficult it is to date a woman like this.

  1. Not Giving Him the Attention He Deserves

Ignoring the man you like never ends well. Men are proud creature but will never admit it. If you aren’t giving him enough attention, he’s going to find another woman that will.

  1. Telling Him You Can’t Go on a Date Because You’re “Booked”

Many women believe that acting “booked” or busy will make men pursue them even harder, but it only drives men away. If you always deny his invitations to go out on dates, he’s not going to think you’re doing it because you’re busy but rather because you don’t like him. After a handful of rejections, he’s going to look elsewhere—for a woman who does accept his invitations and does look forward to spending time together.

  1. Giving One Word Answers

Being short with men may work in movies, but it doesn’t work in real life, especially for men who are looking for a committed relationship. Single men don’t want a woman who is short with them, nor someone who doesn’t want to open up. If you show no interest in opening up because you think you are being “mysterious,” he’s going to think you’re just not interested in him.

  1. Leaving the Conversation to Talk to Others

Okay, so you might be a popular lady in town and have a lot of friends, but he will not see it that way. If you leave the conversation midway to talk to others, he’s going to think you’re not interested in him, or even that you’re disrespectful.

  1. Telling Him You Want Things to Go at Their Own Speed

Okay, this is a legitimate excuse to give, but many men will not see it that way. Many men have already been given this excuse from women in the past, which did not end well. If you don’t want to see each other exclusively, then let him know but never lie to him. If you see things going along well, let him know and tell him you do see a future with him.

  1. Leaving to Go Home Early

If you don’t have a real emergency but choose to leave the date before it ends, a man will immediately assume you’re not into him. Acting like you’re hard to get will only kill the vibes you have going on.

If you really like a man, the best thing you can do is make your intentions clear. You need to be honest with him and let him know you’re looking to be in a serious relationship. Once he knows this, you don’t have to worry about making yourself less eager in his eyes.

We know you were led to believe that men love the chase, and they do to a certain point. If you act like you’re not interested, he’s not going to pursue you anymore and you could lose your chances at a great man.

Stop playing games with him because the only one who will lose is you. Don’t just be honest with him, be honest with yourself as well. Try to be the best woman you can and stop playing those childish dating games.

Ladies, try to avoid these top ten dating mistakes many women make, especially if you like the man you’re dating. If you’re not meeting the right men on your own, contact our New Jersey Singles dating and matchmaking experts and let us introduce you to quality men who are ready to fall in love and settle down. Call us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to get started!

New Jersey Singles Take Note to These Flirty Moves Men Dislike!

Seduction is an art which is used to win the affection of the opposite sex. From online dating tips, books, magazines, and even dating coaching and classes that teach men and women how to flirt. There are ways to get into a serious relationship with flirting, just like people use flirting to get booty—but that’s not what we’re here to help you do today. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want to help you land a decent man, the committed relationship you yearn for.

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How Do Women Flirt?

What really constitutes the right way for women to flirt? Is there a specific way people should flirt, or should they just go with the flow and do as they please? For women, flirting to initiate contact isn’t always as necessary because men are the ones who approach them. There are times, however, when a woman is required to flirt. When a woman feels like she isn’t getting attention she will turn up her flirting game to get the man she desires. Those moves she pulls out are influenced by the media and what she has been taught about flirting. But are they the right ones for you?

Some flirty moves are only limited to a certain age bracket; some moves can only be done by a professional woman, and some moves can’t be done because religion prohibits them. There are many ways women can flirt, but some moves prove to be timeless, such as:

1. Eye Contact

You can get a man’s attention by catching his eyes, holding it for a second, then looking away. Catch his eye again, but next time, hold your gaze for just a little bit longer.

2. Get Him a Drink

Buying a man a drink will not emasculate him; they actually enjoy it. Not only is it nice to be pampered but it also gives him the okay to come up and talk to you.

3. Give Him a Compliment

Men have big egos, and nothing works better than a sincere compliment. Trust us on this one.

4. Smile

This has to be the best flirty move ever. A big welcoming smile can open the door to anything.

New Jersey Matchmakers Review: Flirty Moves Men Dislike

The flirty moves mentioned below are some of the moves men dislike. They are only reserved for modern day hookups and flings. So if you want to reel in a man for a committed relationship, which we hope that’s what you’re after, then our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want you to stay away from these flirty moves.

1. Fixing Your Boobs

This is only okay if you have an emergency; however, why would you want to do it in public when you have a restroom nearby to fix yourself?

Fixing your boobs in public shows zero class and no etiquette. Not only that, but decent men do not find it attractive. When you start playing with your boobs, it actually makes men feel awkward and makes you look bad.

2. Licking Your Lips

Licking your lips shows a sexual side of you, and although some men will definitely enjoy it, serious and relationship-minded men will not. Most of the time, if you pull a move like this, you’ll scare men away by having them think you’re only out to pick up men for the night.

It can be exciting sexually, sure, but it’s also discomforting in their eyes.

3. Asking for Help When You Don’t Need It

The damsel in distress routine is played out nowadays. He knows you have an iPhone so he knows you’re not lost. Stop acting like you need him to help you for an emergency when you know you can help yourself out. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know men like a woman who is independent enough to take care of herself, so don’t put yourself down with this outdated move.

4. Constant Hair Flipping

We are referring to the hair flipping as a mannerism. It is very distracting and looks childish. If you are in a restaurant, you are most likely to get food on your plate. Unless you’re casting for a shampoo commercial, we advise you to avoid this move. It makes you look like a bubble head too, which is not something you want men to mistake you for in today’s modern dating world.

5. Playful Hitting

Do you think it looks good to hit him all the time? Well, guess what, it doesn’t. Men might not tell you to your face, but they often hate it when a woman punches or hits them playfully. Pain is pain, no matter how you inflict it. Stop acting like you’re fifteen and behave like a modern day woman.

6. Batting Your Eyelashes

It’s cute in theory, but most men will have no idea what you’re doing if you’re batting your eyelashes too much. It’s cute if you do it once or so, but if you’re constantly doing it, he’s going to think you have something stuck in your eye. Most of the time, this move can be distracting instead of working in your favor.

7. Following Him Around

You’re no longer in second grade. If you keep following him around, it will annoy him. And the worst thing is, he’ll believe you’re desperate and creepy, which will send him running to get away from you.

8. Eating Off His Plate

Ladies, listen up, do not reach for his French fries unless you have asked him if you can. There is just something weird about having a date reach over the table to your plate of food. If you have been married to him for years, go ahead and take a few French fries (as long as that’s acceptable in your relationship), but if you are just getting to know him, don’t do it—it’s not going to work in your favor, and it’s certainly not classy.

9. Trying to Talk about Men’s Interests

And failing miserably. Most men find it appealing when a woman likes the things they do; however, when a woman pretendsto like something a man likes, it can quickly backfire on them. Men want you to have genuine interests, not to pretend to be into something you’re not. Don’t start dishing out facts or statistics about something you don’t know.

If you really want men to like you, our best advice for you, and it’s something we tell our clients here at New Jersey Singles, is to be honest and straightforward. If a man doesn’t like you, it’s better to find out early rather than putting up a façade and realizing you’re not compatible down the road. Rather than relying on flirty and immature moves, we suggest you to be warm and approachable as our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it will work much better in attracting a decent man.

If you’re ready to start meeting quality men in NJ, contact our expert matchmakers today to get started!

New Jersey Singles Matchmaking | The Best 1st Date Tips for Men

The usual first date advice for men is not to have too high of expectations, but today, New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you precise dating tips to help you rock your first date.

Your first date with a woman can make the difference between going on a second date and never seeing her again. A first date is similar to an audition for your potential life partner, and this is why our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know it’s very important to be consistent.

The first date can decide everything about the fate of your love life. What you present is what your date will expect from you. This is why it’s very important not to set too high of expectations; otherwise, you could damage your potential relationship.

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How to Have a Successful 1st Date with Women

Spending a lot of cash on your first date might provide an over the top experience and romantic night, but is it really worth it? You might just be wasting money and efforts on a woman who will never want to see you again, or maybe you’ll be wooing the woman of your dreams and sealing the deal on a good relationship, but if it’s hurting your bank account, is it really worth it to go to the extremes to impress a woman you don’t know you’ll ever see again?

The main point of your first date is to make it a good one by incorporating interesting conversation and having fun. You have to make a good impression no matter what type of date it is or how much money you spend, but the key to a successful first date is to be original. So what can you do to have a successful first date? Let us help you boost your chances of scoring a second date with this attractive woman.

You Must Be Original

Cookie cutter dates will not be effective; after all, you want to stand out from other men she’s been out with. You must be able to carry on a conversation with her in order to have a good time and make a connection, all while relaxing in a good atmosphere you both feel comfortable.

1st Date Ideas That Will Have Her Wanting a 2nd Date with You

It can be hard to arrange something out of the blue, especially if you don’t know her too well. You can’t just come up with a great date idea out of nowhere, right? Don’t worry, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you how to eliminate the first date stress and enrich your experience together. Our matchmakers will provide some first date suggestions that will help you knock her socks off—and we’ll show you why!

1. A Music Show

This one can be tricky but very effective if done right. You need to pick an artist that you know she likes or choose a band she is into. Almost everyone has a favorite band, so it’s your job to find out what gets her going.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

There is something intimate about going to a music show, especially a jazz one. The whole feel of the experience will connect both of you and allow for a fun and romantic night.

2. A Romantic Restaurant (Near Water)

Since that local steakhouse is played out, why not take things up a notch and go to a quiet café near a river, lake, or by the beach?

Why Is This a Good Idea?

The ambience of this place will be very romantic. It also gives you an opportunity to walk down near the water after the date. And guess what? That’s what almost every woman wishes for on a first date—a great connection continuing on for a romantic stroll under the stars.

3. Get the Adrenaline Flowing

We know dating like the back of our hands, and we can tell you nothing beats an adrenaline rush like going to an amusement park. Not feeling the amusement park, then you can opt for paintball, laser tag, or go-cart racing as well.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

It’s been said that couples will develop an attraction for each other when adrenaline is involved. It is also more fun than just going for a walk in the park, wouldn’t you say? It’s certainly more memorable.

4. Bring Culture into the Mix

Art galleries can be great, but they can also boring if neither of you are into them. Still, there are other things you can do to bring arts and culture into the mix. How about joining a class together?

Why Is This a Good Idea?

Classes are great for new daters. The two of you will be learning something new together and forced to work together as a team. This will create a bond and help you figure out how compatible you really are.

5. Make Your Own Food

The two of you can sign up for a cooking class together and create something fun and delicious. If you’re really feeling gutsy, choose a class that is out of the ordinary and teaches you a different type of cuisine to really spice things up.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

Cooking classes are original, cute, and a great learning experience for the two of you. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts advise you to choose a class that is not too difficult so you don’t end up with a failed experiment. There are many places you can go to, and you have many options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to make it something out of the ordinary and memorable.

Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a 1st Date

Even if you pull off these date ideas perfectly, you’re still going to have to be on your best game. And here is how you do it:

1. Look the Part

We can’t stress this enough—shower, shave, and groom any facial hair. Repeat this for every date you go on—no excuses.

2. Always Smile

You have already overcome the hurdle of asking her out, and that means you have enough confidence to smile and laugh when you’re out with her.

3. Communicate Well

Your job on the first date is to learn as much as you can about her. Ask her open-ended questions, share what’s on your mind, and find out how compatible you will be in a relationship.

4. Make Her Laugh

You don’t have to be a comedian, but you must be fun. Share funny stories that happened to you or friends to lighten the mood.

5. Share Personal Things

You don’t have to disclose your whole life story; however, you can tell her about your family background, friends, or things about your life. It doesn’t have to be a life changing experience, just something that is meaningful to you.

When planning your first date, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts want you to remember that your main goal is to leave a lasting and good impression on her. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive event in your life, but you do need to be consistent in your affection and appreciation. Once she knows she can open up and have a good time with you, she is most likely going to agree to go out with you again.

For more dating and relationship advice from our expert matchmakers, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


New Jersey Singles Dating Service | 7 Signs He’s Husband Material

Finding a boyfriend that is husband material can be difficult to do, especially in today’s dating scene. Today, our New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review seven signs the man you’re dating is a keeper.

If you are in a relationship and are thinking about the future, it’s hard to know whether the man you’re dating is the one or if you’re heading down the road to nowhere. After all, the man you’re dating could just be someone who is dating you for the time being but not the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing outright. Sometimes, you need to use your intuition to guide you. The problem with your intuition, though, is that it can sometimes be misleading.

How to Know Your Boyfriend Is Husband Material

Are you having a hard time figuring out if he’s husband material? Is your intuition misleading you? Don’t worry, New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you if the man you’re dating is a keeper.

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1. He Makes You Feel Beautiful All Around

Your boyfriend always makes it a point to tell you how beautiful you are and never puts you down. If he makes you feel beautiful all the time it’s because he wants you to know you are beautiful to him. If you’re with someone who is always putting you down, things will get worse over time. If your man really loves you, he will love every inch and everything about you.

There isn’t anything about you that will turn him off, not now, not ever. You might be both good looking now, but as time goes by, looks fade away. You want to be with someone who loves you from the inside out, imperfections and all.

2. He Is Your #1 Supporter

If you’re dating a man who is always bringing the best in you, then you are with the right man. When it comes to trying something new, losing a few pounds, or even opening a business, having a boyfriend who is supportive is essential. When you are in a relationship, you want to be with a man who makes you feel good about yourself and all the decisions you make.

You don’t want a boyfriend who is always down and out, draining you of your positive energy. You want a man who supports your dreams and aspirations. You don’t want someone who is raining on your parade. Life is short and you need to spend it with someone who supports you through thick and thin.

3. He Is Always into You

If you are with a man who loves touching you, kissing you, and hugging you, then you know you have a keeper. If you’ve been dating a man for some time now and he kisses you the same exact way he did when you both started dating, then you have a keeper. You want a boyfriend who always wants you; you want someone who is always passionate about you.

4. He Brags about You

If you are with a man who has no problems posting pictures of you on social media and no qualms about letting his friends and family know how proud he is to have you, then you have a keeper. If your boyfriend is already telling everyone about how awesome you are, then you have the right man.

You want a boyfriend who always talks about you in a positive way, someone who is proud to have you and honors you. When a man is truly in love with you, he won’t hesitate to tell people about the awesome things you do for him.

5. He Is Motivated in Life

He is motivated at work and wants to be successful because he sees a future with you. You don’t want a boyfriend who is a couch potato; you don’t want a boyfriend who is thirty-five and living at home with his parents. You want a man who takes charge of life, someone who cooks and cleans himself, someone who knows how to handle bills and can fix things around the house. If you’re dating a man with good work ethics, you have a keeper.

6. He Is Family-Oriented

When you are thinking about spending the rest of your life with a man, it’s important to consider if family is important to him. If family is important to him and he is close to them, then chances are he’ll be a great husband for you.

You want a man who values family, someone who understands the meaning of family. If he values his family and respects them, then that is a man you will have no problems spending the rest of your life with.

7. He Is Loyal

If you have been dating this man and he has never once made you feel worried about wandering eyes, keep him because these men are hard to find. When a man is in love with you he’ll be an open book. He doesn’t care that you go through his cell phone and he doesn’t get paranoid when you get near his computer. With him, you don’t have to worry about anything because you know he is trustworthy.

To him, you are his one and only and you know deep inside that he would never do anything to hurt you. If you’re dating a loyal man, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service advise you to keep him.

Every woman might have a different idea of what she thinks is husband material. But our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service know that these are some of the basic guidelines for finding out if the man you’re dating is truly the one you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. Now, you tell us, is the man you’re dating the one or are you still searching for him?

If you are not having any luck finding a compatible partner on your own, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service to set up a personal matchmaking consultation today. We’ll help you find the love you deserve!