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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Ultimate Winter Date Ideas

Has this chilly Jersey weather got you down? Don’t fret, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate winter date ideas that are guaranteed to warm you up!

The holiday season is among us, and with that means bitter cold weather—at least if you live in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey winters mean snowstorms, ice, and below zero weather. You already know the days are done earlier, the wind picks up, and the thermometer drops. Holiday music is playing everywhere you go, the smell of cinnamon is saturating the air, and everything feels a little bit cozier right now.

So what can you do to get all warm and toasty with your parnter this winter? What can you and your partner do during those bitter cold days? Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate winter date ideas to heat things up in your romantic life.


1. Go Ice-Skating

Okay, you can call us old school here, but we know that ice-skating is a great winter date idea. Strap on some skates, hold hands, and give your partner a twirl on the ice. Getting chilly just thinking about it? Want to make it a little better? Follow it up with a little hot cocoa or mulled wine.

Bonus: If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, you can go ice-skating at a nearby lake and have a romantic picnic in the snow.

2. Go for a Walk in the Country

It might sound like an odd idea to venture out into the cold this time of year, but believe us, it’s romantic. There is nothing like having your cheeks turn pink in the cold winter air and following it up with a hot meal right in front of the fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry, follow it up at a nearby cozy restaurant and have a belly-warming meal there.

Too much of a city person? Don’t live near the countryside? Don’t worry, you can go for ra walk at a local park and follow it up with a warm and nutty beverage and hot pastry or pie.

Try to find a place that offers good winter meals, such as chicken potpie, soups, egg toddy, or mulled wine. These are all perfect to warm you up after a long walk.

3. Have a Date with Candlelight

There is just something heartwarming about cozying up with your partner in the dark, sipping some mulled wine or hot cocoa, and chatting the night away. Light a few candles to really set the mood. And if you have a fireplace, even better.

Once you dim the lights down low, snuggle up with your partner or even play board games together. But we do have one rule to follow for this date—no electronics.

You can have all the snacks you want. You can even have some indoor fun roasting them over the fire. Marshmallows, apples, and chestnuts, you can have it all. As far as drinks, a winter tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, or mulled wine are all perfect for this cozy night in.

4. Bake Festive Things Together

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner, so why not make a date and bake something festive together? Make a gingerbread house, gingerbread cookies, or a gingerbread cake. You can make holiday cookies, candies, fudge, or whatever you desire.

Many people do Christmas jams, which is something you and your partner can make too. These little jam jars will come in handy to give away as holiday gifts. You can even do it for an act of kindness and donate them to a local charity. Homemade cookies and holiday treats are great for friends, coworkers, neighbors, or your local shelter.

And for an added bonus, why not have a flour fight with your partner and end things with a big kiss? You can finish the date with a candlelight dinner and reminisce about all the fun you’ve had together. Now that is what we call a great time here at New Jersey Singles.

5. The Volunteer Date

Why not volunteer together and help those who are in need? Both you and your partner can volunteer for a local charity. Many of them hold Christmas events where you and your partner can volunteer your time. There is nothing better than helping those who are less fortunate, especially this time of year.

6. Create Something Together

If both of you love arts and crafts, then this date will be the perfect date for the two of you. You can make holiday cards or a fun and creative DIY project. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest you can try out this holiday season.

7. Decorate the House

Why not get together with your partner and decorate the house? You can make it even better by combining it with baking or cooking. Visit your local orchard, pick up some apples, and go home and make a delicious apple pie. While the pie is in the oven, you can make some homemade garlands and decorate the house. There is nothing better than decorating the house with the person you love. And if you didn’t get your tree yet, here’s another great date idea!

8. Go to the Mountains

Are the two of you an outdoor type of couple? Then this date idea is perfect for the two of you. There is just something so romantic about hiking the trails during the cold winter months. It is like walking in a winter wonderland. The trees will be covered with snow, the sounds will be like music to your ears, and everything is so beautiful to see.

Have any of these romantic winter date ideas struck a chord with you? If so, let our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know on our Facebook page!

Are you having troubles finding love this holiday season? Do you wish you had a partner to cozy up and enjoy the holidays with? Well, you can now—and we’re here to help you.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we can introduce you to compatible singles who are also searching for true love this year. Don’t spend another cold winter by yourself, let us help you find someone special to heat things up with!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Signs You’re in a One-Sided Relationship

Love is beautiful.  It gives you an overall feeling of happiness and joy.  It can build and grow stronger over time, but if you don’t nourish it, it can also diminish.  If love is clouding your judgement and you’re worried love has taken a wrong turn over time, read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale warning signs your partner no longer feels the same for you.

You know your feelings, but you don’t know your partner’s.  You’re confused, worried, and fearing the worst.  Is your partner using you?  No matter how badly you want to fix things and get your relationship back on track, you can’t do much for the relationship if your partner doesn’t love you in return.

Many people make the mistake of staying in a relationship thinking they’ll change their partner’s mind or that their partner will eventually come around and love them again.  But staying in a bad relationship will only cause you pain and hurt down the road.

To avoid this pain, the best thing for you to do is face your situation head on.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the signs you’re in a one-sided relationship and it’s time to walk away and find someone who shares the same feelings for you.


New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs You’re Wasting Your Time

To help daters and love seekers, New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of love and dating on a weekly basis, providing expert dating coaching and relationship advice.  Today, our professional matchmakers will touch on the signs of a one-sided relationship.

1. Your partner is okay with routines.

When you try to spice things with a spontaneous road trip or even something smaller like trying a new restaurant in town, your partner grunts and ignores you.  When you suggest something new, they always take it personally.  In essence, they like doing the same thing, day after day.

2. Your relationship feels stale.

It comes as no surprise that after reading the first bullet point, you’re realizing things in your relationship have gotten a bit stale.  When you’re in a one-sided relationship, things do feel stale—and that’s because your partner no longer puts efforts into the relationship.

3. Social situations feel awkward.

When the two of you receive a party invitation, your partner will not be lovey dovey with you like normal couples are—and everyone else will notice it too.  Your partner will behave awkwardly, perhaps only speaking when spoken to, causing you a lot of grief and worry.

4. They keep you away from important people.

If your partner keeps you away from their friends and family, then you need to consider this a red flag.  A loving partner will encourage you to come around the people they love.  They will rejoice at the thought of you being friends with their friends and love it when you get along with their family.  If your partner is keeping you away from all the people in their life, then you know something is wrong.

5. Physical touch is out of the picture.

In the early stages of your relationship, neither of you could keep your hands off each other, but your partner never touches you now.  Of course the relationship will never be the same as it was during the early stages, but your partner should at least show loving gestures here and there.  If you can’t remember the last time your partner held your hand, caressed you, or cuddled you, then you know they’re not in love anymore.

6. There’s no sexual interest.

Of course you don’t have to have sex every night, and in seasoned relationships, sex does decrease.  But again, if you can’t remember the last time you were intimate with your partner, then you need to ask yourself why… and why you’re wasting your time.

7. Your partner takes you for granted.

If you prepare your partner their favorite meal and they show no appreciation for it, it’s because they’re taking you for granted.  Your kind gestures mean nothing to them these days, and whatever you do, you just can’t seem to please them.  And every time you bring up the issue, they tell you to stop nagging them.

8. They don’t share things with you.

In the early stages of the relationship, you could both share anything with each other… How your day went, your pending projects, your family drama, your friends’ problems, and everything in between.  But you’re the only one sharing things in the relationship nowadays.  Your partner never tells you anything and has become really closed off.

9. Kind words have gone extinct.

The words “I love you” are extinct in your relationship.  You are the only one in the relationship that says kind and loving words.  If that’s the case, then it’s obvious the love has gone out the window and your relationship has become one-sided.

10. Your partner has started bad habits.

It could be that your partner has started smoking, heavily drinking, or spending too much money, and it’s putting a strain on your relationship.  If your partner really loved you, they would not do these things they know cause unnecessary stress.  But if your partner has lost the love, they’ll start making poor choices, particularly ones that disregard you.

11. There is no motivation to change.

A good couple inspires each other to become better in life.  Maybe the woman is creative and inspires her man to work his way up at his job… Maybe the man is smart and helps the woman open her own business.  These are examples of what happy couples do for each other: they encourage each other to improve in life.

If your partner doesn’t care what you do, and never motivates you whatsoever, then it’s because they don’t really care for you.

12. There aren’t any common goals.

You want to get married, have two dogs, and settle down.  Your partner wants to live in the city, party, and put minimum efforts into their life.  If that’s the case, then it’s obvious this is a one-sided relationship and you’re wasting your time.

If, by the end of this list, you realize you’re in a one-sided relationship, you need to understand one thing:  there is nothing you can do to change this.  The love is gone and your only choice is to move on with your life without them.

If you’re tired of being in one-sided relationships, and are looking for a partner who will love and care for you the same way you care for them, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to arrange for a COMPLIMENTARY matchmaking consultation with one of our dating experts.


New Jersey Matchmakers Reveal Why Women Melt for a Man in Uniform

Is it his clothes? Is it the way he carries himself? Is it his discipline? Is it the danger he faces every day? Whatever the reason, women are highly attracted to a man in uniform. These men are today’s modern day knights in shining armor. They face many dangers and save us from many troubles in life. If you’re wondering how you can attract the ladies, read on to find out how you, too, can exude the qualities of a man in uniform.

It’s been said that women like men in uniform because they are committed. In other words, they show a deep commitment to something and truly devote themselves and their lives to it. While some might say that men in uniform are sexy because of the way they look in those crisp uniforms, our New Jersey matchmakers know there’s much more to it than that.

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What Makes Men in Uniform So Attractive?

Every woman has her own reason why a man in uniform is attractive, but today, our New Jersey matchmakers will list the top reasons women find a man in uniform to be absolutely irresistible.

1. Dressing Well Is the New Sexy

Most men in today’s world don’t know much about fashion or how to dress, but men in uniform, on the other hand, have it down pat. They dress themselves well and carry themselves even better. If you want to be appealing to women, then start getting some fashion tips from your favorite celebs and magazines—and pay close attention to your shoes.

2. The Dangerous Side

Men in uniform are known for being able to handle any type of dangerous situation. From firefighters, policemen, and military men, men in uniforms handle life challenges on the daily and provide us with safety and security.

3. Down & Dirty

It’s not just those clean uniforms that women find so appealing. It’s that women know these manly men don’t mind getting down and dirty. They’re constantly training to improve themselves, their bodies, and their skills. They don’t mind getting sweaty land they’re not afraid to get hurt or sacrifice themselves to help someone else.

4. They’re Fit as a Rock

Men in uniform are usually in tiptop shape and most of them have ripped six pack abs, huge biceps and toned backs. They hit the gym on a regular basis because their job requires them to be on top of their game. And not only are they appealing to the eye, but again comes that motivation and dedication.

5. They Are Heroes

Women have always been fascinated by heroes, and a man in uniform is a real life hero. Men in uniform are a woman’s knight in shining armor whenever he’s needed. He can save her and be her protector… Now, isn’t that every woman’s dream?

6. So Manly

When you see a man in uniform, the first thing you’ll notice is how he’s very manly. He is not like those guys walking around with jeans tighter than their girlfriend’s or pants sagging to the ground. He is standing straight, proud, and taller than everyone. He projects an image that people look up to, making women weak in the knees.

7. Sharp Haircuts

You will never see a man in uniform looking sloppy and unkempt. They take pride in their appearance and it shows everywhere they go. While most men rock the five o’clock shadow, men in uniform are always smooth and trim. They are clean, neat, and always seem to have a nice strong jaw.

8. Sense of Service

These are the proud and selfless men who provide us with safety on a daily basis. Our wellbeing comes before theirs, which means they make great partners. Men in uniform are men we can rely on, they value commitment, and they’re always very responsible.

Indeed, men in uniform definitely stand out from the crowd. Besides the physical attributes and superficial things that are impressive, our New Jersey matchmakers know there are many reasons women love a man in uniform. Men in uniform bring us security, safety, and stability, which are what everyone wants in a long term partner.

9. Strong Work Ethics

There are many men out there with strong work ethics, but when it comes to work ethics, nobody can compare to a man in uniform. Cops, firefighters, military personnel, they all devote themselves to their jobs—it’s their life. They put in long hours at work and in scenarios unimaginable by the average person. Some are deployed overseas to places nobody can even imagine living, but they are committed and devoted to their work and the services they provide.

10. Recognition & Prestige

Men in uniform are recognized wherever they go. Local pizza shop owners will usually give them free meals whenever they come by, people at airports stop to salute soldiers, and firefighters get handshakes all the time. Some women love the recognition that comes with the uniform, making them very irresistible. Every woman wants a man she is proud to be with and can show off to her friends and family, and a man in uniform is someone they are very proud to be with.

While dating a man in uniform does come with its own set of challenges, risks and difficulties, it takes a very confident woman to date this type of man. Knowing he’s out there doing the world’s work, day in and day out, is tough because of the risks involved. But we know it’s also one of the reasons women are so proud to be with a man in uniform—loyalty, dedication, motivation, selflessness, pride—what’s not to be desired?

If you’re looking for a long term relationship, we encourage you to display these very desirable traits every woman looks for in a man. If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles who are a good fit for you.

Contact us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a private/no-obligation consultation today!


New Jersey Upscale Matchmakers Review Things to Know Before Getting a Divorce

Are you teetering on the idea of putting an end to your marriage? It could have been the perfect marriage, the type of relationship you see in a romantic Hollywood movie, but somewhere along the line things went sour and started getting bad.

Arguments all the time, accusations flying, and insecurities and jealousy started taking over—a whole lot of negative things that damaged the marriage. Now, here are you, thinking about it, getting a divorce.

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Know There’s No Way Back

Once you go down the path of divorce, know that there’s no way back. This is the final decision to ending your marriage and it’s something you must give a lot of thought to. Not being happy with a situation is not a valid reason to get a divorce. Today, our team of relationship experts here at New Jersey Singles will review a few questions you must ask yourself before you go down the path of divorce.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce might be floating through your mind, or you might have already made up your mind, but let our relationship experts share a couple things with you before you make a decision so life changing. The following list from our New Jersey upscale matchmakers contains some very important things you need to do before ultimately deciding to end it.

  1. Threatening

Not everyone handles situations in a mature way all the time. You might have lost an argument with your partner or perhaps a decision was made in the relationship that you’re not happy about and are now using the divorce card to threaten your partner.

Threatening your partner with a divorce is not healthy and should never be done, regardless of what they’ve done to you. Unless a divorce is what you truly want, you should never threaten your partner with it. It will surely hurt them and damage the trust in the relationship.

  1. Have you done everything you could?

It might seem like an obvious question to ask, but have you done everything in your power to save your marriage? If you haven’t, and you still love your partner, then you need to do whatever it takes. It’s worth it to revisit the idea of saving your relationship because a divorce is not an easy process and it’s not something you can take back.

Have you talked to your partner about it? Have you talked to friends and family? Have you tried getting help from a professional marriage counselor? If the answer is no, even to one of them, then you may not have done enough. If you still have love in the relationship, then you must exhaust all your options before you decide to get a divorce.

  1. Are you still in love with them?

If you are still in love with this person, then you are wasting a precious relationship. Finding love is one of the most difficult things in life, and if you already have it, our New Jersey upscale matchmakers encourage you to cherish it. Marriages aren’t always happy times, and that’s something you need to understand. Take a second to examine your marriage and your feelings and see if you can save it.

  1. Have you been influenced?

A lot of times friends, family, or even the media can be bad influences, as their points of views are coming from an outside stance. Make sure that your decision to end your marriage is yours and solely yours.

  1. Will single life be better for you?

Many people who are married think that the single life is glamorous and want to be single again. However, the single life is not as glamourous as people think it is. The first few weeks might be fun as you’re out hitting up the town with your friends, but what about after that when loneliness sets in?

You will be lonely again, you will not have a partner by your side, you will lose some friends, and your social circle will shrink. Your lifelong confidante, your best friend and partner will not be by your side anymore, and you will miss them if you still had love for them.

  1. Could you survive financially?

Yes, you have to take financial considerations into account before you decide to get a divorce. Now, this is not to say you should ever stay in a relationship just because of money, but you need to have a plan in place.

  1. Can you live without your children?

If the two of you have children together, there is a chance, depending on the state you live in, that one of you will lose custody. This means you will not be able to see your children every day like you do now, which is one of the worst hardships a person can endure. If there’s a chance you can save your relationship and keep your family together, it’s a shot worth taking.

  1. Are your expectations about marriage too high?

Unfortunately, many people get married with the idea that a marriage will be like a romantic Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, marriages and relationships aren’t like that. Relationships aren’t love stories and fairytales like you watch on TV. Marriage takes a lot of work and compromising from both partners, and failing to know this will make your marriage crash to the ground. If you’re stuck on the idea that marriage is like a Hollywood movie, always full of sunshine and rainbows, you must let go of the idea. Marriages are not something that are perfect all the time. There will be sunny days as well as gloomy ones.

  1. Can you give it another go?

Even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind, hold on. Don’t decide to get a divorce in the heat of the moment. Your marriage and best friend deserve a second chance. You might be frustrated with a situation, but don’t lose your marriage over something if you can work it out. If you see something worth fighting for, fight to save your marriage.

Filing for a divorce can change your life forever and will affect you and everyone around you. If you’re thinking about a divorce, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. If the love is gone and obstacles cannot be overcome, then you have the right to do what you need to do to find happiness again.

If you’re struggling to date as a divorced single, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and let us help you navigate the modern day dating scene. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to set up a private and confidential consultation.









Colts Neck Matchmakers Teach You How to Stop Comparing Your Dates

There will be a time when you meet someone you feel is the ideal one for you. After just one date, you think this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But there is a problem: they don’t feel the same way for you. Should you obsess about that person and keep trying or should you move on with your life? Our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles have the answers for you.

Dating is similar to a dance when two strangers dance together and see if they click. You go through the motions of going out and getting to know each other, but dating only provides you with a limited amount of time to spend with that person and you’re left clinging to what little you know.


Why Do People Obsess Over That One Perfect Date?

Even if it seemed like this one date was out of the movies, you can’t really get to know someone on just one date. Let’s just say you had a great time with them and felt they were the one for you. How can you really be so sure of this? How can you really get to know someone in a one hour period of time? You have not taken into account their emotions, you don’t even know if they like you, and you don’t know if they were putting up a façade.

Just because your first date went well doesn’t mean you’ll have a relationship with them. It’s understandable that you feel pumped, but don’t put all your bets on that one date. There is a lot more to a relationship than one successful date. You have to observe how that person treats you after the date and gauge if there was a real connection.

What Happens When You Keep Comparing Dates to That One Perfect One?

As much as you would like to believe that you’re not obsessing over that perfect date, you know you are. And here is what happens when you can’t stop thinking about that one perfect date.

  1. You want something to happen.

Even though the truth is right in front of your eyes, you don’t acknowledge it because you keep fixating on that perfect date. You are waiting with your phone in hand with great hopes they call, you’re waiting for them to post something on Facebook, or to ask you out again. But even when none of these things happen, you still insist on waiting for them, which leads us to our next important point.

  1. You ignore other dating opportunities.

Other people are waiting for the chance to ask you out on a date, but you are ignoring them because you think that person you went out on the perfect date with is going to ask you out again. You refuse to forget that person because you think they’re going to come back for you. But if that person does not feel the same way, you’re losing your chances of finding someone else.

  1. You come up with theories in your head.

You start coming up with theories in your head and tell yourself they’re not calling you because they have a busy schedule. Even though they’re ignoring you, you refuse to admit it. You will then start questioning your own value and whether or not you did something that made the date go sour. Your mind will start to overthink and overanalyze everything you said and did on the date, to the point you lose sleep over it.

  1. You try to fix the problem.

Although the problem here is your unwillingness to forget that one person, you start to think the problem is you and what you’re doing wrong. You start fixing yourself up because you think it’ll land you another chance. It might work or it might not, but if it doesn’t, then you’re just wasting your time. If someone is not interested in you, there is nothing you can do that can make them change their feelings towards you.

  1. You lash out.

Once the message is received, you blame the person for making you fall for them. They are now the bad person, even though they didn’t do anything. It’s not their fault that you had a good time with them, they were just playing the field and exploring their options. Unfortunately for you, they did not reciprocate your feelings, but there is nothing you can do but accept it and move on.

How to Finally Stop Obsessing Over That One Perfect Date

It’s not easy to forget about that one perfect date, and it’s even harder if you already envisioned yourself with this person—your relationship, the things you would do as a couple, and even the names of your future pets or kids. It’s not easy, but our Colts Neck matchmakers will show you how to put it behind you and move on.

  1. It’s just a date.

A date is just a date, and this person did not offer you a marriage proposal. A date is similar to a test drive, and obviously they did not like what they saw. If it didn’t work out with this one, it might work out with the next one, but you’ll never find out unless you put this one behind you and move onto the next one.

  1. Know you’re worth it.

If your date did not see how great you are, then that’s their loss. You cannot value yourself by the way others perceive you. Understand that you’re a great catch with a lot of qualities that will make you a great partner—and eventually, someone will find them.

  1. Your happiness is not up to them.

Just because you had a good time with them on your date doesn’t mean that’s the only way you can be happy. Of course you can’t redo the date, but there are other options to have fun. The best thing you can do now is hold onto those memories and look forward to your next awesome date—with someone who fancies you too.

Obsessing over a date is not advisable, but it can happen to anyone, especially if you are someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Don’t feel bad about it; be proud you had a great time. Believe us when we tell you that your one true love is out there waiting for you. Do you want to have another awesome first date experience? Don’t wait another day, call and set up a consultation with our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service by calling 1 (888) 417-0020 today. We’re eager to hear from you and help you get started on your quest of finding real love!









WARNING: Do NOT Date These Single Women in New Jersey

We all lead hectic lifestyles, between work, socializing, staying in shape, and relaxing, we barely have time to venture out in the dating world. And as you may already know, this makes it very frustrating when we come across someone and devote our time to them, only to find out months later that we were just wasting our time with someone who didn’t want the same thing. Luckily, when you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to identify what single women are looking for something serious and which ones are going to waste your time.

You need to be well-prepared and realize that not all single women in New Jersey are looking for something serious. You need to be prepared so you can pinpoint which ones want something serious and which ones are just a waste of time. Today, our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will show you how to tell the difference so you don’t waste your precious time.

new jersey singles reviews

The Single Women You Must Stay Away From

Do you want to find out who will end up disappointing you in the end? Here are the single women in New Jersey you need to stay away from if you’re looking for true love.

  1. The One Who’s Not Too into You

There is nothing worse than falling for a woman who doesn’t reciprocate that love. She could be a friend, a work colleague, or someone you know from the past. And since you have regular contact with her, you may start to develop romantic feelings for her.

The best thing you can do is keep your distance, especially if you know she’s already taken or told you (or hinted) that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you. You need to find a woman who has romantic feelings for you or you’re going to end up with an aching heart. If you are her friend or work colleague, that might be the only thing you ever have with this woman. Focus your energy on looking for another woman who is emotionally available and into you.

  1. The One Who Just Wants to Be Friends

This is the classic line many single women in New Jersey use to let a man down. She could have given you this reason and told you she’s not looking for anything serious or said she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you both have. Understand that these justifications are to spare you the pain of telling you the truth. She is being nice by not flat out telling you she’s not into you.

Remember that there is not much you can do once she uses this line on you. You are not Brad Pit or George Clooney, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to move on and pursue someone who does have feelings for you. You will get over this woman and one day look back and realize you never should have gotten hung up on her and wasted your time.

  1. The One Who Is Still into Her Ex

This one is not your fault—and again, there nothing you can do about this situation either. If she’s not over her ex, maybe she’s still head over heels for him, or worse, still sleeping with him—two things you don’t want to deal with.

If there are lingering emotions between her and her ex, nothing serious can develop between you and her. If time passes and she heals, maybe something can, but as for now, she’s still into her ex. Do not try to force anything because it will come back to bite you in you in the end.

  1. The One That Tells You She’s Always Busy

If she has blown you off time and time again with this ‘all too common’ excuse, then she’s just stringing you along. Chances are she only sees you as a guy, someone who is her friend or someone she can go out to eat with here and there, but nothing more. She might be giving you promises to make it up one day or is showing remorse, but in the end, there are no excuses or apologies. Our New Jersey matchmakers want you to know you’re better off not seeing this woman. You know why? Because when someone likes something, (or in this case someone), they make time.

  1. The One Who Sticks to Texts

We spend all day glued to our phones, which is especially true for women. However, our expert matchmakers don’t want you to fall into the trap of a texter. You might think you’re getting to know her, but real communication doesn’t go down via text. Nothing can replace face to face interaction, especially if you’re looking to make a real connection.

If a woman is only stringing you along by texting you, and nothing more, it’s because she doesn’t want to see you in person. When a woman likes a man, she will make time for him, not just rely on text conversation. From what it looks like here, she’s just looking for validation, which she is getting from all of your text messages.

  1. The One That Is into Your Bank Account

Everyone has heard gold diggers, and there are many single women in New Jersey who fit this criteria, so beware. Do not be the man who pays for everything and gets nothing in return.

Whether you choose to pay for the date is up to you, but don’t become the victim of a gold digger when you’re looking for true love. A gold digger is a woman who only shows interest in you until she gets what she wants but will never take it further. This woman is never going to develop a serious relationship with you.

If a woman is into you, she will not mind going on a picnic at the park or to grab coffee at a coffee shop. On the other hand, a woman is a gold digger will only want to see when five star dining or expensive shopping sprees are involved.

Now that you know the type of single women to avoid when looking for a serious relationship, you can refine your search. If you are looking for relationship-minded single women in New Jersey, we encourage you to follow the path of many men before you. Hire one of our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and we’ll introduce you to women who are worthy of your time. We have a large database of fun, successful, and attractive women who are also looking for real love. Contact us at 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a private (no obligation) consultation today!













New Jersey Singles Dating Experts Review 14 Signs Your Compatible

Are you looking for a long term relationship? Then, you must know how important compatibility is. New Jersey Singles dating and relationship experts review the top signs to help you know if you and your new love interest are truly compatible.

No two people are the perfect match. And it is completely normal for you and your partner to have differences, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner aren’t compatible for a long term relationship. There are also a number of very important factors which determine the longevity of your relationship.

Today, our dating and relationship experts from New Jersey Singles will review the signs you and your partner are compatible.


1. You Don’t Question Their Love for You

You know you love your partner, and you know they love you in return. There is absolutely no doubt in your mind about their love. You feel secure and happy in your relationship, and even if you are a worrier by nature, you never question your relationship because you know their love for you is true.

2. You Know Things No One Else Knows

From your embarrassing high school stories to very personal details about your life, sharing secrets with your partner can show a high level of compatibility. Honesty is very important to your relationship, and wanting to share your deepest secrets with your partner shows that you are very invested in your relationship.

3. You Don’t Want to Change Them

You love and respect your partner for who they are and never wish them to be someone else. Sure, they might snore at night or wear a goofy dress you don’t like, but you know you love them and can handle these things. If you are always looking to change your partner’s personalities or looks, it means you’re not compatible with each other.

4. You Enjoy the Time Apart

When you start a new relationship, it can be hard to pull yourself away from your partner. If you and your partner hope to be in a long term relationship, it is very important that the two of you spend time apart from each other. During this time, you need to see friends and family members and pursue hobbies and interests of your own. If you love running but your partner hates it, take time to do the things you like and let your partner do what they enjoy.

5. You Share Common Interest

While our New Jersey Singles dating experts know it’s important to pursue your own hobbies and interests, compatible partners also share a lot of things in common. Having common grounds helps for the longevity of the relationship. It can be things like supporting the same football team, cooking together, or even watching the same show together.

6. You Know How to Fight

You know how to fight and you aren’t afraid of doing it. If you tell your partner you disagree with them, they should listen to you and pay close attention. If they don’t agree, that’s okay because disagreements do happen. Just because two partners don’t agree on something doesn’t mean they don’t care for each other.

7. You’re willing to Fix Any Problems

Major problems can often creep up in relationships unexpectedly. Things such as money, religion, or other firm beliefs can be solved if the two people are compatible and willing to make compromises. It is important to work together as a team to come up with a decision that makes both partners happy.

8. Your Partner Makes You a Better Person

You have probably already heard this one before, but we’ll say it again: Compatible partners push each other to be better. Whether you’re learning a new language, learning to cook a new cuisine, or pursuing a promotion at work, your partner should be there to support you and encourage you and vice versa.

9. You Can’t Imagine without Them

While you don’t have to pick out baby names yet, it is always helpful to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to heavy issues like the future. Having different goals can create problems. Your partner could enjoy traveling the world while you might want to settle down and raise a family. But if your partner doesn’t want to talk about the future, it can create problems in the relationship. Make sure you’re both heading in the same direction before investing too much time and having your heart broken.

10. You Can Be Your True Self around Them

If you and your partner are compatible, you can be the person you are in front of them without being afraid. Whether you’re feeling happy, irritated, or angry, you should be able to comfortably express how you feel without worrying about them judging you.

11. You’re into Each Other

While sex doesn’t mean the relationship is going to be successful long term, it is still important to be physically into each other. From holding hands to kissing, compatible couples show their affection for each other regularly. In other words, there should be a spark.

12. You Get Along with Each Other’s Families

If you genuinely love your partner, you will also try to get along with their family. Being in love with your partner doesn’t mean you will automatically love their family; however, you do need to get along with them. Most people come with a family, and if your partner is going to be part of your life, they will also be a part of it.

13. You Keep Things Fresh

Everyone ages every day but that doesn’t mean your relationship should age as well. We know that work, children, and other responsibilities can get in the middle of life and relationships, but beware of how much you let it. Of course these responsibilities are important to life and shouldn’t be neglected, but compatible couples know how to set time apart for each other to keep the relationship fresh.

14. You Put in Efforts

Whether you and your partner have been dating for a few months or many years, our New Jersey Singles dating experts know it is important to put in efforts. From sending them a midday text telling them you miss them to giving them a kiss at the end of the night, compatible partners always put in work. After being together for a while, it can feel like no efforts are needed; however, that can lead to an unhealthy relationship. Compatible partners always go the extra to show each other that they do still care.

If you’re confident you have found your compatible partner, congrats to you because we know it’s not easy to do! If you’re struggling to meet the right partners on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help you find the one.

New Jersey Singles: Are You Ready to Date after Your Divorce?

Are you unsure about whether or not you’re ready to date again? Find out as the professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service review the top six signs you’re not ready to come back to dating just yet.

Divorced and thinking about reentering the dating world again? Then this undoubtedly means that you have already gotten over your divorce and the things that went wrong in your marriage. You have learned lessons and are now ready to take on the New Jersey dating scene again. Or, it could mean you’re only looking for a quick distraction in order to keep your head busy.

So how can you tell if you’re ready to reenter the dating scene again? Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this can be challenging for many singles. We don’t want you to end up with a broken heart, which is why today, our dating and relationship experts will review the signs you’re not ready to reenter just yet.

1. You Want to Date to Prove Your Ex Wrong

If your only motivation is to get your ex fired up or to get a reaction from them, then you’re not ready to date again. Not only are you wasting your time, but you will also be setting yourself up for bad karma—bad dating karma. Remember, when you date, there are two people involved. And we’re not referring back to your ex here, we’re referring to the new person you’ll be dating.

Dating someone new to get at your ex is unfair to your new partner. If your only goal for coming back to dating is to make your ex jealous, angry, or sad, then you are still not over them. Please, save everyone the heartache and wait until you are completely over your divorce so you can come back to dating again.

2. Your Divorce Is Your Only Topic of Conversation

Only wanting to talk about your divorce is a clear sign that you’re not over your marriage just yet. When you are 100% ready to date again, believe us that the divorce topic will be the last thing on your mind. Once the topic of your divorce is gone, then you know you’re ready.

There will be a time to let your new love interest know about your past relationship, but the first date is not the time. Resist the urge to share things about your ex or your divorce in general. Rather than letting your divorce dominate the entire conversation on your date, learn new topics of conversation so you can keep the date conversation flowing naturally.

3. You’re Always Comparing Them to Your Ex

Your ex was overweight and now you date muscle guys. Your ex was a party girl and now you want to date women who frequent church. It is okay to learn from previous relationships and make your future decisions accordingly. If your ex was an alcohol, then by all means, stay away from people who have binge drinking problems. But going against everyone who is similar to your ex, even avoiding the opposite sex because they have the same hair color, shows that you are still hung up on your ex.

When you start making comparisons between your new dates and your ex, you’re going to make bad judgments. Again, our New Jersey Singles want you to know that you must be completely over your ex in order to go back to the dating world again.

4. You’re Still Sad or Angry about the Divorce

A healthy relationship requires two people to be healthy themselves. If you are still angry, sad, or resentful about your divorce, or your ex, then you are not 100% ready to date again.

In order to come back to the dating world, you must have healed and completely gotten over those feelings. Now, we’re not suggesting that you have to get to a point where you like your ex, because that may never happen. We are just suggesting that you be to the point that when you think about your ex, it doesn’t make you sad or angry. You need to reach a point where you don’t feel a grudge or feel a wound. You should ideally feel indifference.

5. You Talk about Them All the Time

If you have kids with your ex, of course you’re going to have to communicate with them, but if you find yourself always reaching out to them for unnecessary reasons, then something is up. If you are trying to remain friends with your ex, just because, then that might be an indication that you are not emotionally separated from him or her. You need to let go of them; otherwise, you’re just hurting yourself. You need to let go of them as it is one of the most important steps in getting over your divorce and moving on with your dating life.

6. You Haven’t Taken Time

Unless you can see by the date on the calendar that your divorce is several months old, then you won’t be ready to date again. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know many people make the mistake of jumping right back into the dating scene again after their divorce. Resist the urge to dive in too soon.

With the end of any relationship, especially a marriage, comes a mourning period. Things will undoubtedly change, and you need to allow yourself to go through the emotions before you can come back to dating. You must give yourself plenty of time to get your single life back in order. Take time to recover from the blows a divorce brings, and make sure your wounds are healed before you date again.

Maybe You Are a Serial Dater

Some people just can’t stand being alone, which is why they jump back into the dating scene to fill the void. If this sounds like you, then you are going to experience troubles in the future. Do you find yourself jumping from relationship to relationship? If so, you could be what we call a serial dater.

Have you gotten over your divorce? Do you think you’re ready to date again? If you’re not sure, call in and set up a matchmaking consultation with one of our dating specialists. We have been helping divorced men and women for over 25 years, and we’ll know if you’re ready to date again.


New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Takes on Relationship Myths

Dating and relationships experts from New Jersey Singles Dating Service take a look at the most common relationship myths floating around in the dating world.

Are you a believer of relationship myths? Often times, people believe everything they hear about relationships, which can make their romantic lives very difficult. In our 25 years of experience in the New Jersey dating scene, we know that if people would simply let go of those myths, their relationships would become less stressful and more fulfilling. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you why you must let go of those relationship myths plaguing the dating world.


1. Your Relationship Should Be Identical to a Movie

Many people expect their relationship to be like a Hollywood movie, but believing so can leave them feeling stressed, disappointed, and leave them with a broken heart. Don’t look for a relationship that is similar to a Hollywood film. Remember that a relationship is supposed to go through the good and the bad, not just the good like portrayed in films.

2. If There Is Doubt, It Has to Be Wrong

It is completely normally to feel uncertainty about your new partner, especially if you’re looking for a long term relationship. It is also likely that the doubts you feel have a lot to do with your own fears, such as your own fear of commitment rather than your partner’s. You need to remember that just because you feel doubts doesn’t mean you’re unhappy; having doubts are a normal part of dating.

3. True Love Is Unconditional

Many people believe that true love is unconditional, again, just like Hollywood movies portray it to be. But people change during the relationship, and our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts encourage you to realize that is normal and healthy. You are in a relationship with your partner because you love them for the person they are, and it is important to grow together as a couple.

4. Your Relationship Is Your Only Source of Happiness

True love should only come from within yourself. If you are only looking for happiness from someone else, or you don’t feel whole when you’re single, then our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know you will become an unhealthy dependent, which is never healthy for a relationship.

Take some time to be by yourself and learn to love yourself before you start dating. Relationships are a chance for you to share your happiness with a partner and be with someone because you want them, not because you are afraid of being single.

5. Jealousy = Love

Jealousy is often a sign of insecurity, and feeling insecure in your relationship, especially at the beginning, is okay. Instead of fixating on your jealousy, work on your insecurities and become more confident in yourself and in your relationship.

6. You Change Just Because You Love Them

Compromising is an important part of a happy and healthy relationship, but you should compromise on things for your relationship, not yourself. If you have to change who you are to please your partner, the relationship will never work.

7. Expecting Your Partner to Know All Your Deepest Feelings

Many people expect their partners to automatically understand them and read their feelings, but sometimes, you may not even understand exactly how you’re feeling, so it is unreasonable to expect your partner to know your feelings. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts want you to tell your partner how you feel and give them the chance to acknowledge those feelings so there aren’t any confusions or misunderstandings. Expecting your partner to read your mind is unreasonable and unfair.

8. You Should Be Glued Together by the Hip

While it’s a good thing to share interests with your partner, it is also important that you have your own. In a happy relationship, both partners should have their own groups of friends, their own hobbies and interests, and their own careers. Spending all your time with just one person can be emotionally unhealthy and leave you feeling trapped in the process.

9. A Happy Relationship Doesn’t Take Any Work

Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know many people make the terrible mistake of thinking a good relationship is effortless and that both individuals should be happy without putting in any efforts.

The truth is, both of you are different people, and even the best relationships out there require a lot of work from both partners. You need to remember that every day will not be a happy one; sometimes, life will get in the way and you are going to have to do things in order to keep your relationship alive. But also remember that the bad days don’t last long and your relationship will soon be back to normal.

10. Your Relationship Will Not Have Any Fights

Many people think that because they have a lot of things in common with their partner that there will not be any fighting. However, we are humans and have different opinions, and if it’s okay to voice those opinions, even if you and your partner disagree.

That doesn’t mean you’re not in love with them, it just means you care enough about them to get through the disagreements.

11. There Should Always Be PDAs

It is easy to believe that your relationship is defined by how much handholding or kissing you do in public, but while many couples engage in PDAs, other couples are not into displaying so much love in public. Just because the honeymoon phase of your relationship has come to an end, doesn’t mean your relationship has. You don’t always have to kiss or hold hands in public; you don’t have to act like a couple in one of those Hollywood movies. Believe us, your relationship will survive without constant PDAs.

12. You Shouldn’t Find Anyone Else Attractive

Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know one of the biggest relationship myths is that you shouldn’t find anyone else attractive. Love doesn’t make you blind to other attractive people. Of course you can check out that guy with the abs or that woman with the toned legs; by all means, appreciate the beauty and don’t feel bad about it. You might love your partner and think they’re the best person for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look twice at another attractive person.

If you’re looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us help you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right!

New Jersey Singles Complaints on Holiday Dating

It’s safe to say that the holiday season is the most stressful and anticipated one for singles. New couples not sure what to define themselves as, those who have recently broken off a relationship, and those who are tired of hearing probing questions about their single status from their family members and coworkers.

The holiday time, from Thanksgiving to New Years, brings about a whole array of different emotions. It’s natural to reminisce on all the memories you once had,. But one thing is for certain, though, during this season, many singles are actively on the hunt for holiday love, many of whom turn to professional matchmaking agencies, like New Jersey Singles.

Still, with that fact, we know dating during the holiday season can be challenging. We get it, it’s hurtful and frustrating to see so many happy people get into new relationships while you are stuck in a dating rut. But don’t worry, today our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will share some helpful tips to get you through the holidays.


1. Don’t Use Social Media to Reminisce

Sure, we know it’s natural to want to peek at your ex’s Facebook page to see what they’re up to, especially during the holidays when you’re thinking back to the good times, but try to refrain. What if she’s taking a trip to the Bahamas with their new beau or what if he’s flying to aspen to get a special kiss under the mistletoe? You’re going to be deeply hurting inside.

Instead, our matchmakers want you to try to create new memories. Walk down a nicely decorated street and take photos of the trees, storefronts, and beautifully displayed lights, then post those on Facebook to show your holiday cheer. So what if you’re alone and without a partner? You are out of your house enjoying the holidays regardless of your relationship status. Digital snooping isn’t helpful, especially during the holidays when you’re bound to feel more emotional. Trust us, it will only bring out the worst in you.

2. Fill the Calendar & Stay Busy

Anxiety can be at an all-time high during the holiday season, but joining a professional matchmaking agency like New Jersey Singles will be a great way to get a little ego boost. It will also give you plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Although, our matchmakers don’t recommend you fill up the calendar by signing up with online dating sites. As easy and promising as they might sound, they do come with many cons. The easiest way to find someone who you’re compatible with is by letting an expert matchmaker do the searching and qualifying for you.

3. Block Your Ex on Social Media

If you have recently ended a relationship with someone, the best thing you can do is block them from social media. Make sure you delete them so you’re not reminded of all the things they’re doing without you. This way you also aren’t going to be so tempted to snoop on their page.

4. Don’t Get into a Rebound Relationship

They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. Do you think that’s right? Absolutely not.
Sure, the initial infatuation stage can be fun, and it’s nice to have a warm body around you during the cold season, but being with someone new while trying to heal from a broken relationship isn’t the answer. Spend time with friends and family members, especially now that it’s the holiday season. You can even spend time alone doing a bit of reading, writing, taking a class or trying a new hobby.


5. Discuss Holiday Gift Giving

Before you run off to the nearest expensive jewelry store to buy your new partner of three weeks a Rolex, ask yourself if this is really what you should be getting them. Doesn’t it seem like it’s a little over the top and a little too soon? We think so. You need to come up with a reasonable budget if you’re dating someone new.
Perhaps you can get them a scarf, sweater, a ticket to a comedy show or sporting event, or even make them homemade cookies. You could even get them a gift certificate to the spa, gourmet chocolates, or accessories you know they like. Save those more meaningful gifts for when your relationship gets more serious.

*Also, for the men reading this, avoid buying her lingerie unless she has picked it out herself.

6. It’s Peak Season for Matchmakers

The good news for you is that more singles just like you have been signing up at professional matchmaking services like ours here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service. Our matchmakers see an influx of memberships during the holidays and Valentine’s Day. So why not sign up now to see if you can find a compatible partner to date?

7. Accept Holiday Invitations to Parties

If your calendar isn’t filled with holiday invitations, then it’s time to fill it in. Our matchmakers encourage you to accept invitations to work parties, family get togethers, and holiday parties hosted by friends. Now is the time to go and socialize with everyone you can; after all, you never know how many people you can meet at all these festive events. Walk in with confidence and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

8. Matchmaking Makes Connections Year Round

People meet through matchmaking agencies and fall in love all year round, not just during the holiday season. If you’re having troubles dating on your own, it’s always best to leave it to the pros. In our 25 years of matchmaking in New Jersey, we have helped thousands of singles meet their other halves. Some meet during the holidays and others meet through the other months of the year. We help people get into serious relationships all year round, and we know we can help you too.

9. Fall in Love with Yourself

During the holidays, please take some time and a few deep breaths and realize that finding a partner starts with you. You need to feel good with yourself before anyone can feel good with you. If you need to take a break from dating to work on yourself, that’s fine. There are no rules others than needing to fall in love with yourself first. It’s the best place to start any new relationship.

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles wish you happy holidays and happy holidating! Let’s make your holiday dream come true this year.

If you’re ready to outsource your love life and see positive results, contact our matchmaking team today. Let us help you find the one!

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