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New Jersey Singles Reviews Dating Tips for Women Over 50

As matchmakers, we know that most single women over 50 find dating to be challenging and frustrating.  Sometimes, just the thought of going on a first date with someone new is unappealing and scary.  In today’s dating scene, there are many single women over 50 in New Jersey coming back to dating with many fears and apprehensions.  If you’re one of them, you’re at the right place.  Our expert matchmakers are here to ease your dating nerves and teach you everything you need to know about dating in your fifties.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate dating tips for women over 50 looking for love again.

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1. Don’t Be Afraid to Create Opportunities

Don’t be afraid to create opportunities for yourself to meet new people.  As professional matchmakers, we know one thing’s for sure: the only way you’re ever going to find love is by putting yourself out there.  It’s time to push those nerves aside and start making the most out of every opportunity.  Strike up a conversation with a cute older man in line at the coffee shop or grocery store and see where it goes from there.  The more you practice talking to new people, the easier it will be and the more confident you’ll become.

2. Always Be Yourself

Although it might be tempting to take a few years off your age, you shouldn’t do it.  If there is one thing we all agree on it’s that you should always be honest and be your true self.  Like any relationship at any age, a strong foundation is built on honesty and trust.  Instead of lying about your age, focus on having fun and be the best version you can be.  After all, you want a man to fall for you, the real you.

3. Take Things Slowly

If you’re getting back in the NJ dating scene after a breakup, divorce, or the death of a spouse, you should always take things slow.  You never want to rush a relationship.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to date at a pace that feels comfortable for you.  Don’t feel like you have to rush because you have a small window of opportunity to find Mr. Right.  Dating should be natural and fun.

4. Date with a Clean Slate

It is important to start dating without any feelings from previous relationships.  If you are entering the dating scene, you need to let go of all the feelings (good or bad) you harbor for your ex.  We recommend that you let go of those emotions in a healthy way by volunteering, working out, hanging out with friends, or talking to a therapist.

5. Don’t Look for Commitment Right Away

When you start dating over 50, you’re obviously looking for something mature.  Since you already took a big step in getting back to dating, you want your next relationship to work out well.  But don’t rush commitment.  Try going with the flow and letting things progress naturally.  Rushing things along never leads to anything good.

6. Talk More About Yourself Than Your Ex or Children

You have a long past, but everyone else over 50 does too.  You love your children and might have many stories about them.  Maybe you still have lingering feelings or bitterness for your ex and can’t help but to talk about it.  As matchmakers, we urge you to avoid these topics early on and concentrate on talking about yourself and getting to know your new love interest.  Heavier topics can come once you’re on the path to seriousness.

7. Don’t Be Desperate

If you’re missing having a partner in your life and want to find someone soon, it’s easy to get desperate.  The desire to love and be loved is normal human instinct, but you should never be desperate in your dating life.  Being patient and selective always pays off in the end.  Get to know each other little by little and take your time progressing to the next level.

As professional matchmakers helping mature single women in New Jersey, we know that dating over 50 can be frightening and challenging, especially when the dating pool seems to slim.  But don’t worry, our database is full of single men over 50 who are looking for love in New Jersey.  We have amazing men who are wonderful inside and out, just like you.

If you want to start meeting relationship-minded men over 50, contact New Jersey Singles today and let us do the hard work for you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your FREE in-office matchmaking consultation with one of our skilled matchmakers today.