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New Jersey Singles Reviews 7 Bad Habits That Destroy Relationships

Colts Neck matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service reviews complaints and habits that can destroy a good relationship.

It is normal to get to a point in your relationship where you both feel very comfortable with one another. However, when you are too comfortable, you begin to neglect friends, your manners, and even your hygiene, but that is when things can quickly go downhill. Here are some of the most common dating complaints from partners that get too comfortable in their relationship. These are the bad habits you must avoid if you want to maintain a happy and successful relationship.


Bad Habit #1- Letting Yourself Go

The more time we spend with our partner, the more comfortable we feel in their presence. When you first met them you probably looked around for the best outfits and always did everything you could to look and act your best, right? Of course you did. However, we know that when partners become too comfortable with one another, their looks take a backseat.

If this is the case with you and your partner, maybe now you both look like one of the crew members of The Walking Dead. Does that sound familiar? While your manners and appearance can inevitably take a less appealing look, it is important to continue to make a conscious effort of still maintaining your manners and your looks no matter how long you’ve been together. You don’t have to walk around your house looking like you just left the salon or like you’re heading to the red carpet, but make an effort to maintain good hygiene and good manners. This will keep your relationship alive for many years.

Bad Habit #2- Being Too Lovey Dovey

It’s not appealing to be constantly texting your partner telling them you love them (just in case they forgot what you told them five minutes ago). You also don’t need to cling to one another’s side because you think you’re too deeply in love. And even if you’re not clingy on a normal basis, you never want to be too lovey dovey in front of friends and family. This type of behavior makes your friends and family squint and actually has a reverse effect on your relationship.

Yes, this is for the lovey dovey ones. All that love and affection might feel great at the beginning, but too much of it can make it feel less special, and then, the only way you can express your love to your partner is by being extremely lovey dovey and pouring your heart out for them, which will get old quickly.

Bad Habit #3- Neglecting Your Friends

Have you ever had a friend who got involved in a relationship, then up and disappeared for months or even years? Well, you don’t want to be that friend. This is something many of us have been guilty of at one point in our lives, but the last thing you want to do as a mature person is neglect your friends because you’re in a new relationship.

No matter how much you love spending time with your new partner, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it is important to keep regular contact with your friends. Your pals will remain your pals, even after your relationship comes to an end. In fact, they can keep you grounded when you start getting swept away into a romantic La-La-Land. Spending too much time with your partner can cause you to get bored of each other quickly, and this is a recipe for disaster.


Bad Habit #4- Spending Too Much Money

Whether you’re a shopaholic who can’t get over your addiction to save for the new hardwood floor or you are an addict gambler who is racking up debt and unable to pay your house bills, both scenarios can eventually destroy your relationship. Or, maybe it’s your partner who has the spending problem. If your partner is the one who cannot afford to pay their bills and they are constantly coming to you to help them, you are going to be resentful towards them. Unless you nip it in the bud, things are only going to get worse. Someone who doesn’t know how to manage their finances is going to put a strain on the relationship, and this can cause many types of problems and extra pressure on the relationship.

Bad Habit #5- Bad Mouthing Your Partner

That negative attitude of thinking that “men are all the same” or “women can’t do anything right” really does get imbedded in our brains after a bad relationship. Indeed, both men and women are guilty of trashing each other and falling into gender stereotypes; however, this type of stereotypes can have a bad effect on your relationship.

Bad Habit #6- Avoiding Intimacy

If you have slipped into the bad habit of coming up with excuses for not having sex with your partner, your relationship will quickly head downhill. Intimacy is a major element that keeps a relationship alive. You cannot sit a potted plant in a dark room without water and expect it to live forever. You need to be intimate with each other, not daily but occasionally. Multiple studies back it up that men and women who are intimate with each other can maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Bad Habit #7- Not Communicating Enough

Does every conversation with your partner turn into a full blown fight? Good communication boils down to learning how to ask for what you need, not expecting it from your partner. At the same time, learning to listen to your partner is also important. Sit down with each other and communicate more. This is especially true for women as many expect their partner’s to be mind readers. For example, if you are exhausted, then ask your partner to go pick up the children. Do not expect them to do so without you asking them.

By avoiding these simple to fall into bad habits, you can rescue your relationship from a spiral trip downhill. It’s really not that difficult, but you need to do it if you want to save your relationship.

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New Jersey Singles Dating Service with Must Know Tips for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, having a successful relationship isn’t that difficult. In fact, all it takes is a few habits you can do daily. And today, our New Jersey matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will share what you need to do to have that successful relationship everyone envies, a long lasting and meaningful relationship for years to come.

The secret to a successful relationship isn’t to have sex every day. Although, there are other little things you can do daily to ensure the longevity of your relationship. The secret is creating healthy habits that allow you to constantly reinforce how much you love each other. Of course the foundation of a healthy relationship will always be trust, respect, and understanding, but these things develop over time. The bond you and your significant other share by doing little things each day is what makes a truly successful relationship.

These seemingly trivial things are actually essential things you need to do if you want to have a successful relationship. So let’s not waste another second, find out what little habits you need in order to cultivate a happy and healthy relationship.

What Daily Habits You Need to Have a Successful Relationship

We know you’ve seen them, and we’ve seen them too, those happy couples and all those little things they do with one another. Well, those are the things you need to do in your own relationship. So let’s get to them!


1. Having Activities of Your Own

When you think of a successful relationship, the first thing that might come to your mind is two people cuddling and laughing together. But in reality, a happy relationship is one where two people have their own hobbies and interests outside of the relationship. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that having different interests and sharing their insights with one another helps both partners expand their horizons. Sounds complicated? Actually, it’s very simple.

Take a couple where the woman’s hobby is exercising while the guy is into sports cars. When they talk to each other, they can both mention little aspects of their interests, and because of it, both partners will gain knowledge on that topic. It’s like a daily dose of learning in a fun and relaxed way.

2. Showing Appreciation Daily

Simply telling your partner thank you can be enough to make them feel loved and appreciated. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! Sometimes, you can even make your partner feel better by giving them a small treat. For instance, when your partner cleans the house on Friday, you can reward them with their favorite home cooked meal at the end of the night.

You can even add a little appreciation whenever asking your partner to do something for you. Instead of telling your partner to paint the hallway, say, “Honey, I would really love it if you could paint the hallway for me. It would make me very happy.” Simply changing around your words will have a huge impact in how your partner feels and how they respond.

3. Allow Your Partner to Vent

From time to time, your partner might be handling too much stress. In times like this, don’t nag them. Instead, be a little more empathetic with them. Sometimes, your partner needs someone that can listen to their problems. Letting off the steam and having you by their side will be enough to help them relieve their stress. And let’s face it, the less stress your relationship has, the better it will be. Whenever you notice your partner is stressed out, be empathetic with them and let them know they’re not alone. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this will solidify your relationship since the two of you are facing tough times together.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Going through the motions as a couple is okay, but adding just a little bit of efforts will make a huge difference. This will show your partner that you haven’t settled and aren’t getting too comfortable in the relationship. Instead, it shows your partner that you love them and are putting in efforts, efforts like you’ve always done.

One simple way you can do this is by adding romantic gestures. Instead of making them their usual breakfast, why don’t you make them a heart shaped pancake and add a little romantic note. When your partner gets home after a long day at the office, you can even offer to give them a little back massage. And when the budget allows, go ahead and surprise them with a small gift or night away at a cozy bed and breakfast.


5. Don’t Try to Change Them

If you try to change your partner for the better, it might come off as criticism or a sign that you’re not happy with them. If there is something you wish to change about your partner, don’t force them. Instead, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want you to show them that by changing one of their bad habits they’re doing it for themselves and not for you.

For instance, you might want your partner to become healthier. At first, you might think the solution is throw away all his beer, all her candies, and all their unhealthy snacks. But then, your partner is going to feel like they’re being punished. Wouldn’t you? Instead, show them a new culinary world of delicious and lean foods. In time, they will like the new types of foods you’re introducing them to much better than the processed junk they were eating. Small gradual changes are great.

6. Do a Little Reminiscing

Do you remember where the two of you met? What were the first words you said to each other? What made you fall in love with them? Even if you know the story like the back of your hand, it never hurts to reminisce and mention it from time to time. What this does is reminds you why you’re in a relationship with each other.

It’s not the big gestures that bring couples together and keeps them alive; as you can tell, it’s just the little things that make a relationship strong. Keep doing these daily habits and your relationship will last an eternity.
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Why You Should Forget Online Dating & Hire a Matchmaking Professional

One of the most common New Jersey Singles complaints stems from the use of online dating sites. Today, our matchmaking and dating experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review why you should ditch online dating and hire a matchmaking professional on your quest for love.

Before hiring a professional matchmaking agency, many people make the terrible mistake of using an online dating site, and it’s understandable why so many people give it a try. Online dating ads flood our lives every day, constantly telling us how quick and easy it is to find a partner. They claim it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Unfortunately, although it might seem like the best place to meet local singles, online dating comes with a lot of cons. People use outdated pictures, lie on the bio, and act like someone they’re not. And with the free or lost cost of signing up to many of these internet dating sites, just about anyone with access to the internet can make an account—meaning swarms of single to sift through.

In the 25 years we’ve been in the business, we know how timesaving and efficient it is to have a matchmaker by your side when searching for love. A professional matchmaker like the ones found here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, provide an invaluable service that cannot be matched by online dating. An online dating site will not properly be able to coach you and prepare you for dates. In fact, they cannot coach you at all. And nor will they help you identify and break unhealthy patterns you may be committing in your dating life.

Today, our veteran matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will review the top reasons you need to hire a professional matchmaker if you’re serious about falling in love.


New Jersey Singles Dating Service Provides the Following:

1. Trust

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles make it their business to get to know you, your wants, needs, and desires in a lifelong partner. It is important for us to establish trust early on so that you feel free communicating your wishes to us. It is extremely difficult to trust someone you have never seen or spoken with, and with an online dating site, you can never be sure who you’re speaking to or what will happen if you decide to meet them.

2. Privacy

Our New Jersey matchmakers will only introduce you to like-minded and mature professionals who are looking for the same thing as you. Your information will never be released to the public or posted on the web for the world to see. By using our professional matchmaking services, you can rest assured that no one will ever find out you’re using our services unless you are the person who shares that information with them. Never again will you bump into a stranger who tells you they saw you on match.com or Tinder.

3. Safety

No one in the world likes to put themselves in danger, so we’re sure you don’t want to meet someone who ends up being your worst nightmare. Here at New Jersey Singles, we have met everyone in person, checked out their references, and run thorough background and criminal checks on them. Because of the stringent safety measures we employ, you can date knowing no one is out to get you.

4. Personalized Service

Your professional matchmaker will get to know you based on your unique personality traits, lifestyle, goals, career, and ambitions. Because we get to know each client on a one-to-one level, we are able to deliver compatible matches. Doesn’t that sound better than relying on a computer to generate a match for you?

5. Your Time Is Saved with Us

Never again will you have to rush home from work to spend hours behind your computer responding to dozens of messages. Never again will you go out on an array of bad dates with people whom you have nothing in common with. Never again will you get to a date only to be disappointed because the person looks nothing like they did on their online profile. Again, your professional matchmaker will take care of all those important details for you. And because everyone in our database is serious, attractive, and looking to meet like-minded individuals, you’re guaranteed to find someone who clicks with you. Time is never wasted here at New Jersey Singles.

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6. Select Screening

Our professional matchmakers meet with everyone in person before we ever decide to make an introduction. With online dating, there is no way of knowing if the person sitting behind the screen has a criminal record, is a scammer, or has a husband or wife at home. No more worrying about your date’s true identity or what they’re keeping hidden from you. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and we’re able to detect when someone is lying—there’s no getting past us.
7. Personalized Support

After each introduction, a matchmaker will follow up to gather valuable feedback. Using this feedback is a very important step to our matchmaking success. This valuable feedback helps our matchmakers zero in on your perfect match, unless of course they made the first introduction the last one for you… and we’ve done it many times. When you date online, there isn’t a professional dating expert debriefing you or providing you with dating coaching for your next introduction. With a professional matchmaker, you won’t be left back at square one looking through more profiles of local people to date.

Hopefully by now you have seen all the benefits that come along with hiring a professional matchmaker. We know you take your dating life seriously, so please stop relying on online dating sites and hire one of our certified matchmakers today. You will not be disappointed with the results! We are New Jersey’s leading dating service with four locations across the state.

If you’re ready to take the next step to improve your romantic life, contact one of our four offices today or visit: http://newjerseysingles.com

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