Single Men in New Jersey – Learn to Flirt without Scaring Her Away!

Single men in New Jersey, if you’re striking out with the ladies, then you need to listen up! There is no quick way to become smooth and charming overnight. You could read all the blogs in the world and you’d still be in the dark if you are not willing to read cues and add a little common sense to your technique. When it comes to learning flirting techniques, reading her cues and common sense are key ingredients; otherwise, you’ll do it wrong, every single time.

single men in new jersey

Flirting 101

Flirting is not supposed to be serious—and it certainly shouldn’t be over the top. Guys, pay attention if you want to get it right. Sit back and let New Jersey Singles dating experts will show you how to properly flirt with women without coming on too strong or scaring them away.

  1. The Right Place & Time

If the mood and signs are right, you can flirt just about anywhere and anytime. However, there are times when flirting is inappropriate and uncalled for. A prime example of this would be at a funeral, and believe it or not, some people do this.

Another less extreme but inappropriate time to flirt with a woman is when no other people are around. Trust us, when no one else is around, she is not going to want to be receptive to your approach. It doesn’t matter how charming you are because women don’t like to be approached when they’re alone. If you approach her in an alleyway, parking garage, or something of that manner, you can guarantee she’s going to be taken back and turn you down. And this why the place and time have to be right if you want to be successful with women.

  1. The Signals Must Be There

There’s an art behind trying to interpret a woman’s signals. But there are a few tried and tested ways to establish whether or not you can approach her.

  • Positive signals she gives: If she turns her body towards you, that’s a positive signal.  If her feet and body overall are facing you, that’s a welcoming gesture.  If she is batting her eyes, subtly licking her lips, or flipping her hair, those are also positive signals.
  • Negative signals she gives: If she turns away from you or is avoiding eye contact, then she is not receptive to your flirting.  If she puts her headphones or sunglasses on, those are also signals for you to go your way.
  1. Never Make Assumptions

Body language and speech are the most telling signs whether or not she is into you. Remember that just because a woman dresses in a seductive way doesn’t mean she’s dressing to pick up men. Wearing a short skirt or red lipstick is a fashion trend, not a welcome sign for you. Assuming that she is out to pick up men based on the type of dress or color lipstick she’s wearing will immediately get you turned down.

  1. Eye Contact

This is the eye contact you establish. Eye contact is a good thing; it shows that you are confident and that you have character. However, if you lock eyes with her without taking a break, it might make you look creepy. Try to look at her eyes and quickly look away. Show her that you notice her but are not a creep or a pervert. A glance or two here or there will do the job and are far less creepy than a stare.

  1. Good Opening Line

Remember that those premeditated pickup lines you read online will never work. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts want you to ditch those lines you heard and simply introduce yourself instead. A simple hello and introduction will take you much further than any corny pickup line.

  1. Always Be Natural

Remember that rehearsed moves or cheesy one liners will never work with women. We don’t live in that era anymore—women don’t put up with that type of behavior. Be your true self and let your personality do the talking. And don’t try to adopt someone else’s persona because it will show. Again, smile and be yourself.

  1. Talk Appropriately

If you manage to get into a conversation with her, make sure you keep the content appropriate. A lot of single men in New Jersey spoil their chances by bringing up sexual innuendos—don’t go down that road. Any type of sexual conversation will immediately put you in the creeper department. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts want you to keep the conversation polite and friendly, without any sexual innuendos.

  1. Don’t Be Pushy

Remember that you are not a linebacker and you shouldn’t act like one. One of the creepiest things a man can do with a woman is get to close or come on too strong. Whether it’s by getting to close when talking or actually reaching at her, you must not overstep your boundaries. Physical contact should be avoided at all costs; after all, you don’t know her yet. If you come on too strong, you’re going to destroy any chance you might have had with her.

  1. Listen Carefully

Your eyes are your best tool when it comes to flirting with women. Try to listen to everything she says, not just what she says but the way she says it. Take cues from the conversation and figure out where she wants the conversation to go. If she looks like she’s getting bored, try switching up the topic to see if you can gain her attention back. Failure to listen to her and pay attention to her body language will leave you out of luck every time.

  1. Move On

If, despite all you’ve done, she doesn’t seem interested in you, then you have to take it as your cue to move on. You don’t want to be so persistent that it makes you look like a stalker. There are plenty of fun and attractive single women in New Jersey who would love to meet you. Let this one be and move onto the next. Believe us, there are plenty of great catches in the sea.

Remember, there is a thin line between flirting and being sleazy. Follow the helpful advice from our New Jersey Singles dating experts and you’ll learn to master the flirting game in no time.

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