New Jersey Singles Tips for Dating a Busy Career Woman

Independent and career-minded women saturate today’s dating scene. Many women run their own companies or businesses. Some are working their way up the corporate ladder, while others are busy with their careers in the medical or legal field. You will find a lot of women in today’s dating scene who devote themselves to their jobs, to the point they barely have any time for dating.

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What to Do When Dating a Busy Woman

So what happens when you start dating an incredibly attractive woman who happens to be super busy with her career? How can you manage to date her with her insanely busy schedule? If you’re dating a busy woman, New Jersey Singles has some dating tips you need to keep in mind.

  1. She’s Only Available on the Weekends

This might upset you because you want to see her and spend time with her. If she has a busy schedule, she may not be able to see you throughout the weekdays. You need to accept that she has a busy schedule, no other way around it.

This is the most important thing to remember when dating a busy career-minded woman. If this woman is really amazing and you’re willing to take on this challenge, then you need to understand that her job is number one. If the only way she can spend time with you is when the five days of the week are done and over with, then don’t pout about it or make her feel guilty. Instead, make the most of the weekends with her.

  1. Ask for Her Available Days in Advance

This tip will help you tremendously. If you are trying to date a woman who has a busy calendar, then you can ask her ahead of time when she is available. If she is career-oriented, which she obviously is or you wouldn’t be reading this blog, then she is most likely going to have her itinerary written out ahead of time. Take advantage of this and plans your dates in advance.

  1. Use Your Dates Wisely

Okay, so you already know that she is available Saturday afternoon, so now your job is to plan something special. Maybe you can get tickets to a local game or book reservations at a romantic restaurant for two. The idea is to have something planned in advance so there is no wasted time debating what the two of you are going to do.

  1. Do Relaxing Things

Rest and relaxation are important things for a woman who works a lot. Keep in mind that this is a woman with a hectic calendar, so she’s more likely going to be tired by the time the weekend arrives. Planning activities, such as hiking, bike riding, or canoeing may not be the best ideas. You may need to figure out something relaxing to do together so she doesn’t get collapse from exhaustion. The lesser the physical activity, the better it will be for you. Your woman has already endured a tough week, don’t add to her stress. Take the day to help her relax and refresh.

  1. Surprise Her

You already know from her schedule that she eats lunch at her favorite local pastry shop, so use this to your advantage and surprise her. Of course you don’t want to do this if you know she’s going to be meeting coworkers or if she has a business meeting there; otherwise, you’ll just be a nuisance. Do it on a day you know she’ll be by herself. Believe us, she’ll appreciate this sweet gesture and love the quality time you managed to squeeze in.

  1. Work Together

You already know her days run late. She usually responds to work emails and is always connected to her laptop, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with her. In fact, you can offer to help her do those work related things from the comfort of your house. Use it as an excuse to work together as a team. Set up a comfy spot on the sofa where she feels comfortable doing her work related things. See, work can be fun!

  1. Know That Spontaneity Is out of the Picture

Busy women have hectic schedules that cannot be interrupted, and they can’t just get up and leave and do spontaneous things whenever you want. This is why you must plan your activities around her schedule to avoid any mishaps. However, just because her schedule is packed doesn’t mean you can’t bring on a little bit of spontaneity.

Show her what spontaneity is by taking her to do fun things when she has an hour or two available. Okay, so you know that on Thursday she has two hours open between meetings, so this is when you bring the spontaneity in. Take her to the trendiest restaurant in town or go out and grab ice-cream at the local ice-cream shop—just be sure you get her to her meeting on time or she’s never going to want to do it again.

  1. You Don’t Have to Be Physical All the Time

Try to let her know you were thinking about her by sending her text messages throughout the day. You don’t have to let her know you’re thinking about her every hour, just a morning or midafternoon text message will do the job.

If you are not the type to text message, then send a thoughtful gift to her work or home. You can send her a gift basket with all her favorite treats, like those bittersweet dark chocolates, delicious fruits, or even cheese and crackers with a bottle of wine. You can also opt for sending her a bouquet of flowers. What you choose, she will definitely appreciate these romantic gestures.

  1. Romance Her with Food

Women who have demanding careers usually forget to eat, or they snack and pick at things that are not healthy for them, such as pastries and other quick and easy snacks. Try to prepare her a delicious dish from scratch or take her to her favorite restaurant in town. Better yet, if she can’t make it out because her day is too hectic, then you bring the food to her. This will ensure she gets what she needs to get done but also eats a nice healthy meal.

It is hard to date a woman with a demanding career. But if you are really into her, these helpful tips from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will make the process go a lot smoother.

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