New Jersey Singles Reviews What to Expect from Matchmaking

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about hiring a matchmaking service in New Jersey.  And you’re probably wondering what you can expect after you sign up.  How does the whole matchmaking process work?

Let the #1 matchmaking service in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles, show you what to expect when you outsource your love life to a professional matchmaker.  New Jersey Singles provides an inside look into the transparent matchmaking process from beginning to end.

new jersey singles reviews

Our Matchmakers Will Consult with You

Your initial consultation is one of the most important steps in the matchmaking process.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we will invite you to come in to one of our four convenient offices so we can get to know each other.  This in-office, one-on-one consultation usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

You must come to the conversation prepared to outline what qualities you’re bringing to the table, as well as what you desire in a partner.  You should also be ready to discuss your dating and relationship goals, along with what you expect from a matchmaking service.  If you have any questions, this is the time to ask them, which is why we recommend you have them ready so we can address them and explain anything you might be wondering about.

Our reputable matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will talk about your dating goals, relationship history, and current dating challenges.  We will then come up with a plan to help you overcome dating roadblocks and achieve your romantic goals.

During the Interviewing Process…

You need to get ready to talk about yourself honestly and openly.  After all, our matchmaker want to get to know you personally so we can find you suitable matches that you’re likely to hit it off with.  Again, the interview process takes between 60 to 90 minutes, and you need to be ready to discuss the following:

  • What has & hasn’t worked in the past
  • Your dating & relationship goals
  • Your values & beliefs
  • What you’re looking for in a partner
  • Your biggest deal breakers

Those are just a few of the many topics we’ll discuss.  You really have to put some thought into them because they will help us find your ideal match.  The more information you can openly provide us, the easier it will be for us to screen potential candidates on your behalf and find your ideal partner.  And don’t worry about a thing.  Even if you’re a shy person, we go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable, pressure-free, and relaxed atmosphere to help you open up about one of life’s touchiest subjects.  Think of us as your best friends.

We’ll Screen Potential Matches

Our matchmakers have an extensive database of available singles in New Jersey who are ready to settle down.  Our clients are affluent and attractive individuals who are over modern ways of dating and ready to find real love.

Once we get to know you and figure out what you desire in a partner, we will begin the search in our extensive pool of paid clients and find the perfect candidate for you.  Knowing your preferences and desires will allow us to match you accordingly.

We Make the Introduction

After we have selected someone who we believe is ideal for you, we will then make the introduction.  We’ll give you one-on-one dating coaching and guidance and support to ensure you’re ready and confident when you head out on your first date.  We want nothing more than to help you achieve your love and relationship goals.

Now that you know what to expect when you sign up with a matchmaking service, the next step is to find a matchmaking service in New Jersey that is right for you.  And that’s where we come in!

Our matchmaking service has been helping serious singles in New Jersey for nearly 30 years and has transformed the love lives of many.  Are you ready to let us transform your dating life too?

With nearly 30 years of matchmaking experience, we know exactly how to make a perfect match.  Our matchmakers are dedicated to helping people like yourself maximize their chances of finding love (in a private, relaxed, and enjoyable way).

So what do you say?  Is our matchmaking service right for you?  We think so.  What are you waiting for?  Give us a call at 1 (888) 417-0020 to join us for your FREE in-depth matchmaking consultation today!

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