New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips & Tricks to Recover from a Breakup

They are uncomfortable, painful, and greatly affect our lives—yes, even if you were the one who called it quits. Ending a relationship is never easy, no matter why or who called it quits. It’s heartbreaking, devastating, and will certainly take time to get over it.

How do you deal with your feelings right now? How do you handle the loneliness? How do you stop yourself from going into a state of depression? … And how do you cope with life right now? Don’t despair, New Jersey Singles reviews insider tips and tricks to get you through your breakup and back on your feet in no time.

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1. Cut All Contact

You need time to heal, which means time to yourself. Maintaining an open channel of communication with your ex will not help you heal your wounds. You must delete them from social media, stop hanging out with them in group settings, and never show up to their home, work, or favorite restaurant. Don’t randomly call them after you’ve had a few drinks, don’t send them sappy text messages, and most importantly, don’t try to remain friends—at least not right now. Sure, you can be friends with an ex, but as of right now it’s not healthy. You must eliminate them from your life, cease all contact with them, and prevent yourself from groveling and trying to get back with them.

Don’t beg them to come back either—that’s a very unattractive move you’ll end up regretting in the end.

2. Accept That the Relationship Is Over

Even if you think there’s a chance you can get back together, we urge you to move past it. If you’re always hoping your ex will come back, then you’re never going to move on and heal yourself. Do you realize how many partners give their relationships a second shot and end up failing miserably in the end?

Stop looking at old pictures, stop reading those old love letters, stop reviewing old emails, text messages and other sentimental reminders. Do not stalk them on social media or try hacking into their accounts. Don’t reach out to their friends and family and ask them to convince your ex to change their mind. Don’t do any of these things after your breakup. Your relationship is over and you must accept it and move on.

3. Give Yourself Grieving Time

It is normal to feel devastated, especially if it was a long term relationship. It is okay to grieve your failed relationship and spend some time alone doing nothing but crying, but never do it for too long. Don’t shut yourself off from the world and wallow in sadness for weeks on end. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know you have to get a good cry out to cleanse yourself and move on—just don’t allow yourself to stay down and out for too long.

4. Be with Loving People

If you want to heal from your breakup, then you need to spend time with the people who love you and care for you. You want to spend time with people that love you because they’ll bring out the best in you. Laugh together, vent, and share your feelings with them. They’ll provide you with an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and they’ll give you their best advice. Getting your emotions out will help you in your healing process.

5. Exercise

The name of our blog is called New Jersey Singles reviews tips & tricks… and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you, a tip… one of the best tips for getting over a breakup. If you want to get out of this funk and starting feeling good again, the simplest way to do it is by working out. Exercise will immediately release feel good endorphins to help improve your mood and fight depression. Plus, now that you’re single, we know you want to look your best, right? Looking great will make you feel confident and excited about embarking on this new journey in life.

6. Be Productive & Do Fulfilling Things

Now is the time to invest in yourself. Work on projects you put on hold because you were in a relationship. Didn’t have any unfinished projects? Start a new one. Take up a new hobby or work on something around the house. Did you always want to take a vacation but couldn’t because your boyfriend or girlfriend couldn’t get off work? Well, now you can travel somewhere by yourself. Rekindle old friendships, meet new people, set new goals and accomplish them—all these things will make you feel alive again.

7. Don’t Go Back to Them Out of Loneliness

This applies to those people who broke things off. Going back because you feel obligated or because you’re lonely is unhealthy and will not do you any good. And never go back to them out of guilt. You are not a bad person for leaving them if you were not happy in the relationship—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

8. Don’t Put Them on a Pedestal

We all tend to see only the positive qualities in someone we dated, but believe us, everyone has something negative going on. No one in the world is perfect and we know your ex isn’t either. He or she has flaws and you need to be honest if you want to take them off the pedestal and move on.

9. Stop Comparing New Dates to Your Ex

It is understandable that you’ll never find anyone like them, and that’s okay. Different doesn’t mean bad; different is just different. Searching for a clone of your ex-partner will leave you frustrated with dating and prevent you from finding love again. Try to get to know your new dates for who they are and don’t try squeezing them into a predefined box. Appreciate each person for their uniqueness and don’t let thoughts of your ex cloud your judgement.

10. Let Go of Resentment

As hurtful as it might be, your ex is not a bad person. You obviously dated them for a reason. Okay, so they left you—and that’s okay. There is someone else out there, someone meant just for you. Holding onto anger and resentment will prevent you from finding that love. Holding onto pent up anger will weigh you down and prevent you from moving on with your life. It will damage you and hold you back from finding the partner you deserve.

New Jersey Singles reviews tips & tricks on many aspects of dating, but today, our goal was to help you cope with your breakup in the healthiest way possible. We hope that these tips will help you heal and move on and get you ready for your next relationship. When you’re ready to jump back into the NJ dating scene, give our expert matchmakers a call and let us help you.

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