New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips to Keep Your Independence

Many people believe that you have to give up your independence when you get into a serious relationship, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know that’s not true.

A relationship is two people coming together as one, but that doesn’t mean giving up on who you are as an individual.  On the contrary, it means staying true to yourself despite having a partner.

You can still maintain your independence in a relationship; in fact, it’s the healthiest thing you can do for your relationship.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to maintain your independence while being in a committed relationship.

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1. Schedule Some Me Time

Me time is very important for your relationship—just as important as spending time together.  Bonding with yourself is key to staying happy in your relationship.  Make sure that you spend at least an hour or so a day doing something on your own. Whether it’s running errands of just reading a book before bed, be sure you do something on your own.

Just because you’re not spending time with your partner doesn’t mean you no longer care for them.  On the contrary, it means you’re making sure your mental health is in check so that you can flourish as an individual and the relationship can thrive.  Don’t feel bad for going on a morning walk without your partner or for reading a book instead of watching TV in the evening.

2. Do Things Together

On the opposite side of the coin, you also want to do things together.  Working as a team is a great way to strengthen your bond with one another.  You’ll be able to grow together as two strong halves as you each demonstrate your own individual skills and talents.

3. Participate in Your Hobbies

Don’t let go of your hobbies because you’re in a relationship.  You should continue to dedicate time and energy to them.  In a healthy relationship, partners support one another and encourage each other to pursue their own hobbies and interests.  Make sure you support your partner and encourage them to do their hobbies, even if you don’t like doing them yourself.

4. Have an Opinion

You need to have your own opinion, even if it differs from your partner.  It is normal not to see eye-to-eye all the time, and this isn’t anything to be feared.  Disagreeing doesn’t mean you’re not compatible.  Different opinions are quite healthy, and as long as your discussions are civil, there is nothing wrong with having and voicing your own opinions.

5. Better Your Communication

Open and honest communication is essential in your relationship.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we believe communication is the key to keeping any relationship alive and thriving.  You must talk to your partner in an open and mature way and ensure they feel free to do the same.  Communication is the best tool to combat misunderstandings.

6. Have Confidence

You have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else, and once you accomplish that, you’ll have love all around.  It takes time to build confidence, but you need to learn how to love yourself physically and mentally.  If you don’t have confidence, you’ll be a needy partner who is constantly seeking validation from the relationship.

7. Have Passions

If you don’t have passions in life, your independence will quickly fade away, and that’s one thing you don’t want to happen in your relationship.  Just like you have hobbies and interests, you must have passions of your own.  Whether it’s a passion for helping others or a passion for arts and culture, passions are important for you independence and will make you happy as an individual.  When you’re happy, you bring vibrancy and energy to the relationship.

8. Be Financially Stable

This is for both men and women.  If you really want to be independent, you must be financially stable and able to support yourself.  You don’t want to have to rely on your partner for everything, especially not money.  It’s perfectly okay for a woman to have her own goals, especially when it comes to her career.  It is healthy and will give you a sense of pride.  Don’t be afraid to work up the career ladder and follow your passions—no relationship should stop you from that.

9. Have Regular Date Nights with Friends

Sure, you’re in a relationship and will spend a lot more time with your partner than with your friends.  But if you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner, you must also schedule regular date nights with your friends.  Your friends were always there for you, so don’t neglect them because you’re in a relationship now.

10. Spend Time with Your Family

Just as you want to spend time with your friends, you also want to nurture relationships with family members.  If you are cohabitating with your partner, you might not see your family as often as you once did.  To maintain your independence, make sure you’re spending time with your family members and encourage your partner to do the same.

11. Learn Something New

Self-development is essential for keeping your independence in your relationship.  Maybe there is a seminar coming to town or perhaps you want to learn a new cooking style, so what’s stopping you?  Nothing!  Learning something new is valuable for you as an individual and healthy for your relationship.

12. Treat Yourself

Spend money on a spa day or enjoy that fishing trip you’ve been dying to go on with your friends.  You work hard and deserve it every now and then.  Not only is it healthy, but it will be beneficial for your relationship to spend time apart from one another.

People who end up losing themselves in their relationship regret doing it later on in life.  You don’t have to lose who you are just because you’re dating someone right now.  As you can tell, maintaining your own identity is simple, as long as you follow this advice from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers.  While it’s okay to do things together, it’s also great to do things on your own.  Your personal identity is the key to keeping your relationship healthy and happy.

We hope that our New Jersey Singles reviews have helped you maintain your independence in your relationship so you and your partner can have a happy and healthy relationship that flourishes for years to come.

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