New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips for Surviving the Holidays Alone

The holiday season is in full swing—it’s officially here. And if you’re single, you might be feeling depressed and down. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know the holidays can be a tough time of year for singles—feelings of loneliness, depression, and even resent. But just like you, there are plenty of other people out there who are feeling the same way as you right now… And just like you, they’re all looking for a solution of how to survive the holidays alone. So get ready to turn that frown upside down as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate tips for surviving the holidays alone.

While there are many ways you can be happy by yourself, we know there is something about the holidays and all its cheerful festivities that gets singles down. For many, it’s the lowest point of the year—so much so that depression and loneliness hits with a BOOM. But here at New Jersey Singles, we’re thinking about you, and all the singles out there, which is why today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate ways you can survive the holidays alone—get ready to go from dread to jolly, as we teach you how to have a good time.

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1. Look to Friends & Family

We all need someone who loves us and cares for us, especially this tough time of year, and who better than our friends and family? We encourage you to seek out their company and spend quality time with them. Talk to them about how you’re feeling, as difficult as it might be to admit it. Let them know you’re feeling lonely and that you could use someone to talk to. Your friends and family will not turn you down; after all, they love you and want to see you happy. If you don’t have too many friends, maybe you can talk to a coworker who is compassionate and understanding. Believe us, once you talk to someone, we know you’ll start feeling better in no time.

2. Start a New Project

What better way to beat the holiday loneliness than to start a new project? It can be something simple, like cleaning out your closet or just organizing the fridge or pantry. It doesn’t matter what you do, tackle something around the house. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishing a goal or completing a project.

3. Do Something Charitable

So you think you have it bad? Well, we know you’re single and lonely, but you really have no idea. There are people out there who have no homes, no food, and clothes to wear. If you want to pick yourself up and start feeling good this holiday season, we encourage you to do something charitable. Whether you donate food to an animal shelter, donate your time at the soup kitchen, or just donate clothes to a homeless shelter, do something to benefits others in your community. Helping others will not only make you feel good, but it will also make you realize just how good you really have it.

4. Forgive & Let Go

Sometimes what is really stopping you from making a connection is having walls… Walls from the past. Maybe you’re holding onto grudges because something previously happened to you, but did you know that holding onto a grudge can prevent you from healing a wound? Take this opportunity to let go of the past and throw your pride to the side. Forgive and forget… and move on with your life.

5. Be Open to Meeting New People

Another thing that could be preventing you from meeting new people is being afraid of meeting them. Perhaps there is a coworker or classmate that could be good for you… but you have yourself all closed off. This year, we want you to fix that and be open to meeting new people. Open yourself up and be friendly. You just never know who you will meet and how they could change your life.

6. Do a Bit of Binging

No, we don’t mean binging on eggnog, cookies, or other holiday treats. But there is nothing wrong with binging on other things. There is nothing wrong with spending a day or two watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. In fact, doing so will actually keep you distracted.

7. Read a Book

Did you know that you’re never alone if you’re reading? Pick a new book and start reading it today. Brew your favorite coffee or tea and spend a few hours getting lost in your book.

8. Write Things Down

Writing is a great pastime to have and a great way to get rid of your stress. You don’t have to write out poems, simply write down how you’re feeling and get your innermost thoughts out.

9. Schedule Time in the Kitchen

Do you enjoy cooking? Well, perhaps this is the best time to spend some time in the kitchen. Read some online recipes or cookbooks and start making your favorite holidays treats. Invite your friends and family over to join you and have fun connecting and creating memories. And you can even give out these holiday treats as gifts to family and friends.

10. Be Active

You don’t have to be a prisoner in your home. Get out and go for a walk, ride a bike, or go hiking to get some fresh air. If you’re lucky enough, you might even run into someone. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because being physical will lift your spirits on its own.

11. Spend Time with Single Friends

Are you craving some company? Well, there is bound to be a work colleague or friend who is also single and could use some company. The two of you can plan to do something together and lift each other’s spirits. Go holiday shopping, volunteer, or just grab a good cup of Joe.

12. Exercise

New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of dating, and one solution that works for almost any challenge is exercising. Exercising is a great way to lift your spirits, whether it’s a yoga session at home, going out for a run, or going to the gym. If you are feeling down and out, a half an hour workout is all you need to lift your spirits. Get out and shoot some hoops, hit the batting cages, or grab your dog and go hiking.

13. Be Your Own Santa

You don’t have to have a partner to pamper you, you can opt to be your own Santa. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and book a day at the spa or treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a long time.

14. Hold a Get Together

You don’t have to wait for a party invitation when you can do it yourself. Invite your family and friends and tell them to invite their friends, especially single ones. Get creative, make some holiday treats, play festive music, indulge in eggnog, and have a jolly time.

Don’t let the holidays get you down. If you are single and still looking for love, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us give you the holiday gift of love!

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