New Jersey Singles Reviews the Worst Men to Date in NJ

Women have been told to stay away from cheaters, players, and creeps, but sometimes the ones to stay clear of are the ones who don’t display those obvious behaviors.  You need to be smart so you don’t end up with the wrong guy.  Luckily for you, our New Jersey matchmakers know exactly what guys to stay away from.  The wrong guy might be dressed in Prince Charming’s gear, but we’re here to teach you how to spot him from afar!

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the worst men to date in NJ.

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1. The Rude Guy

One of the worst men to date is a rude dude.  He is the type of guy who is rude to just about anyone because he thinks he can get away with it or just doesn’t care.  This guy is a jerk, the one that disrespects everyone in the restaurant.  He belittles the wait staff because they didn’t refill his soda within two minutes, he’s a jerk to the taxi driver and everyone else in the service industry.

2. The Cheapskate

When you go out with a guy for the first time and he tells you to cover the bill, then you know you’re dealing with a cheapskate.  If he can’t treat you like a princess in the beginning, then what’s to come later down the road when you get comfortable together?  When a grown man doesn’t know how to treat a woman, you need to skip over him.  Cheapskates are the worst men to date because they will make you cover everything.

3. The Immature Dude

There’s nothing wrong with being young at heart and enjoying an occasional fun night out on the town, but some guys don’t stop there.  In fact, this guy takes it to a completely different level because he thinks he’s still in college.  We call this Peter Pan syndrome.  Ever heard of it?  Sure, you have… many men in NJ suffer from it.  We get it, no one wants to grow old, but it’s inevitable.  If the guy you’re dating acts like a college frat boy and goes partying all the time, then he’s immature and not worthy of your time.

4. The Narcissist

When you date a guy who takes longer to get ready than you, forget it, you’re dating a narcissist.  You will never come first to the love he has for himself.  Even the sexiest little black dress won’t get his attention because he’s always checking himself out in the mirror.  This guy knows he looks good and parades around to show everyone else how great he looks too.  He will take you on nice dates, for sure, but not because he wants to show you off… because he wants to show himself off.

5. The Know It All

Remember the good old saying, “No one like a know it all”?  Well, apparently everyone heard it but him.  A guy who thinks he knows it all is annoying.  Not only does he think he knows everything, but he’s also arrogant about it.  He is happy to tell anyone who listens how he thinks you, his girlfriend, don’t have a brain like his.

Are you tired of dating all the wrong men?  These are the five worst men to date in NJ, and we’re sure you’ve run into a few of them on your dating journey.  If you want to meet quality men in New Jersey who you would be proud to take home to meet your parents, it’s time to let our New Jersey Singles matchmakers do the matching for you!

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