New Jersey Singles Reviews the Planning for an Amazing Date

If you’re like many single men in New Jersey, you might not know how to plan a great first date, but we’re here to help you out. First, just let us say that first dates don’t have to be as nerve-wracking as people make them out to be. If you want to have a successful date, then you need to prepare ahead of time and tailor the date to fit each of your personalities. In fact, all you need to do is pick the right environment, one that allows you and your date to talk and connect with one another.

So your first date is quickly creeping up… Where should you go? What places should you avoid? But most importantly, what do you need to do?

New Jersey Singles reviews everything you know about crafting the most memorable first date of your life. Warning: it will lead to a second one!

New Jersey Singles Reviews Rules for a Successful Date

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1. Base the date on common interests.

During your initial meeting with this woman, try to discover her passions, interests, goals, and hobbies, while sharing yours as well. If you have no clue what she is into, it will be nearly impossible to plan a successful date.

If both of you are into exploring different cuisines, opt to check out some exotic cuisine. If the two of you are coffee fanatics, a coffee date will be ideal.

2. Don’t spend too much.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we’re big believers of a spoiling a woman, but that’s not always the best approach for a first date. Going overboard on a first date can put a lot of pressure on a woman and can potentially scare her away. If you spend too much the first time you go out, you risk coming off too strong or sending the wrong message. Your goal is not to buy her affection but rather to let her experience it in a natural way.

Showing up to your first date with long stem roses and an expensive bottle of champagne is not necessary. Bring the best version of yourself and let your personality win her over.

Keep things simple. Nothing will kill the mood faster than sitting in rush hour traffic or driving around in circles trying to find parking. Do you really want her to wait an hour for a table at the restaurant? No, of course you don’t. You need to plan your dates right.

Do not make her drives miles to see you; after all, you’re a gentleman and it’s your job to make things simple. If she is a half an hour away from you, go to her or meet her halfway. On the same note, don’t plan a date that is hard to get to or anything that will be too chaotic—that will only add to the first date jitters. When it comes to planning the best first dates, simplicity is the best route.

4. Encourage Conversation

A successful first date is one where both people can openly communicate with each other, which is why we’re against heading to the movies on a first date. Can a movie date work? Of course it can, but there are better date ideas for mature daters. Movies dates force you to sit in silence and don’t allow you to get to know each other.

You want to have a good time, laugh, create chemistry, and it’s hard to do that when you can’t even talk. Choose a date that provides the perfect atmosphere to talk and get to know each other.

5. Make the Date One-on-One

It might sound more relaxing and laidback to get to know each other in a group setting, but a first date revolves around two people. A first date is about creating a personal connection, which you can’t do with Arson and Mike in the background. You must make your intentions clear from the beginning… That you are after her in a romantic sense. Plus, she is not going to feel comfortable opening up to you in front of others, so leave Arson and Mike sitting the bench for this one.

Where to Go & What to Do

1. The Safe Bet

Going out to a local coffee shop or a cute outdoor bar is ideal for a first date. You can move around, stand close to each other, and relax in a friendly setting. If the date doesn’t go well, neither of you feels obligated to sit through a long dinner date. But if things do go well, then you can continue on and go to a different location.

Also, you need to be serious. Just because you’re out at the bar doesn’t mean you need to consume a lot of alcohol. Your goal is to get to know her, not show her how many shots of tequila you can put down or prove that you’re known for drinking a six pack in an hour. Yes, a drink or two will liven you up, but that should be your limit. Use it as a social lubricant, but never use it to mask who you are.

If one of you doesn’t drink alcohol, then coffee is a great choice as well. Even though it might be a little similar to a dinner date, it’s not. Why? Because it’s a low key type of atmosphere. You can go for an afternoon cup of Joe or even a morning pick-me-upper Saturday morning. And again, if things go well, you can head out for a walk in the park.

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Best 1st Date Ideas

You want to plan your first date right, and that is exactly what we’re here to help you do. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews great date ideas to try. Remember that you must use something you learned from her and implement it into your first date idea. The following are a few suggestions from our matchmakers.

  • Go apple picking together.
  • Visit an aquarium.
  • Go to a local arcade.
  • Go for a bike ride at a local park or the boardwalk at the beach.
  • Visit a bookstore.
  • Go bowling
  • Enroll in a cooking class
  • Walk your dogs at the park
  • Explore the downtown area in your town
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Go hiking
  • Visit a historical landmark
  • Go to a winery or winetasting event
  • Visit a museum or art gallery
  • Go to a fun local sporting event

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