New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Stop Being Jealous

We all get jealous sometimes.  You’re either lying or are hiding something if you say you’ve never been jealous in your lifetime.  However, extreme jealous behaviors can get in the way of your life and dating life.  Did you know you can stop being jealous once and for all?  Sure, that emotion might never go away, but you can definitely tone it down and prevent it from hindering certain aspects of your life.

We don’t think we need to remind you how harmful jealousy can be, especially in your dating life.  You might end up without any friends, family members will not invite you over, coworkers will start to distance themselves, and potential partners will not want to date you.

So you’re obviously here because you want to end your jealous behaviors.  That’s perfect, because today New Jersey Singles reviews how to stop being jealous.  Follow these five simple steps and you’ll feel the jealousy leaving your everyday life.

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1. Pinpoint the Problem

Jealousy doesn’t come out of nowhere; there has to be a deeper issue at play.  Yes, jealousy can be hereditary, but there is usually something deeper, like insecurity issues.  We know you don’t want to hear that there’s something wrong in your life, but you definitely have an issue if you suffer from extreme jealousy.

If you loved yourself 100%, then you would never feel jealous of others—maybe once a while, but we all have those bouts of jealousy. With that being said, dig deep and find out the source of your jealousy so you can work on improving that aspect of your life.

2. Build Up Your Confidence

Because jealousy stems from insecurities, it’s time to build your confidence to feel better about yourself; otherwise, jealousy will always be there.  In order to beat it, you’re going to have to feel great about yourself, and the first step is to improve yourself.  Join the gym.  Get new friends.  Realize all the awesome qualities you bring to the table.  Building your confidence will quickly start to destroy the jealousy.

3. Be Happy for Others

Jealousy is a very toxic emotion that can make you hate everyone.  You will literally want to lock yourself up at home because you aren’t happy for others and can’t stand being around them.  One way to get rid of this toxic feeling is to start being happy for others.

Remember to be happy for people who are fortunate and have great things in their life, all while believing that good things will come your way too.

4. Avoid People Who Make You Jealous

Are there certain friends who always make you jealous?  Then you need to stay away from them.  Learning how to not be jealous will take time, but in the meantime, stay clear of people who bring the jealousy out of you.  Get rid of them and start focusing on yourself and improving your self-esteem.  This way, when you do see them again, you have nothing to be jealous about.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This is something everyone does, and we know this all-too-well here at New Jersey Singles.  With the rise of social media, it’s way too easy to fall into the pattern of comparing yourself to others.  However, you can’t compare yourself to someone else because you really don’t know what’s going on in their life.  You don’t know what it took for them to get there.  Your jealousy might be completely misplaced.  We advise you to take a step back and stop the comparisons.  Don’t think your life is less because you don’t have what they have.

Jealousy is a horrible thing to carry around every day.  It can ruin your social life, your career, and certainly your romantic life.  Follow these five simple tips and learn to combat your jealousy one step at a time.  Once you boost your confidence and start feeling happiness for others, you’ll see the jealousy and envy quickly fade away.

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