New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Know It’s Time to Move On

If you want to meet the right singles in New Jersey, you can’t continue dating the wrong partners. Trusted dating and matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews how to tell it’s time to move from your past and find a brighter romantic future.

When hit by infatuation (which can last from two weeks to two months), it is impossible to look at our relationships in an objective form. We are only faced with the positive attributes in our partners and make excuses for those negative ones, the ones that often come back to haunt us later on.

We desperately want the relationship to work out, and of course we want it to go in a positive direction. Even when something looks like a bad thing or a bit iffy, we still tend to ignore it and place more importance on positive things we see.

Having an optimistic approach to your relationship is great, but it becomes a problem when you can’t see the situation in an objective manner.

To help you make the right decision, our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers will show you the signs it’s time to move on.

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1. Do they like you for the person you are?

Does your partner accept you for the person you are or are they always trying to change you? Is he or she always pointing out your flaws or putting you down? Do they really love you for the person you are today? Does your person make you feel as though you’re never good enough for them? Are you always looking for ways to prove yourself to them and gain their acceptance? Their validation makes you feel great, but without it, you don’t feel the love. Your partner’s disapproval makes you feel like you have to work harder in order to gain and win their attention.

You have a lot of friends and family members who believe in who you are and think you’re awesome. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to listen to them because they are the people who love you unconditionally. Be sure to find a sense of fulfillment and self-worth so you’re not in search of it from a partner.

2. Do they mistreat you in the relationship?

What are your partner’s actions in the relationship? Stop paying attention to what your partner says and pay attention to their actions. In our experience, people will say whatever they have to say, but their actions don’t lie. If your partner says they love you but doesn’t spend quality time with you (unless they are getting something in return), they don’t value you as much as you think they do. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to look at the entire picture, not just a piece here and there.

3. Are you trying to convince them to love you back?

Does it feel like you are the only one keeping the relationship alive? What happened to going 50/50 in the relationship? When people used to get married back in the day, they said that loving and marrying their partners was a natural progression to the relationship. They never had to perform for their partner or try to talk them into anything; they loved and respected each other and the relationship grew naturally.

If you feel like you are forcing everything, or it feels like they are forcing you, then that’s a sign your relationship is not the right one for you and it’s time to move on. When you are in the right relationship, you won’t have to force anything. If you find yourself doing things in order to keep your partner’s love, then they are not the right match for you.

We are pretty sure there are more people in your life who love you unconditionally. You can make better use of your time and energy instead of giving it to one partner who doesn’t appreciate you.

4. Are they constantly looking for what else is out there?

Is your partner always looking for someone who will be a better fit for them? Or, are they holding off on commitment and not wanting to be seen in public with you? If so, that’s a huge sign your relationship is not the right one.

When you are in the right relationship you will feel like you’re both on the same page when it comes to putting in efforts. If you are the one chasing the relationship and trying to force things, it’s obvious that you are not in the right relationship.

5. Are they expecting you to change?

The truest form of love comes from unconditional love. Your partner should never expect you to change unless it’s something to improve your well-being (such as with a bad habit, starting a healthier lifestyle, or letting go of detrimental things in your life).

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is always wanting you to change in regards to the way you dress, the way you look, or the way you speak, then they are not the right partner for you.

6. Are they causing you emotional and physical pain?

Physical and verbal abuse are big no-no’s in a relationship. There is clearly something wrong if your partner is causing abuse to you. It doesn’t matter how your partner tries to make up for it, abuse should never be welcomed. Even if it was just a spur of the moment action and lapse in judgement, the fact that they slipped up and did something physical to you must be addressed by you leaving them.

7. Are you expecting them to change?

You can’t stay with a partner just because you expect them to change. You can’t hope that the future will be better because, after all, they are who they are. If the only thing that’s making you hold onto the relationship is hope for a better partner and a better future, then the relationship doesn’t stand on solid grounds.

The future you wish to accomplish can happen, but there is also a great possibility it will never come. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers know it is dangerous to base the fate of your relationship on hopes of your partner changing. A relationship built on a shaky foundation is bound to crash later down the road.

If you’re tired of dating the wrong partners, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles today and let us help you meet the RIGHT one!

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