New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Have a Great 1st Date

You were attracted to her for a long time and finally built up the courage to ask for her number. You’ve spoken to her a few times since and sent each other a few text messages back and forth.  You are very excited and nervous at the same time.  Will she be into you?  Will she want to see you again?  Where should you go?  What should you do?  Will this be the first and last time you see her?

With so many questions running through your head, you don’t know where to start.  But don’t worry, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are here to help you have a successful first date.  To ease your stress and help you along, we’ll share some expert tips to take the pressure off and ensure that this first date isn’t the last one you secure with her.

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  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Your first date should be all about having a good time.  It is the time to get to know each other, but make sure it doesn’t come off as interviewing her.  Go somewhere that the two of you feel comfortable, someplace that promotes easy conversation.  As professional matchmakers, we always advise our clients to skip the movies and formal dinners because the movies don’t allow talking and dinner dates give way to awkward silences.

We recommend our clients plan a fun activity for the first date.  Not sure what she’s into yet?  Brunch or cocktails work great too.  Short and sweet is a great way to think of a first dates, so leave those long dinner dates for when the two of you are already familiar with each other.

  1. Being a gentleman will win you points.

How you treat people is a good indication of who you are, so you shouldn’t treat her well and others poorly.  How you treat the people around you—including the restaurant staff, the driver, or the valet parking attendant—says everything about who you are as a man.  If you’re polite to her but disrespect everyone else, she’s going to think you’re putting on an act.

  1. Secure the second date before the first one ends.

If you’re having an awesome time together on the first date, don’t leave your date guessing.  Be sure to let her know that you’re having a great time and that you would love to see her again.  By the end of the first date, you should have taken in what she likes to do and can use it to your advantage to suggest getting together to do one of those things in the near future.

Maybe she mentioned that she loves hiking, or perhaps she said she loves to go to the local farmers market on Saturday mornings, so this is your chance to suggest those date activities and plan your second date together.  Plus, this is a great way to show her you were listening and that you’re ready and willing to put in the efforts it takes with her.

You see, first dates shouldn’t be so nerve-wracking.  Use these three simple tips to have a wonderful date and we know you’ll secure a second (and hopefully more).

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded women on your own, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and let us do the hard part of dating for you.  Whether you’re a busy professional with little time for dating or you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while and need a little expert help, our matchmakers and dating coaches have you covered!

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