New Jersey Singles Reviews Dating Dos & Don’ts for Single Men

Today, professional men in New Jersey find themselves living a fast-paced lifestyle where time is limited and meeting people on their own is very challenging.  Throw in the fact that dating isn’t like it used to be and most men will shy away from it altogether.  As New Jersey matchmakers with nearly 30 years in the business of love, we know how complicated dating in NJ can be today.  But don’t worry, because we’re going to make things easier on you.  If you are venturing into the New Jersey dating scene, you’ll want to check out these dating dos & don’ts.

Follow this brief list our dating coaches and matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles have compiled and watch how much less stress you feel in the modern day dating scene.  Believe us, these dos & don’ts are going to help you land the woman of your dreams.

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1. Dating Do – Have an Open Mind

When you venture into the NJ dating scene, you must have an open mind.  Really, this will work magic in your romantic life.  Remember that chemistry doesn’t work immediately.  Your dates will be nervous just like you.  Even if you don’t have an attraction for her, don’t rule her out until date number three.  There are many couples who didn’t have those crazy fireworks in the beginning yet end up attracted to one another and in a happy relationship after al.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we know attraction takes time to develop, so take that in to consideration in your dating life.

2. Dating Do – Use Your Manners

You’re a gentleman, so you need to behave like one.  If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to use your manners and show her that you’re a chivalrous guy.  Women pay close attention to the little details, especially on first dates.  We always tell our male clients to pull out the chair, open doors, and let her order first.  These tiny little gestures that might not seem like much to you are huge for women because they show respect and kindness.  Oh, and don’t forget to offer her your jacket on a chilly night.

3. Dating Do – Put More Thought into Your 2nd Dates

You already won her over on the first date, but it’s time to put more thought into your second date.  You already have an idea what she like and doesn’t, so you’re going to use this information to plan your second date.  For instance, if she mentioned she likes wine, then invite her on a winetasting tour.  Something that is a little different will bring out her fun and flirty side and will win you points for creativity and effort.

4. Dating Don’t – Go for Just One Look

If you have a specific look you always go for, you’re missing out on great women.  You might be surprised how many different looks you can be attracted to.  Don’t make the mistake of dismissing women because they don’t fit your usual type.  If you’re dismissing based on certain physical characteristics alone, you’re narrowing down your selection and missing out on potentially amazing women who are perfect for you.

5. Dating Don’t – Discuss Exes

Don’t ever discuss exes, politics, or religion on your first date.  As professional matchmakers, we encourage our clients to avoid these hot topics at all costs.  You should talk about lighthearted and interesting topics in the beginning stages of dating, especially on first dates.

6. Dating Don’t – Bombard Her with Texts

You are a gentleman, so what do gentlemen do?  They call a woman.  Don’t get us wrong, we use text messages every day of our lives, but if you want to impress a woman, you need to do it with an old-fashioned phone call.

And there you have it, the biggest dating dos & don’ts for single men in New Jersey.  If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded women in New Jersey, call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers today.  Not only do our matchmakers provide you with handpicked compatible matches, but we’ll also give you dating coaching along the way to ensure you reach your dating goals with ease.

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