New Jersey Singles Reviews Date Ideas for NJ Singles Over 50

Fresh out of date ideas? Don’t worry, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate date ideas for NJ singles over 50. Get ready to bring the fun back to dating!

One of the hardest parts about dating in your 50s is thinking of fun date ideas that you’ll both enjoy.  The modern dating scene is a little tougher to navigate today.  After all, it’s not as easy as picking your date up and taking her to the local milkshake joint for a rocking good time.

If you want to bring the fun back in dating, you ought to try some of these fun date ideas our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have compiled for you.  We work with NJ singles over 50 every day, so if you’re looking for a few date ideas that will rekindle the enjoyment you once had in your dating life, look no further.  Our matchmakers got you covered!

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the best date ideas for singles over 50 to feel young and vibrant again.

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1. Visit a Winery

Have you ever been on a wine tour?  If not, you have your next date idea that’s sure to wow your date.  Wineries are a great date location for senior couples, as they cater to the adult crowd.  The date will take place in a breathtaking setting, and—most importantly—there will be an abundance of amazing wine to sample.  Find out what type of wine your date is into (white or reds) ahead of time and get ready for a fantastic date together.  This date idea will actually give you a great opportunity to learn a lot about each other in your wine sampling adventure.  Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two to take home.

2. See a Show

Sometimes there is nothing more entertaining than seeing actors on stage.  Taking in a live production together is a great way to bond.  While you might not be able to talk too much during the show, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss it as you grab tea or dessert at a nearby coffee shop afterwards.

3. Head Out to the Ballpark

Are you and your date sports fanatics?  Then there is nothing better than heading out to the ballpark for some good clean fun at a baseball game.  While other sports often gather a noisy and rowdy crowd, baseball games provide the perfect date setting since they’re more tranquil, perfect for seniors looking for a fun date idea and a chance to bond.

Matchmaking tip to follow: Take it easy on the onions on your hotdog.

4. Go to a Concert

Do you want to feel young and alive and really wow your date?  Then take your date to a lively concert to one of your favorite bands.  While a thumping techno concert might not be advisable, you can’t go wrong with some old school rock.  You can also check out a nearby jazz lounge for a swanky good night.

5. Go on a Small Hike

There is nothing more refreshing than going on a short hike through the beautiful outdoors.  If the person you’re dating is a nature fanatic, than nothing will impress them more a nature hike through the woods or a hiking trail.  To make this date more memorable, pick a place to have a relaxing picnic.  Pack your date’s favorite finger foods and a bottle wine to win some extra brownie points.

6. Go on a Sunset Cruise

You live in beautiful New Jersey, home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the nation.  Chances are, there is a tourist service that runs a nightly sunset cruise for those who want to see the sea at night.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to take your date on a romantic sunset cruise.  Your ticket will usually include dinner and drinks, making it an all-inclusive date night for two.

7. Take a Cooking Class

Impress your date with a little outside-the-box thinking and show off your cooking skills.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  What better way to bond and learn something together than checking out some local cooking classes?  Plus, cooking classes provide you the perfect environment to be closer and more intimate.  Our matchmakers particularly love this one because you can plan a later date to put your new kitchen skills to the test by preparing a fantastic dinner together.

See, we told you we had some refreshing date ideas for you.  Go ahead and put them to good use on your next date.  And if you don’t have one, contact us so we can help you find quality dates in a private and time-saving manner.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we work with NJ singles over 50 every day and know how hard it is to meet new people at a later age in life.  But don’t worry, we have a large database of NJ singles over 50 who are looking for a life companion, just like you!

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