New Jersey Singles Reviews Breakup Stages & How to Deal with Them

Breakups. They are definitely not a fun experience. Everyone has experienced a breakup at some point in their life, and we’re sure you have too. A breakup is a horrible and gut wrenching experience, but you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who have survived breakups and are now in happy and successful relationships. To help you get through this painful time, New Jersey Singles reviews insider tips to combat the pain and loneliness.

Breakups are tough. You spend a lot of time with a person you think is the one, only to have them rip your heart out of your chest and stomp on it. It’s like your favorite show being cancelled from TV, it’s like your favorite restaurant closing down—it’s almost like the loss of a beloved family member.

The lack of human contact is the number one thing people miss right after a breakup, but there’s a slew of other things that make it tough too. Many people struggle with loneliness, not having a partner to come home to every day, and not having someone there to support them through bad times.

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The Different Stages of a Breakup & How to Deal with Them

There are many stages of a breakup and none of them are easy. But luckily for you, our New Jersey Singles dating and relationship experts will show you how to deal with the different stages and come out on top. So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the stages of a breakup and how to get through them like many singles before you.

1. The Initial Stage

You know this is the most painful stage—the stage when you’re at home binging on ice-cream, watching sad movies, and crying in bed.

One way to get through this painful stage is to cry it all out. Yes, get it all out of your system. Holding back will only prevent you from moving on, so let all the pain come out of your system.

2. The “I never needed you” Stage – AKA the Anger Stage

After you cry for a few days, it’s time for you to get angry. You are going to get mad, so mad that you’re fuming up inside. You want to get revenge, you want to do something in return and get payback. But wait—don’t do anything stupid here.

The best way to get over this anger stage is to occupy yourself with something that will release all that pent up anger, like working out. Hit the weights, go running, or enroll in a kickboxing class. All these activities are great ways of releasing the pent up anger you’re feeling from your breakup.

3. The Reflection Stage

Pulling out all the pictures and memorabilia and looking over them is the next stage. Yes, after you get through the anger stage, you’ll head into the reflection stage, where you review the good and the bad of the relationship.

To get through this stage, you must understand that it’s not necessarily a bad stage. Looking back at the relationship will actually teach you many valuable lessons, such as what mistakes you must avoid in your future romantic life.

4. The Rebound Stage

Now comes the fun part you’re thinking… Wrong. But this is a stage many people go through after a breakup. You may hit the town with your girls or guys and meet someone you rebound with.

Although this stage might seem fun, it’s not. We want you to realize that rebound relationships do not work and never lead to real love. Rebounds also hinder your attempts at healing and moving on.

5. The “I don’t need anyone” Stage

Once you realize that rebound relationships are no good, you’ll tell yourself you don’t need a single person in your life because you’re perfectly happy on your own. This stage is good, but you don’t want to stay in this stage for too long.

To get over this stage, understand that you don’t need anyone to be happy—you just need someone who complements you. That person is out there, and we can help you find them, if you let us.

6. The “I love being single” Stage

This is the stage where you hashtag every picture on Facebook with #ilovebeingsingle #thesinglelife #neverbeenbetter. Of course being single is completely okay; however, if you stay here too long, you’ll sabotage your chances of finding love.

To get over this stage, understand that being single isn’t a bad thing; after all, you’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons. But you must also believe that you’ll eventually find someone special, someone who will make your life even better than your single life right now.

7. The Relapse Stage

This is the stage when you relapse and realize you’re not over your past relationship. It could happen because you saw a picture, read an old love letter, or ran into them in public.

To get through this painful stage, understand that it does take time to get over a relationship, especially if it was a long term one. It helps to think of all the reasons it didn’t work out to get through this stage.

8. The “Everything Comes Back with a Vengeance” Stage

This is the stage where everything comes back with a vengeance. It’s during this stage that you’ll feel pained, angered, and everything in between.

To get through it, you need to realize that it won’t last very long. It is perfectly okay to be sad; after all, you did lose a relationship. You’ll get through this stage and onto the next very shortly. Hang out with your friends and family members, devote your free time to hobbies and interests, or volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, or children’s hospital.

9. The Acceptance Stage

This is the stage when you finally realize the breakup is real and the best thing that could happen to you. You know there are better days ahead. You have accepted that it’s over and are looking forward to the happy days that await you.

There is no doubt that breakups are painful. But as New Jersey Singles reviews the different stages of a breakup, and gives you solutions to get through them, you’ll realize that you will come out on top—and one day, you will find love again.

Once you’re healed and ready to move on, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us provide a helping hand in finding you the partner you deserve. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a FREE matchmaking consultation today!

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