New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Tips to Plan a Beach Date in NJ

New Jersey is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country.  People from all over the country travel to New Jersey to vacation during the summer months.  If you happen to be a local and want to make the best out of the sparkling beaches in NJ, why not plan a beach date with your partner?

There is just something about the beach that screams romance.  Maybe it’s the ocean breeze and how it gently blows on your face or perhaps the therapeutic sound of the waves crashing.  Let’s face it, beaches are romantic, which is why our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have compiled a few quick tips to plan a romantic beach date in NJ this summer.  Get ready for an unforgettable date with your new love interest or your longtime partner!

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1. Go at Sunset

Beaches are always beautiful, but if you want to take things up a notch, head to the beach right before the sunset.  If you don’t know what time the sunset will take place, do a Google search and you’re going to get your answer.  Plan your beach date an hour or so before the sun is scheduled to disappear.  You should also check the weather conditions and dress accordingly.  You want to get there and get settled into the perfect spot to watch the sun go down together.

PS: Don’t forget to snap a few pics of the magnificent scene to remember forever.

2. Pack a Picnic Basket

No beach date would be complete without food.  Because it’s the beach, you don’t have to plan something super fancy.  A few sandwiches, crackers, and cheeses will do here.  The truth is, everything always tastes better at the beach.  As for drinks, bring a small bottle of chardonnay.  If you opt for wine, don’t forget to bring cups along, but make sure they’re plastic so you can toss them away at the end of your date.

3. Walk Along the Water Together

You’re going to the beach to enjoy the ocean, so why not walk along the water’s edge?  Come on, now! Don’t be afraid of getting your piggies wet for this romantic date.

4. Hold Hands

If you want to kick up the romance and have a memorable beach date this summer, we encourage you to hold your partner’s hand.  Whenever you picture a beach date, the first thing that comes to mind is a couple holding hands as they’re walking along the water, right?  It doesn’t matter if this is your 5th or 100th date, holding hands will always make it more romantic.

5. Find a Place to Relax

Chances are, after all that walking you and your date will have worked up an appetite.  When the moment is right, find a place where you and your date can relax.  Unpack the yummy contents of your picnic basket and enjoy the beautiful scenery you have here in New Jersey.

PS: Don’t forget to bring your phone so you can take some pictures to share on Facebook later!

So now that you know how to plan a romantic beach date, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to make the most out of this beautiful summer weather!  If you’re single and want to find a partner to share romantic beach dates with, contact our matchmakers today.

If you’re ready to meet quality singles in New Jersey, call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our passionate matchmakers today!


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