New Jersey Singles Reviews 3 Date Ideas for Single Parents

As a single parent, you know how hard it is to come by some free time.  From your job, parenting, everyday responsibilities, hobbies, interests, family and friends, it can be nearly impossible to schedule time for your dating life.  But despite the lack of time, you know the importance of scheduling time for dating.  If you’re currently dating and need some help prioritizing dating without wasting your time, our expert matchmakers got you covered.

The good thing about dating other single parents is that they also understand that time is precious because they’re doing their own juggling act, just like you.  Finding common ground on a fun and quick date will make dating easier and more enjoyable.  New Jersey Singles reviews quick yet fun date ideas for busy single parents to make the most of their dating life.

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1. Grab Lunch

If you’re a working professional and a single parent, then you already know how hard it is to come by some free time.  But there’s one thing you do every day that provides you some free time, and that’s your lunch break.  So why not arrange a date over your lunch hour.

While a quick lunch date might be missing the romance of a candlelight dinner, a lunch date is a quick and low stress way of getting to know someone.  If the date doesn’t go as planned, you don’t have to worry because it only lasts an hour.  It’s a quick and easy way to make the most of your time.

2. Date on the Go

You’re a single parent, but that doesn’t mean you neglect your body and health.  You probably try to squeeze a daily workout in to your busy routine, right?  If you’re a fitness fanatic and dating someone who is in to fitness too, why not go out for a jog together?

It’s amazing how much your mind clears when you engage in physical activity, and jogging can be a great way to beat the monotony of normal dating.  Think about it, when was the last time you went out on a running date?  Give it a try; we’re almost certain you’re going to love it!

3. Run Errands Together

If you’re starting to date another single parent, then their time is also very limited.  To make the most out of it, why not run errands together?  Life is full of obligations and errands that we have to do every day.  From grocery shopping to getting new tires, you’ll always have to run time-consuming errands.  A great way to find out if the new person you’re dating is a keeper is simply by taking them along on an errand run.

While this date idea shouldn’t be done unless you’ve been dating for a few weeks or longer, the errand date is a great way to see if the person you’re dating is serious about you.  It also gives you a glimpse into how they handle everyday responsibilities and inconveniences.  After all, everyone can go on a romantic date and have a good time, but only a keeper will go to grab groceries or run errands with you and still make it fun.

If the person you’re seeing can go on a trip to the grocery store and you have a wonderful time together, then you know you have a keeper.  PS: Just don’t take them to the DMV because that drives even the most laidback person crazy.  We know you agree with us, right?

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