New Jersey Singles Reveals the Type of Men You’ll Meet at Bars

It’s girls’ night out and you and your friends are looking smoking hot. You just pulled the tags off your new dress, your legs are freshly shaved for the weekend, and you’ve waiting all week for this special night. You’re going to be out on the town having fun and looking for single men.

You’re feeling great and you’re friends are too, but the last thing you want to want to happen on your girls’ night out is an interruption from a man who is less than desirable. Sadly, creeps flood the bars and clubs, and they have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what women are out on the prowl looking to chat it up with the men. Once they see you walk in the club, they’ll immediately approach you because their goal is to get your phone number by the end of the night.

Creeps like this are known for frequenting the bars and clubs, and they are a unique breed of men. All they need is a dark night, alcohol, loud music, and all their creepy powers come out.

Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking team will review the top creepy guys you’re bound to encounter on your next ladies’ night out on the town.


1. The Creepy Guy That Comes from Behind

Here is the scenario: you and your girlfriends are all in a circle, dancing, screaming, and singing to your favorite song. You and your girls are having a great time when all the sudden you feel someone come up behind you. He places his sweaty hands on your waist and begins to grind you. Yuck! You’re in shock and quickly eyeball your girls, asking for some help.

You already know you need to enlist help from your friends and get away from him right away. Go dance somewhere else and if he comes back again, be straight with him and tell him you’re not interested. We don’t need to tell you that there are many men at clubs who think they can hit on women on the dancefloor. Whatever you do, don’t fall victim to this sleazy guy.

2. That Creepy Guy That Follows You Everywhere

At first you might have thought this guy was cute, and clearly he was into you, but then you noticed he was following you everywhere you went. To the bar, to the dancefloor, he even walked you to the women’s restroom.

Being straightforward is the best way to get rid of this creep. Go ahead and tell him you’re not interested. Maybe he consumed too much alcohol and doesn’t know what he’s doing, causing him to display his stalker-like behavior early on.

If being straight with him doesn’t work, ditch him and take advantage of the dark club to get away from him.

3. That Creepy Guy Who Is Only After Your Phone Number

Despite telling this man repeatedly that you’re not interested, he just won’t leave you alone. He is after one thing and only thing only—your phone number. He has consumed so much alcohol that you’re wondering how he’s still stumbling around. He’s slurring his words, stumbling everywhere, and has asked for your phone number at least five times.

This guy just won’t leave you alone, so to get rid of this guy you might have to get help from the bouncer. Sometimes men just get too intoxicated at clubs and behave inappropriately and that’s what you have to look out.

4. That Creepy Guy That Keeps Buying You Drinks

Having someone pay for all your Manhattans is great, and it might even sound like a dream come true, but if you’re not interested in the man buying them, it’s going to get old. Even when you tell this guy you’re good, he just doesn’t get the hint. This guy has one agenda and that’s to get you plastered.

It’s okay to accept a drink, but be careful if someone keeps buying you drinks, because they’re obviously trying to take advantage of you by trying to get you drunk. There are many creeps out there who prey on women in the bars and clubs by getting them drunk and taking advantage of them. Don’t fall victim to this “all too common” creepy guy at the bar.

5. That Creepy Guy with a Lot of Problems

Going out on the town with your girlfriends should be a lot of fun. The last thing you want to do on your girls’ night out is to meet a man who is extremely emotional and wants to share all his feelings with you as though you were his shrink. He’s telling you all the problems he has going on in life—from the way he loathes his job to how much he hates his ex-girlfriend, you know everything about him already—and you can’t wait to get away!

With so much alcohol flowing, it’s obvious that this guy feels he can tell you anything.

Ladies, be warned if you’re heading out this weekend, because these are the top five creeps you’ll meet at the bars and clubs. If you are looking for a serious relationship, venturing out on the town with your girlfriends is not going to land you that.

Relationship-minded men don’t frequent bars and clubs looking for women. They are busy with their careers, practicing a sport or hobby, or devoting time to their family and social life. If you want to start meeting like-minded single men in New Jersey, contact one of our matchmakers today. We will put you in touch with local single men who are ready to start a relationship, men who are highly educated, established, attractive, and all around great guys. Don’t endure another night of meeting creeps at the bars and clubs when you can meet your Mr. Right today!

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