New Jersey Singles Reveals Dating Gestures To Woo Her

New Jersey SinglesA lot of men think that having great looks and a fun personality is enough to get a woman’s attention, explains New Jersey Singles, and although that might capture her immediate attention, holding her interest may be a different story.  There are always dating gestures men should do that will help to hold a woman’s attention.

New Jersey Singles reveals dating gestures to help you woo her.

Schedule Plans Ahead Of Time

If you’re trying to woo a woman, you should always make plans ahead of time, explains New Jersey Singles.  When you make last minutes plans with a woman, she will take it to mean that she’s your last resort.  If you want to spend time with a woman, you should try to schedule plans at least three days ahead and let her know the plans.

Turn Off Your Phone

If you’re planning on being on your phone, constantly checking your Facebook activity, or the latest Tweet, don’t bother asking her out on a date.  New Jersey Singles explains that if you want to spend time with a woman, you should turn off your phone and give her your undivided attention.  You can keep your phone on silent if you can resist the urge to check it, but turn it off completely if you can’t resist.

Open Doors

New Jersey Singles explains that if you want to woo a woman you’re out with, you should always open doors for her.  This doesn’t mean trample her over to get to the door first, but try to show your manners by being the one to open the door for her.  Being a gentleman goes a long way.  If it’s raining, hold the umbrella for her so she doesn’t ruin her hair.  Women love when men behave like true gentlemen.

Offer Your Jacket If It Gets Chilly

If you’re on a date and it seems a little bit chilly, don’t be afraid to offer her your jacket, states New Jersey Singles.  Offering your jacket on a cold night is a great gesture that is sure to impress her.

New Jersey Singles

Make Sure She Gets Home Safely

New Jersey Singles explains that a great gesture to woo a woman is to walk her to her front door to make sure she gets in safely.  Women love when a man walks them to their front doorstep, as it shows your care and concern.

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