New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Takes on Relationship Myths

Dating and relationships experts from New Jersey Singles Dating Service take a look at the most common relationship myths floating around in the dating world.

Are you a believer of relationship myths? Often times, people believe everything they hear about relationships, which can make their romantic lives very difficult. In our 25 years of experience in the New Jersey dating scene, we know that if people would simply let go of those myths, their relationships would become less stressful and more fulfilling. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you why you must let go of those relationship myths plaguing the dating world.


1. Your Relationship Should Be Identical to a Movie

Many people expect their relationship to be like a Hollywood movie, but believing so can leave them feeling stressed, disappointed, and leave them with a broken heart. Don’t look for a relationship that is similar to a Hollywood film. Remember that a relationship is supposed to go through the good and the bad, not just the good like portrayed in films.

2. If There Is Doubt, It Has to Be Wrong

It is completely normally to feel uncertainty about your new partner, especially if you’re looking for a long term relationship. It is also likely that the doubts you feel have a lot to do with your own fears, such as your own fear of commitment rather than your partner’s. You need to remember that just because you feel doubts doesn’t mean you’re unhappy; having doubts are a normal part of dating.

3. True Love Is Unconditional

Many people believe that true love is unconditional, again, just like Hollywood movies portray it to be. But people change during the relationship, and our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts encourage you to realize that is normal and healthy. You are in a relationship with your partner because you love them for the person they are, and it is important to grow together as a couple.

4. Your Relationship Is Your Only Source of Happiness

True love should only come from within yourself. If you are only looking for happiness from someone else, or you don’t feel whole when you’re single, then our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know you will become an unhealthy dependent, which is never healthy for a relationship.

Take some time to be by yourself and learn to love yourself before you start dating. Relationships are a chance for you to share your happiness with a partner and be with someone because you want them, not because you are afraid of being single.

5. Jealousy = Love

Jealousy is often a sign of insecurity, and feeling insecure in your relationship, especially at the beginning, is okay. Instead of fixating on your jealousy, work on your insecurities and become more confident in yourself and in your relationship.

6. You Change Just Because You Love Them

Compromising is an important part of a happy and healthy relationship, but you should compromise on things for your relationship, not yourself. If you have to change who you are to please your partner, the relationship will never work.

7. Expecting Your Partner to Know All Your Deepest Feelings

Many people expect their partners to automatically understand them and read their feelings, but sometimes, you may not even understand exactly how you’re feeling, so it is unreasonable to expect your partner to know your feelings. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts want you to tell your partner how you feel and give them the chance to acknowledge those feelings so there aren’t any confusions or misunderstandings. Expecting your partner to read your mind is unreasonable and unfair.

8. You Should Be Glued Together by the Hip

While it’s a good thing to share interests with your partner, it is also important that you have your own. In a happy relationship, both partners should have their own groups of friends, their own hobbies and interests, and their own careers. Spending all your time with just one person can be emotionally unhealthy and leave you feeling trapped in the process.

9. A Happy Relationship Doesn’t Take Any Work

Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know many people make the terrible mistake of thinking a good relationship is effortless and that both individuals should be happy without putting in any efforts.

The truth is, both of you are different people, and even the best relationships out there require a lot of work from both partners. You need to remember that every day will not be a happy one; sometimes, life will get in the way and you are going to have to do things in order to keep your relationship alive. But also remember that the bad days don’t last long and your relationship will soon be back to normal.

10. Your Relationship Will Not Have Any Fights

Many people think that because they have a lot of things in common with their partner that there will not be any fighting. However, we are humans and have different opinions, and if it’s okay to voice those opinions, even if you and your partner disagree.

That doesn’t mean you’re not in love with them, it just means you care enough about them to get through the disagreements.

11. There Should Always Be PDAs

It is easy to believe that your relationship is defined by how much handholding or kissing you do in public, but while many couples engage in PDAs, other couples are not into displaying so much love in public. Just because the honeymoon phase of your relationship has come to an end, doesn’t mean your relationship has. You don’t always have to kiss or hold hands in public; you don’t have to act like a couple in one of those Hollywood movies. Believe us, your relationship will survive without constant PDAs.

12. You Shouldn’t Find Anyone Else Attractive

Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know one of the biggest relationship myths is that you shouldn’t find anyone else attractive. Love doesn’t make you blind to other attractive people. Of course you can check out that guy with the abs or that woman with the toned legs; by all means, appreciate the beauty and don’t feel bad about it. You might love your partner and think they’re the best person for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look twice at another attractive person.

If you’re looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us help you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right!

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