New Jersey Singles Matchmakers | Why Timing Is So Important for Dating

It’s true that everything happens for a reason. When good things happen to us, we always say things like, “It was meant to happen. It was our time.” But when bad things happen, we say things like, “It’s not meant to be. It was not our time.” If there is one thing those two things have in common, it’s timing. And when it comes to finding love, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know timing is essential.

Our relationships work on their own clock and go at their own speed. But how can you know that the timing is right for what you have going on right now?

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How to Know the Timing Is Right

There is no magic clock that can tell you your relationship will be okay or that you’re heading for a breakup. All you can do is rely on some of the following indicators to guide you along the way.

  1. You Are Ready

Just because you think you’re ready doesn’t mean you’re ready. Emotions have a way of playing around and blinding us from what’s really happening. For instance, you might notice that all your friends are getting married and having children and you may think to yourself that you’re ready to do the same.

If you feel that way, we encourage you to take a step back and analyze yourself to figure out if, in fact, you are ready. Are you prepared for the responsibilities of a relationship? Are you financially capable of having one? Are you ready to handle the problems that come along with one? Are you ready to commit yourself to someone else? If you’re ready for a relationship but not having any luck on your own, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and let us help you find the partner you deserve.

  1. You Maturity Levels

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and review your first partner. Now, try to see the difference between them and the people you go for now. Big difference, right?

As we grow and become mature, our needs change, especially in regards to relationships. Our maturity levels have a lot to do with what we want from a relationship. With that being said, it can be frustrating when you meet a person who does not have the same maturity level as you or that does not have the same relationship expectations as you.

*Here at New Jersey Singles, all of our clients are mature singles who are searching out that special someone to share life with.

  1. Your Life Goals

Your goals in life also make a relationship clock work. If you have set goals for yourself and you want to accomplish them before settling down, it is important to be aware of them and remember how important they are to you.

You must put yourself first, no matter how much you like someone. Remember that your goal is to obtain your life goals, so it is important to be with a partner who understands that and encourages you to continue towards accomplishing them.

  1. Your Experiences

All the past experiences and relationships you’ve had have shaped you into the person you are today. These experiences have also helped you understand what’s important to you and helped you figure out the type of person you want to be in a long term relationship with.

If you have never experienced bad things in regards to dating and relationships, then how can you know when you are experiencing a good thing? It will probably go unnoticed.

  1. Your Circumstances

Everything that happens in our lives shapes us and just because you’ve had some bad dating experiences doesn’t mean they should define you. Okay, so maybe you never thought about dating because you’ve always had to work to support yourself, or maybe you had to take care of a sick family member and put dating and relationships aside.

Only when you’re finally ready to date and put yourself out there will you understand what you want in a relationship. If the timing is not right yet, then you must wait for the timing to be perfect.

  1. Love Is Different Than Infatuation

Figuring out the difference between love and lust is very important when it comes to dating and relationships. When you are fresh in the dating scene you can easily confuse love with lust and mistake loving someone when in reality, you are just feeling infatuated with them.

Only time will help you realize the huge difference between the two of them. Yes, it will be a tough lesson for you to learn, but you must learn it on your own.

  1. Your Career

This one is a big one. But we must admit that careers play a huge part when it comes to dating. It takes time to move up the career ladder and get settled. When you are at a point where you’re just starting out and figuring out what path to take, balancing a new relationship with work can be problematic.

  1. Health Problems

Sometimes our bodies don’t comply with what we want them to do. There are some health problems that can get in your way—and in some cases, get in the way of your dating life. Just imagine if you meet someone you see yourself getting married to and realize they’re not on the same page as you in regards to taking care of a sick partner.

If you get sick once you’ve been together for a while, then the relationship might have a shot, but if you find out you have a serious illness during the early stages of dating, not everyone will be willing to put in the efforts to stay in the relationship.

Timing can either be on your side or be your worst enemy when it comes to dating and relationships. Let’s hope it’s on your side so we can help you find the partner you deserve. If you think the timing is right but are not having luck finding a compatible partner, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today at 1 (888) 417-0020 and let us help you find them.





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