New Jersey Singles Matchmakers Explain Why Some Relationships Don’t Last

Not all relationships make it to the finish line. Find out why as our New Jersey Singles matchmakers review the main culprits behind relationship splits.

Is your relationship making you feel unhappy? If you are always down, it’s likely you are involved in an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes, relationships can turn sour, leaving you wondering what happened and what you should do.

Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will review why some relationships just don’t make it and what you can do to prevent yours from failing.

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1. They Have a Long Relationship Checklist

While it’s important to learn the things you like and dislike in a relationship, a great relationship is usually based in the heart rather than a checklist. Creating a mile long checklist with all the qualities you expect your partner to have can lead you to have too many expectations and will take away the excitement in the relationship. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers encourage you to let go of your unreasonably long list if you plan on saving your relationship.

2. They Are Too Critical

Honesty is very important in a relationship, but being with a partner who is too critical can bring down your self-esteem and make you feel depressed. Critical behavior includes things such as your partner insulting you about your weight, your appearance, your friends, your style, your job, or even making you feel worthless. Ask yourself, are the comments that come out of their mouth honest or are they saying these things to hurt you? And if you’re the one who is always picking on your partner, are you doing it in an overly critical way?

3. They Don’t Know How to Handle Jealousy

Relationships should be supportive, but sometimes, jealousy can get in the middle of the relationship and destroy it. Some of the main warning signs include: acting irrationally when getting angry, getting jealous when a partner makes new friends or finds a new job, or demanding to know every single little detail. A jealous partner will also get angry when their partner talks to the opposite sex and will accuse them of lying. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know jealousy is one of the main reasons many relationships fail.

4. They Don’t Value Honesty

Telling a little white lie here or there won’t completely destroy a relationship, but over time those little lies can add up. On the other hand, dishonesty about important issues shows a lack of respect for your partner. If there is a lot of dishonesty in a relationship, there is bound to be mistrust, anger, and resentment. In a strong relationship, both partners should be able to say yes to the following two questions: Do I trust my partner? Do they trust me?

5. They Blame Each Other for Everything

Blaming a partner for everything is emotional abuse, and often times, the person who is being blamed will even start to believe they’re doing something wrong. They start believing they’re guilty and start thinking they’re not good enough. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it’s very important to take responsibilities for your own actions and to treat your partner the same way you want to be treated.

6. They Are Very Immature

Relationship maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes from both partners growing together, accepting blame, and learning to compromise. Beware of starting a relationship with someone who gets mad over little things. At the beginning of a relationship, most people try their hardest to avoid fighting, so beware of how your partner behaves during tough situations or how they treat others. A lot of times, emotionally immature people are willing to learn to handle situations in a mature manner, but there are others who refuse and stay immature forever.

7. They Want to Control Everything

Being in a relationship with a partner who is controlling can be draining. Trying to please a controlling partner can also be draining since they want you to live up to unreasonable expectations, which you will never fill. Keep an eye for the following signs: They tell you how to dress or act, they always check your phone or social media accounts, they show up at your house uninvited, or they search through your belongings without your authorization.

8. They Don’t Do Anything

Netflix dates and watching TV on the sofa on a rainy day can be great, but the relationship will take a toll if both partners never want to do anything beyond that. Many times relationships fail because one, or both, partners refuse to put in the efforts it takes to be successful. If you want to have a long lasting and happy relationship, be sure to keep things fresh and exciting.

9. There Are Too Many Arguments

It’s one thing to disagree over major things, but if you’re always arguing and disagreeing on minor things and a fight erupts, the relationship is failing. There are bound to be arguments in a relationship, but our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know the good times should outweigh the bad ones. When there are too many arguments in the relationship, it will undoubtedly cause the relationship to fall apart.

10. They Both Want Different Things

Many relationships fail because both partners want different things in life. Maybe you love the idea of traveling the world and exploring new countries while your partner is more into settling down and starting a family. Having the same goals in life is important for a relationship, and if both partner’s goals aren’t aligned, the relationship will undoubtedly fail.

11. They Become Boring

Knowing what to expect in a relationship is not that bad, since it’s human nature to want stability, but when the relationship feels like an everyday routine, things are going to fall apart. You don’t have to have an adventurous relationship in order to make it successful, but both partners must put in work if they want to keep it alive. Once it hits a rut, it’s important to recognize it and do whatever it takes to get out of it.

12. Some Things Just Come to an End

Sometimes, it’s not that anyone did something wrong or that one person is to blame, sometimes the relationship will just run its course. Be thankful for the time you spent together and others lessons you learned from the relationship. It’s sad, but it happens to many people.

If you want to find local singles who are serious about dating and finding a relationship, set up a consultation with one of our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today to get started. We’ll match you with compatible partners who are a good fit for your life.

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