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It can be depressing and tiresome to keep dating and not meet anyone you connect with.  But instead of getting ahead of yourself and looking to the end of the journey, it’s better to look at your small victories.  If you can relate to the following things, then you’re ready and set to welcome love into your life.

Today, New Jersey Singles in Lawrenceville, NJ, reviews the signs you’re ready to meet the one.

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1. You know what you want in a partner.

It sounds obvious, but many people have no idea what they desire in a partner.  If you’re ready for love, you will know exactly what qualities you want your future partner to have.

2. You no longer go on bad dates.

Because you know exactly what you want in a partner, you no longer date people who don’t fit that criteria.  If you’re learning more about the type of partner you want to date, then you’re becoming a wiser dater.

3. You feel like your life is in place.

You’ve reached a point in life where all the pieces are finally in place, and you know that your love life will soon be where you want it to get like all the other aspects of your life.  You’re at a stage where you’re happy and content with your life as it is but are ready to welcome a partner to share it all with.

4. You know yourself well.

You know what makes you happy.  You know what makes you angry.  You know how you like your coffee.  Why does this matter?  People with self-awareness are more likely to identify a partner who is right for them.  If you know what makes you happy, you are more likely to find a partner who will make you happy.

5. You’re not looking for someone to fix you.

You have many things going on in your life.  You have priorities, goals, and hobbies.  Maybe you love taking cooking classes in the evenings or doing gardening, but you enjoy your own hobbies and interests and don’t need anyone else to make you happy.  You are not waiting for someone to come rescue you because you are content with yourself.  More importantly, you don’t expect someone to fix you because you’re not broken.

6. You don’t want to fix anyone.

You understand that everyone in the dating scene will have baggage.  It is inevitable and you accept it.  While it would be great to change someone’s annoying habits, you know you can’t change them and have to accept them for who they are.  You know how to compromise and don’t go looking for a project.

7. You’re emotionally and physically ready.

Is your life ready for a partner?  If you are ready to welcome love into your life, your life needs to have space for them.  Are you ready to make time in your life to spend quality time with them? Are you willing to make compromises to be with someone?

8. You’re a good listener.

You can take in the things your friends tell you and help them solve their problems.  You know how to properly listen without interrupting mid-sentence.  You know that people just want to vent sometimes and don’t mind lending them an ear.  Ultimately, you can go out with friends or family and listen to them without getting distracted by your work emails or social media accounts.

8. You’re making a lot of first moves.

If you’re dating today, then you’ve probably figured out that there is nothing wrong with making the first move.  We no longer live in the 50s and women should have no fear of making the first move.  Making the first move also means trying different things, such as a matchmaker to help you find love.  Now, you’re being proactive about your search for love and stepping out of your comfort zone.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that one of these days your hard work will pay off.

9. You’re not taking dating breaks.

You don’t feel like you need a break from dating because you have finally realized that you cannot control what is out there.  You now know that the only way to find love is to keep at it and keep putting yourself out there.  You’re totally over bad dates but don’t let them get you down on your dating journey.

10. You have a different attitude towards dating.

Instead of feeling like there is no point in going on a second date unless you had a connection with someone, you now know that a first date is just a chance to get to know someone on the surface.  You have a completely different attitude about dating and know that it takes more than one date to find out if you’re truly compatible.  You no longer write people off based on looks either.

11. You don’t overthink things anymore.

You have learned to let things go, especially the things you can’t control.  If someone doesn’t call you back or doesn’t want to see you again, you don’t let it get to you.  You’re done wasting your time and have stopped overthinking everything.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this is a small change that will make your dating life easier and more enjoyable.

12. You can’t force someone to like.

It’s super tempting to continue seeing someone with hopes of making them like you.  But the truth is, you can’t make someone like you.  If they don’t feel something for you, then they’re not the one for you.

13. You can see red flags right away.

You no longer date people for several months only to realize they’re not the one.  Now, you can figure them out pretty quickly, which makes your dating life less stressful.

14. You know that dating takes time.

After dating for so long, you’ve come to realize that dating will take time and efforts, but it’s something you want to do.  You’ve figured out that not everyone in the NJ dating scene has your heart and people can be awful.  But the idea of finding true love is what keeps you going and has you looking forward to your next date.

Are you ready to meet the one? How many of these signs do you see in yourself?  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers here at our Lawrenceville office would love to help you find love.  Let us introduce you to hand-selected matches with quality singles in Lawrenceville.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your private matchmaking consultation today.


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