New Jersey Singles Dating Service Teaches You How to Be Irresistible

Every woman wants to be the one who makes men go crazy. But you don’t have to be the most attractive woman in the room or have special talents to be the most irresistible woman out there. Being irresistible in the eyes of a man requires a few techniques you need to master. And today, New Jersey Singles matchmakers will teach you everything you need to know.

There are many people who will say using these techniques is a little manipulative and a bit dishonest, but the truth is, being irresistible is all about not being an open book. If it makes you dishonest, then so be it, but if you lay all your cards on the table too soon, you won’t be irresistible. With that being said, let’s get to it. Follow our New Jersey Singles matchmaking advice and you’ll have men telling their friends that they just met the woman of their dreams.

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Don’t Be Too Present

This is one of the biggest mistakes single women make when they begin dating. Remember that he will not be able to miss you if you’re always going to be around. Yes, it is hard because right now the two of you are just starting to date and you want to be everywhere he’s at, and he wants to be around you just as much as you do. But here at New Jersey Singles, we encourage you to resist that urge. One of the most important elements of dating is having mystery. The dynamics of lunging is what keeps men wanting more.

There is another important reason you need to be absent once in a while. Feeling suffocated by a partner, especially early on in a relationship, is a huge turn off for men. Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you a few simple techniques to become less present and drive him crazy, in a good way of course.

How to Become Less Present When Texting with Him

Let’s face it, texting is one of the essential methods of communication between two people who are starting to date. Learning how to become less present while texting is going to help you out on your dating quest.
Tip #1: Don’t Be the Last Person to Text

Trust us on this one. Every time you’re in a texting conversation with a man, make sure he is the last one to send a text. When he sends you a text, he’ll be waiting for your response, even if it’s a simple “okay” or “bye.” If you don’t have to respond to his last text, don’t. This will cause him to wait by his phone wondering when your text message is going to come in.

Tip #2: Always Text Slower Than Him

Nowadays, people reply to each other immediately via text message; it’s sort of like playing ping pong. Keep an idea of how long it takes him to respond to your text messages and don’t text him quicker than he responds to you. This may sound childish, but trust us, it works. Want to know why? Well, it’s a huge turn off for him because if you text him the second he messages you, it means you have nothing going on, which is very unattractive to men.
You need to make him think you’re busy and have a life of your own. Even if you are just sitting at home petting your cat, don’t respond as soon as your cell phone lights up. Take your time, at least give it a few minutes before lunging at your phone to text back.

Tip #3: Wait for Him to Text First

So the two of you talked about going on a date on Friday night, but it’s already Thursday and the last time you heard from him was Monday when he sent you a funny picture about how he hates Monday mornings. You are just about to send him a text message to confirm the dinner plans… But after you write the message out, you pause and hold back on hitting send. Good thing you did, because he texts you forty minutes later.

While you were about to send him a text message, your guy was at home showering, maybe hitting the gym, or maybe he had written a message too and like you, also decided not to send it, waiting to see if you would message first.
You tell yourself that the reason you were about to text him was because you wanted to confirm your plans or that you wanted to make sure your night was booked because your work friend was asking you to go out. But you know that’s not the real reason. The reason you were about to text him is because you wanted to hear from him.

There might be times when you really want to send him a text message, but you should never come off as needy or desperate. Make him wonder what you’re doing, make him miss you, and make him think about how much he wants to spend time with you.

Get a Life… This Is Something Important

The next important thing to do is to get a life, preferably to decline invitations because you already have plans of your own. But if you have never declined an invitation from a man, it might be time to pretend you’re busy or make genuine plans with your girlfriends.

Don’t be rude or cancel plans at the last minute, but if you have plans before he asks you out, this will serve as a reminder that you have a life of your own. And guess what that is for men? Very attractive!

Be Mysterious

There might be times when you are dating a man and you feel like you can let loose and say and do whatever you want. You feel like you can talk to him about everything, killing the mystery. Not only should he be wondering where you’re at or what you’re doing, but he should also be wondering more about you. Allow him to wonder what you do in your spare time and what are you thinking inside.

A little bit of mystery is very exciting in the dating world, and you need to have it.

Remember not to always be present, because if you are always present, then he’s going to get bored of you quickly. The key of having men find you irresistible is to have a little mystery. Mystery is the key ingredient here.
If you’re struggling to find a happy and satisfying relationship on your own, contact our New Jersey Singles
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