New Jersey Singles Dating Service Reviews the Perks of Dating an Intelligent Partner

Should you date someone smart, or should you be the smarter one in the relationship? Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will review the many benefits of dating someone smart.

Dating a very smart person can be a double edged sword. You get the perks of having a partner with a high IQ, but you can be subject to many disadvantages when dating someone who is a lot smarter than you. Confused whether it’s a good or bad thing? Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will review the perks of dating someone with a higher IQ than you.

Let’s face it, intelligence is a very attractive quality when it comes to dating, and to be honest, we know that being good looking can take a backseat to dating someone smart. More and more people are choosing their partners based on how they can hold a conversation rather than their looks. So let’s get to it and figure out the many benefits that come along with dating a smarter person. That’s right, we don’t want you to feel intimidated by dating someone who is smarter than you. Relax, it’s a good thing!


How Do You Know They Are Smarter Than You?

What makes a person smart? Is it because they can achieve the best scores or is it their ability to analyze a problem and handle it efficiently? No one can judge a person based on those things alone. You need to go through many different checks and be checked by a psychologist in order to figure out your exact IQ; however, knowing a person well enough helps you determine whether they are smart or not. Growing up with someone can tell you a lot about their intelligence, high grades, and achievements can also tell you their level of intelligence. If they have a three digit IQ, then you know they are on the genius scale.

The Perks of Dating a Smarter Person

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to dating a smarter person solely because they can make you a better person. That’s right, they can help you improve yourself, and you can grow with them. There are many things to consider when dating someone smarter than you, and today, our New Jersey matchmakers will review all of them for you.

1. They Can Help You Solve Problems Quickly

It’s not just their intelligence that gives them the edge when it comes to handling problems. By taking the position of the smarter partner, they will often take on the role of solving all the problems in the relationship. Although they might not get it 100% right every single time, you can rest assured they will be the one handling the problems face on and helping you learn to do the same.

2. You Can Ask Them Any Question & They’ll Have the Answer

Dating a smarter person is like dating a Google search engine bar. Aside from knowing a lot about a plethora of different things, smart people tend to work harder to help you with information as well. When they are feeling like their intelligence has been challenged, they will study so they can learn new things and be up to date with the latest so they can answer any future question that comes their way.

3. Having Them Around Makes You a Smarter Person

It is human nature to compete with those around us and in a relationship it’s no difference. Instead of being angry at your partner for being smarter than you, you will use the situation to become a better person because their intelligence will rub off on you and make you want to improve yourself.

4. You Don’t Need a Calculator

Smart people have a calculator imbedded in their head.
Let’s face it, as adults in the modern tech world, we have forgotten to solve simple problems without turning to our computers, tablets, and handy dandy smartphones. Smart people don’t need to check their computers or smart phones, they can figure out the bill or other math problems in a few quick seconds.


5. You Will Learn New Things with Them

Our New Jersey matchmakers know that smart people have an appetite for learning, and that’s good for you. Whether it’s about learning a new quirk, learning about the stock market, or learning a new language, smart people love learning new things, and what they love even more is sharing them with their partner.

6. You Are Safe in Their Presence

A smart person can walk you step by step helping you out of a bad spot or helping you solve a problem to get you out of a jam. Smart people have the capacity to think quickly on their feet and this is why they come in very handy in the case of an emergency.

7. Your Parents Will Love Them

It’s easy to overlook tattoos or piercing if your boyfriend or girlfriend has the mind of Shakespeare, wouldn’t you agree?

8. You’ll Have Smart Children

Who doesn’t want to have smart children? Evidence suggests that if a child is nurtured in a smart environment, they will be smart as well.

Smart or not, your partner is someone you’ll have to spend time with or live with on a daily basis, so you need to appreciate them for the good things they bring to the table. Although sometimes people who are smart can get a little edgy, you need to be there by their side. Every relationship consists of two different people who have their own talents, skills, and attributes, and as you can tell, dating a smarter person definitely has its perks.
However, you shouldn’t feel threatened by dating someone who is a lot smarter than you. Just because your partner is able to solve problems faster than you or has a triple digit IQ doesn’t make you any lesser of a person than them. As long as both of you love each other on the same level, your relationship will continue to thrive regardless of who is smarter than who.

If you’re currently single and looking to settle down with an intelligent, mature, relationship-ready man or woman, contact our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us help you find your ideal match today!

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