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If you really want to make your boyfriend happy, New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers suggest you don’t do any of the following things. Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that send him a stronger message.

Every woman knows the things she needs to do to make a man happy. But what are the things that make him unhappy and scare him away? Many women have already been taught the things they must do; however, they don’t know the big no-no’s of a relationship that make a man angry, hurt, or scared for the future.

If you want to keep your boyfriend happy, you want to avoid saying and doing the things reviewed in this article. So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews how to keep your boyfriend happy. It’s simple and to the point.


1. Don’t Be Jealous

Easier said than done, right? Where does jealousy come from? Our men or our own insecurities? If you were truly secure in yourself, you would not be so quick to feel jealous. If you trust yourself, you have no reason to think in a jealous way. If you know your self-worth, you know he will be the one who loses if he messes up. Your time is too valuable to be worrying about jealousy. Unless you see it firsthand, don’t look for it because jealousy can push your man away. If you have self-worth, trust him, unless he gives you reasons not to trust him.

If you don’t give him a tight leash, then he will want to live up to your standards. Jealousy from either person is a huge turn off, so don’t let those thoughts creep up in your mind.

2. Don’t Fight with His Mother

Even if your boyfriend talks badly about his mother, it does not give you the right to say something bad about her. If you don’t want to cross the line, then you don’t say anything about his mother. Instinctive feelings will come up if anyone puts his mother down, and it’s not worth it to ruin your relationship just to get out a few lines about her. Keep those thoughts to yourself and you’ll make your boyfriend happy.

3. Don’t Go Back on Your Word

If you really want to see your boyfriend happy, then stick to your word. The same way you want him to do what he says, he wants you to do what you promise. Call when you say you will, arrive on time, and never stand him up. If you blow him off or forget to stick to something you promised, it will make you look like you don’t care about him but also make you look irresponsible.

Following through with what you promise will build strength and trust in your relationship. If you’re flaky, he’ll get turned off. If your boyfriend is serious about you, he doesn’t want to play games, so never go back on your word.

4. Don’t Be Bossy

If you want to keep him happy, try not to be too bossy with him. Have you ever seen a woman calling all the shots? The poor guy gets whipped away and she is the dominant one. It’s no fun for a man. If you have a tendency to be a control freak, try to keep it under control with him.

Be reasonable and thoughtful and always check with him to see what he wants to do. Ask him what he wants to eat, what movie he wants to watch, and so on. Sweet men can be pushovers, just like women can, but don’t take advantage of that or you may lose him.

5. Don’t Insult His Friends

When you start to date someone, it takes a while to get to know them and the history they have with their friends. Maybe they have been through a lot together, maybe they are like brothers, so never belittle his friends. Classy ladies know how to keep their negative thoughts to themselves.

When you talk about his friends, New Jersey Singles encourages you to always talk about their good qualities. This will help you create a good relationship between you and them. If your boyfriend feels like he has to choose between you and his friends, it’s not going to be good. Keep him happy, and if you don’t have anything nice to say about his friends, then don’t say anything at all.

6. Don’t Break the Trust

This is something obvious, and something you should already know to never break. If you have created a habit of telling white lies, he’s going to notice and lost trust in you. And don’t think this one just applies to him, because you will also break the trust if you lie to others. If he sees you lying to family and friends about things, he will think you will have no problem lying to him as well.

Just think about what it would be like if he was to lie to you. If your man lies to his friends and family with no problem, he will easily lie to you too, right? It probably makes you feel uncomfortable and unsure about a solid future together. If you want to keep him happy, try not to break the trust.

7. Don’t Pressure Him to Take Things to the Next Level

It takes patience to create a strong relationship and if you pressure him to move in together or get engaged, chances are he’s going to feel pressured by you. It is best to let a relationship take its course regardless of how slow it’s going. Moving in together or getting engaged is not something you want to rush.

If you are too eager to take things to the next level, it might show him that you are insecure about the relationship. Remember that titles don’t change anything, and you can end up destroying your relationship because of how much pressure you’re putting on him.

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