New Jersey Singles Complaints – I Ran Out of Things to Talk about!

Are you and your man running out of things to talk about or have you just gotten into a new relationship and feeling a little clueless what you can discuss each other? Don’t worry, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you what to talk about with your boyfriend, easy topics that can pave the way for more conversation.

There is much more to a relationship than the physical closeness and intimacy. You also need to be able to openly talk with your boyfriend and develop a deep connection; after all, without talking, there isn’t much else you will be doing together.

Making conversation, however, isn’t always as easy as you think it will be. In fact, it can be scary, especially for women are introverted and have trouble naturally striking up conversation. And since a real relationship is not all about the physical, it’s about the intellectual, you’re going to need to brush up on your conversation skills.

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have put together a list of great options to talk about with your boyfriend. It’s basic and it’s effective, and it will be how you and your boyfriend get the conversation going. It doesn’t really matter what the stage of the relationship you’re at, you can use this on every dinner conversation and it will pave the way for more conversation. So let’s get to them.


1. Sports

There is a high chance that one of you in this relationship is into playing sports or at least watching their favorite team on TV. Now that football season is here, try to have a conversation about each other’s football teams, or better yet, go to a local sporting event and have fun discussing the game and rooting with (or against) each other.

Even better, if you’re both into sports, you can make a future date revolving around those things you’re into. How about a round of tennis, a run in the park, or a nice long hike or bike ride?

2. Comic books

The world of comic books is unlimited and your boyfriend is bound to like something. Maye he is not so much into them now, but maybe in his younger years he was. If he was, it’s likely something he was passionate about, so have fun listening and learning new things about him.

3. Skateboarding or Rollerblading

If there is one thing are passionate about, it’s their pasts. So what was your man into? Many men were into skateboarding or rollerblading in their younger years, or perhaps he was into skiing or snowboarding. If your boyfriend was into something growing up, trust us when we say he’ll be able to go on talking for hours. Guess why? Because he was probably good at it. If he was into rollerblading or skiing, then maybe you can even make a date out of it by going rollerblading at a nearby park or skiing at your favorite spot. What’s that, you never skied? Even better, he’ll get a real ego boost teaching you how!

4. Action/War

Many men are into action, and that’s no secret. The best way to start a conversation about this is to rent a movie. And trust us when we tell you this, men will watch any movie that has action in it. Your man will be happy to discuss the movie with you, especially if he is a war buff and you watch a good war movie together.

5. Arts

On the other side of the glove, there are many men who are into art or are even artists themselves. When it comes to art, there are so many different variations of it, so you can’t go wrong. You can try going to a local art museum or enroll in a sculpting or painting class. Arts and crafts are no longer for women just so you know.

6. Favorite Movies

Everyone has a list of movies they want to go see, and you really can’t go wrong here. Go ahead and discuss it with your boyfriend to see if there is something you both want to go watch at the theater or something to rent and take home. Also, the movies you watch together will give you more things to talk about.

7. Favorite Foods

Speaking of going out on dates, why not talk about each other’s favorite foods. Is there a different cuisine you’ve been dying to try? Are you hungry for something right now? We bet he is! So go ahead and talk about anything culinary and you’ll be sure to grab his attention. If you know your way around the kitchen, surprise him with a nice home cooked meal.

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8. Each Other’s Dreams

This topic can give you many things to talk about. If you had some crazy dreams overnight, then that could be a great conversation starter. Unless he is one of those men who never remembers a dream, he is going to have something to add to the conversation.

This one might depend where you’re both at in your relationship, but another thing you can talk about is the future and what both of you expect and hope for. What are each of your goals? What do you want to accomplish? Where do you each see yourselves 10 years from now?

9. Each Other’s Day

One of the simplest yet overlooked conversation starters is discussing each other’s days. If you don’t ask him about his day, there is a good chance he won’t tell you about it. Men aren’t like women, they don’t just open up about their feeling; therefore, you need to get it out of him. Tell him about your day, what you did, and then ask him about his.

10. Favorite Books

Everyone has a favorite book and author, so why not ask him to tell you about his. Or better yet, the two of you could even read a book together? Have you ever seen those happy couples in the park who are sharing a book? Well, that could be you. It’s romantic, give it a shot.

11. Each Other’s Family

Okay, we know. There are good stories and bad stories when it comes to family. One of the quickest ways to get to know your boyfriend is to ask him about his family. Share some of your childhood pranks with him, talk about your weird cousin Donna, or that family vacation you used to take every year. Family is always a good choice for conversation, just don’t delve too deep.

12. Favorite Music

One of the easiest things to discuss with your boyfriend is music. There are so many different styles of it. Talking about music can bring about a lot of opportunities for dating. Is your favorite band coming to town, or is his?

13. The Future as a Couple

If you’re looking for something more serious to talk about with your boyfriend, then talk about the future together. In fact, our matchmakers recommend you have this conversation. You can talk about long term and short term. Or, if it’s a brand new relationship, you can talk about what both of you will be doing in the coming weeks. The point here is to make plans that include each other, even if it’s just planning another date to go see his favorite band that coming next week.
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