New Jersey Singles | 5 Reasons You’ll Never Find Love w/ Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites in NJ have become very popular these days, and thousands of singles in New Jersey are logged onto these free and cheap online dating sites right now. But our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that people who join dating sites don’t always have the same purpose and intentions, and it can be hard to figure out who is in it for what.

Many people sign up for free dating sites just to browse around, while others do it to find quick flings and booty calls. Most people on dating sites are there because it’s free and easy and they want to try their luck.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re only wasting their time until it’s too late. Men and women are both disappointed with the results they see.

There are plenty of jokers out there who don’t mind playing with someone feelings and don’t mind taking advantage of someone who is really looking for love. Although online dating sites are free, they can cost you a lot in terms of wasting your time and energy.

Of course there may be people out there who found love online and are now happy, but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack or winning the lottery. To simply put it, the odds are not in your favor. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you why you’re not likely to find love online.

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1. Websites Promise You the World

Many dating sites operate exclusively by luring you in with lies and deceit. They lie about their reputation and effectiveness—and current users too. We’re here to let you know many of those sites don’t even have half of the users they claim to have, but of course they’re not going to tell you that. They claim to have thousands of users, making them look popular and appealing. Are you registered to a free dating site right now, but not having any luck finding the sexy and attractive people they lured you in with? Well, that’s because those users never existed to begin with.

You need to remember that people are creating these sites with the sole purpose of getting love seeking users to sign up. This is one of the cleverest marketing techniques to lure lonely hearts in—and you fell for it. Dating sites promise users the world but come up short when it comes to delivering the results.

They claim you’ll find the perfect match and finally true love, getting you very excited about and anxious… But stop right there! Take one second and think of all the dangers associated with meeting singles online. You will be disclosing your personal information with a stranger who you know nothing about… Not just one stranger but many (all the world can see—friends, family, work colleagues, clients. Now, let that sink in for a second.

2. Fake Profiles

There is no shortage of fake profiles on dating sites (and we’re not talking about the sexy users the creators of the sites used to lure you in). There are real people out there making profiles just to cheat on their partners. Many times, it’s men who create these profiles to cheat on their wife or girlfriend. They make fake profiles creating fake names, fake images, and fake information, causing many people to fall victim without know it… until it’s too late.

People who create fake profiles are usually doing it for ulterior motives and are obviously hiding something. We know all too well that dating sites are full of liars and cheats. You’ve heard it on TV, read it online, and you know it’s true, too. You just choose not to listen to it because you were so hopeful to find love online. If you are a dating site user, beware, because the person you are talking to may not be who they claim they are.

3. Marketplace Mentality

Another reason our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know you’re not likely to find love online is because you’ll develop the marketplace mentality. What does that mean? Well, it means you have too many options at your disposal—cognitive overload, if you will.

You need to understand that the people you’re talking to online are also talking to other people. Why would they stop? They can talk to anyone they want and you’ll never know.

4. Online Predators

While many men join dating sites for the sole purpose of getting booty, there are some out there who are far worse. There are some men out there with criminal records, real life sexual predators! A quick Google check of online dating predators will give you hundreds of pages of people who were threatened, stalked, attacked, or even raped. Because online dating sites do not have any screening or background process, anyone can join one of these risky sites.

In some cases, men and women have been blackmailed because the person they hooked up with took pictures or videos and threatened to release them to people they know. The truth is, you never know who you’re talking to through an online dating site. That nice gentleman you’re talking to can have a long criminal record or a wife and children at home. Men, don’t think this doesn’t affect you, because there are many women who also have criminal records or ulterior motives. There have been many cases where women trapped men into sending nude photos to extort money by threatening to release them to their work or family.

5. Fake Matchmaking

Some free dating sites claim they have the right techniques to match two people together, but our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that’s a joke. We know all too well that a computer cannot make a match. If a website claims they can find you the perfect partner by filtering out candidates, they’re playing on your weakness—your lonely heart.

Only a certified matchmaker with experience in the dating industry can make a real match and help find you real love.

If you are looking for true love, and you’re sick and tired of the results you’re getting online, do not hesitate to call one of our experienced New Jersey Singles matchmakers today. We are a word of mouth matchmaking service and have been successfully operating for almost three decades. If you’re serious about your love life, give us a call at 1 (888) 417-0020 today and let us help find you the quality match you deserve. We qualify all clients, thorough screening and running background checks on EVERYONE, ensuring they’re emotionally, legally, and financially fit to date our upscale clients.

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