When to Meet the Parents with New Jersey Matchmakers

Whether you’re meeting their parents or they are meeting yours, timing is very important. Today, our professional matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you the tell-tale signs you’re ready to make it happen.

Do not introduce your new partner to your family just because you feel like it. This is something you need to do when you are both ready to make it happen. Figuring out when the right time can certainly be challenging and it will have a lot to do with your family and your partner. If your parents are laidback, then you can do it sooner than later. You know your parents well, so you know when to make it happen.

If your parents are the more formal type, you know, the ones that always wear a suit and tie and have formal dinners, then perhaps you need to take more time to get everything prepared so all goes over well. Either way, all parties must be ready for the meeting so things go smoothly.


The Right Time to Meet the Parents

Our professional matchmaking advice for you is to plan something a little intimate so everyone has the chance to properly get to know each other. But of course, everything is up to you. Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you the top signs that it’s time to make the big meet happen.

1. You Are Exclusively Together

You will know that the right time has come when the two of you are exclusive with each other. There is no point of getting the whole meeting set up if the two of you are just casually dating. Once you have decided that both of you are in a steady and settled relationship, then meeting the parents should definitely happen.

2. Your Partner Has Met All Your Friends

If your partner has hung out with your friends more than once, then it’s safe to say that they are ready to meet the parents. Of course there is less pressure when meeting a group of friends than when meeting your parents, but if your group of friends have already approved, then it’s safe to assume that your parents will also approve of your partner. After all, friends can be very judgmental.

3. Your Partner Has Already Met Different Family Members

Whether your partner has met a certain family member just by accident or intentionally, once they have met a family member, then you know it’s time to meet the parents.

For example, if you and your current partner have run into an uncle at the local supermarket and you introduced them so you didn’t come off as rude, then you need to remember that they will talk. If your family is like most people’s families, they are constantly talking to each other, so news will spread quickly that your uncle has met your current boyfriend or girlfriend before the parents (big no-no).

Even a small encounter like that can lead to drama. Save yourself the drama and introduce your current partner to your parents before they meet any other family member. The same rule applies if your sister or brother meets them before your parents. Expectations will be set, prejudgments are bound to be made, and before you know it, and your parents will be bugging you to make the introduction happen anyways.

4. You Always Talk about the Future

Once you start talking in terms of us rather than we, then you know the time has come. If you see yourself being with a partner and visual the future with them, the next course of action will be to make the big introduction happen. This means they are ready to meet the people who brought you into this world. That step will make your partner feel secure and happy in the relationship. They’ll know things are heading in the right direction.

5. The Idea Doesn’t Bother You

If the idea of your partner meeting your parents doesn’t scare you whatsoever, then what are you waiting for? That is a good sign that you are comfortable with each other and are ready to make it happen. You need to ensure that your parents feel the same way so the introduction can go smoothly.

6. You’re Proud of Them

It is very difficult to introduce a partner to your parents if your boyfriend is a slacker or your girlfriend is an alcoholic, but if you are proud of who they are as a person, it is inevitable you want the whole world to know about their accomplishments. You want people close to you to see that the person you’re in love with is the right one for you.

7. Everyone Is Ready for It

Okay, if you cannot figure out when the right time to make it happen is, let’s take the easy way out and ask everyone if they’re ready for the introduction. Speak to your parents about the special someone you’re dating and look at the reaction on their faces when you bring up setting up a meeting or a family dinner. Once you think everyone is comfortable enough to make it happen, the next step is to set up a date and do it.

Meeting the parents for the first time is a big step whether you think so or not. You might be surprised how many relationships don’t work out because of the initial meeting. As much as you like your new partner, what your family thinks of them will weigh heavily on your relationship. Never underestimate your parents’ intuition when it comes to determining the character of the person you’re dating. Parents have a weird sixth sense when it comes to things like that, so take your time and never rush it. You will know when the time is right.

Hopefully meeting the parents isn’t as difficult as you imagine it to be. As long as you know the time is right, you should have nothing to worry about. Now, all you need to worry about is how you’re going to help your partner make a great first impression.
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