Is It Time to Make It Official? Find Out with New Jersey Singles Matchmakers!

Those first few dates, the beginning of something nice, something many people crave. Those beginnings are fun and exhilarating, but they can also be confusing for many people who don’t know how to approach a serious relationship.

Is what you have a relationship? How can you tell? Have you been with this person for a while? Is it too soon to have that talk? These are all common questions that run through a woman’s mind when starting to date a new man.

Are you torturing yourself? Well, don’t. Instead of wondering if it’s too soon to commit, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have some things you must look out for so you can finally stop guessing and figuring it out for yourself. If you notice some of the signs we mention below, then it’s time to make what you have official.

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Why You Need to Have the Talk

Making your relationship official can be awkward, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, it needs to be done.   You need to have a conversation with your man and figure out if you’re both heading in the same direction. You deserve peace of mind in knowing he also wants what you want in a relationship, which is obviously something serious and meaningful.

  1. You Have Slept Together

If you have already taken it to the next level physically, then you are allowed to have the talk. Being intimate is a big step in a relationship and gives you the right to have the conversation with your partner.

  1. The Two of You Sleep Together

We are not referring to sleeping together as getting intimate. What we’re referring to here is sleeping together as a couple at night. If the both of you are already spending nights at each other’s houses, then you are allowed to have the relationship talk.

  1. Everything Has Become “Us”

When the two of you discuss plans or things to do in the future, “me” is replaced with “us.” Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this often indicates that both of you see each other as a couple for the long term. Take this as a good sign you’re in relationship territory.

  1. You No Longer Pursue Others

So you are still getting asked out on dates, and some of those people are attractive, but you have decided you will no longer see anyone else but him. You are not attracted by anyone anymore, not like you once were. In other words, you have your eye on someone and are blind to everyone else. If you and your partner are both declining dates with others, and have silently become exclusive to each other, then you are allowed to have the relationship talk.

  1. Friends & Family Think You’re Together

It helps dramatically if your friends or family members are noticing that the two of you seem to be a couple and refer to you as a couple. If your friends and family are passing jokes or making comments about the two of you, then you know you are at the next level and can go ahead and have that conversation with your partner.

  1. You Met Each Other’s Families

Some people spend a lot of time together before taking that big step of introducing each other to family. If you have already passed this point, you even and had a successful introduction with them, then you can go ahead and change your relationship status.

Meeting the parents is a big step in a relationship, and it’s even better if they liked you. If you are always getting invited to family get togethers, especially during the holidays, then you are already part of the family. In the world of dating, this is the best thing yet!

  1. You Already Have That Feel

We know that you had a relationship in the past and know exactly what a serious relationship feels like. You know the signs of exclusivity and that’s exactly what you have right now. Both of you spend all day together, do a lot of activities together, text each other throughout the day, and can’t wait to see each other in the evenings. If you are already feeling all the feelings you felt in your previous relationship, then it’s time to have the talk with your partner.

  1. You Have Become Their Everything

If you have become their everything, odds are both of you are already in a serious relationship. This means you’re not just a date to them, you’re their partner.

  1. You Are Each Other’s Best Friends

You tell each other everything and there is no need to keep anything hidden. They are the person you go to and let them know you got a job promotion and the one you turn to when you’re having a bad day. If you truly consider each other best friends, then you’re already in relationship waters. You owe it to yourself to have a talk with them.

  1. You Spend All Your Free Time Together

If you are spending your free time with them, hanging out on the couch watching movies, or going out on dates, then you know it’s time to make things official. If before you looked forward to weekends going shopping with the girls or Sunday brunches with your sister, and now you’re looking forward to weekends with him, then it’s time to make it official.

It can be awkward talking about where things are going for the two of you, but remember that the awkwardness is only a small price to pay to finally have peace of mind and know you’re in a happy and committed relationship. Making a relationship official is not hard work. As you can tell from the ten signs our New Jersey Singles matchmakers mentioned above, all you need to do is read between the lines.

If you’re single and searching for a partner to have a serious relationship with, don’t hesitate to contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service. We have created thousands of happy relationship, we know we can help you too!


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