Hackensack Dating Service Reviews How to Properly Meet the Parents

All too often, at New Jersey Singles Dating Service complaints and reviews stem from the sticky situation of meeting the parents.

Sooner or later you’re bound to meet the parents. What should you wear? What topics should you discuss? How should you behave? And what should you take if you’re going to their house?

Today, an expert matchmaker from New Jersey Singles dating service will reveal everything there is to know about making a good first impression when you meet the parents for the first time.

When it comes to meeting your partner’s family, you’ll probably be nervous like everyone who has been there before. There is a good chance that you’ll be so nervous that you forget certain things you have planned and arranged. This is very normal, and everyone freaks out a little when meeting the parents; after all, it is a big step in a relationship.

Now, your understandable nervousness doesn’t mean that you have a pass and don’t have to prepare yourself. You don’t want them to think you were not ready or that you don’t know how to behave in social situations. If you want to leave them with a good impression of you, then you need to follow these helpful rules. Get ready as our Hackensack dating experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service review how to properly meet the parents.


1. Dress for the Occasion

The first impression you give them will be the one they remember forever. Even if that impression goes down south, that’s what you’ll be stuck with. That is why it’s very important that the clothes you choose to wear when you meet them are the right type of clothing; after all, your appearance will be the first thing that notice.
While you might think your ripped up jeans are a fashion statement or that your revealing skirt is the right choice, our Hackensack dating experts know it’s bound to give the wrong impression. Anything that is a club type of outfit should not be worn when meeting the parents. The best look you can choose is casual, something you would normally wear to the office or to a business meeting. Women, don’t wear revealing outfits; men, don’t wear torn up or raggedy clothes. Wear something nice, casual, and relaxed. Also, ladies, don’t overdo it with the hairspray or makeup, and men, don’t drown yourself in cologne.

2. Be Polite with Them

This tip goes without saying, but you should always be polite when meeting your partner’s parents. Remember that they are judging you on everything you do, and that means you need to remember your manners and say please and thank you when needed. Be respectful of everyone who is present and their traditions, even if you are not familiar with them. If the family decides to say a prayer before eating, then go ahead and follow their lead. You need to keep in mind that you’re in their home and you must follow their rules. If things go well between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will soon be following the same traditions.

3. Eat the Food Served

Mothers take offense when they take a lot of time preparing a meal and no one eats it, so make sure you make a good impression by trying everything she has offered you. Thank her for the food she is making you and eat it even if you’re not hungry at the moment. No one is saying you have to go back for seconds or thirds, just simply eat the meal in front of you.

On another note: If the meal is homemade, then be sure to let her know how good it was. All moms love this kind gesture.

4. Laugh & Go Along with Their Jokes

If there is something that always happens at family get togethers, it’s those corny family jokes. Now, even though we might not always get them, the parents do, and sometimes, at their attempts of making us laugh, they fail. But guess what? You’re in their house and it’s your job to go along with them. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to laugh like you’re at a comedy show, just simply smile or giggle along.

Speaking of conversation, our Hackensack dating experts don’t want you to engage in any topic that can be controversial. This means no politics, religion, or sex talk. You want to refrain from talking about anything that could ignite a debate. If they ask you for your political or social opinion, answer it vaguely but do not delve into it.


5. Don’t Speak Too Much

Now, we all have a tendency of speaking a lot when we’re feeling nervous, and you want to talk while you’re with them, but the last thing you want to do is dominate the entire conversation. You need to ask your partner’s parents questions and let them answer them without treating it like a job interview. Watch how they speak and adapt to their style accordingly. If you notice the family is conservative, don’t speak too much or voice strong opinions. If the family is more open, then you can feel free to join in but do it respectfully.
You need to remember that you don’t know them yet, so you need to watch how you express yourself in front of them.

6. Don’t Smoke

Even if you are a regular smoker, our Hackensack dating experts don’t want you to smoke. Wait until you have gotten to know the entire family before you ever light up a cigarette. First, you need to understand that it’s rude to smoke a cigarette in someone else’s house. For all you know, they could have allergies or lung problems, so never assume it’s okay to smoke.

Another reason you don’t want to smoke is because parents assume that people who smoke are promiscuous or rebellious. Remember that you are a modern woman or gentleman, and the last impression you want to give them is a bad one. Now, if both parents go outside to smoke, then feel free to join them but never take the lead. Don’t ever smoke in their house, even if they do.

We know meeting the parents can be a nerve-wracking big step in a relationship, but as long as you follow these helpful tips from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, you should be just fine.
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