My Friends Dislike My Boyfriend – The Biggest New Jersey Singles Complaint

Do you ever get that feeling that your friends dislike the new man you’re currently dating? Well, that happens to be one of the biggest New Jersey Singles complaints. Today, our matchmaking and dating experts will show you some clear signs you’re hunch is right, along with some things you can do to fix it.

Friends can sometimes feel like a family; they’re always there to support you, they’re always there to take care of you, and they’ll be by your side to comfort you if you’re depressed when a relationship fails. Yes, it’s a great feeling to have great friends, especially ones you can count on—that is until the day they disapprove of the man you’re dating.

Now, at the end of the day, you must remember that it’s you and only you who makes the decisions about the man you’re dating, but it definitely helps to listen to those close to you since you might be too blinded by your boyfriend’s charms to see anything negative about him. This is where good friends come in handy because they, unlike you, are seeing things from a different perspective.


Signs Your Good Friends Don’t Like Your Boyfriend

Before we get into any detail, we must first verify if, in fact, your good friends dislike your boyfriend. Who knows, maybe those smart remarks you heard your friends making over happy hour were not about your boyfriend. So, let’s backtrack a little and figure out if, in fact, your girlfriends dislike your boyfriend.

1. They Clam Up When You Mention Anything about Him

You might notice that all of them become quiet as soon as you mention anything in regards to your man… And, no, it’s not because they want to listen carefully. It’s because they don’t want to say anything negative or let out any smart comments about him.

2. They Never Invite Him

You’re going out for a night on the town and you noticed that your friends are bringing their boyfriends, so you expected them to invite your boyfriend, right? Wrong. The invitation was only for you, not plus one.

3. They Don’t Join You When You’re with Your Man

You invite your friends over for a BBQ on Sunday and you mention your boyfriend will be manning the grill, but instead of sounding excited, they all of the sudden get silent and find a reason to back away from the plans.

4. You Always Heard the Quote, “I told you so.”

Whenever you mention that things are not going as well as you hoped they would go, you hear your friends telling you the famous, “I told you so.” Even if you are just telling them you’re a little angry because it took him all afternoon to respond to a message you sent him early in the morning, they have a smart jab to inject on you.

5. They Encourage You to Flirt with Men

You’re out on the town with your friends barhopping and having fun all night long, and when a man all the sudden makes a move on you, your friend encourage you to flirt back. Despite saying that you’re taken, your friends hit you back with a, “You’re not married yet.”


… Take Note

Now, if this happens once or twice, it’s okay, but if you notice these things are happening all the time, then you might be right about your friends not liking your boyfriend.

What You Need to Understand about Your Friends Not Liking Him

1. It’s Possible Your Friends Met Him During a Bad Time

First impressions mean everything, so if your friends met your boyfriend when he was in a bad mood, frowning, or even too tipsy, you can bet every dollar they’re going to dislike him. What you can do here is try telling your friends he was having a bad day and that he’s actually a very good person when you get to know him. Ask your friends if they could please give him another chance for you.

2. They Might Not Like Him Because of Their Own Problems

You need to understand that at the end of the day, your friends are only human beings too, meaning the whole problem might be on them. For example, if one of your friends dated a stock broker who dumped her and your new man is a stock broker, then that could be the reason why your friends don’t like him. Another example might be that your friends want you to remain single and since you now have a boyfriend, they’re afraid they’re going to lose you.

3. They See Things Without Those Rose-tinted Glasses

This is where having good friends comes into play. Your good friends might genuinely be looking out for you because, unlike you, they see things without those rose-tinted glasses. They might see that he is rude to the taxi driver, impolite with the wait staff, and a whole slew of other things you don’t see. This is where you should ask your friends to be 100% honest with you.

4. Your Friends Are Secretly Jealous

Are you the type of woman your friends used to count on to go out every weekend? Are they mad that instead of going out with them to hit the town you stay in for wine and cheese with your man? This might be the root of all problems. Your friends might feel like you completely vanished because you have a new boyfriend. This is why they dislike your boyfriend, not necessarily because he’s done anything wrong, but because they’re losing your attention to him.

So if you notice you’re having a hard time with your friends and your boyfriend, let’s hope that this list put together by our dating and matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service helps you sort everything out.

If you know that he’s a good guy that respects you and treats you well, continue to date him regardless of what your friends think. And if you didn’t know why they don’t like him, well, now you know why and hopefully you can resolve the issues at hand.

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