Why You Should Forget Online Dating & Hire a Matchmaking Professional

One of the most common New Jersey Singles complaints stems from the use of online dating sites. Today, our matchmaking and dating experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review why you should ditch online dating and hire a matchmaking professional on your quest for love.

Before hiring a professional matchmaking agency, many people make the terrible mistake of using an online dating site, and it’s understandable why so many people give it a try. Online dating ads flood our lives every day, constantly telling us how quick and easy it is to find a partner. They claim it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Unfortunately, although it might seem like the best place to meet local singles, online dating comes with a lot of cons. People use outdated pictures, lie on the bio, and act like someone they’re not. And with the free or lost cost of signing up to many of these internet dating sites, just about anyone with access to the internet can make an account—meaning swarms of single to sift through.

In the 25 years we’ve been in the business, we know how timesaving and efficient it is to have a matchmaker by your side when searching for love. A professional matchmaker like the ones found here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, provide an invaluable service that cannot be matched by online dating. An online dating site will not properly be able to coach you and prepare you for dates. In fact, they cannot coach you at all. And nor will they help you identify and break unhealthy patterns you may be committing in your dating life.

Today, our veteran matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will review the top reasons you need to hire a professional matchmaker if you’re serious about falling in love.


New Jersey Singles Dating Service Provides the Following:

1. Trust

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles make it their business to get to know you, your wants, needs, and desires in a lifelong partner. It is important for us to establish trust early on so that you feel free communicating your wishes to us. It is extremely difficult to trust someone you have never seen or spoken with, and with an online dating site, you can never be sure who you’re speaking to or what will happen if you decide to meet them.

2. Privacy

Our New Jersey matchmakers will only introduce you to like-minded and mature professionals who are looking for the same thing as you. Your information will never be released to the public or posted on the web for the world to see. By using our professional matchmaking services, you can rest assured that no one will ever find out you’re using our services unless you are the person who shares that information with them. Never again will you bump into a stranger who tells you they saw you on match.com or Tinder.

3. Safety

No one in the world likes to put themselves in danger, so we’re sure you don’t want to meet someone who ends up being your worst nightmare. Here at New Jersey Singles, we have met everyone in person, checked out their references, and run thorough background and criminal checks on them. Because of the stringent safety measures we employ, you can date knowing no one is out to get you.

4. Personalized Service

Your professional matchmaker will get to know you based on your unique personality traits, lifestyle, goals, career, and ambitions. Because we get to know each client on a one-to-one level, we are able to deliver compatible matches. Doesn’t that sound better than relying on a computer to generate a match for you?

5. Your Time Is Saved with Us

Never again will you have to rush home from work to spend hours behind your computer responding to dozens of messages. Never again will you go out on an array of bad dates with people whom you have nothing in common with. Never again will you get to a date only to be disappointed because the person looks nothing like they did on their online profile. Again, your professional matchmaker will take care of all those important details for you. And because everyone in our database is serious, attractive, and looking to meet like-minded individuals, you’re guaranteed to find someone who clicks with you. Time is never wasted here at New Jersey Singles.

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6. Select Screening

Our professional matchmakers meet with everyone in person before we ever decide to make an introduction. With online dating, there is no way of knowing if the person sitting behind the screen has a criminal record, is a scammer, or has a husband or wife at home. No more worrying about your date’s true identity or what they’re keeping hidden from you. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and we’re able to detect when someone is lying—there’s no getting past us.
7. Personalized Support

After each introduction, a matchmaker will follow up to gather valuable feedback. Using this feedback is a very important step to our matchmaking success. This valuable feedback helps our matchmakers zero in on your perfect match, unless of course they made the first introduction the last one for you… and we’ve done it many times. When you date online, there isn’t a professional dating expert debriefing you or providing you with dating coaching for your next introduction. With a professional matchmaker, you won’t be left back at square one looking through more profiles of local people to date.

Hopefully by now you have seen all the benefits that come along with hiring a professional matchmaker. We know you take your dating life seriously, so please stop relying on online dating sites and hire one of our certified matchmakers today. You will not be disappointed with the results! We are New Jersey’s leading dating service with four locations across the state.

If you’re ready to take the next step to improve your romantic life, contact one of our four offices today or visit: http://newjerseysingles.com

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