Colts Neck Matchmakers – 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Man Feel Loved

As a woman, you most likely enjoy being shown affection and cuddled by your boyfriend, so you might think it’s a little weird that men prefer to be respected rather than loved. This isn’t to say your boyfriend doesn’t want you to love him; it simply means he wants to be treated with respect. For men, showing respect is a sign of love.

Some men feel loved when they’re given gifts, while others prefer to have meaningful actions. But if there is one thing our Colts Neck matchmakers know, it’s that men crave respect and honesty. Are you giving your man the respect and honesty he desires?

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New Jersey Singles Matchmakers Reveal the Top 10 Things Men Love to Hear

If you feel like you have no clue what to say to your man to make him feel special anymore, our Colts Neck matchmakers have the top things to really put a smile on his face.

  1. Thank You

As simple as this phrase might seem, it means you are recognizing him for doing something. If he made you a nice meal, gave you his coat, took you out to eat, or even watched a movie with you (even though he hated it), then you need to say thank you. He loves you, and even though he’s not saying it, he’s showing you his love by doing things he knows you’ll appreciate. Be nice and give him a thank you because he obviously deserves it.

  1. I’m So Proud of You

Who doesn’t love hearing this phrase? When you tell him you’re proud, it means he has met your expectations, which is a good thing. It means he has done something for you or the family and you are proud of him for it. This phrase validates his hard work and shows that you respect and love him, but most importantly, it shows that you are proud to have him as your partner.

  1. I Love You So Much

This one goes without an explanation; after all, men and women both enjoy hearing these words. But at the same time, you don’t want to overuse these words and play out their meaning.

  1. I Believe You Can Do It

Every man loves hearing that his woman believes in him. Your man wants to know that you have faith in his ability to be successful and accomplish important things in life. Men are known for being goal-oriented, so the best way you can show him you love him is by supporting him and encouraging to accomplish the things he wants to do.

  1. I’ll Let You Handle It

This one works well in certain scenarios. For example, you can say it when he is going to do something for the home, which is something he is most likely better at than you. But never say this sarcastically; this is not something you want to say when you know he can’t do it properly. We encourage you use this one to show him you’re letting him take over because you trust in him and his abilities.

  1. I Trust You

Men work hard for their girlfriends and go out of their way to impress them. And even though you have been with your man for many months, or even years, trust still plays a huge part in your relationship. You need to trust that he can make the right choices, handle situations properly, and solve any problem that comes up. When he feels you can trust him, he will feel secure in the relationship. And trust us, there is no better way to make a man feel great inside than by showing him you trust him and can rely on him.

  1. I’m Happy to Have You as My Partner

Use this phrase in a moment of crisis where he is acting like a hero. It could be something as small as fixing a leaky faucet or fixing your computer from a virus. Your man wants to know that he is always your knight in shining armor and can save you from anything.

  1. You Are So Great at This

Sounds cheesy, we know, but men love hearing this phrase. When he is doing something that requires skill and concentration, let him know he’s great at it. It doesn’t matter if he’s fixing a flat on your car, repainting the kitchen, or making you an Italian meal, let him know he’s got it! Acknowledge his skills in the things he enjoys doing.

  1. Look at Yourself

This is the type of phrase that will truly boost his ego. It could be a compliment on how muscular and toned he has gotten lately or how nicely his work suit fits him. Just like you like receiving compliments, our Colts Neck matchmakers know that men also like hearing they look good, especially when it comes from their partners.

  1. Any Sound of Pleasure

Okay, so this isn’t a phrase, but it’s still very important. No words will be needed for this one. Never hesitate to let him hear your sounds of approval because he wants to know that you are happy. Showing him how good he makes you feel is something that will make him feel accomplished and special.

Men are simpler than people make them out to be. Men enjoy being respected because that’s how they feel loved. You can use cute text messages and flirting, but nothing captivates a man more than when their girlfriend recognizes their hard work and efforts. Men are programed to be the caretakers in the relationship and we know they take a lot of pride in that role. Showing him you trust him and recognizing his hard work and skills will certainly improve your relationship and make him feel loved.

A simple phrase of acknowledgement or showing your trust in him will let you know you love him, respect him, and admire him—and that’s all he needs to know to be happy. Remember, your actions AND words both play an important role in your relationship.

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