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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Signs You’re in a One-Sided Relationship

Love is beautiful.  It gives you an overall feeling of happiness and joy.  It can build and grow stronger over time, but if you don’t nourish it, it can also diminish.  If love is clouding your judgement and you’re worried love has taken a wrong turn over time, read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale warning signs your partner no longer feels the same for you.

You know your feelings, but you don’t know your partner’s.  You’re confused, worried, and fearing the worst.  Is your partner using you?  No matter how badly you want to fix things and get your relationship back on track, you can’t do much for the relationship if your partner doesn’t love you in return.

Many people make the mistake of staying in a relationship thinking they’ll change their partner’s mind or that their partner will eventually come around and love them again.  But staying in a bad relationship will only cause you pain and hurt down the road.

To avoid this pain, the best thing for you to do is face your situation head on.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the signs you’re in a one-sided relationship and it’s time to walk away and find someone who shares the same feelings for you.


New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs You’re Wasting Your Time

To help daters and love seekers, New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of love and dating on a weekly basis, providing expert dating coaching and relationship advice.  Today, our professional matchmakers will touch on the signs of a one-sided relationship.

1. Your partner is okay with routines.

When you try to spice things with a spontaneous road trip or even something smaller like trying a new restaurant in town, your partner grunts and ignores you.  When you suggest something new, they always take it personally.  In essence, they like doing the same thing, day after day.

2. Your relationship feels stale.

It comes as no surprise that after reading the first bullet point, you’re realizing things in your relationship have gotten a bit stale.  When you’re in a one-sided relationship, things do feel stale—and that’s because your partner no longer puts efforts into the relationship.

3. Social situations feel awkward.

When the two of you receive a party invitation, your partner will not be lovey dovey with you like normal couples are—and everyone else will notice it too.  Your partner will behave awkwardly, perhaps only speaking when spoken to, causing you a lot of grief and worry.

4. They keep you away from important people.

If your partner keeps you away from their friends and family, then you need to consider this a red flag.  A loving partner will encourage you to come around the people they love.  They will rejoice at the thought of you being friends with their friends and love it when you get along with their family.  If your partner is keeping you away from all the people in their life, then you know something is wrong.

5. Physical touch is out of the picture.

In the early stages of your relationship, neither of you could keep your hands off each other, but your partner never touches you now.  Of course the relationship will never be the same as it was during the early stages, but your partner should at least show loving gestures here and there.  If you can’t remember the last time your partner held your hand, caressed you, or cuddled you, then you know they’re not in love anymore.

6. There’s no sexual interest.

Of course you don’t have to have sex every night, and in seasoned relationships, sex does decrease.  But again, if you can’t remember the last time you were intimate with your partner, then you need to ask yourself why… and why you’re wasting your time.

7. Your partner takes you for granted.

If you prepare your partner their favorite meal and they show no appreciation for it, it’s because they’re taking you for granted.  Your kind gestures mean nothing to them these days, and whatever you do, you just can’t seem to please them.  And every time you bring up the issue, they tell you to stop nagging them.

8. They don’t share things with you.

In the early stages of the relationship, you could both share anything with each other… How your day went, your pending projects, your family drama, your friends’ problems, and everything in between.  But you’re the only one sharing things in the relationship nowadays.  Your partner never tells you anything and has become really closed off.

9. Kind words have gone extinct.

The words “I love you” are extinct in your relationship.  You are the only one in the relationship that says kind and loving words.  If that’s the case, then it’s obvious the love has gone out the window and your relationship has become one-sided.

10. Your partner has started bad habits.

It could be that your partner has started smoking, heavily drinking, or spending too much money, and it’s putting a strain on your relationship.  If your partner really loved you, they would not do these things they know cause unnecessary stress.  But if your partner has lost the love, they’ll start making poor choices, particularly ones that disregard you.

11. There is no motivation to change.

A good couple inspires each other to become better in life.  Maybe the woman is creative and inspires her man to work his way up at his job… Maybe the man is smart and helps the woman open her own business.  These are examples of what happy couples do for each other: they encourage each other to improve in life.

If your partner doesn’t care what you do, and never motivates you whatsoever, then it’s because they don’t really care for you.

12. There aren’t any common goals.

You want to get married, have two dogs, and settle down.  Your partner wants to live in the city, party, and put minimum efforts into their life.  If that’s the case, then it’s obvious this is a one-sided relationship and you’re wasting your time.

If, by the end of this list, you realize you’re in a one-sided relationship, you need to understand one thing:  there is nothing you can do to change this.  The love is gone and your only choice is to move on with your life without them.

If you’re tired of being in one-sided relationships, and are looking for a partner who will love and care for you the same way you care for them, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to arrange for a COMPLIMENTARY matchmaking consultation with one of our dating experts.

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Planning for an Amazing Date

If you’re like many single men in New Jersey, you might not know how to plan a great first date, but we’re here to help you out. First, just let us say that first dates don’t have to be as nerve-wracking as people make them out to be. If you want to have a successful date, then you need to prepare ahead of time and tailor the date to fit each of your personalities. In fact, all you need to do is pick the right environment, one that allows you and your date to talk and connect with one another.

So your first date is quickly creeping up… Where should you go? What places should you avoid? But most importantly, what do you need to do?

New Jersey Singles reviews everything you know about crafting the most memorable first date of your life. Warning: it will lead to a second one!

New Jersey Singles Reviews Rules for a Successful Date

new jersey singles reviews - pissed consumer

1. Base the date on common interests.

During your initial meeting with this woman, try to discover her passions, interests, goals, and hobbies, while sharing yours as well. If you have no clue what she is into, it will be nearly impossible to plan a successful date.

If both of you are into exploring different cuisines, opt to check out some exotic cuisine. If the two of you are coffee fanatics, a coffee date will be ideal.

2. Don’t spend too much.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we’re big believers of a spoiling a woman, but that’s not always the best approach for a first date. Going overboard on a first date can put a lot of pressure on a woman and can potentially scare her away. If you spend too much the first time you go out, you risk coming off too strong or sending the wrong message. Your goal is not to buy her affection but rather to let her experience it in a natural way.

Showing up to your first date with long stem roses and an expensive bottle of champagne is not necessary. Bring the best version of yourself and let your personality win her over.

Keep things simple. Nothing will kill the mood faster than sitting in rush hour traffic or driving around in circles trying to find parking. Do you really want her to wait an hour for a table at the restaurant? No, of course you don’t. You need to plan your dates right.

Do not make her drives miles to see you; after all, you’re a gentleman and it’s your job to make things simple. If she is a half an hour away from you, go to her or meet her halfway. On the same note, don’t plan a date that is hard to get to or anything that will be too chaotic—that will only add to the first date jitters. When it comes to planning the best first dates, simplicity is the best route.

4. Encourage Conversation

A successful first date is one where both people can openly communicate with each other, which is why we’re against heading to the movies on a first date. Can a movie date work? Of course it can, but there are better date ideas for mature daters. Movies dates force you to sit in silence and don’t allow you to get to know each other.

You want to have a good time, laugh, create chemistry, and it’s hard to do that when you can’t even talk. Choose a date that provides the perfect atmosphere to talk and get to know each other.

5. Make the Date One-on-One

It might sound more relaxing and laidback to get to know each other in a group setting, but a first date revolves around two people. A first date is about creating a personal connection, which you can’t do with Arson and Mike in the background. You must make your intentions clear from the beginning… That you are after her in a romantic sense. Plus, she is not going to feel comfortable opening up to you in front of others, so leave Arson and Mike sitting the bench for this one.

Where to Go & What to Do

1. The Safe Bet

Going out to a local coffee shop or a cute outdoor bar is ideal for a first date. You can move around, stand close to each other, and relax in a friendly setting. If the date doesn’t go well, neither of you feels obligated to sit through a long dinner date. But if things do go well, then you can continue on and go to a different location.

Also, you need to be serious. Just because you’re out at the bar doesn’t mean you need to consume a lot of alcohol. Your goal is to get to know her, not show her how many shots of tequila you can put down or prove that you’re known for drinking a six pack in an hour. Yes, a drink or two will liven you up, but that should be your limit. Use it as a social lubricant, but never use it to mask who you are.

If one of you doesn’t drink alcohol, then coffee is a great choice as well. Even though it might be a little similar to a dinner date, it’s not. Why? Because it’s a low key type of atmosphere. You can go for an afternoon cup of Joe or even a morning pick-me-upper Saturday morning. And again, if things go well, you can head out for a walk in the park.

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Best 1st Date Ideas

You want to plan your first date right, and that is exactly what we’re here to help you do. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews great date ideas to try. Remember that you must use something you learned from her and implement it into your first date idea. The following are a few suggestions from our matchmakers.

  • Go apple picking together.
  • Visit an aquarium.
  • Go to a local arcade.
  • Go for a bike ride at a local park or the boardwalk at the beach.
  • Visit a bookstore.
  • Go bowling
  • Enroll in a cooking class
  • Walk your dogs at the park
  • Explore the downtown area in your town
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Go hiking
  • Visit a historical landmark
  • Go to a winery or winetasting event
  • Visit a museum or art gallery
  • Go to a fun local sporting event

Do you want to land a quality girlfriend? Then you can make it happen today with New Jersey Singles Dating Service. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to speak with one of our expert matchmakers to reserve a complimentary matchmaking consultation to start meeting quality single women in New Jersey!



New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips & Tricks to Recover from a Breakup

They are uncomfortable, painful, and greatly affect our lives—yes, even if you were the one who called it quits. Ending a relationship is never easy, no matter why or who called it quits. It’s heartbreaking, devastating, and will certainly take time to get over it.

How do you deal with your feelings right now? How do you handle the loneliness? How do you stop yourself from going into a state of depression? … And how do you cope with life right now? Don’t despair, New Jersey Singles reviews insider tips and tricks to get you through your breakup and back on your feet in no time.

new jersey singles reviews


1. Cut All Contact

You need time to heal, which means time to yourself. Maintaining an open channel of communication with your ex will not help you heal your wounds. You must delete them from social media, stop hanging out with them in group settings, and never show up to their home, work, or favorite restaurant. Don’t randomly call them after you’ve had a few drinks, don’t send them sappy text messages, and most importantly, don’t try to remain friends—at least not right now. Sure, you can be friends with an ex, but as of right now it’s not healthy. You must eliminate them from your life, cease all contact with them, and prevent yourself from groveling and trying to get back with them.

Don’t beg them to come back either—that’s a very unattractive move you’ll end up regretting in the end.

2. Accept That the Relationship Is Over

Even if you think there’s a chance you can get back together, we urge you to move past it. If you’re always hoping your ex will come back, then you’re never going to move on and heal yourself. Do you realize how many partners give their relationships a second shot and end up failing miserably in the end?

Stop looking at old pictures, stop reading those old love letters, stop reviewing old emails, text messages and other sentimental reminders. Do not stalk them on social media or try hacking into their accounts. Don’t reach out to their friends and family and ask them to convince your ex to change their mind. Don’t do any of these things after your breakup. Your relationship is over and you must accept it and move on.

3. Give Yourself Grieving Time

It is normal to feel devastated, especially if it was a long term relationship. It is okay to grieve your failed relationship and spend some time alone doing nothing but crying, but never do it for too long. Don’t shut yourself off from the world and wallow in sadness for weeks on end. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know you have to get a good cry out to cleanse yourself and move on—just don’t allow yourself to stay down and out for too long.

4. Be with Loving People

If you want to heal from your breakup, then you need to spend time with the people who love you and care for you. You want to spend time with people that love you because they’ll bring out the best in you. Laugh together, vent, and share your feelings with them. They’ll provide you with an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and they’ll give you their best advice. Getting your emotions out will help you in your healing process.

5. Exercise

The name of our blog is called New Jersey Singles reviews tips & tricks… and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you, a tip… one of the best tips for getting over a breakup. If you want to get out of this funk and starting feeling good again, the simplest way to do it is by working out. Exercise will immediately release feel good endorphins to help improve your mood and fight depression. Plus, now that you’re single, we know you want to look your best, right? Looking great will make you feel confident and excited about embarking on this new journey in life.

6. Be Productive & Do Fulfilling Things

Now is the time to invest in yourself. Work on projects you put on hold because you were in a relationship. Didn’t have any unfinished projects? Start a new one. Take up a new hobby or work on something around the house. Did you always want to take a vacation but couldn’t because your boyfriend or girlfriend couldn’t get off work? Well, now you can travel somewhere by yourself. Rekindle old friendships, meet new people, set new goals and accomplish them—all these things will make you feel alive again.

7. Don’t Go Back to Them Out of Loneliness

This applies to those people who broke things off. Going back because you feel obligated or because you’re lonely is unhealthy and will not do you any good. And never go back to them out of guilt. You are not a bad person for leaving them if you were not happy in the relationship—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

8. Don’t Put Them on a Pedestal

We all tend to see only the positive qualities in someone we dated, but believe us, everyone has something negative going on. No one in the world is perfect and we know your ex isn’t either. He or she has flaws and you need to be honest if you want to take them off the pedestal and move on.

9. Stop Comparing New Dates to Your Ex

It is understandable that you’ll never find anyone like them, and that’s okay. Different doesn’t mean bad; different is just different. Searching for a clone of your ex-partner will leave you frustrated with dating and prevent you from finding love again. Try to get to know your new dates for who they are and don’t try squeezing them into a predefined box. Appreciate each person for their uniqueness and don’t let thoughts of your ex cloud your judgement.

10. Let Go of Resentment

As hurtful as it might be, your ex is not a bad person. You obviously dated them for a reason. Okay, so they left you—and that’s okay. There is someone else out there, someone meant just for you. Holding onto anger and resentment will prevent you from finding that love. Holding onto pent up anger will weigh you down and prevent you from moving on with your life. It will damage you and hold you back from finding the partner you deserve.

New Jersey Singles reviews tips & tricks on many aspects of dating, but today, our goal was to help you cope with your breakup in the healthiest way possible. We hope that these tips will help you heal and move on and get you ready for your next relationship. When you’re ready to jump back into the NJ dating scene, give our expert matchmakers a call and let us help you.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to schedule a FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our experts here at New Jersey Singles.

Find Love in NJ with New Jersey Singles Dating Service

Looking for love in NJ? No luck finding that perfect partner on your own? Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know that finding love in today’s modern society is one of the most difficult things to do. Everyone searches for something unique, something special, and sometimes it’s elusive. And today’s busy schedules and demanding careers make it hard to look for love like we once did. Many singles opt for online dating sites believing dating will be easy and convenient, but after so many failed attempts, they quickly realize online dating isn’t the answer to finding love.

With nearly three decades of experience and the best matchmakers in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles Dating Service has the expertise to help busy professional men and women find love the love they desire. Here at New Jersey Singles, we offer singles a safe and efficient opportunity to find the partner deserve. Many people yearn for love, but too many never find it. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are passionate about helping our clients, and we know we can help you too. We have been matching compatible partners for nearly three decades and we have thousands of success stories.

New Jersey is a very diverse state; it’s packed with all types of people from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different heritages, all of which make it difficult for people to hone in on the right singles and find love on their own. But finding love doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here at New Jersey Singles, we provide an alternative to the bars and clubs, a better option to online dating. Hiring our expert matchmakers is an investment that will pay off in the end. But just like any other investment in life, you need to know why you’re making the investment. If you are hesitant about joining our services, give us a moment to show you the benefits of working with our expert matchmakers on your search for love in NJ.

new jersey singles reviews

1. We make it hassle-free.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we offer introductions, but more than that, we offer the RIGHT introductions. If you’re looking for a lifelong match, we can find them for you.   Our upscale dating services are designed for singles with discerning tastes. We help minimize the hassles you would normally encounter when searching for love on your own. You would normally have to venture out to the local watering holes, clubs, or coffee shops, but you can skip that and go right into the fun part—exciting dates with like-minded individuals. Our clients are successful singles—entrepreneurs, CEOs, doctors, nurses, and much more. We can take the hassles out of dating and prevent you from wasting your time with undesirable candidates.

2. We provide professional guidance & dating coaching.

Online dating sites don’t come through with all the promises they roped you in with. Instead, you’re essentially on your own trying to determine who is right for you. If you are a mature dater who doesn’t have much experience in the online dating world, you might not know what you’re looking for—or worse, you could get taken advantage of.

When you hire our New Jersey Singles matchmakers, you benefit from our expertise in dating, and our well-honed intuition will help you find the right person for your life. Dating sites promise you the world and tell you that all you need to do is fill out your information to be matched with someone compatible, but we know firsthand that’s not how it works.

If you want to find love as a busy professional, you need guidance from an expert. A professional matchmaker can provide you with much more than a computer algorithm. We also provide expert dating coaching to get you prepared for modern dating, which helps clients who’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time, especially after being widowed or divorced. Our expert matchmakers provide relationship consulting to help you cultivate a truly happy and healthy relationship.

3. We have a careful screening & selection process.

A very important part of dating is ensuring the person you’re going out with has potential to be your lifelong partner. Here at New Jersey Singles, we ensure the people you go out with are serious individuals who are looking for true love. With our services you’ll never encounter phonies, players, or people who are emotionally unavailable to date. Our rigorous screening process ensures the people you date are suitable for you, and in order for anyone to join our services, they must first undergo a criminal and background check and meet our high standards.

Additionally, all your personal information is concealed to protect your privacy. No one in the world will know you’re using a matchmaker, unlike with online dating sites where the world can see your profile with the click of a button.

4. We provide you with valuable feedback.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how you did on your date? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you did something wrong so you could improve it for the future? Well, now you can… That’s exactly what our New Jersey Singles matchmakers do for you. After setting you up on an introduction, we listen to what you and your date have to say about the date. This very valuable feedback is what enables us to provide you with effective dating coaching and helpful advice for your next introduction. This information is key in getting you prepared to meet the right person. The feedback we gather will prevent you from continuing to make dating mistakes and help you present yourself well on your dates. This valuable dating feedback gives you an upper hand in the dating world.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Simple Ways to Express Love for Your Partner

Ah, that much anticipated “I love you.” It’s truly a monumental step in a relationship. While over the top and grand gestures are considered nice and sweet, you don’t have to sweat letting your partner know how much you care. You can still get the point across without sweating how you’re going to do it. You don’t have to scream “I love you” at the top of your lungs to let them know you love them; after all, actions speak louder than words. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews simple ways to let your partner know you love them without even saying a word.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Give Them Your Undivided Attention

Communication is one of the most essential elements to a successful relationship. You need to pay attention to your partner whenever they speak and genuinely listen to them. The act of listening bonds you with your partner and lets them know you care about them. Sit back, don’t interrupt, and truly listen—yes, even if you already heard the story before.

2. Make Time for Them

Your time is the most precious gift you can give your partner. This often overlooked gesture is very meaningful, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Schedule time to spend with your partner and make sure it’s quality time. That means you need to disconnect from the world. Turn off your cell phone and laptop and spend QT with them.

3. Be Patient & Give Them Some Slack

There are bound to be days when your partner acts irrationally due to stress, whether work related or personal, and when this happens, try to be understanding. Cut them some slack and don’t get confrontational. Show them you’re patient and understanding when they need you to be.

4. Surprise Them When You Get a Chance

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise your partner, nor does the surprise have to be expensive. Small surprises, like preparing them breakfast in bed or giving them a much need massage will let your partner know you love them without saying a word. Think of small and thoughtful gestures that you know will brighten their day. Whether you send them a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason or write them a love letter just because, the idea is to do it when they least expect it.

5. Always Stay in Touch

As we stated before, communication is one of the most essential elements to a successful relationship. Staying in touch doesn’t mean talking to each other every hour; it simply means staying updated with each other’s lives. Send your partner a quick text message letting them know you’re thinking about them or that you can’t wait to see them tonight after work. Simple and effective, wouldn’t you say?

6. Give Them a Massage

There is nothing more comforting than receiving a massage after a stressful day. And don’t just give your partner a massage and call it a day. We encourage you to use that time to chat and catch up with them.

7. Give Them Kisses & Hugs

Physical forms of affection, such as kissing or hugging, never fail and are a great way of saying “I love you” without even saying a word. You can give your partner a kiss on the forehead before heading out for work or welcome them home with a hug when they arrive home in the evening.

8. Take Part in Their Interests

There is bound to be something your partner does that you can do with them, right? After all, you must share common interests of some sort. Whether it be running, golfing, or gardening, try to do it with them, even if you’re not that into it yourself. Not only does this let your partner know you’re willing to compromise, and do what they want to do once in a while, but it also gives you something to bond over. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something you never thought you liked.

9. Cook for Them

For many working couples, home cooked meals only happen on rare occasions or special events, such as the birthday, holidays, or maybe on the weekends. Why not prepare your partner their favorite meal when they least expect it? After all, a good home cooked meal is a great way of buttering them up and really letting them know you love and care for them.

There are many things you can do. You can make them breakfast in bed, pack them a surprise lunch for work, or prepare their favorite meal so it’s ready when they return from work. And you don’t have to be an expert chef to do this, because there are many simple recipes and videos online. And as long as you put love and efforts into it, we know your partner will surely appreciate it. And if they know you don’t know your way around the kitchen, trust us, they’ll treasure your efforts even more.

10. Do the Chores Your Partner Dislikes

If you’re looking for a simple way of letting your partner know you love them, doing the chores they hate is perfect way. You already know all the things your partner dislikes doing. Whether it’s taking out the trash, cleaning the cat boxes, or mopping, the idea is to surprise them by having it done for them. They’ll be happy about this one, for sure.

11. Do Small Favors

Similar to the previous suggestion, you can let your partner know you care by doing them some simple favors. Perhaps you know their car needs inspected, what better way to brighten their week than by taking it to get done yourself? If you know their dry cleaning is ready, stop and pick it up for them. Any small little errands you can do will show your partner you were thinking about them and always trying to make their life easier.

12. Support Them

Support is not only encouraging your partner, it’s also being there for them anytime they need you. Support your partner by providing them with wisdom when they need it or provide an honest opinion when no one else does.

True love doesn’t mean big gestures. True love is in the small details, which you now know you can do every day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or come up with fancy ways of displaying your love. As long as you’re there for your partner, and they know they can rely on you, they’ll know you love them.

Do you have any other great ways to show your partner how much you love and care for them? We would love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

Are You in an Exclusive Relationship? Find Out with New Jersey Singles Matchmakers

Occasionally you may fall into a relationship without really having the talk, and our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this happens to a lot of people in the modern dating world. Many people end up in exclusive relationships when they thought they were just casually dating. When you get involved in the dating world and begin the dating process, you’re bound to meet and date different people. But once you start dating a man or woman repeatedly, you’re basically in a relationship with them. And the great thing about this is that you have let the relationship develop naturally, without rushing or forcing anything along. So here are, wondering if what you have is exclusive. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you the signs you’re already in an exclusive relationship without ever having that awkward talk. 36228236_m

Signs You’re Already Exclusive with This Person

Many people are unsure if what they have is an exclusive relationship, especially if things started out casually. But luckily for them, and for you, our expert matchmakers have the experience and knowledge to help you out. If you’re ready to find out if you’re already in an exclusive relationship, read on as we share those signs with you today.

  1. You Only See Them

Exclusive means only one. If you are only dating this person, then that is a sign you are already exclusive with them. And this is especially true if you have no desire to meet or date anyone else.

  1. They Are Only Seeing You

An exclusive relationship works both ways. If you are only seeing them, then they should only being you as well. This means going out on dates, spending QT together, and talking to each other in between time spent together.

  1. You Both Have Profile Pictures as a Couple

This might not seem like a big deal, but it means a lot in today’s social media obsessed world. Would you really put a picture with someone who was just a fling? Probably not. Most of the time, the profile picture is reserved for the best picture of yourself or with someone else who is special to you. If you have a picture with them, you’re announcing to the world that you found someone. And if they have a profile picture with you, that’s even better.

  1. Your Friends & Family Already Know About Them

Your friends and family tease you about this person and say that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. All jokes aside, if your family members or friends know who this person is, and are picking up the signs on their own, it’s an indicator that they mean something to you and you’re already exclusive with them.

  1. They Met Important People in Your Life

Okay, we know they have met your friends and family, but they have also met your boss, your coworkers, and everyone in between—even your pets. You wouldn’t bring someone who you were casually dating to meet important people, right?

  1. You Give Each Other Gifts

You know you’re in relationship territory when you start exchanging gifts. You are most likely in an exclusive relationship when you share gifts with each other on special occasions, such as birthdays, celebrations, or holidays. And it’s even better if you randomly surprise each other with little things for no reason at all.

  1. You Have Unique Pet Names for Each Other

No, we’re not referring to “baby” or “honey.” We’re talking about pet names that mean something, something you guys have given to each other and has special meaning to you. Affectionate pet names are a sign you’re in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Know Their Friends & Family

Just how they have met your friends and family, you have also met theirs. If you know all their friends, have gone to family get togethers, and met other important people in their life, then you can rest assured that you’re in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Know Their Habits

You already know she can’t start her day without coffee. You know he can’t begin his morning unless he hits the weights. You know they can’t sleep without socks on. You know everything about them. And this is how you know you are already in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Both Pay for Dates

This is another sign you are already in an exclusive relationship verses just casually dating. If you take turns handling the bill, then you know you’re already in relationship territory. This is a habit of long term couples, and it’s something you’re already doing.

  1. You Know What Foods You Both Like & Dislike

Although this might sound like a typical sign, it’s not. You not only know all their favorite foods, you know how they order it and how they eat it—down to a science. You know she can’t eat her French fries without ketchup and Tabasco. You know he can’t eat shrimp because he has allergies. You know they eat their pizza crust first. If this is the case, you are already in an exclusive relationship.

  1. You Can Talk About Everything

Nothing says “exclusive relationship” like being able to talk about everything together. There is no longer a need to put on a façade or always be on your best behavior. With this person, you can talk about anything and everything and nothing ever feels awkward.

  1. You Keep a Toothbrush at Their Place

This one is a surefire “exclusive relationship” sign. If you’re leaving toiletries, such as toothbrushes, at each other’s place, then it’s already assumed you’re together.

  1. You Don’t Have to Shave Every Day

This one goes for both sexes. Fellas, you don’t have to be perfectly trimmed every morning before you see her. Ladies, you no longer feel the need to shave your legs every single day in case you see him in the evenings. You are very comfortable with this person, which is how you know you’re exclusive.

  1. Sleepovers Don’t Mean Sex

You can spend the night at each other’s houses without having sex at the end of the night. The two of you are in an exclusive relationship when sex isn’t the main goal of the night. The two of you are happy cuddling up together watching movies or simply goofing around and talking. Although the line between dating and being in an exclusive relationship can be blurry, there are a few differences, which you now know. Use the list from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and figure out if what you have is an exclusive relationship. If you’re not having any luck dating on your own, and you’re ready to welcome an exclusive relationship into your life, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us help you find the love you deserve. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our dating experts!

Make Your Dates Unforgettable with New Jersey Singles Upscale Matchmakers

Whether you’re one of our upscale clients here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service or just looking for dating tips to have an amazing first date, our expert matchmakers and dating coaches have you covered.

New Jersey Singles Dating Service is an upscale matchmaking agency that matches successful men and women with mature and like-minded singles to help create the ultimate dating experience. But the first date itself relies on your own wit and charisma. The goal is to entice your date and hopefully land a second one. To be successful, you must be develop an open line of communication, understanding, and provide an enjoyable time. This revolves around having good manners and utilizing everything you’ve learned up until today. Establishing a good rapport, asking how they’re doing, and saying “please” and “thank you” will take you a long way in creating a good first impression. While basic etiquette is a must, our New Jersey Singles upscale matchmakers know there are other things you must keep in mind if you want to make your first date unforgettable.

There is always a first time for everything in life, and the same rule applies to a first date. A first date is a special event, and there is nothing more satisfying than finding a special person, having a fantastic date, and hopefully developing a serious relationship. Not only will your date give you memories to look back on, but it could also give you the opportunity to land a relationship that will last a lifetime. So let’s not waste another second, let us teach you how to make your first date an unforgettable experience.


Bring Your A-Game Along

Obviously you want to be on your best behavior, but to truly rock your first date, you need to bring you’re A-game! Pick your outfit a day in advance, get plenty of rest the night before, and make sure you know exactly where you’re going, how to get there, and where you’re going to park. We also encourage you to leave yourself a little leeway to ensure you make it there on time. Let’s face it, we all know how hectic NJ traffic can be. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in traffic and ruin your first impression—and possibly all your chances.

For those who have busy calendars, don’t try to squeeze in a last minute meeting, don’t get a drink with your boys right before the date, and don’t do an extra ten minutes on the treadmill if it’s going to set you back in time. If you want to set yourself up for success, assume your date will go well, be pleasant and kind, and spend a reasonable amount of time getting to know each other.

Bring a Flower with You

This is something our New Jersey Singles upscale matchmakers recommend for the guys. Bringing a dozen roses to your first date might make you look a little clingy or desperate, and that’s not the look you want to provide. Bringing a single flower will show your date that you’re a considerate gentleman with a romantic side. There are many flowers you can choose from, so don’t limit yourself to a rose. See if your florist can recommend one for the season or to convey the message you want to give.

Go Somewhere New

Okay, going to Starbucks might be your favorite thing you do every day on your lunch with coworkers, but if you want to make your first date an unforgettable one, you’re going to have to try something different? It’s likely that she has been to every Starbucks in town, so why not take her somewhere more romantic?

Luckily for you, New Jersey is filled with many romantic destinations—and some of the cutest and coziest coffee and pastry shops. Simply Google some romantic spots in your zip code and you’re bound to find many different date ideas. If you want to make your first date unforgettable, we encourage you to try different date ideas depending on what she’s into. If you’re both into fun activities, you can consider things like bowling, miniature golfing, or something else you know she’s into you. If you’re more romantic, how about visiting a winery or going to a winetasting event?

If you’re meeting through our services here at New Jersey Singles, we’ll be able to help you with date ideas that will be suitable for you and your matches.

Pick the Right Venue

Your date will not be unforgettable unless you choose the right venue. You must pick a venue so you can both get to know each other, but it should also be fun and memorable. Should you take her to the movies? No way, you can’t talk and get to know each other in a dark, quiet movie theater. Select a venue that is fun and unusual, something that stimulates conversation, something that will set you ahead of the competition and provide a memorable experience for her.

Talk Is Important

Our experienced New Jersey Singles upscale matchmakers make compatible matches on the daily. We don’t rely on computer algorithms to make our matches; we rely on our expert matchmaking skills, intuition, and that added human touch to make the best matches for our clients. These factors alone mean you and the person you’ll be going out with will have many things in common. Most likely the same religion, politics, and lifestyles, so conversation will flow easily. There are many things you can talk about on a first date, but the key is to keep things light and stay clear of exes and other controversial topics.

Dress to Impress

Appearances undoubtedly contribute to the success of dating. Never wear something that is inappropriate for a first date. Instead, show up looking elegant and win points in your favor. She has most likely put a lot of time into her appearance and you need to do the same. Don’t forget to wear an amazing cologne, clean shoes, and always style your hair. And remember to plan your outfit according to the venue. Trust us, the efforts you put forth will surely result in a positive outcome.

Don’t Be Nervous

First dates cause a lot of stress, even for the most successful singles. But you never want to allow your nerves cause you to consume too many alcoholic beverages. Can you have a drink? Yes, but try to limit yourself to one or two. You want to make your date unforgettable by showing her a fabulous time, not by getting inebriated and embarrassing her.

The simple fact that you’re out on a date with someone new indicates that you still have not found that special someone. If you’re not having luck in dating, then you’re not taking the right approach. If you are not having luck with what you’re doing and would like to get expert matchmaking help, let our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know today so we can create a dating plan tailored specifically for you. We can introduce you to gorgeous women in New Jersey, relationship-minded women who are eager to find real love.

Can’t wait to get started? Set up an appointment with one of our matchmakers today and embark on what is going to be the greatest journey of your life!

To reserve a confidential, one-on-one (no-obligation) consultation with our New Jersey upscale matchmakers, call 1 (888) 417-0020 today!



New Jersey Singles Reviews Breakup Stages & How to Deal with Them

Breakups. They are definitely not a fun experience. Everyone has experienced a breakup at some point in their life, and we’re sure you have too. A breakup is a horrible and gut wrenching experience, but you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who have survived breakups and are now in happy and successful relationships. To help you get through this painful time, New Jersey Singles reviews insider tips to combat the pain and loneliness.

Breakups are tough. You spend a lot of time with a person you think is the one, only to have them rip your heart out of your chest and stomp on it. It’s like your favorite show being cancelled from TV, it’s like your favorite restaurant closing down—it’s almost like the loss of a beloved family member.

The lack of human contact is the number one thing people miss right after a breakup, but there’s a slew of other things that make it tough too. Many people struggle with loneliness, not having a partner to come home to every day, and not having someone there to support them through bad times.

new jersey singles

The Different Stages of a Breakup & How to Deal with Them

There are many stages of a breakup and none of them are easy. But luckily for you, our New Jersey Singles dating and relationship experts will show you how to deal with the different stages and come out on top. So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the stages of a breakup and how to get through them like many singles before you.

1. The Initial Stage

You know this is the most painful stage—the stage when you’re at home binging on ice-cream, watching sad movies, and crying in bed.

One way to get through this painful stage is to cry it all out. Yes, get it all out of your system. Holding back will only prevent you from moving on, so let all the pain come out of your system.

2. The “I never needed you” Stage – AKA the Anger Stage

After you cry for a few days, it’s time for you to get angry. You are going to get mad, so mad that you’re fuming up inside. You want to get revenge, you want to do something in return and get payback. But wait—don’t do anything stupid here.

The best way to get over this anger stage is to occupy yourself with something that will release all that pent up anger, like working out. Hit the weights, go running, or enroll in a kickboxing class. All these activities are great ways of releasing the pent up anger you’re feeling from your breakup.

3. The Reflection Stage

Pulling out all the pictures and memorabilia and looking over them is the next stage. Yes, after you get through the anger stage, you’ll head into the reflection stage, where you review the good and the bad of the relationship.

To get through this stage, you must understand that it’s not necessarily a bad stage. Looking back at the relationship will actually teach you many valuable lessons, such as what mistakes you must avoid in your future romantic life.

4. The Rebound Stage

Now comes the fun part you’re thinking… Wrong. But this is a stage many people go through after a breakup. You may hit the town with your girls or guys and meet someone you rebound with.

Although this stage might seem fun, it’s not. We want you to realize that rebound relationships do not work and never lead to real love. Rebounds also hinder your attempts at healing and moving on.

5. The “I don’t need anyone” Stage

Once you realize that rebound relationships are no good, you’ll tell yourself you don’t need a single person in your life because you’re perfectly happy on your own. This stage is good, but you don’t want to stay in this stage for too long.

To get over this stage, understand that you don’t need anyone to be happy—you just need someone who complements you. That person is out there, and we can help you find them, if you let us.

6. The “I love being single” Stage

This is the stage where you hashtag every picture on Facebook with #ilovebeingsingle #thesinglelife #neverbeenbetter. Of course being single is completely okay; however, if you stay here too long, you’ll sabotage your chances of finding love.

To get over this stage, understand that being single isn’t a bad thing; after all, you’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons. But you must also believe that you’ll eventually find someone special, someone who will make your life even better than your single life right now.

7. The Relapse Stage

This is the stage when you relapse and realize you’re not over your past relationship. It could happen because you saw a picture, read an old love letter, or ran into them in public.

To get through this painful stage, understand that it does take time to get over a relationship, especially if it was a long term one. It helps to think of all the reasons it didn’t work out to get through this stage.

8. The “Everything Comes Back with a Vengeance” Stage

This is the stage where everything comes back with a vengeance. It’s during this stage that you’ll feel pained, angered, and everything in between.

To get through it, you need to realize that it won’t last very long. It is perfectly okay to be sad; after all, you did lose a relationship. You’ll get through this stage and onto the next very shortly. Hang out with your friends and family members, devote your free time to hobbies and interests, or volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, or children’s hospital.

9. The Acceptance Stage

This is the stage when you finally realize the breakup is real and the best thing that could happen to you. You know there are better days ahead. You have accepted that it’s over and are looking forward to the happy days that await you.

There is no doubt that breakups are painful. But as New Jersey Singles reviews the different stages of a breakup, and gives you solutions to get through them, you’ll realize that you will come out on top—and one day, you will find love again.

Once you’re healed and ready to move on, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us provide a helping hand in finding you the partner you deserve. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to set up a FREE matchmaking consultation today!

Learn the Ultimate Blind Date Tips with New Jersey Upscale Matchmakers

Are friends and family members constantly trying to set you up on blind dates? Our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know just the thought alone can scare many single men and women away from dating.

Blind dates can be fun, but they can also prove horrific—and it all depends on who you go out with. Even with the best intentions, sometimes friends and family members just don’t know what they’re doing. Let’s face it, your work colleagues, friends, and family members aren’t certified matchmakers, and although they do have your best interests in mind, they may not pick someone who clicks with you.

So are blind dates worth it? Of course they are. Why wouldn’t they be? Do you know who you’ll meet at a get together? No, but you go anyways. After all, you could end up meeting the woman or man of your dreams at your friend’s upcoming holiday party.

And the same thing goes with blind dates. Blind dating is all about exploring new possibilities—maybe you hit it off and maybe you don’t, but you can have fun with it, nonetheless.

Today, our New Jersey upscale matchmakers will show you how to make the most out of blind dates and increase your chances of finally finding the love you deserve.

new jersey singles reviews

Ease Up on Your Expectations

Blind dating is a great way for you to meet new singles locally. Some people will be great, while others not so much. But guess what? That’s all part of your dating experience. It is part of your journey to finding real love. While you’re at it, socialize and have fun, because you just never know who you’re going to meet. Even the dates that don’t lead to love will teach you something about dating, so enjoy the ride.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes you’ll meet people you’re into, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be into you. That might bring you down a notch or two, but don’t let it get the best of you. Love is about finding someone you click with, forget the rest.

Relax & Have a Good Time

This is easier said than done, especially when you’re going out with someone you know nothing about. If you feel like a nervous mess, calm down a bit and relax before heading out. Look at it like this: this person is just meeting you for the first time, too. Remember, they don’t know anything about you, so they are just as nervous as you.

Your date is not there to judge you but rather to see if you have similar interests and expectations. If they are a match, perfect, then hopefully chemistry is flowing. And if not, don’t worry about it.

Also remember that just because someone looks attractive, is super intelligent, or really funny doesn’t mean they’re better than you. Don’t let it make you nervous; instead our New Jersey upscale matchmakers want you to enjoy yourself and have a good time. If you allow yourself to have a good time instead of being a nervous mess, they’ll enjoy your company. Nobody is going on dates with the attitude of being superior to you—that’s all in your mind.

We also want you to remember that the best gift you can give someone is your undivided attention. Put your phone away, smile, make good eye contact, and engage in conversation.

What If They’re Shy?

Some men or women will be nervous the first time they meet you; after all, they don’t know you. You might think that because they’re shy that means they’re boring. Don’t be so quick to judge because they could just be nervous.

Remember, though, no matter what you think about them, they’re human just like you. Do your best to be nice to them, talk with them, and engage them in interesting conversation.

You don’t want to see them again? Fine, but don’t treat them badly—that’s the worst thing you can do. They are also searching for love, just like you.

Some people will take a while to come out of their shells and open up with you. Sometimes a person you’re not into could turn out to become a good friend down the road, or maybe they’re absolutely perfect for one of your friends—you just don’t know. Or better yet, maybe underneath all that shyness is your idea partner. But in order to find that out, you need to give them a chance.

Topics of Discussion

You don’t have to pull out a piece of paper with all the topics you want to talk about and act like it’s a job interview. But you do want to have some topics prepared in your mind so conversation flows easily. You can discuss the latest news, books, movies, music, or your favorite restaurants around town. Everyone has something they’re passionate about, you just need to figure it out and go from there.

Pay Attention to Them

Your first inclination will be to talk to fill in the gaps and silences, but our New Jersey upscale matchmakers want you to know that’s the wrong approach. Instead of babbling, give your date a chance to speak and listen to them. Pay attention to the things they’re saying and ask them open-ended questions. It’s the respectful thing to do when you’re on a date with someone.

By listening to what they have to say, you may find the two of you have common interests, which could lead to more conversation and even a second date.

Look Great

First impressions matter, and they’re actually the only chance you get to impress them. You want to look amazing for your blind date and always dress the part. Wherever you’re heading, make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Remember that your date will be immediately looking at your outfit, so you need to be sure you look presentable.

Also, remember to have a good time, limit your alcohol, and bring your table manners along. Do you need more blind date tips? Do you have more questions for us? Let our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know and we’ll be able to help you on your upcoming introduction.

If you’re not currently a client here at New Jersey Singles, contact us at 1 (888) 417-0020 today and set up a complimentary matchmaking consultation to get started!

New Jersey Matchmakers Reveal Why Women Melt for a Man in Uniform

Is it his clothes? Is it the way he carries himself? Is it his discipline? Is it the danger he faces every day? Whatever the reason, women are highly attracted to a man in uniform. These men are today’s modern day knights in shining armor. They face many dangers and save us from many troubles in life. If you’re wondering how you can attract the ladies, read on to find out how you, too, can exude the qualities of a man in uniform.

It’s been said that women like men in uniform because they are committed. In other words, they show a deep commitment to something and truly devote themselves and their lives to it. While some might say that men in uniform are sexy because of the way they look in those crisp uniforms, our New Jersey matchmakers know there’s much more to it than that.

new jersey singles

What Makes Men in Uniform So Attractive?

Every woman has her own reason why a man in uniform is attractive, but today, our New Jersey matchmakers will list the top reasons women find a man in uniform to be absolutely irresistible.

1. Dressing Well Is the New Sexy

Most men in today’s world don’t know much about fashion or how to dress, but men in uniform, on the other hand, have it down pat. They dress themselves well and carry themselves even better. If you want to be appealing to women, then start getting some fashion tips from your favorite celebs and magazines—and pay close attention to your shoes.

2. The Dangerous Side

Men in uniform are known for being able to handle any type of dangerous situation. From firefighters, policemen, and military men, men in uniforms handle life challenges on the daily and provide us with safety and security.

3. Down & Dirty

It’s not just those clean uniforms that women find so appealing. It’s that women know these manly men don’t mind getting down and dirty. They’re constantly training to improve themselves, their bodies, and their skills. They don’t mind getting sweaty land they’re not afraid to get hurt or sacrifice themselves to help someone else.

4. They’re Fit as a Rock

Men in uniform are usually in tiptop shape and most of them have ripped six pack abs, huge biceps and toned backs. They hit the gym on a regular basis because their job requires them to be on top of their game. And not only are they appealing to the eye, but again comes that motivation and dedication.

5. They Are Heroes

Women have always been fascinated by heroes, and a man in uniform is a real life hero. Men in uniform are a woman’s knight in shining armor whenever he’s needed. He can save her and be her protector… Now, isn’t that every woman’s dream?

6. So Manly

When you see a man in uniform, the first thing you’ll notice is how he’s very manly. He is not like those guys walking around with jeans tighter than their girlfriend’s or pants sagging to the ground. He is standing straight, proud, and taller than everyone. He projects an image that people look up to, making women weak in the knees.

7. Sharp Haircuts

You will never see a man in uniform looking sloppy and unkempt. They take pride in their appearance and it shows everywhere they go. While most men rock the five o’clock shadow, men in uniform are always smooth and trim. They are clean, neat, and always seem to have a nice strong jaw.

8. Sense of Service

These are the proud and selfless men who provide us with safety on a daily basis. Our wellbeing comes before theirs, which means they make great partners. Men in uniform are men we can rely on, they value commitment, and they’re always very responsible.

Indeed, men in uniform definitely stand out from the crowd. Besides the physical attributes and superficial things that are impressive, our New Jersey matchmakers know there are many reasons women love a man in uniform. Men in uniform bring us security, safety, and stability, which are what everyone wants in a long term partner.

9. Strong Work Ethics

There are many men out there with strong work ethics, but when it comes to work ethics, nobody can compare to a man in uniform. Cops, firefighters, military personnel, they all devote themselves to their jobs—it’s their life. They put in long hours at work and in scenarios unimaginable by the average person. Some are deployed overseas to places nobody can even imagine living, but they are committed and devoted to their work and the services they provide.

10. Recognition & Prestige

Men in uniform are recognized wherever they go. Local pizza shop owners will usually give them free meals whenever they come by, people at airports stop to salute soldiers, and firefighters get handshakes all the time. Some women love the recognition that comes with the uniform, making them very irresistible. Every woman wants a man she is proud to be with and can show off to her friends and family, and a man in uniform is someone they are very proud to be with.

While dating a man in uniform does come with its own set of challenges, risks and difficulties, it takes a very confident woman to date this type of man. Knowing he’s out there doing the world’s work, day in and day out, is tough because of the risks involved. But we know it’s also one of the reasons women are so proud to be with a man in uniform—loyalty, dedication, motivation, selflessness, pride—what’s not to be desired?

If you’re looking for a long term relationship, we encourage you to display these very desirable traits every woman looks for in a man. If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles who are a good fit for you.

Contact us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a private/no-obligation consultation today!