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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Ways to Make Him Fall for You

Dating is a very complicated thing.  It’s like going to war with no weapons—just your hands.  Your nerves can rise and cause you to act out of the ordinary.  Before you know it, you start sharing embarrassing family stories, and your date doesn’t know if he should laugh or feel sorry for you.

It happens to everyone.  You go on a date with a very attractive gentleman and feel as lost as to what to say and do.  You’re hoping for a second and third date.  In fact, you’re hoping he is your happily ever after.

If you think this guy could be the one, then you want him to see you as girlfriend material.  To open his eyes to your amazing potential, follow these five helpful tips.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews five surefire ways to make him fall for you fast!

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1. Relax and don’t be desperate.

You think you finally found Prince Charming after kissing thousands of frogs.  You’re excited and desperately want him to like you.  But the worst way to go about this is by acting desperate.  Do not be too available or agree with everything he says.  You’ll look like needy if you do, and no man wants a needy girlfriend.

Relax, even if you’re a little bit nervous on the inside.  Don’t let him see that.  Take deep breaths, compose yourself, and act as if you were hanging out with a good friend.  You want to be cool and collected and let things progress naturally.  Show him that you’re an independent woman who lives a very fulfilling life.

2. Be Confident in Yourself

Every woman in the world has something about herself she doesn’t like: thighs, nose, breasts, hair… the list is endless.  Men are secretly tired of hearing women complain on dates, and to be honest with you, they see it as a huge red flag.  No woman in the world is perfect, and that’s for sure.  Even the gorgeous women in glossy magazines have been photo shopped.  But here’s the trick: don’t act like you’re any less than them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a runway model or not, the trick is to be confident, because that will be your best asset to make him fall for you fast.  If you feel good about yourself, he’ll be attracted to you.  After all, confidence is very sexy.

3. Know a Little Bit About Sports

Okay, you don’t have to know the name of every quarterback in the NFL, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit about sports.  If you want him to fall for you, show him that you know a little bit about sports, especially if you’re watching a game together.  For this you’ll want to do a little research on his favorite team.  A woman who knows her sports is very attractive to men.

4. Let Him Do the Talking

For many women, it’s normal to get a little nervous and dominate the entire conversation.  It’s like you’re on stage and have a microphone in your hands, right?  But it’s important to relax and remember that you don’t want to dominate the entire conversation.  RELAX!  Breathe and let him do the talking.  Ask him questions about himself and what he likes to do in his spare time.  This will make him feel important and will get him talking—taking the pressure off of you.  Try to make the conversation based on something he likes so he can go on and on and you can get to know him better.  Note: you have to do some talking yourself as well so he can get to know you too.

5. Choose Your Outfit Wisely

Your first impression is vital.  Men are particularly visual when it comes to women.  If he likes what he sees, he’ll want to get to know you more, which is why you need to choose a phenomenal outfit, not something revealing because you want to leave something to the imagination.  You want to choose something that accentuates your assets in a classy way.

Another great tip is to go easy on the makeup.  Men don’t like to date women who look completely different during the day than they do at night.  Women consider other women with a lot of women more attractive, but men don’t see it that way.  A woman with less makeup is more attractive to men.  Remember, easy does it.

If there’s a new guy in your life that you want to impress, use these five helpful tips from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and he’ll absolutely fall for you in no time.  Remember to let him see that you’re independent, confident, and easygoing because that’s how you’ll draw him in.

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