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New Jersey Singles Reviews Dating Tips for Busy Professionals

Summer’s in the air, so what does that mean for your romantic life?  If you decide it’s time to look for love and find your Mr. or Mrs. Right but can’t seem to find time due to your busy schedule, let New Jersey Singles show you how you can manage your career, social, and romantic life this summer.  It’s all about balance here.

If your life seems like there’s no room for dating, don’t panic, you’re not alone.  As the best matchmaking service in New Jersey, we help busy professionals who can’t find time to date.  The goods new for you is that there is hope (and help) right here at one of our four offices in NJ.  Let our expert matchmakers show you how you can make time for dating.

So let’s get to it, as New Jersey Singles reviews the best dating tips for busy professionals.

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1. Get Organized

There is no doubt that your career takes up most of your time; in fact, it probably takes 80% of it.  When you’re already busy with work, it is very difficult to schedule time for dating, which is why you need to get organized early on and plan your weeks ahead of time.

If you know that you have a free evening coming up, schedule a date for that evening.  Plan out everything on your schedule, from the moment you wake up and go to the gym until you go to bed at night.  Really, this will simplify your life and allow time for dating.  It will open your eyes to empty space on your calendar and give you new windows of opportunity—dating opportunity!

2. Know What You Want

There are many successful professionals who date but have no idea what they want in a relationship, which means they’re just wasting their time.  If you can determine what you want in a partner, whether it’s someone who is hardworking and dedicated to their career or someone who is laidback, dating will get easier.  Take time to really think about what you desire in a partner and it will make it easier to find that special someone.

3. Date Slowly

As a busy professional, chances are you have many things going on in your life at once.  Presentations in the morning, conference calls in the evening, and meetings all throughout the day… The list literally goes on and on.  Managing your personal life is another job on its own, and nobody knows that better than our matchmakers.

The bottom line is, we know you’re busy and have many responsibilities and chores to take care of.  But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean your love life has to suffer.  This is why we advise our busy professional clients to date slowly and always be upfront about their busy lifestyle.  Approaching dating slowly with a causal attitude will make dating easier and less stressful on you.

4. Create Time for Dating

Do you know how much time you spend each week opening and answering emails?  Do you know how many extra hours you put in at work?  Well, now it’s time to cut back on those things to make time for dating.  Your love life is screaming for help, and you need to give it the help it’s looking for.  If you can free up some time for dating, you need to do it.  Do you really need to work 8 extra hours every Saturday?  Do you really need to return all those phone calls and emails yourself or can you delegate these responsibilities?  Try to rearrange and delegate work to free up time for dating.

Do you need assistance finding Mr. or Mrs. Right?  If so, let the best matchmaking service in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles, help you make time for dating.  How?  We’ll do the hard work of dating for you!  That’s right, we’ll introduce you to like-minded singles around your busy schedule.  We have been working with career-minded singles in NJ for nearly 30 years and have made thousands of perfect matches.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Man Guide for First Date Prep

You finally did it.  You hired the #1 matchmaking service in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles.  Our professional matchmakers took time to get to know you, and we have hand-selected a lovely woman we believe will be a great match for you.  Now is the time you’ve been waiting for, the first introduction.

You don’t leave anything up to chance in your professional life, and you should apply the same rule to your dating life.  You make a good first impression in a business meeting, and you must do the same on your first dates.  You only get one chance to do it right, so make it count.  Preparation is key to having a successful first date, and we’re going to share our step-by-step guide to prep for success.  So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate guide for single men to get ready for a successful first date.

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1. Leave the Baggage at Home

Our matchmakers have arranged a date for you, a quality date with someone we believe you’ll hit it off with.  This isn’t your standard date.  We’ve done extensive screening to ensure she fulfills your criteria and shares the same lifestyle, core values, and relationship goals as you.

We’ve done the hard work for you, so try to relax and have a good time.  Whatever issue you’re dealing with at work or with family, leave it at home.  Venting to your date about your demanding boss, or mentioning that an ex is still harassing you can quickly turn your date off.  The first meeting is the time to impress your date and focus on lighthearted subjects, not bring out the hardships of life.

2. Groom to Perfection

Some men just don’t get the concept of taking time to look good.  Grooming is very important to women, so you need to take time to groom yourself before your date.  If your hair is shaggy, go get a haircut.  If your beard is long, trim it.  If your fingernails are dirty, trim and clean them.  Good grooming also includes having fresh breath and a nice scent.  It should go without saying, but we have to say it anyways: this is the only chance you get to impress her.

3. The Right Clothes Make All the Difference

Dress for the date you want, not someone you would settle for.  As matchmakers, we always tell our clients to dress to impress.  The right clothes will make you look more desirable in her eyes.  Dress for the occasion.  Keep in mind that our matchmaking service is where professionals turn for quality results in their love life, so you should dress to meet a like-minded professional.

The key is to dress nicely without going overboard.  You don’t have to rock a tuxedo if you’re just going to grab coffee.  As a general rule of thumb, dress slightly better than casual.  You want to look sharp and well put together, even for a casual coffee date, all while remember not to overdo it.

4. The Rules of Engagement

One of the biggest mistakes we see men make on dates is talking too much about themselves without letting the woman speak.  Of course she wants to get to know you, but it has to go both ways.  You need to ask her questions and engage her in conversation, all while not treating the date like a formal interview.  Remember to leave the conversation about previous relationships in the past and to stay away from hot topics of conversation, like sex, politics, and religion.

5. Always Smile

It’s been said many times before that the world would be better if everyone smiled, and we’re sure you agree, right?  Smiling is contagious and can turn the entire date around.  The best way to greet a date is with a warm and welcoming smile.  This is the best icebreaker you could ask for on a date.

We’re so happy for you, and we hope you rock your upcoming first date.  You are in good hands because you’ve outsourced your love life to the #1 matchmaking service in New Jersey.  Now is your time to shine and impress her by following this step-by-step guide to first date success.

If you’re not yet a client and want to find love in New Jersey, fill out the private questionnaire at the top of this page to book your FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles Dating Service today.  Let us give your love life the jumpstart it needs!