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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Real Reasons You’re Single

You’re a wonderful, successful, and attractive woman.  You know it and all your friends and family do too, but for some reason, you’re still single.  How could there possibly be a better girlfriend than you?  You seriously don’t know how you’re still single.  You’re tired of being asked the same old question, time and time again: how can someone as beautiful, kind, and caring as you not have a boyfriend?

Don’t blame yourself for this.  It’s not your fault.  Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we see it all the time.  Our matchmakers are all about having standards and never settling.  Your busy lifestyle might not allow you the time and energy necessary to meet the right person, but it still hurts to be all alone.

But is that it?  Or could there be more to it?  Believe it or not, there could be many other reasons why you’re still on the market today.  Read on to find out, as New Jersey Singles reviews the real reasons you’re still SINGLE!

new jersey singles reviews

1. No One Meets Your Expectations

Yes, you met many men who were great and all, but they did not meet your dating expectations.  Why would someone so wonderful and successful like you settle for someone who doesn’t fulfill your expectations?  We understand and know you want someone who shines as bright as you.  We know you don’t want to waste your time with men who aren’t right for you, and we don’t blame you.

2. Your Life Is Full of Chaos

You’re successful in life, but that success comes with a price.  You have an extremely hectic life: you’re super busy with work, you barely have time to see your friends and family, and you can hardly find time to get to the gym and stay active.  And that says it all: you really don’t have time to spend searching for your perfect man.  One of the main reasons you’re single today is because of your hectic schedule and chaotic life.

3. You’re Fed Up with the Search

It’s easy to get burnt out on the hunt for the perfect man.  You might be the most beautiful and successful woman around but are still disappointed again and again.  Sure, you’re tired of being single, but at the same time, you’re tired of searching with no luck in sight.  Take it from our matchmakers, you’re allowed to feel this way.  But you don’t have to go at it alone!  This is where our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles can step in and take over the hard part of dating for you.

4. Men Just Want to Hook Up

Whatever happened to genuine men who were looking for a serious relationship?  What happened to commitment?  Honestly, it all went out the window when online dating sites and Tinder came into the picture.  You might have tried your luck on dating sites and mobile apps but quickly realized that all the men you meet there just want to hook up.  Nowadays, a true gentleman is hard to find, and you certainly won’t find him online.  You are too great and successful to settle for a casual hookup.

5. You Don’t Put Up with Nonsense

When it comes to dating and relationships, you are the type of woman who doesn’t have time to put up with the nonsense.  You are not afraid to walk out of a relationship when you notice it’s not going anywhere.  Our matchmakers clap for you.  Sure, it might suck to be alone, but it’s a lot better than dealing with drama and unnecessary strife in your life.

6. You Have High Standards

Good job on having high standards, because not having them will land you in any old relationship, which we know will lead to heartache and disaster.  Stick to your high standards, even if you’re single today.  Why?  Because you deserve the best.  You have better things to do than pretend to be into men you’re not into.  Ignore the naysayers and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

7. Men Find You Intimidating

It’s sad when men find a successful, strong, and independent woman intimidating.  If they only knew just how awesome you are, they would show you the respect you deserve.  But they can’t, because they are intimidated by your presence and your success.

8. You’re Happy with Where Your Life Is Today

Being alone isn’t a bad thing.  Things could be going great for you right now, and you might be happy with the way your life is.  If you’re working up the career ladder or are focusing on your personal life, that’s good news for you.  After all, you must be content and happy with your own life first.

9. You’re Tired of the Dating Games

You’ve been in many relationships and just want to take a break now.  If you are burnt out because you dated too many of the wrong men, it’s okay to take a small break.  You’re still amazing, but you do need a small break to recharge and come back refreshed.

10. You’re Unique

The most amazing women out there are unique.  Maybe you have a passion for antiques, perhaps you love knitting, or maybe you’re dedicated to running and training for a marathon.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a match when you have unique interests and personality traits.  Don’t worry, because our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles can help you do just that.  We make finding a compatible partner straightforward and enjoyable.

New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of dating, but today it’s all about you and why you’re single.  Don’t worry, because we know we can help you change your luck in dating.  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us assist you on your search for love.

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