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New Jersey Singles Reviews How Men Bring Out Women’s Insecurities

Women can be very complicated and hard to read, but you already know that.  You try doing everything right, but somehow she’s still not satisfied.  So here are you, wondering if it’s you or her who is doing something wrong.  The truth is, sometimes men do things that make women feel insecure.  For many women, it’s the little things that matter the most.  And although women do enjoy big gestures, here at New Jersey Singles, we know it’s those little things that touch her heart.  Women appreciate the little things, like holding her hand when walking in public or giving her a sweet goodnight kiss on the forehead. 

What You Do to Make Her Feel Insecure

Do you think you’re doing everything you possibly can in your relationship?  Are you still coming up short?  Read on as New Jersey Singles reviews what men do that makes women feel insecure.  If you’re guilty of any of these, it’s time for you to make some changes in your relationship.


1. When you check out other women.

One of the worst things you can do is check out other women in front of your girlfriend or wife.  Believe us, it’s going to make your woman feel insecure.  You need to give your partner your attention, not only out of respect, but because she deserves it.  You don’t want to blatantly check out other women when you have your beautiful girlfriend right in front of your eyes.

If you are the type who can’t help it, you need to figure out a way if you want to save face in your relationship. 

2. When you take a long time to reply.

Your woman is not asking you to reply in ten seconds, but you should reply in a decent amount of time, and this is especially true if you’re out with your guy friends.  If you value your girlfriend, then you will not keep her waiting and wondering—plain and simple.

A simple text letting her know what you’re doing will suffice.  Even if you’re having a good time with your friends, take a few seconds to reply to your girlfriend.  However, if you’re busy at work or doing something that requires your full attention, then you don’t have to immediately reply.

3. When you hang out with a gal pal or coworker.

No matter how secure your girlfriend is, she is going to feel a little insecure when you hang out with a female friend.  Yep, even if she is your best friend from growing up, it will still stir up a few insecurities.  It’s just human nature.  The next time you hang out with your female friend, be sure to bring your girlfriend along and always give your girlfriend more attention than this other woman.  This will ensure your girlfriend that she is your #1.

4. When you talk about other women.

Unless you are discussing your mom, grandma, sister, or female boss, you shouldn’t be talking fondly about other women.  Slip ups like this are bound to cause jealousy issues.  We know there are plenty of good looking women out there, but talking about them will make your woman feel insecure.  How would you like it if your girlfriend was talking about that tall, hunky, blonde guy at the gym all the time?

5. When you don’t introduce her right.

If were having lunch with your best friends or coworkers and unexpectedly bumped into your girlfriend, so how do you introduce her?  You didn’t?  Big mistake.  This is one of those major mistakes that is bound to make your woman feel insecure.  Why?  Because it makes you look like you’re hiding her you’re your friends and others know you know.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we want you to introduce your girlfriend to everyone you are out with, and remember to introduce her as your girlfriend.  Don’t make your woman feel isolated or unwanted by not properly introducing her.

6. When you neglect her in a social setting.

You invited your girlfriend to a work holiday party, but what did you do?  You spent the whole time laughing and chatting it up with your friends and coworkers and neglected her.  She bought a new dress, got her nails done, and even had her makeup done.  She was thrilled to have a good time with you, but you ignored her the whole night.  Never bring her to a party and leave her fending for herself in the corner.  It’s rude and disrespectful and you should know better by now.

7. When you don’t give her a compliment.

Your girlfriend told you she went to the salon today and got a new haircut and color.  Did you compliment her on it?  She told you she lost 9 pounds over the last month, but you didn’t pay her any mind.  She is obviously making efforts to look good and feel good, but when it seems like you don’t care, it’s going to hurt her feelings and her self-esteem too.  We want you to pay more attention to your woman and notice the little things about her.  After all, they mean the most.  You don’t have to give her a compliment every day, but you should let her know when you notice something different.

8. When your ex calls you.

Okay, let’s say you’re still good friends with your ex.  But you must know one thing, your girlfriend is sure to be irritated when your ex calls, especially if it’s often.  The two of you had something in the past, which is sure to make your girlfriend feel insecure.  Keep in mind that the only woman who can tolerate your friendship with your ex is a woman who doesn’t care. 

Don’t point the finger at your woman for being insecure if you’re the one causing it.  If you want to save your relationship, you need to figure out ways to ensure you never make your girlfriend feel insecure.  If you notice you’re guilty of any of these behaviors we reviewed above, we encourage you to make a New Year’s resolution never to do it again.  Make 2016 the year you strengthen your relationship and deepen your bond.

Not meeting the right partners on your own?  Contact our matchmakers today and let us introduce you to compatible single women in New Jersey, women who are relationship-minded and serious about settling down.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation NOW!

New Jersey Singles Top New Year’s Dating Resolutions for 2016

December is the time of year when we take a moment to assess the things we want to change about ourselves.  With New Year’s right around the corner, it’s kind of hard not to think about your relationship status.  The holiday season can be very difficult for singles.  Your Facebook newsfeed is plagued with pictures of happy couples, your relatives bombard you with questions of why you’re still single, and everywhere you turn there’s a happy couple in sight.  The whole month of December can be stressful and lonely, even more so than Valentine’s Day.

However, being single is not that bad.  Think about it, you don’t have to find that perfect gift, right?  All jokes aside, we know deep inside that you do want to be in a relationship, which is why you’re here today.

The great thing about New Year’s is that it offers a fresh start and gives you a new beginning.  Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will review the top dating resolutions so you can welcome love in 2016.


1. Get rid of any obstacles.

Resolve to let go of any obstacles that are getting in your way of finding love.  Are you having a hard time meeting like-minded singles in New Jersey?  Then, you need to take a different route to dating, such as our matchmaking services here at New Jersey Singles.  You can also opt to try a new activity or hobby so that the people you encounter share the same interests as you.

If the issue is not having enough time, then our matchmaking services will be ideal for you.  But first, you need to make love a priority and schedule time for dating.  Our matchmakers can guide you along the way, create a personalized dating plan, and teach you how to dedicate yourself to finding love.

2. Figure out what you want.

One of the most important aspects of finding love is knowing what you want in a partner.  What are your must-haves in a relationship?  It is okay to want certain things, but don’t be shallow with this list.  You don’t need a beautiful blonde that looks like a supermodel, nor a 6’3’’ muscular hunk.  Write down what you need in a relationship and find people who can offer you those things.

3. Make room for love.

In order to find love in 2016, you must first make room for it.  You need to reorganize and ensure your life is open so someone can come in when you do run into them.  Prioritize your life and fill it with dates.  It is perfectly okay to be happy as a single person, but if you get too comfortable being single, you’re never going to find love.

4. Be someone people want to date.

Are you happy with yourself?  Are you happy with the way your life is?  Think about this one for a moment: would you date yourself?  If not, change things up to make yourself more appealing and datable.  You need to be someone who is fun to be around, someone who is interesting, and someone who is an overall great catch, which will take us to the next point.

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Remember, no one in the world is perfect; everyone has a flaw or two.  If you have been putting off dating until you achieve, this, that, and the other thing, well, you’ll never get back in the dating scene.  You need to start dating now—don’t worry about being perfect, because you can find love with flaws and all. 

Here at New Jersey Singles, we know there is someone out there who is perfect for you and we can help you find them!

6. Dress to impress.

We want you to put efforts into your appearance.  Just like you dress for the job you want, you also need to dress for the partner you want.  You need to be ready and put together, because you just never know when you’ll run into your ideal partner.  Plus, you’ll feel more confident when you look good.  And let’s face it, a good first impression is the best impression.

7. Be confident in yourself.

Spend some time thinking about all the great qualities you possess.  This is not the time to be arrogant, but we know you possess good traits and qualities—and someone out there will be lucky to have you as a partner.  If you’re not feeling secure in who you are, now is the time to work on yourself and your esteem.  Remember that no one wants to be with someone who doesn’t love themselves.  It is draining to convince someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. 

8. Have fun with dating.

Remember that dating is supposed to be exciting and fun.  If you go into it too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive.  Try to go on each date with an open mind and don’t worry if things don’t work out the way you want them to.  There’s always next time.

9. Stop wasting time in bad relationships.

Some people think being single is the worst thing in the world and would rather be in any relationship over being single, even if it’s bad for them.  Don’t be that person!  Jumping from one bad relationship to the next is unhealthy, and it’s something you need to avoid if you want to find the right partner. 

If you’re serious about finding lasting love, then you’ll never settle for less than you deserve.  If you notice unhealthy patterns in your partner, leave them; if your partner isn’t serious about a relationship, leave them.  You don’t deserve to be with someone like that—you deserve true love and nothing less!

If you’re ready to find love in 2016, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles today to reserve your complimentary matchmaking consultation.  Let our matchmakers help you find the love you deserve in the upcoming year! Call 1 (888) 417-0020 NOW to find love!

Find Out If She’s Flirting with New Jersey Upscale Matchmakers

So you met a woman at a party and the two of you were talking all night.  You thought you were hitting it off perfectly and wanted to take things to the next level.  You finally asked her to go out on a date with you but she turned you down and didn’t even offer you her phone number.  What happened here?  Our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know you might have misread the signs.

Did you misread the signs she was giving you?  Or was she playing you?  What happened here?  How can you be sure this doesn’t happen to you again? 

To be fair, our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know that women are very complex and can be hard to read.  One minute they seem interested and the next they’re not… Or are you just getting carried away and misreading the signs?  And just because a woman is being nice, or even doing a little friendly flirting, doesn’t mean she has intentions of dating you.  You need to pay close attention to the signs she’s interested in you before you swoop in and make your move.

new jersey signles reviews matchmaking picture

Is She Flirting or Just Being Nice?

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we work with women every day and know the flirting game like the back of our hand.  If you’re trying to figure out if she’s truly flirting or just being nice, look out for the following signs. 

1. Playful Touching

If a woman likes you, then she’ll try to show you with her feminine touch.  She will initiate physical contact with you when she talks or when you’re telling her a story.  If she touches your arm or brushes her hand against your knee, she’s doing a bit of flirting.

2. She Shows Her Best Assets

When a woman flirts with a man she will use her best assets.  Pay attention to little things, such as batting her eyes, playing with her hair, licking her lips, adjusting her top, or adjusting her skirt, as these are all signs she’s flirting with you.

3. She Is Curious About You

If you are not interested in a woman, then you’re not going to ask her about herself, right?  Yep, it’s that simple.  When a woman is interested in you, and as more than just a friend, she is going to want to get to know you more.  She’ll ask probing questions about your life, what you do in your spare time, where you grew up, etc.  She will also express interest in doing things you like and possibly hinting at a future date. 

4. She’ll Give You Compliments

If a woman likes you, there is no doubt she’ll extend a compliment.  She’ll compliment your shirt, your muscular arms, or your overall sense of style.

5. She Won’t Leave Your Side

When a woman is flirting with you, she’ll find any excuse to be next to you.  She might mingle with others but you’ll notice that she’ll spend most of her time next to you.

6. She’ll Maintain Good Eye Contact

The same way you would not hold eye contact with a woman you’re not interested in, if a woman is not interested in you, she will not maintain it.  However, if a woman is interested and flirting with you, you’ll notice she maintains long eye contact.

7. She’ll Get You a Drink

Getting you a drink means she enjoys your company and wants you to stay a little longer. 

8. She Hints About a Date

If a woman likes you and wants to see you again, she’ll drop hints about going out on a date.  For example, if you say you love Italian food, she might say something like, “Oh, I love Italian too.  There’s a new restaurant in town that I heard is good.  I have yet to go there.”  This is her way of hinting at a date with you.

9. She Mentions That She Is Single

If a woman is flirting with you, she’ll drop hints that she is single.  She might mention that she is not attached anymore or make it a point to let you know she has an ex.

If she talks about men she likes, then you know she is only being friendly with you. 

10. She Initiates the Contact

She doesn’t have to be in your face to let you know she is into you.  As you already know, we live in a digital world.  Texting and social media are great ways of communication, and if she likes you, she might initiate conversation these ways.  If a woman only replies to you with one word answers, then she is not interested in you.  On the contrary, if she sends you long messages and seems to want to keep the conversation going, then our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know she is interested.

11. Her Body Language Tells You

As important as words are to know if she is flirting, her body language will also tell you her intentions.  Many people are not aware that their body language is speaking, so if you are smart, you’ll be able to pick up the signs.  If her arms are crossed when talking with you, then she’s not interested in you.  If she is looking away when you talk to her, then she is not interested in you.  If her arms are by her sides and she is facing you in a welcoming way, then she is interested in you.

Despite our New Jersey upscale matchmakers list, there may still be a few women who are hard to read and gauge whether they’re into you or not.  If you are having a hard time finding quality women in New Jersey, then it is time to consider the help of an expert matchmaker.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we can introduce you to quality women who are serious about a relationship.  If you’re serious about finding love, we’re serious about helping you.  Don’t waste another day, contact our New Jersey upscale matchmakers now by calling 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserving your FREE matchmaking consultation by mentioning you heard about us through this dating blog.

New Jersey Singles Reviews 11 Signs It’s Time to Call It Quits

Every relationship has its up and downs.  But if the downs are outnumbering the ups, then your relationship might have run its course.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we don’t want to be the ones to tell you when your relationship is over, but there are some signs you need to be aware of, as they will indicate your relationship is heading for the rocks.

Every relationship will have its hard times, but not all will make it through.  Occasionally, people think their relationship has fallen into a rut, but in reality, it has just run its course.

Find out if your relationship can be saved or if it’s time to call it quits as New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs your relationship is doomed.

new jersey singles

1. Arguments happen all the time.

It is completely natural for two people to get into arguments, but when they happen every day, many times a day, then you know something is wrong.  There is obviously a bigger issue here.  Your arguments should never become so excessive that you can’t get through a day without arguing with your partner. 

If you’re in a relationship with someone you’re always arguing with, then you have a problem.  And too much stress can have a big impact on your health.

2. You argue over nothing.

Are you one of those partners who argues over nothing?  Then be careful because you might be destroying your own relationship.  Do you and your partner argue about how they forgot to do the dishes, about something they wore, or how they left their shoes in the middle of the living room?  If the two of you are fighting over nuisances, then your relationship might be over.

3. You’re always annoyed with them.

Does the sound of your partner chewing a celery stick annoy the life out of you?  Does the way they part their hair make you want to run away?  If your answers are yes, then it might be time to reassess your relationship.  You should want to be around your partner, not want to run away from them every time you see them.  If you are constantly wanting to turn and run away, then there is a bigger issue at hand.

4. They irritate you so much. 

This is probably the most telltale sign your relationship has run its course.  When you start finding irritating things about your partner, then you know you have a problem.  If you find yourself getting frustrated over the things you once loved about them, it’s time to wake up and realize your relationship has hit its end.

5. You don’t care what they think of you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a few months or a few decades, you should always care what your partner thinks about you.  They are the one you should go to for advice, for support, and for counseling.  If you don’t care about them and what they think about you, then why are you with them?

6. You don’t care to lose them.

If you really care about your partner, it will show in your relationship.  If you don’t care, it will show too.  If you really love your partner, you would want them to be with you forever and the thought of losing them would scare you.  If it doesn’t, then you know it’s time to call it quits.

7. The respect is gone.

Whether you lost respect for your partner or they lost it for you, if there is no respect in the relationship, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it’s done.  How can the two of you have a successful relationship if you don’t respect each other?  The answer is simple, you cannot.

8. You feel like a burden to them.

Does it feel like you’re pulling teeth when you ask your partner to attend your family’s BBQ or to accompany you to a work event?  If so, something is wrong.  Your partner should be by your side supporting you in any type of situation.

This can go both ways too.  If you feel frustrated and reluctant with them, then something is off and you need to figure out what’s going on.  And it could be that you’re simply ready to move on.

9. You don’t talk about the future.

It is healthy for two partners to discuss the future.  You don’t have to have the talk about children or marriage every day, but there should be conversation about the future.  If the two of you have stopped making plans, it’s a sign neither of you see yourselves together down the road.  This is especially true if the two of you used to discuss the future often. 

10. You feel insecure.

Does it feel like your partner is going to leave you the first chance they get? Maybe they will.  If you feel insecure in your relationship, that’s a surefire sign that things aren’t right and you’re heading down an unhealthy road.

11. You walk on eggshells.

Do you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells around your partner?  Well, feeling this way is unhealthy.  One of the most telltale signs it’s over is feeling uneasy around your partner.  Hiding who you are for their sake is a sign your relationship has come to an end.

Ending your relationship is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make.  If you are unsure what to do, or are feeling a little reluctant, use this guide where New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs your relationship has run its course and hopefully you’ll be able to come to the right decision.

When you’re single and ready to venture into the dating world again, contact our expert matchmakers so we can help you find the love you deserve.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation to find a compatible partner.

Overcome Your Holiday Blues with New Jersey Singles Matchmakers

Being happy, unlike what the world wants us to believe, isn’t just all about having a loving partner. You can be happy with those you love—or even all by yourself.

You could meet someone but have no romance with them. However, you can experience romance every day of your life, if you try. There are many things you can do to your life to make it fun and cheery. And despite what everyone thinks, you can be romantic all by yourself. Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we don’t just help people find love… We help those who are struggling to get through, as well. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you how to overcome your loneliness and find romance and cheer this holiday.

new jersey signles reviews matchmaking picture

1. Bring Romance into Your Home

Come home after a long day of work and turn on those Christmas lights and light some candles. Make your house smell great, spread your holiday cheer, and enjoy a hot cocoa or eggnog all by yourself. Sit down on your sofa and enjoy your decorations, the smell of holiday scents burning, and your mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Wrap yourself in a comfy blanky and watch your favorite TV show. Not much of a TV person? Then, read your favorite book. As you start to read or watch TV, you’ll smell that cinnamon candle burning in the background, which will be peaceful and relaxing.

Bringing romance into your home doesn’t mean being with a partner. As you can tell, you can do it all by yourself. It’ll make you feel great when you come home at night and when you wake up the next day. It will also make you feel great when friends come to visit and enjoy a hot cup of tea or cocoa with you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the holidays on your own.

2. Embrace the Holiday Spirit

There is nothing more romantic than getting into the holiday spirit. It’s all those teary eyed moments that movies are all about. If you want to bring romance into your life this holiday season, then you need to begin by embracing it. So how do you do this?

First, you want to do things for people who are close to you, like friends and family. Here at New Jersey Singles, we’re all about showing love. So this is exactly what you need to do for them. Bake them goodies, bring them a gift, or send them a cheery holiday card.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we’re also big on helping the community. And this is something you might want to do too. Look around your community and see what acts of kindness you can do—maybe you can help an elder neighbor who needs a little help shoveling their driveway, consult a coworker who is also feeling lonely, or volunteer during your spare time.

There is nothing more joyful than spreading holiday cheer by volunteering and giving back during the holiday season. Not only will that experience make you feel good inside, but you’ll be bringing joy and happiness to others around you.

3. Take Part in Christmas Events & Holiday Festivities

Okay, so you don’t have to go to all of those events you got invitations for, but our New Jersey Singles matchmakers encourage you to go to a few here and there. Get out of your house and embrace the holidays. Go to a holiday market, go ice-skating, go shopping, or walk around the city with a hot cup of coffee.

4. Bring Love

You might not have a partner, but what about those close to you? Now is the time to bring love around and spend quality time with people that matter. You can go out with a friend and enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or visit another friend and chat over a cup of coffee. Here at New Jersey Singles we know you don’t have to feel lonely, because as you can tell, there are many things you can do in your spare time. You can also use this time to create gifts for friends and family or donate those gifts to charity.

Tired of feeling lonely and venturing out by yourself? Don’t worry, have a little party at your house… A holiday party that is. Invite some friends and let them know to bring some of their friends as well. It can be something simple like hot cocoa, cookies, and board games or you can have holiday party with a theme. Did someone say ugly Christmas sweaters?

5. Decorate & Do Merry Things

Besides decorating your office or home for the holidays, another way to get into the holiday spirit is to watch those classic holiday movies. You know which ones we’re talking about… Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and It’s a Wonderful Life. There is always a gem or two out there that will bring you into the holiday spirit.

6. To Sum Things Up…

Here at New Jersey Singles, we know you don’t have to have a partner to be happy during the holiday season. As you can tell, there are many ways to be happy and spread cheer this time of year. Romance isn’t about having a date or having a partner. You can be happy and have romance in your life just by lighting a few candles, baking a few gingerbread cookies, or doing acts of kindness for others around you.

There is plenty of time for you to find love, whether it’s now or during the new year. And here at New Jersey Singles, we’re willing to give you a hand. We know we can make your holiday dreams of finding love a reality. But for now, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, snuggle up in your favorite blanky, and watch your favorite holiday movies while enjoying that scrumptious cookie tray—this is the season to spoil yourself.

If you want to get a jumpstart for your romantic life, call 1 (888) 417-0020 to arrange your FREE holiday matchmaking consultation today!

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Ultimate Winter Date Ideas

Has this chilly Jersey weather got you down? Don’t fret, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate winter date ideas that are guaranteed to warm you up!

The holiday season is among us, and with that means bitter cold weather—at least if you live in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey winters mean snowstorms, ice, and below zero weather. You already know the days are done earlier, the wind picks up, and the thermometer drops. Holiday music is playing everywhere you go, the smell of cinnamon is saturating the air, and everything feels a little bit cozier right now.

So what can you do to get all warm and toasty with your parnter this winter? What can you and your partner do during those bitter cold days? Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate winter date ideas to heat things up in your romantic life.


1. Go Ice-Skating

Okay, you can call us old school here, but we know that ice-skating is a great winter date idea. Strap on some skates, hold hands, and give your partner a twirl on the ice. Getting chilly just thinking about it? Want to make it a little better? Follow it up with a little hot cocoa or mulled wine.

Bonus: If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, you can go ice-skating at a nearby lake and have a romantic picnic in the snow.

2. Go for a Walk in the Country

It might sound like an odd idea to venture out into the cold this time of year, but believe us, it’s romantic. There is nothing like having your cheeks turn pink in the cold winter air and following it up with a hot meal right in front of the fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry, follow it up at a nearby cozy restaurant and have a belly-warming meal there.

Too much of a city person? Don’t live near the countryside? Don’t worry, you can go for ra walk at a local park and follow it up with a warm and nutty beverage and hot pastry or pie.

Try to find a place that offers good winter meals, such as chicken potpie, soups, egg toddy, or mulled wine. These are all perfect to warm you up after a long walk.

3. Have a Date with Candlelight

There is just something heartwarming about cozying up with your partner in the dark, sipping some mulled wine or hot cocoa, and chatting the night away. Light a few candles to really set the mood. And if you have a fireplace, even better.

Once you dim the lights down low, snuggle up with your partner or even play board games together. But we do have one rule to follow for this date—no electronics.

You can have all the snacks you want. You can even have some indoor fun roasting them over the fire. Marshmallows, apples, and chestnuts, you can have it all. As far as drinks, a winter tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, or mulled wine are all perfect for this cozy night in.

4. Bake Festive Things Together

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner, so why not make a date and bake something festive together? Make a gingerbread house, gingerbread cookies, or a gingerbread cake. You can make holiday cookies, candies, fudge, or whatever you desire.

Many people do Christmas jams, which is something you and your partner can make too. These little jam jars will come in handy to give away as holiday gifts. You can even do it for an act of kindness and donate them to a local charity. Homemade cookies and holiday treats are great for friends, coworkers, neighbors, or your local shelter.

And for an added bonus, why not have a flour fight with your partner and end things with a big kiss? You can finish the date with a candlelight dinner and reminisce about all the fun you’ve had together. Now that is what we call a great time here at New Jersey Singles.

5. The Volunteer Date

Why not volunteer together and help those who are in need? Both you and your partner can volunteer for a local charity. Many of them hold Christmas events where you and your partner can volunteer your time. There is nothing better than helping those who are less fortunate, especially this time of year.

6. Create Something Together

If both of you love arts and crafts, then this date will be the perfect date for the two of you. You can make holiday cards or a fun and creative DIY project. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest you can try out this holiday season.

7. Decorate the House

Why not get together with your partner and decorate the house? You can make it even better by combining it with baking or cooking. Visit your local orchard, pick up some apples, and go home and make a delicious apple pie. While the pie is in the oven, you can make some homemade garlands and decorate the house. There is nothing better than decorating the house with the person you love. And if you didn’t get your tree yet, here’s another great date idea!

8. Go to the Mountains

Are the two of you an outdoor type of couple? Then this date idea is perfect for the two of you. There is just something so romantic about hiking the trails during the cold winter months. It is like walking in a winter wonderland. The trees will be covered with snow, the sounds will be like music to your ears, and everything is so beautiful to see.

Have any of these romantic winter date ideas struck a chord with you? If so, let our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know on our Facebook page!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews What Men Notice First in a Woman

Is it your smile? Is it your hair? Is it your legs? Every man notices something different about a woman. But at the end of the day, everything plays a role. Whether he notices your toned legs, your beautiful smile, or your warm and friendly demeanor, there’s no denying that he is admiring the entire package.

It is tough to tell what men notice first, and what one guy considers sexy, another man won’t. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top things men notice when they first see a woman.

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First Impressions Matter: What Men Notice First

When it comes to dating, you must always make an effort to look good. You need to catch his eye and dazzle him to draw him in and make him want to get to know you.

In our almost three decades of experience in the dating and relationship industry, we have gathered the top things men notice in a woman when they’re looking for a serious relationship. So read on, as New Jersey Singles reviews those things for you below.

1. Your Smile

Your smile makes a huge difference in how you look. If he is interested in you, he’ll notice your smile from afar and will be captivated by it. Never leave your house with a frown because you never know who is watching you. Men fall in love with a woman’s smile—it’s something that mesmerizes them.

2. Your Laugh

Another thing you must always do is laugh to let him know you’re not a stick in the mud. After all, men love a woman who knows how to have a good time, not one who is uptight.

3. Your Eyes

They say your eyes are the window to your soul, and we couldn’t agree more. Always make sure you’re using yours to your advantage. Don’t go out wearing blacked out glasses as if you were hiding from the world, especially if you’re on a date. Learn how to hold a gaze and show him your interest.

4. Your Hair

While it may not be the first thing they notice, hair is definitely something a man will take notice to. Use your hair as a weapon in the game of attraction by making sure it’s always fresh and styled.

5. Your Smell

Just like you notice a man’s scent, they notice yours. Smelling light and fresh will score you extra brownie points with men. Be sure to pick a perfume that goes well with your pheromones and you’ll have men chasing you. Believe us, men cannot resist an alluring scent.

6. Your Sense of Style

Yes, men do watch the way you dress, and your sense of style tells him everything he needs to know about you. He might not notice that you’re carrying the latest designer bag, but he’s definitely going to notice if you dress in a classy and conservative way or if you’re exposing too much skin. Your sense of style needs to portray your personality. Remember that if you’re trying to land a quality man, you never want to reveal too much skin, as it is a turn off for men. A woman’s personal style gives him a glimpse into what her personality will be like, so make sure you’re conveying the right message.

7. Your Teeth

Having bad teeth is a sign of bad hygiene. Always take good care of your teeth and breath—and always brush right before leaving the house. If you have bad breath or grimy or stained teeth, men aren’t going to be interested in you. Don’t wait another day to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and whitening treatment.

8. Your Body

Well, you already knew this one was coming. Of course men look at your body and it tells them a lot. Always wear flattering clothes that accentuate your best assets. If you have nice toned legs, then a nice pair of shorts, a skirt, or a dress will do the job. Whatever you choose to wear, be sure it’s flattering for your body type, and always make sure it fits properly.

9. Your Overall Personality

Remember that your body isn’t the only thing that can captivate a man, your personality will draw him in too. When he builds up the courage to come talk to you, make sure you show him your great personality. Men don’t like snobby women, so make sure you’re welcoming and friendly.

10. Your Communication Skills

There is a huge difference between being fun and being a clown—and men will notice right away. They will also notice the way you speak and the way you carry yourself. Are you the type of woman who is very loud? If so, you might want to turn it down a bit. Men who are serious about dating are looking for a feminine and soft woman, not someone who is loud and overbearing.

11. Your Skin

Besides having bright pearly whites and a great scent, your skin is another important factor that will play into attraction. If you have bad skin, he’s going to assume you don’t take care of yourself. You need to take care of your skin, not only to attract men, but for yourself. Ask any man out there and he’ll tell you that a natural look is better than going out with a face full of makeup. We encourage you to keep things light and fresh, especially when heading out on dates. Of course you can use makeup, just don’t go overboard with it.

12. The People You Hang Out With

Remember that your friends reflect who you are, so don’t associate with people who are giving out the wrong impression of you. Even though Sandra is a friend of yours, don’t hang out with her if she consumes too many alcoholic drinks and always causes a scene. Men who are checking you out will assume you’re just like her.

As much as you thought your physical appearance was the #1thing a man notices, as you can tell from our New Jersey Singles reviews, there are other things that draw men in. From your personality, your looks, and your demeanor, men want the entire package. So now that you know, you have the upper hand.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips for Surviving the Holidays Alone

The holiday season is in full swing—it’s officially here. And if you’re single, you might be feeling depressed and down. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know the holidays can be a tough time of year for singles—feelings of loneliness, depression, and even resent. But just like you, there are plenty of other people out there who are feeling the same way as you right now… And just like you, they’re all looking for a solution of how to survive the holidays alone. So get ready to turn that frown upside down as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate tips for surviving the holidays alone.

While there are many ways you can be happy by yourself, we know there is something about the holidays and all its cheerful festivities that gets singles down. For many, it’s the lowest point of the year—so much so that depression and loneliness hits with a BOOM. But here at New Jersey Singles, we’re thinking about you, and all the singles out there, which is why today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate ways you can survive the holidays alone—get ready to go from dread to jolly, as we teach you how to have a good time.

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1. Look to Friends & Family

We all need someone who loves us and cares for us, especially this tough time of year, and who better than our friends and family? We encourage you to seek out their company and spend quality time with them. Talk to them about how you’re feeling, as difficult as it might be to admit it. Let them know you’re feeling lonely and that you could use someone to talk to. Your friends and family will not turn you down; after all, they love you and want to see you happy. If you don’t have too many friends, maybe you can talk to a coworker who is compassionate and understanding. Believe us, once you talk to someone, we know you’ll start feeling better in no time.

2. Start a New Project

What better way to beat the holiday loneliness than to start a new project? It can be something simple, like cleaning out your closet or just organizing the fridge or pantry. It doesn’t matter what you do, tackle something around the house. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishing a goal or completing a project.

3. Do Something Charitable

So you think you have it bad? Well, we know you’re single and lonely, but you really have no idea. There are people out there who have no homes, no food, and clothes to wear. If you want to pick yourself up and start feeling good this holiday season, we encourage you to do something charitable. Whether you donate food to an animal shelter, donate your time at the soup kitchen, or just donate clothes to a homeless shelter, do something to benefits others in your community. Helping others will not only make you feel good, but it will also make you realize just how good you really have it.

4. Forgive & Let Go

Sometimes what is really stopping you from making a connection is having walls… Walls from the past. Maybe you’re holding onto grudges because something previously happened to you, but did you know that holding onto a grudge can prevent you from healing a wound? Take this opportunity to let go of the past and throw your pride to the side. Forgive and forget… and move on with your life.

5. Be Open to Meeting New People

Another thing that could be preventing you from meeting new people is being afraid of meeting them. Perhaps there is a coworker or classmate that could be good for you… but you have yourself all closed off. This year, we want you to fix that and be open to meeting new people. Open yourself up and be friendly. You just never know who you will meet and how they could change your life.

6. Do a Bit of Binging

No, we don’t mean binging on eggnog, cookies, or other holiday treats. But there is nothing wrong with binging on other things. There is nothing wrong with spending a day or two watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. In fact, doing so will actually keep you distracted.

7. Read a Book

Did you know that you’re never alone if you’re reading? Pick a new book and start reading it today. Brew your favorite coffee or tea and spend a few hours getting lost in your book.

8. Write Things Down

Writing is a great pastime to have and a great way to get rid of your stress. You don’t have to write out poems, simply write down how you’re feeling and get your innermost thoughts out.

9. Schedule Time in the Kitchen

Do you enjoy cooking? Well, perhaps this is the best time to spend some time in the kitchen. Read some online recipes or cookbooks and start making your favorite holidays treats. Invite your friends and family over to join you and have fun connecting and creating memories. And you can even give out these holiday treats as gifts to family and friends.

10. Be Active

You don’t have to be a prisoner in your home. Get out and go for a walk, ride a bike, or go hiking to get some fresh air. If you’re lucky enough, you might even run into someone. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because being physical will lift your spirits on its own.

11. Spend Time with Single Friends

Are you craving some company? Well, there is bound to be a work colleague or friend who is also single and could use some company. The two of you can plan to do something together and lift each other’s spirits. Go holiday shopping, volunteer, or just grab a good cup of Joe.

12. Exercise

New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of dating, and one solution that works for almost any challenge is exercising. Exercising is a great way to lift your spirits, whether it’s a yoga session at home, going out for a run, or going to the gym. If you are feeling down and out, a half an hour workout is all you need to lift your spirits. Get out and shoot some hoops, hit the batting cages, or grab your dog and go hiking.

13. Be Your Own Santa

You don’t have to have a partner to pamper you, you can opt to be your own Santa. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and book a day at the spa or treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a long time.

14. Hold a Get Together

You don’t have to wait for a party invitation when you can do it yourself. Invite your family and friends and tell them to invite their friends, especially single ones. Get creative, make some holiday treats, play festive music, indulge in eggnog, and have a jolly time.

Don’t let the holidays get you down. If you are single and still looking for love, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us give you the holiday gift of love!

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Qualities Men Desire in a Woman

Reading a man’s mind is not easy to do. Men are very complicated, which makes the process of dating frustrating and difficult. Whether you’re a single woman searching for love or you’re already in a relationship, our expert matchmakers have some helpful tips for you.

Read on and find out what men are really looking for in a girlfriend as New Jersey Singles reviews the top qualities men hunt for in a long term relationship.

He might tell you you’re perfect the way you are, or say he’s happy with the restaurant you’ve chosen, but what’s he thinking deep down inside?

Is he really happy or are there a few things he wishes he could change? Truth be told, there are probably a few traits and characteristics he wishes he could add to your almost perfect package. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top qualities men are looking for in a woman.

It’s no secret that your man loves you for who you are and isn’t asking you to change, but if you could be better, wouldn’t you want to be? If you could be more desirable in his eyes, wouldn’t you want to?

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the qualities men crave in a long term partner. Show him these things and he’ll fall in love with you more and more.

And if you already have these traits, well, that is great for you. And if you don’t, it’s never too late to step up your game.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Flirty Gestures

All men love it when a woman flirts with them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together a few weeks or several years, never let your flirty gestures fall to the wayside. This is an instant way to pique his interests once again.

2. Nice Appearances

Of course your man is going to love you regardless of what you look like, even when you’re wearing your old gym clothes. But remember that men are visual creatures, and unlike you, they really do melt for a woman’s outer appearance. You don’t have to look spectacular every day, but try to look your best once in a while—keep the spark alive.

3. A Good Attitude

No man wants to get home after a long day in the office and hear his girlfriend or wife complaining or nagging him the second he opens the door. He doesn’t want to hear that you can’t fit into your jeans and he certainly doesn’t want to hear about the drama with Ned and Nancy.

He doesn’t want to hear about your insecurities, drama with friends, or negative talk all the time. Try to leave the negative talk out of conversation with your man and discuss it with your girlfriends instead.

4. Show Him You’re Vulnerable

You already know every man loves being the hero, the knight in shining armor. And although you never want to be dependent on him, let him come to your rescue or help you solve a problem once in a while. After all, it’s what they’re hardwired for.

5. Maintain Good Eye Contact

Whether you’re trying to get a man’s attention or just want to rekindle things in your seasoned relationship, use eye contact to your advantage. It will show your interest, stroke his ego a bit, and make him feel wanted and desired.

6. Bring the Flirting Back

This one is important whether you’re single or in a relationship. If he’s getting flirty with you, get a little playful and flirt back. If he extends a sincere compliment, never shoot it down. Accept it gracefully and go ahead and give one back. After all, nothing kills the sexual vibe faster than a woman who doesn’t know how to take a compliment.

7. Have a Sexy & Seductive Voice

Your man will love to hear your soft and feminine tone or a sexy and seductive voice. And this isn’t just about your tone but also about your word choice. Nothing is more of a turn off than a woman who has the mouth of a sailor. If every word that comes out of your mouth is dirty or inappropriate, then you need to change up your vocabulary and show him you’re a classy lady. Just because you’ve known your man for a long time now doesn’t mean you need to become one of the guys.

8. Show Him Skin

Now, there is a thin line for this one, ladies. Every guy likes to see a little skin, but never so much you look easy or trashy. You can be elegant and sexy without revealing too much.

9. Give Him a Sense of Adventure

Yes, we know that not all women are natural born athletes and some don’t have an adventurous bone in their body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. If your man invites you to go hiking or biking, don’t immediately shut him down. Your perfectly manicured nails can be redone on Monday, so don’t let that stop you. Be spontaneous and adventurous and create memories that will last a lifetime.

10. Trusting Him & Not Getting Jealous

Just like you hate being controlled by your man, he hates when you’re controlling too. Asking for his Facebook password or stalking his emails is a huge turn off. Unless your man has given you reason not to trust him, you should always give him the benefit of the doubt. Not trusting him shows your lack of confidence in yourself—not attractive to any guy.

11. Get Along with His Friends

It’s simple ladies. If you want to win a man’s heart, you need to get along with his friends. Winning his friends over might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a huge deal for him. Always be friendly and polite with his friends; after all, there’s nothing a man fears more than losing his friends to a girlfriend.

12. A Laidback & Go with the Flow Attitude

Men hate uptight women, the ones who will not stray from their routines. If you are not able to go with the flow, then how can you have fun? It’s okay to do something without planning it, it doesn’t hurt to try a new restaurant, nor does it hurt to break the routine. Show him you can let your hair down and have fun.

13. Be Independent

As much as men like being the hero, they also like a woman to be independent and capable of doing things on her own. Just because you know your man is home doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a drink with your girlfriends, nor does it mean you have to skip yoga and rush home from work. Show him you have your own interests, hobbies, friends, and life. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is independent.

Now that you know the top 13 qualities men crave in a woman, how many do you have? If you can think of any more, share them with us on our Facebook page.