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New Jersey Matchmakers Teach You to Combat the Fear of Losing Your Partner

happy2Being afraid of losing your partner is not an uncommon feeling. Whether you just got into a relationship or you have been in one for a very long time, our New Jersey matchmakers know the fear is real and happens to many people. Nothing in life is 100% sure and you could lose your partner tomorrow.

That is not meant to scare you. If you are in a happy and healthy relationship, you should have nothing to fear. Regardless, everyone feels a little paranoid from time to time, especially because we hear different stories all the time.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Losing Your Partner

In order to help you combat the fear of thinking your partner is going to leave you, our New Jersey matchmakers have put together a list of different ways to help you overcome that uncomfortable feeling inside. It is very simple and we want you to learn to combat that fear and maintain the happy and healthy relationship you deserve.

1. You need to relax.

The fear of losing your partner is something that just happens to you, and it happens to many people. If you have feelings for someone, then of course you would be sad if they walked away from you, and this is especially true in new relationships.

But realizing that everyone experiences this feeling at one point or another, will help you accept that feeling and work on moving forward. Never experiencing this fear can mean many different things such as lost interest in your partner and the relationship.

2. Stop trying to control it.

There are many things in life that you cannot control, and you can’t control every person in your life. People come and go without your approval.

You need to realize this and let it happen. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control. No matter how much you try, there are some things you just have no control over. Plus, nobody likes a control freak.

3. Write in a journal.

Putting your feelings on paper might help you deal with those nagging feelings inside. And as you may already know, writing on paper is a great stress reliever.

It is also a healthy way to analyze your fears and evaluate where they’re coming from.

4. Talk to your partner.

One of the best ways to eliminate the fears of losing your partner is by simply talking to them. If your fear is ruining your day, then you need to have a talk with your partner. They are going to reassure you that there is nothing to fear. Your partner might even be shocked you’re feeling this way and help you overcome these feelings.

5. Have fun with your partner.

One fantastic way to let go of this feeling is to just have fun with your partner. Enjoy their company and realize that the two of you are a match made in heaven. Most of the time when you’re feeling this way, it could be because you’re in a relationship rut. But don’t let this rut bring you down; instead start doing fun and exciting things with your partner. Bring back that excitement and rush you once had and we guarantee you’ll be feeling more secure in no time.

6. Understand that you might be making things worse.

If you’re constantly worrying about losing your partner, you might be making things worse and could potentially drive them away. If you are constantly thinking they’re going to leave you, you might just push them to do it.

By constantly thinking about your partner leaving you, you’re putting the relationship in jeopardy. Nothing will make your partner want to leave you like always accusing them of wanting to leave. Remember, they love you and have no reason to leave you.

7. Realize that life goes on.

You need to realize that life will go on, with or without them. Of course it’s a scary thought to imagine it without them, but remember that life goes on.

Your partner does not define your happiness and they’re not in control of you. Your life will continue whether they’re by your side or not.

8. Picture your life without them.

Yes, we know this is not what you want to do now, and it’s definitely not something we’re saying is going to happen, but just hear us out for a second. A helpful way to eliminate the fear of losing them is imagining life without them.

You need to imagine your life and picture it without them and understand that you will be okay if that happens. Your life will continue on just fine and take you down the path that’s right for you. Take a few minutes to picture it and get right back on track.

9. Accept that it’s just a part of life.

This might be a harsh reality to swallow but it’s an honest one. People lose their partners every day, whether you like to hear it or not. And sometimes people grow apart from each other, which is just the reality of dating. Losses are a normal part of life and they certainly have a huge impact. Accepting this reality will help you overcome your fears of losing your partner.

Losing the partner you love is a common fear for many people. Luckily for you, our New Jersey matchmakers here at NJ Singles Dating Service have come up with the best ways to help you overcome this scary feeling. Now get back to reality and start enjoying your relationship for what it is.

But if your feelings were right and your partner does want to go their separate way, don’t hesitate to give our New Jersey matchmakers a call so we can come up with a fun and exciting dating plan for you. Let us help you meet a partner who will never leave your side!

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New Jersey Matchmakers Unveil 12 Signs He’s Already Taken

The two of you have been going out for a while and everything seemed perfect between you, but lately, you’re noticing that something doesn’t feel quite right. He is behaving strangely and something just doesn’t add up.

You tell yourself that you’re only imagining things and that you are just being a little paranoid. But deep down inside, you know something is wrong. He is a bachelor, he seems perfect, so why hasn’t he been scooped up by someone already? … Or is he?

Find Out If the Man You’re Seeing Already Has a Girlfriend

Here at New Jersey Singles, we know it’s every woman’s nightmare to find out the man she’s seeing is already in a relationship. But it happens, and it happens to many women in today’s dating world.

Today, our upscale New Jersey matchmakers will unveil the top signs that your Mr. Right already has a Mrs. Right (and it’s not you).

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1. Phone Calls Go Unanswered

This is one of the most common signs that the man you’re seeing already has a girlfriend. It is common for people in relationships to check up on each other, but if he never answers your phone calls, then that is a red flag.

Of course there are many men out there who would prefer to text over answering a phone call, especially if he’s the super busy type, but if you notice that all your calls are being rejected, then you know something is up.

2. Where Is the Phone?

Aside from having your phone calls go unanswered, ask yourself this: where does he keep his phone when he’s around you? Is it always hidden and out of reach? Is it on always on silent? Does he always answer the calls in a different room or even outside?

3. Your Name Is Stored Differently

Back to the cell phone with this one, ladies. How does he have you stored in his contacts? If he has you stored in his cell phone as something other than your name, then that should throw up some red flags in your head. A man who was seriously after you would not hide you under a different name. If he has you under someone else’s name, then he’s obviously doing this because his partner checks his phone and he doesn’t want to get caught.

4. Not Available on Weekends

When you ask him to get together, does he always say he can’t, especially on the weekends? Does he say he has extra work to do or is busy on a project? Well, that right there is another sign he has a girlfriend.

5. Never a Holiday with You

Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, you name it, he’s never once spent a holiday with you. Again, he tells you he’s busy with work or has something else to do. If he can’t spend holidays with you, that is a dead giveaway that he has a girlfriend. When someone is trying to start a relationship with someone new, they’ll want to spend those important days together because they’re milestones for the relationship.

6. Always at Your Place

Does he always show up at your house at weird times? Well, that’s because that’s the only time he’s available. Does he always deny you going over to his place? Does he come up with lame excuses of why you can’t go visit him? Or maybe you just realized that he’s never once invited you over. If you’ve never been over to his place, our New Jersey matchmakers know the reason behind it—and deep down, you do too.

7. Isolated You

Has he isolated you from everything? Do you know any of his friends? Do you know his family? Do you even know where he works? Does it feel like you have no idea who this man really is? Well, that’s because he has his life hidden from you, because you’re his side girl.

8. It’s Always In & Out

While the two of you certainly see each other, does it feel like it’s always two hours max? Does he always come over and quickly rush home to bed shortly after? Well, then he is not concerned about you but rather worried about saving his precious time for his real woman.

9. He Says He Has No Family

Does he tell you that he has no family in town? Does he say that he just moved here and has no friends? Well, those are both cues that the man you’re seeing has a girlfriend and is keeping you far away from his real life and the people in it.

10. Odd Dates

Does it feel like he takes you out to every hole in the wall around town? Have you never been out to a popular restaurant together? Is it always late dinners at diners or out of town places? Well, that’s because he doesn’t want to take you in public and risk running into someone he knows—someone who knows his girlfriend.

11. Not Very Social

No, we’re not talking about his social skills here but rather his social media accounts. Did he tell you he doesn’t have a Facebook when in all reality he does? Did he deny you when you added him and give you a phony reason why? Well, that’s because he’s keeping his Facebook/real life hidden from you.

12. Social Media without Pictures

If he does have a Facebook account, but it has no pictures or information about him, doesn’t that throw up some red flags? Does he tell you that he doesn’t get on at all or that he just has it for work?

Sometimes, things are just too good to be true, and some men like to play the field. Keep an eye for the signs our upscale New Jersey matchmakers mentioned above and figure out if the man you’re seeing has a girlfriend. A man who has a girlfriend will almost always display the signs we mentioned above. If you have the smallest hint of suspicion, follow your intuition and follow the guide we brought you to confirm it.

If you’re tired of meeting men who are only using you as backup, worry no more. Our upscale New Jersey matchmakers can introduce you to mature single men who will be proud to make you their one and only!

Give us a call today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a complimentary consultation… And mention you heard about us from this dating blog!