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Elite NJ Matchmakers | 7 Surefire Signs Your Relationship Is Over

It takes two people to make a relationship work. No matter how much you love your partner, it’s heartbreaking when they don’t love you in return. Sometimes your feelings for your partner are so intense you become blinded to the signs all around you. Your feelings for them seem to overrule your brain, which is not supposed to happen—but it does. Then, you end up realizing, too late, that your relationship is done and over, leaving you heartbroken and alone.

It takes time for people to realize the relationship has run its course, but we want to save you from that gut wrenching hardship. Today, our elite NJ matchmakers will show you seven surefire signs that let you know your relationship has come to an end. When you see these signs, it’s best to cut your losses and move on with dignity.

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1. There Is an Invasion of Privacy

It can be as simple as checking each other’s social media accounts or going through each other’s cell phones, but the relationship is over when partners start snooping on each other. This is a clear indication that the relationship has many trust issues.

Do you know what they say about trust? Well, you can’t have a relationship without it. It is the same as a car running without gas, impossible to work. Therefore, your relationship will not work if there isn’t any trust. And even if you want to work at rebuilding it, know that it takes a lot of time, energy, and efforts to restore broken trust.

2. There Are a Lot of Secrets

Unless a secret is kept from a partner for their own good, which is rarely the case, relationships and secrets don’t mix. A healthy and successful relationship is one where two partners can tell each other everything. If you feel there are things you need to keep away from your partner, then that’s a sign a breakup is on the horizons. A relationship cannot be built on lies and secrets, which will take us to our next point.

3. There Are a Lot of Lies

It doesn’t matter if you tell a small white lie or a big one, lying in the relationship is never acceptable and should not be tolerated. We want you to know that lies, big or small, are still lies, and you’re obviously telling them because you don’t want your partner to find out the truth. Why would you hide something from someone you love? Do you see the issue? This a huge problem right. One single lie can break the trust you have, destroying the relationship altogether. If both parties are starting to lie, the relationship is definitely over.

4. There Is Hostility

Early on in the relationship, you and your partner agreed with almost everything you both did, from little things to big things. But, as time goes by, you can’t settle any argument or disagreement without having a screaming match, which results in calling each other every name in the dictionary. You need to understand that something has obviously changed, something had to make each of you this way.

You need to evaluate yourself and the relationship to figure out what’s wrong. If you think the relationship is a warzone, and your partner is who you are at war with, then it’s fair to say your relationship is over.

5. There Is a Lot of Stress

In the beginning, a long day at the office meant you couldn’t wait to break loose and rush home to spend quality time with your partner (when things were still fresh), but now that the relationship is seasoned, you can’t bare to spend another minute with them. In fact, now you dread going home and make up excuses to prolong it.

The thought of seeing your partner stresses the life out of you. You avoid spending time with them because it is a stress reliever not to be with them. When your partner has become the main source of your stress, then you already know the relationship has come to an end.

6. You Keep Scores

Your relationship is not a game where you keep scores of what each of you do or don’t do. It is a give and take process. If you are constantly reminding your partner about how you are the one who always does the dishes, or always walks Fido, then the relationship has turned into a game. When the relationship turns into a game, then our NJ matchmakers know it’s not much longer until it ends.

7. There Is No More Affection

There are no more kisses, no more cuddling, no more “I love you” exchanges. There are no more midday text messages, no more “I called you just to see how your day was going” phone calls. And there are no more surprises. There are no more compliments and no more whispering sweet nothings. To put it in simple terms, your partner has stopped making an effort to make you feel special. You have become more business partners than romantic lovers.

If any of those things have disappeared from your relationship, then you have to find time to sit down and talk to your partner about it. If both of you are willing to fix the relationship, then, by all means, go ahead and fix the relationship. However, if your partner doesn’t show any signs of wanting to fix it, or they have only stayed in the relationship because they have yet to find another partner, end the relationship right now.

Life happens, and things don’t always go as planned, especially in relationships, which could lead to you and your partner parting ways. It’s going to be painful, but it’s not the end of the world. Now, the main question is, when will you walk away?

Staying in a relationship with a partner how doesn’t love you, is only sabotaging your romantic life. Our NJ matchmakers know there is someone out there who will love you in return. Stop justifying your partner’s actions and telling yourself that it will work out in the future—it won’t. If you stay, you’re only prolonging the pain.

Our NJ matchmakers don’t want you to ignore these important signs mentioned above. More importantly, don’t let them break you. We know you’re a great person, you’re a phenomenal catch.

How did your relationship score? Do you think it’s worth staying, or is it time to walk away? Share your thoughts with us on your Facebook page. We’d like to hear what you have to say.

If you’re ready to find real love, call us today at 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve a FREE matchmaking consultation. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Find out If He’s Ready to Commit with New Jersey Matchmakers & Dating Coaches

We have all seen it before: the middle-aged woman hunched over her bed with a glass of wine in hand, wishing she knew if he was ready to fall in love and be committed to a serious relationship.

It can be easy to get hung up on questions regarding his commitment. Life can be hard to figure out; after all, not everyone is an open book, especially when it comes to dating. Reading the signs that someone wants to be serious can be hard, especially in today’s modern dating world.

Whether you want to agree or not, the urge of wanting to be with him will have you examine every single little detail of his actions. However, figuring out if someone wants to be in a relationship with you is not as difficult as you think. If you are overanalyzing everything, then you’re going to drive yourself nuts and could make you do things you regret.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers and dating coaches here at NJ Singles will show you the signs to look for that will tell you he wants to be serious with you.

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1. He Can’t Get Enough of You

Let’s focus on what we just said. If a man wants to be in a relationship with you, he won’t be able to get enough of you. He won’t be able to get enough of you via the phone, he won’t be able to get enough of you through time spent together, and he won’t be able to get you out of his head. Of course we’re not referring to a creepy guy, but rather a man who is genuinely interested in being with you. He will want to have you in close proximity, and when he doesn’t have you close to him, he will seek out other alternatives, such as talking to you on the phone or through text messages.

He just cannot help wanting to be with you, because the moments he spends with you are happy times. If you notice he always wants to be with you and can’t get enough of you, then he’s serious about a relationship with you.

2. He Takes Interest in Everything about You

This is definitely one of the most obvious signs that a man wants to be in a relationship with you. If a man starts to take interest in you, your friends, and your life in general, that’s a great sign. Why? Because it means he wants to be a part of your life.

It’s easy to want someone in your life that can come and go at your convenience; however, wanting someone to be a part of your life is different. This means he wants to be with you and do things together—he wants to be a part of your life.

It means meeting those people who are close to you and putting up with them, regardless if he likes them or not. It means being there by your side and supporting you through the good and the bad. Our New Jersey matchmakers and dating coaches know this shows he is committed to being in a serious relationship with you.

This is one of those things that will give you those warm and fuzzy feelings. When a man takes interest in your life, your hobbies, your passions, and your friends, this is wonderful news for you.

3. He Wants You to Meet His Family

Let’s get right down to it, meeting the family is a huge step in the relationship— huge. If the two of you have just started to date and the relationship is moving forward, meeting the family is a great indication that he wants to be serious with you.

When a man takes you to see those who are closest to him, mom and dad, siblings, and good friends, he’s doing it because he’s serious about you. Believe us when we tell you that he would not take a woman from Tinder to meet his parents, nor someone he met at a bar. He is genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with you and is taking you to meet his parents because he feels you will eventually be a part of his family.

We generally introduce people to our family members for a few reasons: one, we’re doing it because we want to show them off, two, we want to get the approval of our parents, and three, because the relationship is moving forward.

Asking you to meet his family is also a sign that he’s not afraid of opening up to you and letting you get close to him.

4. He Goes Out of His Way for You

Another classic sign he wants to pursue a relationship with you is if he goes out of his way to do things for you. This is showing you that he cares for you enough to think of you when you’re not around. Men pull out all stops when they really like a woman, more particularly when they view her as relationship-material. If you feel he’s genuinely doing these things, and not getting anything in return, then that’s a sign he wants to be serious with you.

Many men out there do things for women for ulterior motives, as you obviously already know, but if he is doing things for you out of the kindness of his heart, then that’s because he cares about you and wants you to know.

5. He Waits to Sleep with You

This is another way to tell if a man wants to be serious. Not many men out there are willing to put up with a woman who does not want to take things to the bedroom. Your boyfriend’s attitude towards sex can tell you a lot about his intentions and whether he’s serious or just someone who is after sex.

Sex is obviously an important aspect in a relationship, but you should not do it with just anyone. You should know exactly how long to wait before you have sex with your partner. If you don’t feel like you’re ready, or simply want to wait, and he respects that, then he is a good man for you.

If you notice these five behaviors in your boyfriend, congratulations—things are looking up for you. If you realize this man is not genuinely into you or not ready for a commitment, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today at 1 (888) 417-0020 and let us introduce you to quality single men who are relationship-ready.






NJ Matchmakers | 6 Simple Ways to Handle Storms in Your Relationship

When you first met your partner, you were love struck—they were the best thing that ever happened in your life. They were good looking, kind, and everything was fun. Everything you did with them felt fabulous. The relationship felt perfect. But before you know it, things started to change. So slowly that one day it hit you and things were no longer like they once were.

You still love them, and of course they love you back, but the relationship is hitting some rough patches. Here at New Jersey Singles, we like to call those storms. There are no thunders yet and no warning signs, but you know there is something wrong. Our NJ matchmakers have a few things to look out for if you don’t want to lose your partner.

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1. Berating Each Other.

When the two of you first met, you could not stop telling people how great your partner was. From the way they smiled to the way they took care of their house, but now you can’t help but to crack jokes about them—their bad cooking skills and how they are always arriving late to work.

Approaching life with a dash of humor is perfect, but making fun of your partner is not. Instead of picking at all their flaws, try to never stop looking for things you love about your partner. When you are out with their friends or family, make sure you talk positively about your partner. Even when the two of you are alone, take time to remember why you fell in love with them to begin with. If you don’t want to lose your partner, make sure you give them compliments and always respect and treat them right.

The way decide to think and talk about your partner will affect your relationship with them. Talking nicely about your partner and praising them is much better than berating them and bringing them down. How would you like it if they did the same thing to you?

2. Not Spending Enough Time Apart

It’s a good thing to live with your partner, and it can even be great working together. However, you still need to miss your partner by spending time away from them. To maintain your sense of independence, you must maintain your own hobbies and interests. You need to know that you are still capable of doing your own things—you need that confidence for yourself. Otherwise, instead of being attracted to each other, you’ll become dependent on each other, which is unhealthy.

You need to make sure you spend an evening or two every week doing the things you enjoy doing. Of course you need to do things as a couple but do things by yourself too. Our NJ matchmakers know this will ignite the passion in your relationship.

3. Being Addicted to Sweatpants & Comfy Clothes

There is no denying that everyone prefers to lay around in comfy clothes, and nowadays, even comfy clothes can be sexy. And let’s face it, there is nothing better than getting home, putting on comfy clothes, and cuddling up with your partner; after all, seeing your partner relaxed and not afraid of being themselves is a turn on. At the same, though, you must make sure you don’t do it every day of the week.

Once or twice a week we encourage you to dress up and impress your partner by wearing something you normally wouldn’t wear. Just because the two of you are in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you need to look like you no longer care for yourself. In order for your relationship to last, you need to win each other’s hearts every day, so don’t ever forget that.

4. Not Talking to Each Other

When you first met your partner, the two of you could talk about everything and anything. You wanted to hear their stories, their secrets, their dreams and aspirations… But after you dated them for a while, you started to take them for granted. You stopped asking questions, you stopped digging. Here at New Jersey Singles, we want you to know that your partner is always changing and growing as a person, so you don’t really know them unless you continue talking to them.

Just as we reminded you to win your partner’s heart by dressing up, you also have to win them over by talking to them every day. Ask them questions about how their day is going, how they’re doing, and what they’re thinking. Ask them if their dreams are still the same as when the two of you met. We have a feeling you see that some things have changed over time. Likewise, you want to share your own feelings and thoughts with them.

5. Things Around the House

It seems like it’s always the silly little things that cause fights, things like leaving the dishes in the sink, not taking out the trash, not closing the shower curtain, or leaving wet towels on the floor. If your partner hates that you leave your towel on the floor, try to remember not to leave it on the floor; otherwise, they’re bound to feel disrespected. If you don’t listen to what your partner asks of you, they’re going to feel disrespected and ignored, so make it a point to do the little things around the house.

6. Falling into Routines

Routines are great, and the two of you are probably in a routine you follow on a daily basis; however, if your life becomes one big routine, with no disruptions, the relationship, and your life, is going to feel stagnant. We don’t want you to feel that way. We want you to explore new things as a couple and always try learning new things together. Go out to new places you wouldn’t normally go, go on an adventure with your partner, whether it means hiking, biking, rock climbing, or even visiting Six Flags, do something new together. Try getting your adrenaline pumping in a weekend or evening full of adventures. This will help you break out of your routines and bring the spark back to your relationship.

Do not allow the storms to ruin your relationship. Remember that after a rainy day, the sun always follows. Do you have any more relationship tips you would like to share with us? Our NJ matchmakers would love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

Single and searching? Contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you find the love you deserve! 1 (888) 417-0020

New Jersey Singles | 5 Reasons You’ll Never Find Love w/ Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites in NJ have become very popular these days, and thousands of singles in New Jersey are logged onto these free and cheap online dating sites right now. But our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that people who join dating sites don’t always have the same purpose and intentions, and it can be hard to figure out who is in it for what.

Many people sign up for free dating sites just to browse around, while others do it to find quick flings and booty calls. Most people on dating sites are there because it’s free and easy and they want to try their luck.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re only wasting their time until it’s too late. Men and women are both disappointed with the results they see.

There are plenty of jokers out there who don’t mind playing with someone feelings and don’t mind taking advantage of someone who is really looking for love. Although online dating sites are free, they can cost you a lot in terms of wasting your time and energy.

Of course there may be people out there who found love online and are now happy, but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack or winning the lottery. To simply put it, the odds are not in your favor. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers will show you why you’re not likely to find love online.

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1. Websites Promise You the World

Many dating sites operate exclusively by luring you in with lies and deceit. They lie about their reputation and effectiveness—and current users too. We’re here to let you know many of those sites don’t even have half of the users they claim to have, but of course they’re not going to tell you that. They claim to have thousands of users, making them look popular and appealing. Are you registered to a free dating site right now, but not having any luck finding the sexy and attractive people they lured you in with? Well, that’s because those users never existed to begin with.

You need to remember that people are creating these sites with the sole purpose of getting love seeking users to sign up. This is one of the cleverest marketing techniques to lure lonely hearts in—and you fell for it. Dating sites promise users the world but come up short when it comes to delivering the results.

They claim you’ll find the perfect match and finally true love, getting you very excited about and anxious… But stop right there! Take one second and think of all the dangers associated with meeting singles online. You will be disclosing your personal information with a stranger who you know nothing about… Not just one stranger but many (all the world can see—friends, family, work colleagues, clients. Now, let that sink in for a second.

2. Fake Profiles

There is no shortage of fake profiles on dating sites (and we’re not talking about the sexy users the creators of the sites used to lure you in). There are real people out there making profiles just to cheat on their partners. Many times, it’s men who create these profiles to cheat on their wife or girlfriend. They make fake profiles creating fake names, fake images, and fake information, causing many people to fall victim without know it… until it’s too late.

People who create fake profiles are usually doing it for ulterior motives and are obviously hiding something. We know all too well that dating sites are full of liars and cheats. You’ve heard it on TV, read it online, and you know it’s true, too. You just choose not to listen to it because you were so hopeful to find love online. If you are a dating site user, beware, because the person you are talking to may not be who they claim they are.

3. Marketplace Mentality

Another reason our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know you’re not likely to find love online is because you’ll develop the marketplace mentality. What does that mean? Well, it means you have too many options at your disposal—cognitive overload, if you will.

You need to understand that the people you’re talking to online are also talking to other people. Why would they stop? They can talk to anyone they want and you’ll never know.

4. Online Predators

While many men join dating sites for the sole purpose of getting booty, there are some out there who are far worse. There are some men out there with criminal records, real life sexual predators! A quick Google check of online dating predators will give you hundreds of pages of people who were threatened, stalked, attacked, or even raped. Because online dating sites do not have any screening or background process, anyone can join one of these risky sites.

In some cases, men and women have been blackmailed because the person they hooked up with took pictures or videos and threatened to release them to people they know. The truth is, you never know who you’re talking to through an online dating site. That nice gentleman you’re talking to can have a long criminal record or a wife and children at home. Men, don’t think this doesn’t affect you, because there are many women who also have criminal records or ulterior motives. There have been many cases where women trapped men into sending nude photos to extort money by threatening to release them to their work or family.

5. Fake Matchmaking

Some free dating sites claim they have the right techniques to match two people together, but our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that’s a joke. We know all too well that a computer cannot make a match. If a website claims they can find you the perfect partner by filtering out candidates, they’re playing on your weakness—your lonely heart.

Only a certified matchmaker with experience in the dating industry can make a real match and help find you real love.

If you are looking for true love, and you’re sick and tired of the results you’re getting online, do not hesitate to call one of our experienced New Jersey Singles matchmakers today. We are a word of mouth matchmaking service and have been successfully operating for almost three decades. If you’re serious about your love life, give us a call at 1 (888) 417-0020 today and let us help find you the quality match you deserve. We qualify all clients, thorough screening and running background checks on EVERYONE, ensuring they’re emotionally, legally, and financially fit to date our upscale clients.

Find Out If She Likes You with New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service

Here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service, we know that understanding women is never easy, especially in today’s modern dating world. However, our expert matchmakers do have a few signs that will let you know she’s into you. So takes not and get ready to look for these behaviors and clues to get ahead of the dating game.

While men are more expressive when it comes to showing they’re in love, women are a little bit more reserved. Regardless what you see in movies, they don’t always just blurt their feelings out, which makes it hard for you to know what you need to do. So there you are, still left wondering whether she’s into you or not.

Have you and your friends ever wondered why women are so hard to read? Well, we can help you out with that. If you think a woman is into you, don’t let her get away. We advise you to read the signs below to help you figure out if you should make your move.

Our dating and relationship coaches here at New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service will show you the top 11 signs she’s into you.

new jersey singles reviews

1. She’s not shy around you.

People who live around each other are aware of what the other person will do, along with the traits they have. Hence, it’s not very difficult to hang around your friends or people you’re close to. If you have been hanging out with a woman lately and she is not shy in your presence, allowing herself to let go and have fun, perhaps it’s because she has a thing for you.

You might be more important than you previously thought if you notice she gets excited or happy when you come around. Many times, you don’t even have to have a conversation with her, but you notice her face lights up when you walk in. Your good looks and presence is all you need to turn her world upside down.

The signs mentioned here are more visible around a woman who is notorious for keeping her feelings reserved, so check out her body language and facial expressions when you come around, because it will show you everything you need to know.

2. She exhibits different behaviors.

No matter how reserved and composed a woman acts, she’s typically prone to acting different around a man she likes, you. If she is constantly giggling or showing that she’s excited to see you, then you already know she likes you. If she is acting nervous around you, playing with her fingers, playing with the fork, or twirling her hair, those are all signs she’s nervous in your presence.

3. She returns your texts quickly.

This one is part of new modern day dating etiquette. Nowadays, people talk via text, so we’re going to assume you are already talking to her via text, so start paying attention. If this woman responds to your message in a quick and efficient way, that’s because you have her attention. If she was not into you, she would probably take longer to reply, if at all.

4. Her body faces you.

Facing her body towards you is her way of telling you that she’s paying attention to you. In a general conversation, it’s the polite thing to do, but if you are trying to figure out if she’s into you, you can also use this to your advantage. When you’re talking to her, is she facing you? Is her body open towards you? Keep an eye for those things. On the other hand, closed arms or her body facing away from you are signs she’s not interested.

5. She wants to be with you all the time.

If every time you see her in a room full of people she comes up to you first, then you have a winner here. Pay attention to when the two of you are in public? Does she walk right up to you in a room full of people? Does she give you a smile and quickly approach you?

6. She touches you by accident.

Physical contact is by far the most common way a woman expresses her interests in you. An occasional playful touch here and there is a big deal for women, so keep an eye for that from now on.

7. She laughs at your jokes.

This one is hard to figure out, especially if you’re a funny guy. But when a woman is interested in a man, she will make it a point to laugh at all his jokes, bad ones included.

8. She wants to get to know you more.

When you are starting to see a woman, she’ll usually inquire about you by asking you questions like what you do for a living or what you do in your spare time. But those are just basic questions. If a woman is really into you and wants to get to know you better, she will ask you deeper questions, which means more questions coming your way. She’ll ask you things like what you plan on doing with your life, where you see yourself five or ten years from now, and relationship related questions.

9. She mentions common interests.

One of the most prominent signs a woman is into you is if she mentions things you both have in common, like hobbies and interests. If you mentioned that you enjoy going hiking or bike riding and she mentions how she loves to do that too, it’s because she’s finding common things with you. This is a great way for you to propose an upcoming date idea with one of these things (that’s what she’s expecting you to do).

10. You notice she dresses up around you.

This is something you will be able to tell from here on out. If you notice that every time she is around you that she is dressed well (even better than usual), it’s because she wants to impress you. A woman will pull out all stops to try to impress a man she likes, so watch out for this time you see her.

11. She’s happy in your company.

If a woman is into you, then you’ll notice her overall happiness when you’re together. Does she have a permasmile? Does she seem to be happy and giddy? Well, that’s because she enjoys your company.

Figuring women out is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Women are simple, as you can tell. If you are having a hard time meeting quality single women in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service and let our expert matchmakers be the ones to do the hunting for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to reserve a free consultation.









New Jersey Matchmakers – Top 10 Ways to Find Love Again

Love is one of the most desired human emotions. We need it and crave it, just like we do food and money. Love can change our whole lives. We long for love no matter who we are or what age we are—we need love!

The problem with love is when you get hurt too many times and you feel like you can’t open your heart again. Is finding love possible if you’ve been hurt in the past? Of course it is, and our New Jersey matchmakers will show you how.

New Jersey Singles Complaints

1. Keep your heart open.

You cannot accept love again if your heart is closed off. We know that someone hurt you in the past, but just because that person hurt you doesn’t mean you can’t open your heart again. You will never find love again if your heart is not open. We know it hurts and we know it’s frightening, but in order to find love, you need to take risks. Now, we’ll also tell you that you might get hurt again in the process, but that is just part of love and dating. But eventually, we know you’ll find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. And our matchmakers can help you do that, if you let us.

2. Come out of your comfort zone.

Most of the time, we all have a certain type that we normally go for… You know the type of person you go for every time. But has that type worked out for you in the past? If you have always dated a specific type of person and always ended up with a broken heart, then it might be time to change your dating strategy.

Try to have an open-mind about love and the people you date. Also, change what you’re looking for in a partner. Before you know it, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

3. You must learn to compromise.

There will be many things you need to compromise on when you’re in a relationship. You need to understand that no one is perfect, not even you. Our New Jersey matchmakers want you to remember this when you venture into the dating world. Seeking perfection will make you stay single for much longer than you need to. Learn to accept people for who they are, flaws and all.

4. Never settle.

Just because we told you that you must compromise doesn’t mean you need to settle for less than you deserve. While we encourage you to accept someone, flaws and all, we don’t encourage you to settle for someone who is not healthy for you. It is never acceptable to settle for someone with bad habits or bad traits, especially someone who doesn’t love you in return.

5. Have realistic expectations.

Love is not a fairytale like a Hollywood movie. Love means you will argue with your partner, you will disagree, and there will be gloomy days. Sometimes you’ll cry, others you’ll feel insecure, but that’s just how relationships are. But just like there are bound to be bad days, there will be wonderful ones too. We want you to have a realistic approach to love and understand that it’s not like a Hollywood move. Our New Jersey matchmakers will show you how finding love is easier than you think. We give our clients personal, one-on-one attention and dating coaching to help them cultivate a happy and healthy relationship, and we can help you too.

6. Wait for the spark.

You have probably been led to believe that you must feel the spark on the first date; however, from our 25 years of experience in the matchmaking industry, we can tell you that it takes a long time to develop that spark. Some people out there are lucky and feel it on the first date, while for others, it takes a few dates to feel it. Don’t lose hope if you don’t feel it right away; sometimes, it’s delayed a little.

7. Learn from past experiences.

You are not perfect, which is why it’s so important to learn from all your previous dating experiences. Who did you used to date? Were you a bad partner? What mistakes have you made that you want to stop making in the future? You must understand your past before you can move forward so that you do not make the same mistakes in the future.

8. Don’t repeat the same bad habits.

It is very important to look back at your previous relationships and examine all the bad things you did so you don’t the same bad habits a part of your relationships in the future. If you always went for partners who were needy, obsessive, or abusive, or had other bad traits, then it’s time to move on from partners with those tendencies. Let go of your habits so you’re successful this time around. Once you break this cycle, you’ll start attracting better partners.

9. Trust your intuition.

You could have saved yourself a lot of heartache and trauma if you would have listened to that little voice inside you. We know you were probably blinded by that attractive woman or gorgeous hunk, but if you would have listened to your gut when it told you something wasn’t right, then things would have been different. The next time you’re dating someone and you hear a little voice telling you that something isn’t quite right, listen to it; it’s always right.

10. Trust and believe that you will find love.

The most important step you must take is believing you will find love again. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you will not find love again. We want you to know one thing: sitting around, waiting at home, and thinking love will come knocking at your door is not an option. You need to be proactive with your approach if you want to find love again.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that love will find you when you stop looking, because that’s rarely the case. If you want to find love, then you need to hire an expert to help you find it. Here at New Jersey Singles, we specialize in helping busy professionals singles on their search for love. Keep your heart open for love, learn from past mistakes, and date quality individuals with our expert help.

If you are ready to find love, then don’t hesitate to contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us guide you along the way. Let us lead you to the partner you deserve!






New Jersey Upscale Matchmakers Review Things to Know Before Getting a Divorce

Are you teetering on the idea of putting an end to your marriage? It could have been the perfect marriage, the type of relationship you see in a romantic Hollywood movie, but somewhere along the line things went sour and started getting bad.

Arguments all the time, accusations flying, and insecurities and jealousy started taking over—a whole lot of negative things that damaged the marriage. Now, here are you, thinking about it, getting a divorce.

new jersey singles

Know There’s No Way Back

Once you go down the path of divorce, know that there’s no way back. This is the final decision to ending your marriage and it’s something you must give a lot of thought to. Not being happy with a situation is not a valid reason to get a divorce. Today, our team of relationship experts here at New Jersey Singles will review a few questions you must ask yourself before you go down the path of divorce.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce might be floating through your mind, or you might have already made up your mind, but let our relationship experts share a couple things with you before you make a decision so life changing. The following list from our New Jersey upscale matchmakers contains some very important things you need to do before ultimately deciding to end it.

  1. Threatening

Not everyone handles situations in a mature way all the time. You might have lost an argument with your partner or perhaps a decision was made in the relationship that you’re not happy about and are now using the divorce card to threaten your partner.

Threatening your partner with a divorce is not healthy and should never be done, regardless of what they’ve done to you. Unless a divorce is what you truly want, you should never threaten your partner with it. It will surely hurt them and damage the trust in the relationship.

  1. Have you done everything you could?

It might seem like an obvious question to ask, but have you done everything in your power to save your marriage? If you haven’t, and you still love your partner, then you need to do whatever it takes. It’s worth it to revisit the idea of saving your relationship because a divorce is not an easy process and it’s not something you can take back.

Have you talked to your partner about it? Have you talked to friends and family? Have you tried getting help from a professional marriage counselor? If the answer is no, even to one of them, then you may not have done enough. If you still have love in the relationship, then you must exhaust all your options before you decide to get a divorce.

  1. Are you still in love with them?

If you are still in love with this person, then you are wasting a precious relationship. Finding love is one of the most difficult things in life, and if you already have it, our New Jersey upscale matchmakers encourage you to cherish it. Marriages aren’t always happy times, and that’s something you need to understand. Take a second to examine your marriage and your feelings and see if you can save it.

  1. Have you been influenced?

A lot of times friends, family, or even the media can be bad influences, as their points of views are coming from an outside stance. Make sure that your decision to end your marriage is yours and solely yours.

  1. Will single life be better for you?

Many people who are married think that the single life is glamorous and want to be single again. However, the single life is not as glamourous as people think it is. The first few weeks might be fun as you’re out hitting up the town with your friends, but what about after that when loneliness sets in?

You will be lonely again, you will not have a partner by your side, you will lose some friends, and your social circle will shrink. Your lifelong confidante, your best friend and partner will not be by your side anymore, and you will miss them if you still had love for them.

  1. Could you survive financially?

Yes, you have to take financial considerations into account before you decide to get a divorce. Now, this is not to say you should ever stay in a relationship just because of money, but you need to have a plan in place.

  1. Can you live without your children?

If the two of you have children together, there is a chance, depending on the state you live in, that one of you will lose custody. This means you will not be able to see your children every day like you do now, which is one of the worst hardships a person can endure. If there’s a chance you can save your relationship and keep your family together, it’s a shot worth taking.

  1. Are your expectations about marriage too high?

Unfortunately, many people get married with the idea that a marriage will be like a romantic Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, marriages and relationships aren’t like that. Relationships aren’t love stories and fairytales like you watch on TV. Marriage takes a lot of work and compromising from both partners, and failing to know this will make your marriage crash to the ground. If you’re stuck on the idea that marriage is like a Hollywood movie, always full of sunshine and rainbows, you must let go of the idea. Marriages are not something that are perfect all the time. There will be sunny days as well as gloomy ones.

  1. Can you give it another go?

Even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind, hold on. Don’t decide to get a divorce in the heat of the moment. Your marriage and best friend deserve a second chance. You might be frustrated with a situation, but don’t lose your marriage over something if you can work it out. If you see something worth fighting for, fight to save your marriage.

Filing for a divorce can change your life forever and will affect you and everyone around you. If you’re thinking about a divorce, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. If the love is gone and obstacles cannot be overcome, then you have the right to do what you need to do to find happiness again.

If you’re struggling to date as a divorced single, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and let us help you navigate the modern day dating scene. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to set up a private and confidential consultation.









Colts Neck Matchmakers – Top 10 Signs It’s Time to End Your Long Distance Relationship

When there is chemistry, a deep love, and a definitive time and plan to be together, the miles don’t mean a thing. However, there are a lot of long distance relationships that go sour quickly. Our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles know from experience that long distance relationships usually have a short future. While some claim the distance makes the relationship stronger, we believe otherwise.

If you are from their eyes and touch, you are far from their heart. And if you are far from their heart, it’s hard to develop and sustain a connection. If you are involved in a long distance relationship and have no idea if you’ll ever have an ending date in sight (a plan to for one of you to move to be close to the other), then it might be time to save yourself from hardship and end the relationship now. When being in a long distance relationship feels like you’re gasping for air, then you know it’s time to call it quits. Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers will show you the top ten signs it’s time to end your long distance relationship and find a love that won’t leave you feeling sad and exhausted all the time.


When It’s Time to End Your Long Distance Relationship

Our Colts Neck matchmakers will show you a list of indicators that will let you know your long distance relationship has run its course. If you identify yourself with more than three, then you know what you need to do.

  1. You don’t make plans anymore.

People believe they need to end their long distance relationship only when something bad happens. But if you’re not feeling sure, you can end it before something bad happens. For example, if you don’t know when you’ll see each other again, then it’s probably time to end the relationship and your aching heart. And if there is no future talk for when the two of you will definitely be together, then you know it’s time to wake up and end things.

  1. You don’t chat, talk, or text anymore.

Thanks to the internet, long distance relationships can survive if both partners are willing to put in the work. At first, you and your partner used to talk to each other daily and felt alive and vibrant every time you did; however, after a while of dating, things don’t quite feel the same. If you don’t feel the need to get on chat or Skype, send them text messages, or even call them, it’s because your long distance relationship has died down and you may even view it as a chore.

  1. You’re full of suspicions.

Just because you talk to your partner all the time doesn’t mean that everything is fine. If you’re checking up on them every hour, then it sounds like you’re starting to doubt them and worried they’re going to do something. If not answering the phone on the first ring or not showing up for a chat date at the scheduled time throws you into a jealous rage, then you know something is wrong. The distance between the two of you is the culprit here, and it’s the main reason you’re feeling insecure.

  1. There is less intimacy every time you visit.

Getting intimate between the sheets is not enough to keep a relationship alive. Intimacy doesn’t have anything to do with being undressed; it’s more than that. In the beginning, the two of you spent hours cuddling on the sofa and holding hands talking about anything, but now things have changed and you don’t feel the same way anymore. If you no longer long for that closeness, then it’s better to end things now rather than waiting until one of you finds another partner and cheats on the other—that’s going to hurt much worse than cutting ties now.

  1. You spend your money on anything but a ticket.

When your long distance relationship first started, all your money went to your savings to go visit your partner. But now, after a few months of dating, the last thing on your mind is a plane or train ticket. If you could care less about seeing them again, then you already know your long distance relationship has run its course.

  1. One is jealous of the other’s nights out.

Deprivation of contact can make people go crazy, so in order to combat this people create a large social circle of friends. If your partner doesn’t understand why you’re spending so much time out and having a good time, then they should not be a part of your world. It’s important for two partners to understand the need for a life outside the relationship in order to be successful.

  1. You talk about everything but the relationship.

When the two of you get on Skype chat, you talk about everything except the status of your relationship. If you’re afraid to say something out of feat that could turn into an argument, then the relationship is obviously dying out, which is why you have nothing to talk about. In this case, it seems you’re regressing by continuing on with the relationship. Our Colts Neck matchmakers know the best thing to do is call it quits now before it drags out any longer—preventing you from finding someone who is right for you.

  1. You don’t feel like they support you.

It seems like every time the two of you talk it only leads to a fueled fight, and every time you get on Skype, everything is about them. They never seem to support you on anything you want to do, and it’s evident they don’t care about you, so you have to ask yourself why you’re still wasting your time.

  1. The romantic gifts are gone.

During the early stages of your relationship, your partner used to send you gifts all the time, but now those sweet little gifts are gone. Now, romance doesn’t always come in the shape of a gift, but even a simple “I love you” letter or card can mean a lot. If your partner hasn’t done anything romantic for you in months, then you know the sweetness is gone, along with the loving relationship you once had.

  1. You’re always pessimistic.

Every thought that comes to your head is negative, especially in regards to the relationship. You are constantly overanalyzing everything and don’t believe anything they say or do. This is a clear sign that your long distance relationship is far from perfect.

Don’t beat yourself up or worry about what to do with your long distance relationship. The solution is clear—you need to end it and find yourself a loving partner locally. For that, our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles can help you meet relationship-ready singles in your own zip code.

Call 1(888) 417-0020 to speak with one of our matchmakers and set up a FREE matchmaking consultation today!

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