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New Jersey Singles Take Note to These Flirty Moves Men Dislike!

Seduction is an art which is used to win the affection of the opposite sex. From online dating tips, books, magazines, and even dating coaching and classes that teach men and women how to flirt. There are ways to get into a serious relationship with flirting, just like people use flirting to get booty—but that’s not what we’re here to help you do today. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want to help you land a decent man, the committed relationship you yearn for.

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How Do Women Flirt?

What really constitutes the right way for women to flirt? Is there a specific way people should flirt, or should they just go with the flow and do as they please? For women, flirting to initiate contact isn’t always as necessary because men are the ones who approach them. There are times, however, when a woman is required to flirt. When a woman feels like she isn’t getting attention she will turn up her flirting game to get the man she desires. Those moves she pulls out are influenced by the media and what she has been taught about flirting. But are they the right ones for you?

Some flirty moves are only limited to a certain age bracket; some moves can only be done by a professional woman, and some moves can’t be done because religion prohibits them. There are many ways women can flirt, but some moves prove to be timeless, such as:

1. Eye Contact

You can get a man’s attention by catching his eyes, holding it for a second, then looking away. Catch his eye again, but next time, hold your gaze for just a little bit longer.

2. Get Him a Drink

Buying a man a drink will not emasculate him; they actually enjoy it. Not only is it nice to be pampered but it also gives him the okay to come up and talk to you.

3. Give Him a Compliment

Men have big egos, and nothing works better than a sincere compliment. Trust us on this one.

4. Smile

This has to be the best flirty move ever. A big welcoming smile can open the door to anything.

New Jersey Matchmakers Review: Flirty Moves Men Dislike

The flirty moves mentioned below are some of the moves men dislike. They are only reserved for modern day hookups and flings. So if you want to reel in a man for a committed relationship, which we hope that’s what you’re after, then our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want you to stay away from these flirty moves.

1. Fixing Your Boobs

This is only okay if you have an emergency; however, why would you want to do it in public when you have a restroom nearby to fix yourself?

Fixing your boobs in public shows zero class and no etiquette. Not only that, but decent men do not find it attractive. When you start playing with your boobs, it actually makes men feel awkward and makes you look bad.

2. Licking Your Lips

Licking your lips shows a sexual side of you, and although some men will definitely enjoy it, serious and relationship-minded men will not. Most of the time, if you pull a move like this, you’ll scare men away by having them think you’re only out to pick up men for the night.

It can be exciting sexually, sure, but it’s also discomforting in their eyes.

3. Asking for Help When You Don’t Need It

The damsel in distress routine is played out nowadays. He knows you have an iPhone so he knows you’re not lost. Stop acting like you need him to help you for an emergency when you know you can help yourself out. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know men like a woman who is independent enough to take care of herself, so don’t put yourself down with this outdated move.

4. Constant Hair Flipping

We are referring to the hair flipping as a mannerism. It is very distracting and looks childish. If you are in a restaurant, you are most likely to get food on your plate. Unless you’re casting for a shampoo commercial, we advise you to avoid this move. It makes you look like a bubble head too, which is not something you want men to mistake you for in today’s modern dating world.

5. Playful Hitting

Do you think it looks good to hit him all the time? Well, guess what, it doesn’t. Men might not tell you to your face, but they often hate it when a woman punches or hits them playfully. Pain is pain, no matter how you inflict it. Stop acting like you’re fifteen and behave like a modern day woman.

6. Batting Your Eyelashes

It’s cute in theory, but most men will have no idea what you’re doing if you’re batting your eyelashes too much. It’s cute if you do it once or so, but if you’re constantly doing it, he’s going to think you have something stuck in your eye. Most of the time, this move can be distracting instead of working in your favor.

7. Following Him Around

You’re no longer in second grade. If you keep following him around, it will annoy him. And the worst thing is, he’ll believe you’re desperate and creepy, which will send him running to get away from you.

8. Eating Off His Plate

Ladies, listen up, do not reach for his French fries unless you have asked him if you can. There is just something weird about having a date reach over the table to your plate of food. If you have been married to him for years, go ahead and take a few French fries (as long as that’s acceptable in your relationship), but if you are just getting to know him, don’t do it—it’s not going to work in your favor, and it’s certainly not classy.

9. Trying to Talk about Men’s Interests

And failing miserably. Most men find it appealing when a woman likes the things they do; however, when a woman pretendsto like something a man likes, it can quickly backfire on them. Men want you to have genuine interests, not to pretend to be into something you’re not. Don’t start dishing out facts or statistics about something you don’t know.

If you really want men to like you, our best advice for you, and it’s something we tell our clients here at New Jersey Singles, is to be honest and straightforward. If a man doesn’t like you, it’s better to find out early rather than putting up a façade and realizing you’re not compatible down the road. Rather than relying on flirty and immature moves, we suggest you to be warm and approachable as our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it will work much better in attracting a decent man.

If you’re ready to start meeting quality men in NJ, contact our expert matchmakers today to get started!

New Jersey Singles Matchmaking | The Best 1st Date Tips for Men

The usual first date advice for men is not to have too high of expectations, but today, New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you precise dating tips to help you rock your first date.

Your first date with a woman can make the difference between going on a second date and never seeing her again. A first date is similar to an audition for your potential life partner, and this is why our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know it’s very important to be consistent.

The first date can decide everything about the fate of your love life. What you present is what your date will expect from you. This is why it’s very important not to set too high of expectations; otherwise, you could damage your potential relationship.

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How to Have a Successful 1st Date with Women

Spending a lot of cash on your first date might provide an over the top experience and romantic night, but is it really worth it? You might just be wasting money and efforts on a woman who will never want to see you again, or maybe you’ll be wooing the woman of your dreams and sealing the deal on a good relationship, but if it’s hurting your bank account, is it really worth it to go to the extremes to impress a woman you don’t know you’ll ever see again?

The main point of your first date is to make it a good one by incorporating interesting conversation and having fun. You have to make a good impression no matter what type of date it is or how much money you spend, but the key to a successful first date is to be original. So what can you do to have a successful first date? Let us help you boost your chances of scoring a second date with this attractive woman.

You Must Be Original

Cookie cutter dates will not be effective; after all, you want to stand out from other men she’s been out with. You must be able to carry on a conversation with her in order to have a good time and make a connection, all while relaxing in a good atmosphere you both feel comfortable.

1st Date Ideas That Will Have Her Wanting a 2nd Date with You

It can be hard to arrange something out of the blue, especially if you don’t know her too well. You can’t just come up with a great date idea out of nowhere, right? Don’t worry, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will show you how to eliminate the first date stress and enrich your experience together. Our matchmakers will provide some first date suggestions that will help you knock her socks off—and we’ll show you why!

1. A Music Show

This one can be tricky but very effective if done right. You need to pick an artist that you know she likes or choose a band she is into. Almost everyone has a favorite band, so it’s your job to find out what gets her going.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

There is something intimate about going to a music show, especially a jazz one. The whole feel of the experience will connect both of you and allow for a fun and romantic night.

2. A Romantic Restaurant (Near Water)

Since that local steakhouse is played out, why not take things up a notch and go to a quiet café near a river, lake, or by the beach?

Why Is This a Good Idea?

The ambience of this place will be very romantic. It also gives you an opportunity to walk down near the water after the date. And guess what? That’s what almost every woman wishes for on a first date—a great connection continuing on for a romantic stroll under the stars.

3. Get the Adrenaline Flowing

We know dating like the back of our hands, and we can tell you nothing beats an adrenaline rush like going to an amusement park. Not feeling the amusement park, then you can opt for paintball, laser tag, or go-cart racing as well.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

It’s been said that couples will develop an attraction for each other when adrenaline is involved. It is also more fun than just going for a walk in the park, wouldn’t you say? It’s certainly more memorable.

4. Bring Culture into the Mix

Art galleries can be great, but they can also boring if neither of you are into them. Still, there are other things you can do to bring arts and culture into the mix. How about joining a class together?

Why Is This a Good Idea?

Classes are great for new daters. The two of you will be learning something new together and forced to work together as a team. This will create a bond and help you figure out how compatible you really are.

5. Make Your Own Food

The two of you can sign up for a cooking class together and create something fun and delicious. If you’re really feeling gutsy, choose a class that is out of the ordinary and teaches you a different type of cuisine to really spice things up.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

Cooking classes are original, cute, and a great learning experience for the two of you. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts advise you to choose a class that is not too difficult so you don’t end up with a failed experiment. There are many places you can go to, and you have many options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to make it something out of the ordinary and memorable.

Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a 1st Date

Even if you pull off these date ideas perfectly, you’re still going to have to be on your best game. And here is how you do it:

1. Look the Part

We can’t stress this enough—shower, shave, and groom any facial hair. Repeat this for every date you go on—no excuses.

2. Always Smile

You have already overcome the hurdle of asking her out, and that means you have enough confidence to smile and laugh when you’re out with her.

3. Communicate Well

Your job on the first date is to learn as much as you can about her. Ask her open-ended questions, share what’s on your mind, and find out how compatible you will be in a relationship.

4. Make Her Laugh

You don’t have to be a comedian, but you must be fun. Share funny stories that happened to you or friends to lighten the mood.

5. Share Personal Things

You don’t have to disclose your whole life story; however, you can tell her about your family background, friends, or things about your life. It doesn’t have to be a life changing experience, just something that is meaningful to you.

When planning your first date, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts want you to remember that your main goal is to leave a lasting and good impression on her. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive event in your life, but you do need to be consistent in your affection and appreciation. Once she knows she can open up and have a good time with you, she is most likely going to agree to go out with you again.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Know It’s Time to Move On

If you want to meet the right singles in New Jersey, you can’t continue dating the wrong partners. Trusted dating and matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews how to tell it’s time to move from your past and find a brighter romantic future.

When hit by infatuation (which can last from two weeks to two months), it is impossible to look at our relationships in an objective form. We are only faced with the positive attributes in our partners and make excuses for those negative ones, the ones that often come back to haunt us later on.

We desperately want the relationship to work out, and of course we want it to go in a positive direction. Even when something looks like a bad thing or a bit iffy, we still tend to ignore it and place more importance on positive things we see.

Having an optimistic approach to your relationship is great, but it becomes a problem when you can’t see the situation in an objective manner.

To help you make the right decision, our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers will show you the signs it’s time to move on.

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1. Do they like you for the person you are?

Does your partner accept you for the person you are or are they always trying to change you? Is he or she always pointing out your flaws or putting you down? Do they really love you for the person you are today? Does your person make you feel as though you’re never good enough for them? Are you always looking for ways to prove yourself to them and gain their acceptance? Their validation makes you feel great, but without it, you don’t feel the love. Your partner’s disapproval makes you feel like you have to work harder in order to gain and win their attention.

You have a lot of friends and family members who believe in who you are and think you’re awesome. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to listen to them because they are the people who love you unconditionally. Be sure to find a sense of fulfillment and self-worth so you’re not in search of it from a partner.

2. Do they mistreat you in the relationship?

What are your partner’s actions in the relationship? Stop paying attention to what your partner says and pay attention to their actions. In our experience, people will say whatever they have to say, but their actions don’t lie. If your partner says they love you but doesn’t spend quality time with you (unless they are getting something in return), they don’t value you as much as you think they do. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers want you to look at the entire picture, not just a piece here and there.

3. Are you trying to convince them to love you back?

Does it feel like you are the only one keeping the relationship alive? What happened to going 50/50 in the relationship? When people used to get married back in the day, they said that loving and marrying their partners was a natural progression to the relationship. They never had to perform for their partner or try to talk them into anything; they loved and respected each other and the relationship grew naturally.

If you feel like you are forcing everything, or it feels like they are forcing you, then that’s a sign your relationship is not the right one for you and it’s time to move on. When you are in the right relationship, you won’t have to force anything. If you find yourself doing things in order to keep your partner’s love, then they are not the right match for you.

We are pretty sure there are more people in your life who love you unconditionally. You can make better use of your time and energy instead of giving it to one partner who doesn’t appreciate you.

4. Are they constantly looking for what else is out there?

Is your partner always looking for someone who will be a better fit for them? Or, are they holding off on commitment and not wanting to be seen in public with you? If so, that’s a huge sign your relationship is not the right one.

When you are in the right relationship you will feel like you’re both on the same page when it comes to putting in efforts. If you are the one chasing the relationship and trying to force things, it’s obvious that you are not in the right relationship.

5. Are they expecting you to change?

The truest form of love comes from unconditional love. Your partner should never expect you to change unless it’s something to improve your well-being (such as with a bad habit, starting a healthier lifestyle, or letting go of detrimental things in your life).

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is always wanting you to change in regards to the way you dress, the way you look, or the way you speak, then they are not the right partner for you.

6. Are they causing you emotional and physical pain?

Physical and verbal abuse are big no-no’s in a relationship. There is clearly something wrong if your partner is causing abuse to you. It doesn’t matter how your partner tries to make up for it, abuse should never be welcomed. Even if it was just a spur of the moment action and lapse in judgement, the fact that they slipped up and did something physical to you must be addressed by you leaving them.

7. Are you expecting them to change?

You can’t stay with a partner just because you expect them to change. You can’t hope that the future will be better because, after all, they are who they are. If the only thing that’s making you hold onto the relationship is hope for a better partner and a better future, then the relationship doesn’t stand on solid grounds.

The future you wish to accomplish can happen, but there is also a great possibility it will never come. Our New Jersey Singles expert matchmakers know it is dangerous to base the fate of your relationship on hopes of your partner changing. A relationship built on a shaky foundation is bound to crash later down the road.

If you’re tired of dating the wrong partners, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles today and let us help you meet the RIGHT one!